Many Thanks to Readers!

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There’s been some great news for THE FALSE PRINCE this week, and I owe a big thanks to each of you.

First, is that THE FALSE PRINCE has made it into the FINALS for Goodreads’ Best of 2012 Middle Grade list. The other books on the list are ones I personally love or ones which I’m dying to read, and I’m sure the same is true for you. But..if you are on Goodreads and feel like voting for FALSE PRINCE, I would be very, very grateful! The link is here:’s

Second, is that THE FALSE PRINCE has been named to the list of Best Books of 2012 by Publisher’s Weekly. It is also on the list for the New York Public LIbrary’s 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing, and has made the Lonestar Reading List in Texas. These are all great honors, and I’m very proud to have my book there.

And finally, my thanks to those who share the book with your students, friends, and family. Who choose it for reading clubs, book talk it, blog about it, or leave kind reviews and ratings. And to those who spread word about the book online and in person, there are some notes that I see and a lot that I miss. But I always, always appreciate it.

Again, if you liked THE FALSE PRINCE, please vote for it on Goodreads with the link above. And know that I send you my deepest gratitude!


  1. Congrats Jennifer! You so deserve it. I’ve been voting for The False Prince and just voted for it again. Good luck.

  2. Thank you Natalie! You are made of awesome!

  3. Congrats Miss Jen. You deserve my vote again 🙂

  4. Thank you!

  5. I Got My Friends To Read The Book, One Of Them Loves It So Much She’s Like “WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!?!?” xD Your book Is Amazing!

  6. Ah, thank you for that as well, Cayla! I’m glad she enjoys it too.

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