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Hmm, I bet you think there’s…I dunno…news. There’s not. But just a few updates to share.

First, are you aware of the AWESOME anniversary that just passedAtlas-BerlinWall1 last week? Twenty-six years ago last week, the Berlin Wall came down. In the end, it wasn’t treaties or war or governments that brought the wall down. It was the people of East Germany, who decided they would no longer accept imprisonment behind the Iron Curtain.

Julie Hembree, a Washington area librarian, created this book trailer for A NIGHT DIVIDED. To see it, click here. She did a great job! (If you create trailers for any of my books, let me know and I’ll post links to it here too!)


RISEOFWOLF_XLGSecond, did you know that RISE OF THE WOLF, the second book of the Mark of the Thief series, will be out on January 26th? If you haven’t read the first book yet, check out the book trailer here. I hope you’ll decide to read it and then want to know what happens next for Nicolas Calva. I’ll give you some hints – he’s headed to the chariot races, and in search of the second magical amulet of Rome.


Third, I’m in the final stages of edits (proofreading) for THE SCOURGE, due out next fall. This is the story of Ani Mells and her best friend, Weevil, who become caught up in a plot to use a plague as an excuse for something far more deadly. Watch for a cover reveal soon!


Things for which there is no news:261750-13404618131438339-George-Acs


* What I’ll be writing next (though I hope to announce this soon!)




  1. The next book looks marvelous! Congrats on writing it :D!!!

    • Thanks, Hal!

      • hello there
        i read the false prince trilogy and loved it was awesome. I’m am real happy to see the movie.
        so do your best

      • Hello, My 6th grade classes are reading “The False Prince” for the third year in a row. They absolutely love it. I have many kids who are non-readers get turned on to reading because of this book! They come back the next year and want to know what chapter I am on with the new group. I bought a class set so everyone has their own book. Thank you for writing it, and the series. Any chance you could come for an author’s visit?

        • Hi Robin – that’s awesome the book has had that kind of love from your students, and thank you for purchasing the classroom set. Of course we could discuss a classroom visit as well. Depending on your budget, you could either bring me in just to your school, or pair up with some neighboring schools. If you are interested, feel free to email me:

  2. I watched the trailer – it is awesome. I can’t wait for Rise of the Wolf and for the cover release of Scourge!
    – Loreley

  3. It’s good to hear again from you! I am excited for Rise of the Wolf and The Scourge (and a cover reveal, YAY). Unfortunately A Night Divided is not yet available here after so many months of waiting (Philippines). I am always looking forward for your new books. I have read Mark of the Thief and have enjoyed it… I am hoping the sequel will be even more exciting and enjoyable.

    Good luck to you.


    • Thank you very much! And I hope A Night Divided makes it over to you soon!

      • Finally! I just found a hardcover copy of ‘A Night Divided’. Will get a copy as soon as the store opens!

        • Woot! Thanks for so much patience in looking for it, John! I hope you enjoy it!

      • That’s almost four months of waiting…

  4. So excited you have another book coming out soon. Can’t wait!

  5. Loved the video. Do you know when the cover reveal for the Scourge will be?

    • Thanks, Paige. I’m not sure on the cover reveal, but hopefully within a few weeks.

  6. Hey Jennifer,

    You forgot to announce that The Shadow Throne was Yalsa’s Top Teens book of the YEAR.

    • Omigosh, you’re right – I should have added that in. Thanks much for this!

  7. I can’t wait for the sequel to “Mark Of the Thief”!! Will there be a contest for an arc copy like usual?

    • Thanks very much, Sophia! There will be an arc contest, probably beginning right after US Thanksgiving.

  8. Will there be a book 4 of false prince?!? I just read shadow throne, and I was literally bawling my eyes out, mainly for the ending and wondering if there was EVER even going to be a book 4. I started to panic, and I was suddenly filled with panic, soon I was bouncing off walls, and searching for book 4 of False Prince. When I found nothing, my blood vessels, carrying blood, but also carrying panic, exploded one by one. Then I toke about a million deep breaths, and decided to ask you. Please have the series go on D: and at least make the movie and have 3 (sorry but I’m a huge fan and I love the book so much) name suggestions: False Prince ; False Prince II ; False Prince III ; or: False Prince ; The runaway King ; The Shadow Throne
    I would totally come see the movie when the my mom and dad’s restuarant isn’t busy. If I’m not working, I’m reading false Prince series over and over again, or searching for any other books
    you have made. At least create one last book, with an ending that is happy- but doesn’t make me cry and bawl my poor eyes out xD I’m sorry, I got desperate… Oh and thanks for spending your time reading this nine hundred million word comment, I really do appreciate that! You are awesome! And stay awesome!
    (BTW : Since you know I’ve been searching for book 4, you might be wondering “Hmm, is this little creep stalking me?” The answer I can happily say, is a “No!” For two reasons: 1. Why would I ever do that?! 2. It’s creepy. And even though you consider me as a creep, I’m not that serious of a creep. Once again, that would be creepy)
    Soooo sorry I made this comment super long! I hope you do reply! Thanks!!!!

