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UPDATE: If you haven’t started this series yet and want to give it a try, book 1, MARK OF THE THIEF, is on sale right on for Nook orΒ Kindle for $1.99!


I know I’ve been quiet for a couple of months, but it’s for good reasons – revisions, research, writing – lot of exciting stories on their way to you!

It’s kept me so busy, I almost missed telling you about the release of the third and final book of the Mark of the Thief series – WRATH OF THE STORM. Due out onΒ January 31st!

Wrath of the Storm coverHere’s the Goodreads summary:

Trouble has a way of seeking out Nicolas Calva, and it’s not likely to leave him alone any time soon. With Caesar’s magic bulla, the Malice of Mars, and the possibility of a Jupiter Stone in play, all the powers of Rome are circling Nic. He’ll have to maneuver his way through scheming government officials and reawakened magical beasts to save the Empire. Can he manage to keep his friends and family safe, claim his own freedom once and for all, and rescue the Empire — before the magic gets the better of him?


Of all the books I’ve ever written, the ending to this is my favorite. I love this book, love the journey that Nic and Aurelia and Crispus have gone on, and I hope it’s something you’ll want to check out.

BUT, I promised a giveaway. I’m giving away five signed copies of WRATH OF THE STORM.

To enter, leave a comment below of what you have enjoyed about the Mark of the Thief series so far, OR if you have not read any of the books, why you think you might enjoy the story. You can get an idea of what it’s about by watching the trailer here.

Here are the rules:

  1. The contest begins now and ends at 2 pm EST on Sunday, January 29th.
  2. Winners are drawn randomly. I will post the winners’ names and also send an email requesting your mailing address.
  3. If you have a copy of the book, you can make an alternate request for:

* A signed hardcover of THE SCOURGE

* A paperback of RISE OF THE WOLF

* An audiobook of A NIGHT DIVIDED

Start leaving your comments now. Good luck!


(If you don’t want to wait, you can get any of these books now through Scholastic Clubs and Fairs, or you can pre-order at your favorite bookstore!)


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  1. I love that you have written a series that sparks the interest of my son, age 13, and mom, age 50. Both both can’t wait to read

  2. I bought The Scourge and A Night Divided for my classroom and I haven’t had time to read them because they don’t stay in the shelf. I would love to get this series in my class.

  3. I haven’t read any of these yet, but they have been on my tbr list!
    Magic, Rome, twists and turns, Magic, magical creatures, Magic!!!! All my fav in a book!!!

  4. I love how the characters learn to lean on each other to do what is right even when it is difficult. I always love your characters!

  5. I’ve enjoyed the exciting adventures and interesting plot twists as well as Nic’s growing friendship with Crispus and Aurelia!

  6. I love the characters!

  7. As an elementary Librarian I love that you write books for tweens..those not quite ready for middle school YA fiction but who have outgrown most elementary fiction. You make my job so much easier and give our kids wonderful literature to spark their love of reading. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  8. I’m loving The Mark of the Thief series. The False Prince series is still my favorite, but I love the setting and mythology in this one.

  9. I love that he rides a Griffen and how protective he is of his sister.

  10. I’m waiting for the last book before reading the trilogy, but knowing your writing, it’ll be hard to pick a favorite part!!

  11. I love how as an educator, I can read any of your books with a small reading group and have s hard time telling the kids to “not read on.” We loved the Ascendance trilogy and now we love this series. We love that Nic has a personality that is so relatable. We find ourselves cheering for him no matter what circumstance.

  12. Can’t wait to find out what happens to Nic and his mother.

  13. I haven’t read these series yet, but i already finished reading your the false prince series and i’ve loved it. I also emailed you before to say how much i loved your writing. I still looking forward to meet you in person and to have my book sign.

  14. I can’t wait to find out what happens to Nic and his mother.

  15. I love that it is so unique! I’ve never read another book like it!

  16. Like The Ascendance Trilogy, I really like how the story hides the back story of each character and gradually reveals it as the story progresses. I find it interesting, how you manage to capture such an interesting concept of the mark of a thief. I don’t normally read stories from such an era because I can’t relate to the story because I am not very well-versed in the context of that setting. But this story made me feel excited to be on such a journey with Nic.

