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  1. i loved your book and the runaway king just sad that him and imogen cant be togethere

    cant wit for the next book

  2. I tried to draw that…….It didn’t go well

  3. wonderfull recommend it to all of my friends , I read a lot and this is the best book that ive ever read it kept mw on the edge of my chair the whole time 🙂

  4. Jennifer, when will you write the fourth book of the Ascendance Trilogy. How do you write the Ascendance Trilogy so thrilling.

    • Thanks, Jack. I don’t have any plans yet to write a fourth book, but maybe one day I will!

  5. Wow you’re books are so mesmeraizing. How do Jaron look like??

    • He’s described in the books as being shorter than average but with a strong build. He has brown hair that gets lighter each month and green eyes (I think).

  6. I LOVE YOU AND THE BOOK SERIES SOOO MUCH!!! Thank you for sharing with us!!!! Do you think Jaron’s adventure will continue?

    • Thank you, Sarah! Nothing is currently planned for any future books of this series, but you never know! Maybe one day!

      • what’s the second book called,
        I’ve read the false prince its amazing I’m in love with your work.

        • Thanks, Elliot! Book 2 is called THE RUNAWAY KING. And if it’s possible, Sage gets in even worse trouble in this second book!

  7. I love your books! They are so good, please make more

  8. I love this book. I thought the book I read before this was my favorite but this one is.Thanks for making awesome books.

  9. Its super awesome.I’ve never finished a book within 3 days,especially not with a puppy that cries as soon as I go inside the house,I read the book with the dogs in my bedroom.Awesome cover page by the way.

  10. I love ur books<3 the ascendance trilogy is one of the very few books i could actually finish within a few days.. i really hope u can continue with a fourth book. I LOVE UU

    • Thank you very much, Ying! I’m not currently working on a fourth book, but who knows what the future will bring? Perhaps one day that will happen!

  11. Jennifer, this is my most favorite series in the world! I’ve re-read the series only about a thousand times! 🙂 Do you think they will make a movie of the False Prince? If so then when?? I’m dying to know! Thanks!! 🙂

    • Hi Driew!

      Thanks very much! A screenwriter is working on the revision for the movie – so we’ll see what Paramount thinks when it’s finished. Fingers crossed!

  12. I think you should write about Jaron’s children and their adventures. I think that would be cool. I really like the Ascendants trilogy, I think it’s one of the best!

    • Thank you very much! Perhaps one day I will add to this trilogy. All it would take is Jaron whispering to my imagination that he would like to get into more trouble!

  13. love this series u came to my school and signed my copy of a night divided thank you so much. i got my cousins to read the series and my parents too!!

  14. Hi, I was a big fan of the series when I was in middle school, I recently wanted to reread it again due to me forgetting why I was so addicted to it. I moved away before I got the read the rest of the books. But at the moment I own the last two books of the series, and somehow I got my hands on the U.K cover versions (I live in TX, USA) and I’m one to have the same cover copies if I own a series, and I’m having trouble finding a store in person or online who offers this version. Would you happen to know a place or online store I can buy it through?

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