Tiny, Uninteresting Movie Update

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9780545284141_p0_v2_s260x420Howdy all! Wondering about a movie for THE FALSE PRINCE?

Here’s the quick version: There’s no news.

I know I had suggested I’d have a decision from Paramount Pictures by the end of February. And, being the calendar genius that I clearly am (not), it’s come to my attention that not only is it past the end of February, it’s also past the end of March. And still I haven’t given you any update!!!

Why not?

Well, because I’m lame.

Also, because until a few days ago, I really didn’t have any update to give. Β Now I do.

Brace yourself. Here it is:

Paramount said, “Can we negotiate a six-month extension on the contract?”

I said, “Okay.”

So now it’s negotiated. Which means I’ll probably have news sometime in late August.

Riveting update, eh? πŸ˜‰ Β Okay, I know. But at least it’s something…

p.s. Remember that this is good news. It means the studio is trying to get the best possible script, and to get everything right before approving the movie. Fingers crossed!




  1. Okay, definitely not the uplifting news I have been anticipating, but at least it’s not a no ! πŸ™‚

    • True enough! They just need more time, that’s all!

      • I just hope that the movie will be as close to the book as possible…I hate it when the movies leave out small, but important details.

        • Unfortunately, Bethany, movies always have to leave out some things – it’s just too bad that they always seem to leave out the coolest parts, right?

  2. Ah, the schedule of the film industry! How unfortunate for all us fans… we’ll keep hoping and waiting with fingers crossed. πŸ™‚ Keep us updated, Mrs. Nielsen!

  3. Well, it will keep us swimming in the oceans of anticipation… I’m crossing my fingers. I hope we do get a movie to watch while we read. Do you think the book will be better? (Probably)!
    – Loreley

    • I think the reason for the delay is to give the movie a chance to be as strong as possible.

      • If this movie gets approved, I really hope they can make the next two books movies too. Right now the ascendance series is my all time favorite!

        • The decision on whether to make the final two movies will depend on the success of the first movie – if it makes enough money and gets good reviews. And thank you!

  4. Plus – you’re not lame.

  5. I guess that’s the film industry for you. Well, we will all be waiting for August for an update. (Or should I say October ;))

    • Well Annabeth, let’s plan for August and secretly know I might not get to it until October. πŸ˜‰

  6. Well, it could be worse – they could have said they decided not to make the movie!
    Still frustrating, though. I would be so stressed out right now if I were you!

    • Well Jaina, I’m not super patient, so I wish I didn’t have to wait. But this means they’re still considering it and that makes me very happy!

  7. Well, it’s better than no news at all! Glad to hear there’s still hope. I’m praying that things will move along once August hits! πŸ™‚

  8. The movie industry obviously has the same talent of keeping us suspenseful and anticipating as you do, incorpated into all your books! Now I have two things to look forwards to this August- Night Divided and the possibility of a future False Prince movie! Can’t wait!
    P.S- Do you think that Paramount asking for another 6 months is a good sign that it WILL become a movie? Hope so… Thanks!

    • Yep – now August will be doubly interesting! I think the extension means they are still moving forward on doing the movie, though it won’t be final until you’re sitting in the theater with popcorn in your hands! πŸ˜‰

      • Can’t wait!

  9. Remind me never to open your website as the last website I look at before I go to bed.
    Hey, at least this way they won’t mess it up
    *whispers* like how they messed up Percy Jackson.

    • Yeah, the second Percy Jackson wasn’t my favorite adaptation ever.

  10. if you get a yes from paramount, then how long from there until a trailer comes out?

    • I’m not sure, Maddy. If they green light the movie, it will probably move into production fairly quickly, but that means casting and building sets, and then filming the entire thing. So a trailer is probably several months away, even if they do give it the green light.

  11. Oh my gosh I’m so excited and so scared at the same time! Aaaaaah! Oh, and I FINALLY got the Mark of the Thief and read it πŸ˜€ It. Was. Awesome. I realized that not a lot of my favorite authors have tried completely new series after finishing a really popular series and I thought it was awesome that you did! I can’t wait for book 2!!!