  17. I love how it can transport me to another world which I sometimes need when life gets stressful or tough πŸ˜‰

  18. My book club can’t wait for this book to come out!!!!! The cliff hanger in Rise of the Wolf was brutal. We love that your books are so entertaining. It’s a nice escape from everyday life.

  19. Rome!!! When I read where the book takes place I just knew I will love it, more because it was a book written by you and since I first met your writing, casually, with Sage, I couldn’t stop reading and searching your stories.

  20. I love how you write…how you engage the reader and hold their interest throughout the entire book! I also love that your books are clean reads for my young readers.

  21. I absolutely love Nick. He is a great character and I like the historical setting. This is a very good series and I’m very excited for this book.

  22. What I truly love about the Mark of the Thief series is how the magic circles around everyone. It gives me a rush of adrenaline reading how Nic controls and learns to contain his magic. The books showed me how the magic affected Nic’s friends and the people he loves. I also love the character development with Nic and his friends as they learned to trust each other.
    Gah, I have to do a reread so I remember everything. Can’t wait for Wrath of the Storm <3

  23. What I love about the series so far is all the twists and the lovable characters that make it impossible to put the book down. I really don’t want the series to end. πŸ™

  24. I loved A Night Divided, which our entire school read. I also loved The False Prince trilogy and The Scourge. I bought The Mark of the Thief for my grandson, and you autographed it for him. I need to read it myself, but my copy doesn’t stay in my classroom long enough.

  25. I haven’t read them, but my son absolutely loves them. He didn’t read very much until he started this series. Thanks so much!

  26. I love the interaction between the main characters. They are so fun and leave you wanting more. (Also then end of Book 2 surely leaves you wanting more!)

  27. Our 5-8th graders have been waiting patiently for this day. We’ve read every book you’ve written more than once. Even my students who don’t really enjoy reading love your stories, your characters and their adventures. I know they will devour Wrath of the Storm.

  28. I love the characters and the setting of these books

  29. Wow! Your books have been amazing. Last year in our sixth grade classes, it was Night Divided that started all of the excitement with our students, and that led to our students reading Mark of the Thief and False Prince series. Your books have such pull and magic within which has lead to so many great conversations amongst their own peers and with us, their teachers. We are all waiting anxiously for the release of Wrath of the Storm! And I hope to have a chance of winning a copy to add to my classroom library selection. Thanks for all that you do!

    • In our school library we have seven copies. All are checked out and we have a waiting list. She is an amazing author

  30. I haven’t read them, but my son has. We’re in the middle of The Shadow Throne, and we all love it!

  31. Sqweeeeeeeeeee !!! I cannot wait. We have a waiting list for Mark of the Thief in our school library. Thank you for the opportunity to win this copy.

  32. OMG what an amazing giveaway!!

    Wow, what have I enjoyed about the books? The characters defintely. Nic in particular has faced so many troubles and still has a gentle and kind heart, he’s always willing to sacrifice himself in name of others. Gotta love him!

  33. I have enjoyed the series because of the Roman theme and Roman mythology, it makes me want to learn more about the time period and what life was like back then for the different classes of people. I have also enjoyed seeing how Nic and his grandfather’s relationship has progressed and I can’t wait to see how their relationship ends up. I also hope things end well for Nic and the other characters in the book. My dad and I enjoy this series as well as the False Prince series.

  34. From my 8 year old…”I love that the end of each chapter leaves you hanging so that you have to read more! It’s like addicting! I love the magic!”
    As his mom, I love that you have written a series that has given us many special moments together while reading to each other. We go through a roller coaster of emotions and have great conversations about Nic and ball he goes through. My son cried when we finished book 2 and found out #3 wasn’t out yet…we have been loving The False Prince in the meantime

  35. I love magical fantasy aspects, as well as the historical pieces, as well as the outstanding character year development and insight into human nature.

  36. It sounds like my kind of book 😊 I need a good read for the holidays and I loved other books of yours like the ascendance trilogy. I can’t wait to get the chance to read this series too

  37. We love Nic–how it’s him against the world but he’s still so courageous and positive.

  38. My daughter recommended I read this series. She loves it and reads the released books over and over, so I know it’s going to be good. I can’t wait to read them.

