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To all of you who have been so supportive and enthusiastic about The False Prince, you have my most sincere and warm thanks. I hope you will continue checking in with this blog for updates on the Ascendance series.
The most common question I’m asked about the second False Prince book is:
A.   When will it be released?
B.    What is the title?
C.    What will the cover look like?
D.   What is Book 2 about?
Are you FINALLY ready for answers? For A, the answer is still sometime next year. A specific release date has not been set.

The answers to B and C will be revealed here on this blog on THURSDAY, MAY 31. I will show the cover and it will have the title (as covers often do, I’ve noticed)!

To celebrate, I am doing a giveaway of THREE signed copies of Book 1. That cover is on the right, in dark blue. To enter to win, leave a comment with your best guess of what the main color will be for Book 2. Additional entries will be given for anyone who posts this link on Twitter, Facebook, or blogs about it. I will give a grand prize of The False Prince + a free Skype visit to the class or group of their choice.

I can’t accept guesses on the cover (well yeah, obviously) once the cover goes live on Thursday, BUT I will accept Tweets, FB, and blog entries for 24 hours after I post the cover.

Oh, and the answer to D is….

I’m not telling. Not yet. Sorry.

But please enter the contest anyway.

As a final note, please be aware there are some spoilers in the comments. Don’t read them if you haven’t read to the end of Book 1!


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  3. I am so excited to read your book. But I’am fro Brazil, and it is difficult to find your book in english here. But I will try to wint these one… \O/ So, I will try saying that the next cover will be green just because it is my favorite color… HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. I’m so excited to hear more news is coming soon for the sequel to The False Prince! It was my favorite book from all that I purchased and read from the Storymakers conference and I can’t wait for the next book! So I tweeted and FB’ed about it.

    My guess is that the next cover’s main color will be green. Crossing my fingers for this contest!

  5. I think the main color is going to be green. Or maybe red…
    Can’t wait to see it!

    travisp1026 at yahoo dot com

  6. Excited to know more is coming. And the hype is beginning already. Fantastic! Color is green. Hope it goes as well as or better than the first.

  7. Main color? I’m thinking some sort of green.

  8. I would guess the cover color will be red, to match the rubies which are somehow tied in with Sage.

    PS I just finished the False Prince and really enjoyed it. I join your fans anxiously awaiting book 2!

  9. I wrote myself a note to I won’t forget to get a look at the new cover. I believe that the cover of book two will be a shade of green. I can hardly wait to see it and the title.

  10. I think the cover will be a lovely maroon color. Oh, yes, that would look nice. Oo, or a dark pruple! And to take the place of the crown would either be the ruby-hilted sword or a sceptre!

  11. I’m goong with a nice dark red.

  12. I’m going to say the cover of Book 2 will be a royal purple (for obvious reasons). As you know, I loved The False Prince and I am anxiously awaiting the second installment!

  13. I think it would be a deep red!

  14. Gold…Can’t wait to find out.

  15. Gold…Can’t wait to find out.

  16. It will be a deep ocean blue

  17. I think it will be purple! After all, he’s a royal again now.

  18. I guess red.

  19. My guess is ruby red to match the sword. 🙂 I can’t wait for Thursday!!! 🙂

  20. I think it will be a garnet red, because that is my birthstone. I don’t know why, but that’s the image that pops in my head! Whatever it is, it will be gorgeous 🙂 obviously!

  21. I’m guessing red!

  22. I’m going to guess purple. Can’t wait to see it.

  23. Thanks for the giveaway, how clever! I’m going to guess aqua blue or purple because they’re both awesome colors 🙂
    The False Prince is on my wishlist, would love a copy!
    *shared on facebook*
    Kara Grant

  24. I think that the next books color will be purple. I am so in love with this book. The main character Sage caught my attention the second I opened the book and read that he stole a roast. His wit and clever comments made me want to keep reading and not put the book down it is a fantastic read and I cant wait to read the second book.

  25. Oh, I’m going to have to agree with the deep purple, with an inlay of a ruby red on the sword. So excited to hear the second will be released next year! Great news!

  26. A royal crimson with a yellow mixed in, or a lighter shade of red mixed in. The cover I think is going to be a sword, more inportantly, THE Sword! Maybe a gold handle with rubies in the hilt, which would tie in with the yellow and red!

  27. I LOVED the first book! Can’t wait to get my hands on the sequel, and a signed copy of the first one would be awesome!

    I’m going to go with red for the cover of the second. After the events of the first one, red seems appropriate. But what do I know?