    • Thanks, Brinley. It can be tough to start a new series when one series has been very successful. But I’m very glad you enjoyed Mark of the Thief!

  12. *FINGERS CROSSED* I am soooo excited!!!! I really really really hope they decide to make the movie!!!! August can’t arrive fast enough!!! It would be so awesome!! I can’t wait……the suspense!

  13. YAYYYYY fingers crossed!!! Do you think they’ll be auditioning new talent or is it all known actors? And if they are auditioning new talent do you think they’ll come to anywhere in Ireland?!?

    • You know, Anna, I don’t know. A lot of that decision may depend on how they intend to use accents within the film, and what accents they’d want to use if they did. I would hope that a kid from anywhere might have the chance to audition. Unfortunately, it won’t be my decision though.

      • Ok thanks!!! Well, fingers crossed! Happy Easter πŸ™‚

  14. Why film business? Why you take so long???

    /’. .–.
    | ‘. .’-, \
    \ \_/ \_/
    ‘._.’ ‘._.’
    / . . \
    |= Y =|
    \_ ^ _/
    /` `\
    | | | |
    \ \ / /
    {|\_) (_/|
    /\ ‘ /\
    | ‘.___.’ |
    \ \ / /
    \ \ / /
    / / \ \
    (,,/ \,,)

    • Well, it was a bunny. Then this happened when I posted it…

      Nailed it.

    • πŸ˜‰

  15. Hi! I’ve been here when it’s been about the first week of March- I just got some hope and thought about getting here for anything!
    Good news, even though it’s not exactly what I wanted, I guess I can hold with that! Also, I’m looking forward to Mark of the Thief even though it’s not for Korea yet. Since I start the first year of Middle school, I attended a club for writing+editing newspapers in English. I think I’ll have the chance to introduce anything about the books to our school!
    I love talking to you about things what I like- I think it makes me quiet satisfied and comfortable. Anyway, have a nice April!

    • Thank you, Dahn! I hope you’ll get a chance to read Mark of the Thief in Korean too!

  16. Yay! Even though this isn’t much, it’s still the beginning! This just made my very good day even better! I’ve been waiting for some news for quite some time, I can’t stop grinning!

  17. Hey, I saw you said you didn’t like the movie adaption of Percy Jackson #2 – did you like the Harry Potter movies?

    • Maria, I liked the movie itself – I just felt it was so different from the book that I was disappointed there. For the Harry Potter movies, I thought they kept getting better and better with each movie.

  18. If the book becomes a movie, I hope watching it will be as amazing as reading it! πŸ™‚ I’m so excited! Me and 2 friends started a book club, and I introduced “The False Prince” to them, and they’re both hooked! If the movie happens, it would be awesome! I’m so excited, Eek! My brother is also a huge fan of the series, and HE’s the one who introduced ME to the book πŸ˜› I bet there will soon be a huge chain of fans! My friends might recommend the book to two other people, who will recommend it to two more, and so on.

    • I hope so too, Mina! Thanks for sharing your love of the book with them – that is a huge compliment!

    • Here’s the Twitter fan account.


  19. Thank goodness, news. Even though August is pretty far away, at least you found out something. FINGERS CROSSED!!

  20. Now I have a reason to look forward to August! A False Prince movie would be amazing… I must say this is one of my (if not my number one) favorite book series; it inspired me to take writing seriously! (My first impression was “The author’s name is Jennifer?! MY name is Jennifer!)

    • Hmm, maybe there’s something about the name! Good luck on your own writing – hopefully one day we can be having this conversation about one of your books!

  21. is it most likely having the movie? My friends and I are so excited. fingers crossed

    • This extension means Paramount is still moving in the direction of green lighting the movie, but with any Hollywood project, it’s not truly official until you’re in the theater munching your popcorn. I hope to have good news at the end of summer!