  39. I first discovered your books over the summer when I found a copy of The False Price in a used book store and have since then fallen in love with all of your books. When I first read The Mark of the Thief, the fact that you included Roman Mythology is one of the things that made me love the book even more because it is one of my favorite things to learn about in school.I am super excited for The Wrath of the Storm and hope that you will continue to write even more amazing books after that.

  40. I love the twist and turns of your
    writing. The Ascendance Trilogy is on fire in my 5th grade classroom right now. The books are hard to put down! I really enjoyed the first two books of this newer series, especially because of the loyalty Nic has to both his family and his friends, Aurelia and Crispus. Nic seems like the kid I’d want as my friend. No doubt my 5th graders would go crazy for a signed copy! Thanks for the chance.,

  41. When I read the first book my overall reaction was WOW. I am a nerd about history and so this series has definitely made my list of favorites. The cliffhanger at the end of the second one was so crazy, I’ve been just dying for the last one! These books are so action packed I’ve read them over and over and still get excited with every chapter. What am I going to do now that the series is ending?! πŸ˜‚

  42. Book two has ended in a cliffhanger. What awaits for Nic in book 3? Is he dead, or will he become more powerful? I am excited to find out how the story will develop and end now that the dragon (Mistress) has awakened.

  43. I love the Mark of a Theif series because it is full of surprised twists and turns that keep me reading into the late night and early morning hours. I am so excited for this final book! It will be amazing. Thank you for sharing your talent as author with all of us!

  44. As a school librarian, you make my job easy. Once students read one of your books, they always come back for more!

  45. I love the mix of magic and adventure. Jennifer’s writing is on par with the Great J K Rowling.

  46. I love the characters, and their various dynamics. Also, I need resolution. Curse your abilities to produce such amazing cliffhangers!!!! πŸ˜‰

  47. My students and I have loved the series so far! We can’t wait to read the finale!! I already have several kids putting their name on a list for this book!!

  48. I love the feeling I get at the climax of each one of these books. Heart pounding, sweating palms and an expression of absolute shock. I like how I honestly have no clue of how everything will tie up and that the plot and characters are always five steps ahead of me. Most importantly, I love that each character experiences such different relationships to each other, that are all equally believable, complex and compelling.

  49. I loved the False Prince Trilogy very much. I learned that I wanted to wait until you finished all three books before I started reading so I can binge the whole series. πŸ™‚ can’t wait to start the series on Jan 31st!

  50. I love Nic’s voice. It’s authentic and helps me visualize the story. I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to read them so I can lend my copies to her.

  51. I loved Mark of the Thief because of the Roman setting, which feels so authentic. Additionally, there are so many twists that leaves me guessing until the end.

  52. I am currently working on the first book of the series, so I haven’t gotten too far into it yet. But so far I like how natural the story flows and how natural the characters’ interactions with each other are, and I’ve always enjoyed how your characters develop. Reading your books has inspired me to write a trilogy of my own. I remember picking up The False Prince for my brother to read a while back, but I ended up reading it instead. I love your style of writing, and it makes it very difficult to put your books down.

  53. One of my students suggested the first book as a read aloud to the class. They couldn’t get enough and the school library couldn’t keep up with their requests for the sequels. Awesome author to capture the full attention of my 4th graders!

  54. I love the depth of Nic’s character how he seems like he is only trying to gain power and freedom for himself in the beginingbut as you read on you see how much he cares for his family and will do anything for them. I enjoy how the series is constantly twisting and turning so you have now idea how it will end. One of my favorite parts has been the chariot race with the unicorn due to how awesome he figured put a way for them to booth win if it hadn’t been for the Praetors. I was shocked at how the rise of the wolf ended and can wait to see how he escapes being crushed by rocks and how he will save the people he loves from those trying to destroy him.

  55. I love how much my students enjoy all of your books!! You tell great stories that get kids excited about reading!!!

  56. I love how the relationships between the main characters seem so real, complete with conflicts and differences that put them at odds at times. I also think that it’s good that the series not only displays the “glamorous” side of ancient Rome, but the harsh realities of slaves and commoners under the iron grip of the empire.