    Thanks for the giveaway, and for writing such an amazing book!

  28. Red. I’m so excited to read it!

  29. Go with a green color!

  30. Posted on Facebook.

  31. I say Purple.

  32. Green and purple are the most popular choices so far, with red a close third. I’m going with teal – just to be different.

  33. I’ll go with green!

    + 1 Tweeted:


  34. I’m thinking red would be appropriate. I’m excited to find out what the new cover and title will be.

    Note: I did post this on Facebook and on my blog (

    Thanks, I really enjoyed this book!

  35. I’m thinking a deep red…

  36. I’m going with crimson red for the cover

  37. I’m going for an emerald green guess for the color and tweeted:
    thanks for the giveaway,

  38. I’m so looking forward to the sequel! My first thought was green, just cause I like it, but I think purple is more metaphorically apt–both grief and royalty….

  39. I am guessing it will be yellow! That should really stand out! 🙂

    I also shared on Twitter: @leannessf.

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    leannessf at gmail dot com

  40. I am guessing the book 2 cover will be something like dark royal red. Since the main character is now King and he has this fierce nature in him. Also because there might be war, which leads to bloodshed and well red just seems to me as the right colour where the events left off.
    I really don’t want to wait until next year… 🙁

  41. Green? For no reason! I haven’t read The False Prince yet, so I’m just going with something random.

    Although purple would make sense too, as it’s the color of ROYALTY.

  42. I enjoyed The False Prince. I will definitely be getting Book 2. My guess is RED!

  43. I just finished The False Prince on audio and loved it! My guess for the book 2 cover is dark red. Like scarlet!

  44. This are the colors I’m guessing to be the next book main color:

    Dark Red- I think it will fit the next book of this trilogy.

    Dark Green- maybe because the book will release next spring.???

    Dark purple/Violet.- meaning royalty,because a royalty ascends again.

    Dark Yellow /Dark Orange – I think it will also fit the next book of this trilogy.I think it is better to choose brighter colors in the next book.

  45. I think the main color of the next book will be

    Dark Red- This will fit I think the story plot of the next book.

    Dark Green- That’s why the next book will be release next Spring… Just Guessing. 🙂

    Dark Purple- Purple or Shade of violet means royalty,I think it will also fit the next book.

    Dark Yellow/Dark Orange- Bright colors in a book will somehow be catchy in the eyes of the readers.

  46. I think book 2’s cover will be red.

  47. I forgot to post my tweet with my comment. Here’s the link:

  48. I reckon the next cover will be a dark green. However, it’d be an absolute crack up if it was bright fuchsia. Ha!

  49. I forgot to post the link. Here’s my link to my tweet

    and I Shared it on facebook

  50. I asked the opinion of my friends in Facebook about this contest and they think the book color may be somehow a shade of Dark Purple because it symbolizes Royalty and some said Dark Red and Dark Green will fit the book. I think Purple will be the main color of the next book.

  51. I think the main color will be gold trimmed with a deep green.

  52. The Runaway King

    Hmmm- Maybe a bright color like dark orange or dark yellow will suite the next cover of the book picturing the main character running away from the palace.

    But I will also like to guess dark green, dark purple, and dark red to be the next main color of the book. 🙂

  53. I’m guessing red! It seems fitting.

    Just finished False Prince – love, love, love it – really reminded me of The Thief, by Megan Whalen Turner. Good luck with future books!

  54. Green would be nice

  55. i am guessing the colour will be a deep purple

  56. I’m going for a dark chocolate brown. – harry

  57. i think the cover will be black. when i first read the false prince about 50 pages in i knew he was the real prince. but i still enjoyed reading it. its well-written and keeps you interested

  58. I just finished The False Prince today! So I looked up when the sequel would be coming out and was super disheartened when I read the release of the Title is next May! 🙁 But I’m SOOO looking forward to it and have become a HUGE fan! My guess for the cover ( if it continues the story of the first book) would be a deep blood red. I say this because I hope to see Sage, actually Jaron fall on love with most likely Imogeon but have the betrothal to the princess. So I’m hoping for some romance, but I say red also because Carthayna is on the brink of a civil war and war seems to conotate red. So I’m anxiously awaiting, but in the mean time happy writing!

  59. I love The False Prince so much, one of the best structured and organized books I have ever read. I’m guessing red with hints of purple ^-^

  60. I have to say this was a very fun book to read and would love to own a signed copy. In my attempt to win the contest after some debate (with myself) I think red would be great but my guess is Purple (because it’s a regal color)and I think it will be a fade in (Dark to lighter).

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