  22. I am trying to calm my self right now but I cant! I am so excited!!!! me and my friend read your book every day and ive been checking for an update any time I have a chance! I just hope there will be a movie in my life time I don’t even care if it takes five years (please don’t let it take five years):)

    • Gah – five years? Hmm, maybe let’s just hope for a decision in another four months! πŸ˜‰

  23. Oh my goodness I’m so psyched for this news. Nothing gets me like a good movie adaptation and with the editor of Game of Thrones working on it, it can’t be anything but magnificent. I loved reading the False Prince book series, so much so that I immediately braved the young readers section at the book store to find Mark of the Thief. Also awesome. Anyway it really helps when writing a fantasy comic. πŸ˜€ Anywho can’t wait for more news. *Girly squeel*

    • Way to brave the young readers section, Sam! It’s fantastic that you’re writing a fantasy comic – keep it up! I’ll hope to have more news to report soon.

  24. Well it is something. Better than nothing!!!! Hopefully you get an official answer soon!

  25. OMG! Yay!I’m internally screaming!!! Gaw! Can’t wait. I know it is going to be awesome just like the book!
    Also I just finished the Mark of the thief a 12 minutes ago and it was AWESOME! I read like until 2:00 am reading it, i would have spent all night reading it but but my eyes wouldn’t obey me. The book was seriously great! Can’t wait for the next book!

  26. Last year, my third grade class loved this book so much we made our own movie version. Maybe I should send it to Paramount to help them along. πŸ™‚

    • That’d be fantastic! They’d see what you did and think, hey, if Lynn’s class can do it, then so can we! πŸ˜‰

  27. I really think that the book has amazing characters
    MY friend and sister and I used to play on this book haha

  28. Thanks, Char!

  29. YAY!!! and is the Mark of the Thief the name of the series or the book

    • Both, actually. The second book will have another title, though (well, obviously…).

  30. When will the sequel to “The Mark of the Thief” come out. I loved the book it was so action-packed and filled with cliff hanger.

  31. Jennifer Nielsen, I loved reading the Ascendance Trilogy and ever since I read “The False Prince” I started to relate more with the characters. The character that I related most with was Roden. He’s all I ever wanted to be in a person, and as I saw him develop through the books it brought tears to my eyes. I hope that if a movie is made that all parts will be cast well. The best of luck to you and Paramount Pictures!

    • Hi Luke! I love how Roden evolves too, and that he becomes so great. If I ever did write a fourth book, a lot of the reason I’d do it is to show who Roden is after the events of The Shadow Throne.

  32. I really enjoyed mark of the thief. I also enjoyed the false prince series too! I hope more come out for mark of the thief. I started writing a story after I read mark of the thief. Thank you so much for encouraging me to write more

  33. I really hope they come out with the movie! My brother and I LOVE the Ascendance Trilogy! We each read through the series in just three days. πŸ™‚
    My brother thinks that if they do the movie, Tom Hiddleston should be Connor, because that’s how he imagines his face.

    • Thanks, Rosey. I think Tom Hiddleston would do a great job as Connor. If the movie is made, it’ll be interesting to see who is cast.

  34. Hi Ms. Nielson,
    I’m a BIG fan of the ascendance trilogy. And i just found out about the movie to come. I hope you wont be bothered with these questios.
    Do you get to choose the actors or do the producers do it?
    Which characters are going to be in the movie?
    And is only the False Prince book going to be in the or is any of the other books in it?

    • Hey there! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the books. Let me answer your questions:
      * The producers will make all of the casting decisions. Heck, they’ll make ALL the decisions for everything. If I’m lucky, they might let me choose which kind of donut to eat while I’m watching the filming (assuming they let me have a day on set to watch the filming, which isn’t super likely).
      * You should see all of the characters in the movie, though some very minor ones may not end up having appearances.
      * It’ll only be the plot for the first book in the first movie. If that movie does well at the box office and with reviewers, then they might decide to make the second book. But that decision will be based almost entirely on how well it’s received by the fans.

      • Thanks gor answering all my questions. ☺

  35. i love ur book. i relate to it alot. i know how it is to steal for a living cuz im an orphin that got receinty odopted. yay me. my foster parents got this book for me so i can think better of them. but im 14 and its gonna take a little more time then that. but hey its a start.

    • It is a start, Charlie. I hope this family becomes home for you soon. Do me a favor and check out the book, “One For the Murphys” by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. It gets compared to The False Prince all the time because even though they are very different books, the main characters are similar. And One for the Murphys is about a girl in foster care. Let me know if you like it!