  57. The strength of the characters always draw me into your stories. As they are faced with extreme troubles, they always fight and never give up, especially in what they believe in. Nic demonstrates this as he fights for his situation. Aurelia is a character full of personality, standing strong and independent although despite being a woman in a harsh time period. The roman mythology drag me in, being wowed by both is magical essences and its historical setting.

    I first fell in love with your books when I picked up The False Prince, and immediately adored Sage. He never gave up his arrogant-yet-strong personality throughout the whole series. As a teen aspiring writer, I get extremely joyful every time I read another one of your books. I am extremely excited to open this one, and finally figure out what happens next with Nic.

  58. One of my favorite things about this series is how well the characters are written. They feel very human and thus easy to relate to. Can’t wait to read the new book!!

  59. Our 6th grade classroom devours every book of yours! Can’t wait to add a new title to our library!!!

  60. I love the Mark Of The Thief because it gives us a different perspective of all the mythological tales about our past. And the cliff hanger at the end of Book 2 annoyed me. WHHYYY! So I cried and googled the date of when the book was coming out and I cried some more. IT WAS SO FAR AWAY! So I reread all your other books until I could memorise a detailed plot. Oh wait, I’ve gone off topic


  61. I love getting lost in the books and how you make the reader feel like they’re the characters. We cry when they cry and laugh with them too. Even if its fantasy, we the readers we forget reality for moments and its those moments that we love and cherish. It’s what you create, Jennifer. It’s what’s in the Mark of the Thief trilogy.

  62. I love the Mark of the Thief trilogy because of the plot twists! You never know what’s going to happen next!

  63. There are many reasons why I like your books- specifically the Mark of the Thief series. These books are so well-written and well thought out. As a history buff, and an avid adventure reader, these books make my heart happy.
    These books centre around family. Nic cares about his family deeply- and it’s because of mine that I’ve even read these books. My cousin recommended to me the False Prince series, leading me to all of your other books. It has given us things to talk about when we see each other.
    History is messed up, and you display it perfectly. Thank you for that! Not many people can get it quite right. I aspire to be able to write it as well as you do. πŸ™‚
    The characters in this series have chemistry. They work well together. Not in that they all get along, but in that they compliment each other’s personalities. They’re all flawed- which makes them perfect! I can’t wait until I can pick up the Wrath of the Storm!

  64. I love that your book series are good enough to have inspired me to pursue writing as a career. Mark of the Thief, along with the Ascendance Trilogy, are so well-written with such intriguing plot-twists.

  65. I love all of your books! I love how Mark of the Thief sucks me in. Your characters have real emotions and they have motivations behind what they’re doing. It isn’t a story where “things happen”, it’s a story with a plot that flows and keeps me on the edge of my seat. I feel invested in what’s going to happen to Nic, and am anxious to see how he’ll get out of each situation. Thank you so much for the time and energy you put into all of your great books!

  66. This series is a favorite among my students. You are definitely a must read author for middle school students!

  67. I love the suspense and all the twists. The first ones end really got me excited and I really wanted to read the next one. The second one did the same thing. I also loved all the characters and the story. I think both books are funny, suspenseful, have a good flow, and have good characters. I can’t wait for The Wrath of the Storm!!!

  68. The thing I liked most about the series was Nic’s personality. I feel like we’re relatable, and his jokes are always on point. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌAnd of course, Caela and Calistus.

  69. I love the combination of mythology and a well written fast paced narrative and so do my students! We are lucky to teach a myth unit in conjunction with writing genres…perfect t for 8th grade just like this series!

  70. I love the way you develop Nic and the other characters. It makes me feel like I know them, and I’m always a little sad when I finish the books because I have to come back to reality. I’m also a fan of history, so I love how you use ancient Rome as the setting. The plot twists are pretty awesome too!

  71. I haven’t read this series yet but the description intrigues me and makes me think it will be a series I will enjoy.

  72. I love this series because of how well the characters are written. You are really able to connect with them and loss yourself in the book.