    • Also, thank you sooo much for creating amazing books for us fans to read, you are truly AMAZING.

    • Thanks for the great email, Nicole! I don’t currently have any plans for a fourth False Prince book, but who knows what the future will bring? Perhaps one day. Until then, continue creeping around for any info you want on my writing – I’m honored!

  9. THE FALSE PRINCE movie I hope they make one

  10. I’m so happy to be able to get on your website!!! I’ve been trying to get on it from my school computer (not during school but they still monitor your searches) but they blocked it and I had to put it up for review and wait to see if they would unblock it. Meanwhile I was going crazy waiting because I really wanted to see if there was any news on the False Prince movie. Thanks for the update even if you didn’t have any info on it. I LOVE THIS SERIES AND I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

    • I’m glad it finally worked out, Izzy! Hopefully I will have some actual movie news soon!

  11. Hi Jennifer, you are amazing and I adore your writing. I seriously love all your books.
    Also I think I would die if the false prince became a movie! I wish the book would be the script though. The book is too perfect to mess up.
    Thanks for reading,
    Abrie 🙂

  12. Hey Ms. Neilsen!

    This may not be an “askable” question, but if you can answer, what does the “wolf” in the title, “Rise of the Wolf” symbolize?

    Thanks very much,

    • Hi Isabella! The wolf mentioned in the title is not symbolic at all – it’ll be an animal that appears. It is, however, a connection to one of the Gods, and the next amulet that Nic has got to find.

  13. congratulations on writing the second of Mark of the Thief! I loved your books since I met The False Prince anyway.
    Also I would probably yelp for joy if The False Prince would become a movie, too. I wish I really could yelp like that.

    • Hmm, start practicing your yelp, just in case. You never know! And thank you!

  14. Yes, I cannot wait for the Rise of the Wolf. I’ve always wondered what would happen. When the book comes out I’m going straight to the bookstore and buy one! I LOVE your books Jennifer!

  15. Hi,
    Omigosh so excited for the Rise of the Wolf. Cue the very weird sounds every fangirl makes. Thanks for the updates and I was wondering could you do one of those quote a week things before the release?

    • Yes, I think I will. And probably next weekend, I’ll start up a giveaway for Rise of the Wolf too. Keep an eye out for it.

  16. I am so excited for January because that means that Rise of the Wolf is coming out! In school, we are supposed to be learning about Ancient Rome and other ancient civilizations, but for some reason, my teacher does not want us to learn about that because he thinks that both Julius Caesar and his descendants are terrible human beings, and know nothing about living lives as people, but as wretched hounds. I am a descendant of Julius Caesar, and just really want to learn about where my ancestors came from. So, I started reading Mark of the Thief. I also read many informational books about Rome and the emperors. Everyone in my class wants to know about how I know so much information about Rome, and I told them how to start climbing up the Ancient Rome ladder. All you needed to do was start, and then you would be soaring over everyone. The first rung of the ladder was to read Mark of the Thief. Currently, my best friend thinks I’m mad because I like Ancient Rome, and my teacher frowns down at me every single day. I don’t let them get me down one bit. I just remember everything that Nic must have gone through in the mines, and smile. Your books make me have a much better life, and I would like to thank you very much for that.

    Brie 🙂

    • Hey Brie – like any civilization, Rome was certainly not a perfect place, and some of the things they did were horrible by our standards today. However, one thing you can tell your teacher is that Rome played a huge role in some of the things we value or use today: our system of government, our calendar, the highway system, sewer system, our legal system, and our alphabet. Also, shopping malls, though your teacher might not value that as much. 😉 Speaking seriously, you can and should respect your teacher’s opinion and learn all you can from him, but none of that means you have to agree with his opinions. I’m also a descendent of Julius Caesar, and I’m proud of that. Frankly, I’ll bet if they looked into it, many people in your class have some connection to him, or to other famous Romans, as well.

  17. I can’t wait for Rise of the Wolf to be released because I love Mark of the Thief so much! Also, can you tell us more about The Scourge later on because it seems really interesting so far. My fingers are still crossed for The False Prince movie!

    • Thank you, Ellen! I’ll start talking more about The Scourge this spring. Until then, most of my focus will either be on A Night Divided (most recent release) or Rise of the Wolf (next release). But I think you’re really going to love The Scourge. I just finished proofreading it and I’m very proud of this book.

  18. I cant wait for your next books! Im starting to have withdrawal symptoms!!

  19. Yay!!!!!! I can’t wait for Rise of the Wolf!!!! 😀😀😀😀

  20. I’m reading that book right now and its really interesting because I live in the us and we are learning about WW2 and Anne Frank so it’s cool to see someone who didn’t like America and france.

  21. i really enjoyed the mark of the thief. i can’t wait to read the second one! now im really motivated to write 🙂 can’t wait for updates on the false prince movie!!!!!

  22. Any updates on The False Prince movie?!

    • It won’t be a major update, but I hope to be able to post something soon. Thanks for asking, Sami!

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