      • thx, i think i would like it but do u know if i could get it free anywhere cuz i dont want to bother my foster parents too much… it would kinda be like using them
        thank you again

        • Hey Charlie – check your school and city library. It’s a very good chance that the book is there. But asking your foster parents for help or for things you need isn’t bothering them either. You can find things to do for them, and it’s okay to let them help you too.

  36. Do you know where the movie will be filmed or made? I’m guessing that it’s probably in the usa, but just wanted to ask.

    • Actually, Terri, I don’t know the answer to that question, or if the decision has even been made. I hope they’ll choose to film in some awesome place because it’ll give me an excuse to visit there! πŸ˜‰

  37. I really hope it works out!! I’ve been dreaming of this since I first read it. Good luck, and thanks for keeping us posted!

  38. Hey, umm so I’ve recently just begun reading your books and…. IM IN LOVE their the best books ever, and hopefully there’s a movie for the false prince the details tho☺️

    • Thanks, Ro – my fingers are crossed for the movie. I’m glad you’re enjoying my books – thanks for reading!

  39. Hello again!! I think I’m behind on information about the movie? Have the auditions and casting and what not already been chosen? Or has making it not been started yet? I’m a little confused.. Ps. Still working on Mark of The Thief! I’ve been pretty busy lately so I have not had much time to read unfortunately. But I do hope to be finishing it soon! I’m already loving it lots!

    • Hi Dakota! You’re not behind, actually. As the post says, all decisions have been delayed until mid-August, including whether they’re making the movie (screenwriter is still working on his next draft). I hope you’ll enjoy Mark of the Thief!

  40. Oh, I do really missed this news from you Miss Jen and its been a long time since I checked your blog -_-
    It is because I had to focus studying for my board exam…But I have a great news to you Miss Jen. I passed the exam.The result was posted yesterday πŸ™‚ But anyway Miss Jen I do have this feeling about it that the ascendance trilogy/series will become a movie. The extension time makes me feel that. I do like your opening statement about the news( about being a calendar genius that you’re clearly not) It made me laugh but just a little bit hehe… I do really hoped that the series will become a movie (fingercrossed)

    • Congratulations on the board exam – woot! My fingers are still crossed too!

      • Thank you so much Miss Jen πŸ™‚ I am now a proud civil engineer!

  41. hi its me again i need ur advice, u see how mothers day is comeing up should i give my foster mum a gift or not would it be aukward if i do or dont if i should give her something what should i give… never had anyone to give to
    p.s. the school library sucks no joke it has like every second book in each seires…

    • Sorry you have that kind of a school library. That’s not cool.

      For a Mother’s Day gift, you don’t need a “thing” to give her. Every single Mom I know (including me) doesn’t care much for any things that are bought in the stores. They want a message of thanks. If you can draw, create a picture for her. Or write a thank you note. Or clean an area that she hasn’t been able to get to lately. Those are the best kinds of gifts for a mom, sincerely. Good luck!

  42. Hey, me again.. So I know you came to my cool Jefferson intermediate great speech, loved it. Umm remember mrs.zuccerelo ? Anyway. Do u have any awesome writing tips?

    • Hey Ro – I was glad to come to your school!

      For a writing tip, try this: Choose a book that is your absolute favorite, the one you want to re-read again and again. Go through the book one more time, but this time, do it as a writer. Look at the way the author handled that book – the dialogue, the description, emotions, etc. Figure out how they made it work. Once you know how your favorite author made their scenes work, you’ll know what to bring into your own writing. Good luck!

  43. Who is the screen writer?

  44. August is only three months away……. πŸ™ I cant wait much longer!!!!!!!!

  45. I’m a big fun of Ascendance Trilogy and I really can’t wait for some news about the movie! Well, I also have to wait for the third book- I’m from Poland and the translation hasn’t come out yet. But I hope I will be able to read it soon:)
    I’m so excited that there are plans for a movie!:D August, come faster…

  46. YAY!!!!!!!!! August is a month from my b-day and it would be AWESOME to find out if there’ll be a movie! An early present! Good luck with the rest of your books Mrs. Nielsen!:)

  47. I first hear about a possibility of a movie in September last year… and now hearing that we won’t find out until AUGUST

  48. I am SOOOOO excited they are making a movie out of this book! I just know it’s going to ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!! Do you have any idea what you want the cast members to look like for Sage, Tobias, Roden, Imogen, Conner, Mott, etc?