  73. The Ascendance Trilogy and The Night Divided were books that I read over and over again, without getting sick of them. I loved every moment and live as if the characters are right beside me.

    I am a lover of history. From music history to American War history, when I start reading them, I fall into them and it’s very difficult to get out. I am also a big fan of magical and mythological stories. Reading this series will complete my collection!

    I think you are an amazing author. I hope you continue to write amazing stories that fill our minds with imagination. Thank you ~!

  74. Your books made me want to read. I absolutely love The Mark of the Thief. I’ve been looking at your blog everyday to figure out when the 3rd book comes out. I love how you don’t focus primarily on the romance. You have a lot of other things going on. My favorite part of this book is when Nic finds the Malice of Mars. I love how you have a wolf guarding it because they are my favorite animals. I love every book you write. This made me fall more in love with your series.

  75. I loved the False Prince series and was excited to see The Mark Of The Thief series. I’m almost finished with the first book and I am having a hard time putting it down. Thank you for writing books that draw you in and transports you into the story.

  76. I love the Mark of the Thief series because the characters like Nic and Aurelia are really entertaining to read about and reading them arguing and making fun of one another is really funny,especially because the fate of Rome rests on their shoulders. Nic and Aurelia are really strong characters in the story and watching them get closer together is amazing because they care deeply for each other.
    I love reading your books and can’t wait for the next book xx

  77. Eee! I want to win this so so badly πŸ˜€ I have book one and two, but haven’t had the chance to read them yet. Aw. But I will. Very soon. I think I will love these books because I love fantasy and I love MG. The story sounds incredible. The characters sounds amazing πŸ˜€ And the covers are gorgeous. <3 Thank you for the chance to win sweetie πŸ™‚

  78. This book looks great! So excited to read it! I love how you write both fantasy and historical fiction β€” my two favorite genres.

  79. I haven’t yet gotten to read the second installment of this series, but I thoroughly enjoyed Mark of the Thief. I received characters just as lovable as Sage(I know it’s Jaron, but he’ll always be Sage to me!) and Imogen and a story that’s shrouded in mysteries. Along with that, I really love myths and anything to do with them, and historical fiction/fantasy so this was perfect! Greatly developed characters and a twisting swooping loop-de-looping plot(s) are what makes your books great!

  80. I have yet to read this series but I absolutely LOVED your Ascendance Trilogy!!! It was amazing and perfect and I never read a book with plot twists that genuinely took my breath away until I read those!! I also adore your writing style and I think I’d love your new series too!

  81. I’ve purchased the first two books for our school library and the students are looking forward to the third. I haven’t read the series yet, but I loved the Ascendance trilogy, so I look forward to reading these.

  82. I haven’t had the chance to read Mark of the Thief yet but I do own the first two (I like to wait until they are all out). But if the characters are anything like the ones in The False Prince I know I will love it!

  83. I have loved the Mark of the Thief series so far! One thing I really like is how strong the characters are. I can really connect with them. I also like how Rome is portrayed. I think my favorite was Rise of the Wolf – but not the ending!
    I’m so excited to read this book!

  84. I haven’t read it yet. But I did read the scourge. I finished that is a day so I think I’d really like this one. 😊

  85. I love how the series ties into Roman mythology and history! I also love how there is a new surprise around every corner!

  86. I love how my 12 year old daughter and I both read them in one day and must discuss!

  87. I cannot wait for this one to come out! I love how you have written Nic as kind of a bad guy, but he’s really a good one in his core. His enduring friendship is a wonderful part to him. Can’t wait!

  88. Nic is so sassy and loveable. His quirky comebacks are great.
    Despite all the mistakes he makes, you can tell he has a great heart and means well, which really teaches us a lesson for judging people in real life.

  89. I love the fact that he is always trying to help his family and do the right thing even if his stubbornness gets him into trouble. Family and friendship can be complicated. I like that he is completely loyal to those he cares about.

