Every so often when I go on school visits I get some thank you notes, or else a student will send me an email to tell me about their own writing. Here are some excerpts of my favorites:

* “You should get paid for your book because of how cool it is.” – J.T.

– Thanks, J.T. I agree!

* “I enjoyed when you taught us about characters. Now I am probably going to go home and write. You have inspired me.” – M.K.

– I hope you will write, M.K.

* “I love, love, love, LOVE your books. Or I probably will when I read them.” – S.S.

– Hopefully you’ll still love them after you read them, S.S.

* “I want to read your book so bad. Usually I wouldn’t read those books, but I might take a chance with you.” – B.W.

– Live the wild life, B.W.

* “The antagonist in my book will be named Jennifer and she’s mean. Not that you’re mean, you’re very nice. I just like the name Jennifer.” – K.P.

– No no, I can be mean. Let me be a character in your book!

* “I’d like to get your series but I don’t think we have enough money because I have like 15 books to read already.” – K.K.

– When you get through them, consider “Elliot” for #16. Deal?

* “You are an amazing author and I’ve never even heard of you.” – E.M.

– E.M., are you by chance friends with S.S. above?

* “All my life I have wanted to be famous. Since I am a dance I have thought about auditioning for a traveling group, but I think it might be funner to be a writer.” – D. C.

– Do them both. I’m a writer and also a pro at the laundry.

* “I read your book too fast. When’s the next one?” – K.M.

Elliot and the Pixie Plot will be out in May. I hope you read it slower this time.

* “I wrote a book too. Can you give me the address of where to send it to be published?” – P.C.

– Hmmm. Where to start…

Keep `em coming kids!


  1. This is hilarious! I teach, so I can just picture these notes. Wonderful, and thanks for sharing.


  2. Ha. Out of the mouths of babes, huh? Too, too funny.

  3. Too cute! So so funny, I can totally see my kids saying these things. I just bought your book for my elementary library and am about to dig into it tonight. 🙂 My main draw was that Nielsen is my maiden name.. and its about goblins.. and it has a fantastic cover. Yep, even adults have weird train-of-thoughts. 🙂

  4. Actually, Kristen, I think adults especially have trains of thought that go in unexpected paths. Unfortunately, we just self-edit too much. Thanks for buying the book!

  5. These are the cutest things ever! How did I miss this post. You made my morning.

  6. Oh god, I think I finally understand what doubling over in laughter really means. These kids are so funny.
    By the way if you were wondering why I’m randomly commenting on posts from about 3 years years ago it’s because I only learned about your blog about a year or so ago so if I have time I just kinda read your old posts.

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