    • Thank you, Sami. And I’m not really set on the appearances of the actors – their acting abilities are far more important to me. Either way though, I won’t be involved on the casting, so all I’ll be able to do is applaud for whoever is chosen!

  49. I can’t wait for a yes or no! I’m dying for the movie. I’ve gotten a bunch of my friends into the book and now we wait for a movie

  50. Oh I cant wait for the movie! Just hope they don’t miss any of the important scenes. Any way can’t wait to watch it when it comes out.

  51. Ok, now I’m getting inpatient!! I’m so anxious and just really hope there will be a movie!!!

  52. Hi Jen! I am a huge fan of The False Prince and almost squeeled when I heard they were making a movie!! I only have a couple questions for you, and they’re mainly about the characters. Question 1, how do you envision the characters to talk? Like do they have a typical ‘medieval’ accent or a British accent or an American accent or something else? And Question 2, how much time passes through all 3 books? Like how many months pass through all the books? Thanks!!!! Best of luck with the movie!

    • Hi Iris! The studio has not yet made a final decision about the movie, but I’ll know more in August. Fingers crossed! On your questions, 1) To me, Carthya would be British and Avenia would be like the Telmarine people from the Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian movie. 2) At the beginning of The False Prince, Jaron would be a couple of weeks away from his 15th birthday, and by the last chapter of The Shadow Throne, he would be barely 17.

  53. Hi, it’s me again. I forgot I have one more question that has to do with the characters. I was really wondering how exactly you pronounce their names. Like Tobias and Roden and Mott and Conner are all obvious but the names like Jaron and Imogen and Cregan could go different ways. I don’t know, I was just curious haha!

    • Hi Iris. For the pronunciations you requested, here’s how to do it:
      Jaron: Jer (rhymes with pear) – un (rhymes with tun)
      Imogen: Im (rhymes with him) – o – gin
      Cregan: Cree – gun

  54. Love the series! Any movie updates?

  55. August getting closer!!

  56. Any news now? (sniff)

  57. Fingers crossed can’t wit for news!

  58. Mrs. Nielsen when is the exact date they will have a the decision? Please tell me I want to start a countdown.

    • I’m afraid it might not happen on an exact date, Shadow. The contract expires in the middle of the month, but they might decide a little before or after then.

  59. I sooooo can’t wait to know SOMETHING! Literally I’m reading the false Prince right now, and am gonna keep reading the series until u find out. August so close!

    • Yes, I hope to have some news to report within the next several weeks. Fingers crossed!

  60. Hi!
    I was wondering about the accents in the book. I was rereading it a couple months ago after I got my friend to read it and she pointed out that it was unlikely anybody in Carthya or Avenia or anywhere the story takes place would have an american accent, and I had never pictured any of the characters with accents, even though the book does say Jaron switches from Avenian to Carthyan a lot. I was hoping you could tell me what accent you intended the dfferent regions to have. Like what does an Avenian accent sound like to you? British? Irish? Russian? Im just so curious I couldn’t help but ask. I mean you did write the books and I think it’s so cool I can ask you directly through your blog! So, could you tell me what you imagined the accents to sound like?

    • Hi Abby! I picture the Carthyan accent as rather close to a British accent (just to keep it simple). In my mind, the Avenian accent sounds like the Telmarine people in the Narnia: Prince Caspian movie.

      • Oh! Cool! Do you think that if there is a movie those accents will be used?

        • I don’t know, Abby. The decision of what accents to use will be up to the director.

          • Oh okay. Well I really hope its made into a movie and everyone who is interested gets the chance to audition. I would really want to go see it!!

          • Thanks, Abby.

  61. Anything yet? Fingers crossed!!!!!

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