  90. My son LOVED the False Prince series and kept saying, “Mom, you have to read this!” I proceeded to ignore practically everything for a weekend and read the whole series! He got the first two books of Mark of the Thief series and he read the first book in two days over break. I was concerned about the fact that I would soon be staying up too late, leaving piles of laundry and ordering in. I was right. Another fun series with characters you want to root for. We look forward to the 31st when he can use his B&N gift card to get (us) the 3rd book. I am a picture book writer and appreciate what it takes to write with a family. Congratulations on your success! πŸ™‚

  91. I love your complex characters and suspenseful plots! Your books are always so engaging. πŸ™‚ And I enjoy sharing them with siblings and friends who also love your books!

  92. My life can get quite stressful sometimes and your book’s have helped me deal with a lot of my stress. Your book’s take the reader on a journey that can change the way they view things forever. Reading about Nic’s life has helped me become more thankful for everything I have, although Nic isn’t a real person, every time I reread “Mark Of The Thief” or “Rise Of The Wolf”, I forget about all my worries in life. I used to hate reading but, after reading “Mark Of The Thief”, I realized that reading can really help you cope with all the troubles in life. It’s nice to be able to forget about your troubles and focus on the troubles of the main characters in a book.

    I’ve been trying for a very long time to find a book/series better than “The False Prince’ or “Mark Of The Theif:, but I don’t think there is any author out there that can make a better book than you. I Really think you deserve to be better known, your books are better than J.K. Rowling’s (in my opinion). I annoys my friends and parents all the time about when your next books will come out, you really, truly are an amazing Author.

  93. The Mark of the Thief is honestly one of my favorite books (quite possibly my number one favorite). It has everything I love: exciting characters, mythical creatures, magic, and all of it placed at my favorite time in history – ancient Rome. Nic is relatable and would probably be my best friend in real life. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love his wit?

    I haven’t read Rise of the Wolf yet because it literally just came yesterday (it got lost in the mail for a month) but I’m ecstatic to begin!

  94. I love adventurous fantasies with a slight bit of romance, and the Mark of The Thief is exactly that. I love how much trouble Nic gets in every book, and how much he was willing to lose for Aurelia and his friends. This is an amazing book and you wrote it so well. I can’t wait to read the last book! πŸ™‚

  95. I enjoyed your Ascendance trilogy and immediately began Mark of the Thief, quickly moving on to Rise of the Wolf. I enjoyed all the twists and turns (enough that I finished both within 24 hours of starting). Thank you for writing such great books!

  96. What I’ve really loved about every one of your books is the characters. They are always so rich and interact with each other and the plot in a very real manner.

  97. What I have loved the most about the mark of the thief series so far is that I have learned so much about what life was like in ancient Rome!

  98. I CANT WAIT TO READ THIS!! The mark of the thief series is my favorite series ever and I love the characters especially Nic! I’ll be so sad when I finish it, but Im also so excited to see how it ends!! πŸ™‚

  99. I Adored the books!I read all of them (except wrath of the storm) in 2 days (i’m 9 years old)! I got detention for reading during math! All i’m trying to say is they’re soooo amazing and I can’t wait to read wrath of the storm!

    Thank you for writing such great books!


  100. I love your writing style! The way it makes the characters come off the paper is just so incredible! I love Livia so much. Even though we don’t see her very often, we know she is a very caring sister and friend to Nic.
    My favorite thing about the books are the plot twists though. They cost me some sleep, but are totally worth it!

  101. I love the never ending action and the plot twists!!

  102. I have read the ascendance trilogy like eight times and love it.I have just stated to read the mark of thief and love it already.

  103. Wow this book is amazing! What Nic is able to do is pretty cool. Hes got the courage, the strength, the power, the magic, and of course the girl. It seems like hes got everything but freedom. Yet. I almost wish I was all that he was. Anyways i just wanted to say that I really liked your book, and its really cool what you do.

    • Thank you, Glen! And yes, for all Nic has in that series, what he wants most always seems just out of his reach.

  104. I really enjoy all of the different minny stories that go along with the overall story of the series. Such as Nic’s everchanging relationships with Radulf and Aurelia. On top of that, I just love the Rome setting, and it I very interesting to read.

    • Thank you, Dillon. I’m glad you appreciate the details in the book beyond just the overarching plot because I spend a lot of time thinking about those.

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