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Movie Update…Such As It Is

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Hi all! I know we’ve all been anticipating an August announcement about any movie news, and I wish I had something better to report, but… Paramount has asked for another six month delay while they continue fine-tuning the script. So the news is, no news. It is their hope to get the best possible script, since that’s so important for how the overall movie will be. And as fun as it would be to have something to report now, most important is to have a great movie, not just any movie. We’ll now keep our fingers crossed for February 2016 news. Thanks for all your support...

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This quote comes from a point in the book when Gerta has begun seriously thinking about an attempted escape. She worries that perhaps her brother is having similar thoughts, though neither of them dare talk about it aloud.         I started walking again and Fritz followed along at my side. “You and I have ideas too,” I told him. “And I don’t want to become like them.” I stared up at him. “That’s not me, Fritz, and I don’t think it’s you either.” “No, it’s not,” he said. “In fact . . . never mind.” “In fact, what?” Fritz was avoiding my eyes now so I moved in front of...

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