Thank you, Mabel’s Fables!

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Most people are probably not familiar with the Toronto bookstore, Mabel’s Fables, but you should be! Not only is it an absolutely charming store, and not only are their store employees exceptionally knowledgeable about all things books, and you should definitely check out the gelato store right across the street. BUT ALSO, they do the most amazing window displays! And though every display is wonderful, they have outdone themselves this time. Check out what they’ve done for The Ascendance Trilogy:


If you want to see it in person, or just want to support such a cool store, they’re at 662 Mt. Pleasant Road in Toronto. If you’re in Canada and want to order a book (such as em, THE SHADOW THRONE perhaps?) from them, you can search for that title here.

And if you’re in the US, then find the indie bookstore closest to you and please support them! Go here, if you need help finding one!




  1. I love that display! It’s gorgeous! The shop looks super cute.

  2. That’s a pretty cool window display!

  3. I definitely want to check it out! Is that a real sword in the display?

    • I think it’s a sword for stage use, but I’m not positive about that. It is a cool sword, though.

  4. Whoa, you’re right, they did outdo themselves this time. Congrats!

  5. nice!! to bad i dont live in the usa if i did then i would so check it out !!:(

  6. That is a cool display.

  7. Wow! I have a small obsession with your books, alright, a giant one, and I’m a regular at Mabel’s Fabels, (and due to my love of pistachio the gelato place too). This is truly an example of everything I love combined. Two questions: my dream is to become an author, what is my best “plan of attack” to fulfill this? Second… I have to ask, favorite gelato flavor? 🙂

    • Thanks, Megan, and yes, Mabel’s Fables is a fabulous store! To your first question, if you want to be an author, then you need to read as much as you can, and start reading like a writer. Figure out why the story you’re reading works, or why it doesn’t. The better you understand what other authors do, the better you can get that into your own stories. And secondly – you’ve gotta write! Every day, even if it’s just a few lines. Every word you write gets you closer to your dream, so get writing, and never, never, give it up! To your second question, I definitely love pistachio, but I’m a chocolate girl. Now…if I can get two scoops…

  8. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!That looks so nice…………Awesome…

  9. They really did do a great job on this display if I’m ever in Canada I’ll have to go there
    and I was wondering if your ever going to have a book signing in Texas or a state near Texas because I would love to go to one

    • I’ll be in Texas again in May (Houston and Corpus Christi) but I don’t currently have any public events scheduled. I generally get to Texas at least a couple of times a year though.

  10. Wow! That’s a REALLY cool sign!! By the way, on my track team, we close out with putting our hands together and yell something, for example, “Eagles on three! Eagles on three! One, two, three EAGLES!” Today our chant was, “Jen Neilsen on three! Jen Nielsen on three! One, two, three, JEN NIELSEN!” 🙂 Tomorrow will be Jaron! :)))

    By the way, do you find it weird that there’s a Tobias in your book, and in Divergent there is a Tobias who has the opposite character as your book???

    • Ha! Danielle, that’s totally a funny story – thanks for sharing it! And yeah, I do think it’s funny that we both came out with Tobias characters who are so different!

  11. Hello Jennifer Nielsen,

    Will there be a chance that The False Prince hardcover edition be redesigned to follow the format of the next two books or it’s paperback edition?

    I have all hardbound, finally. It took that long for me to complete the books here in the Philippines (the shipping and all) and only the first book has a different design. (Although printable jacket will be ok, also).


    • If there’s another hardcover printing, they may change it, but I don’t honestly know. I haven’t heard any talk from the publisher either way, but it’s a good question. Thanks so much for getting the books!

  12. Wow! That is so cool! Question; Do you think you will still be blogging?

    Thank you!!

  13. Hi! I was just wondering if there’s any news on your new “Praetor War” trilogy. Did I spell that right? whatever. Anyways, if you have anything on the characters or setting please let me know!

    • Hmm, I have a title for Book 1: Mark of the Thief. I hope to be able to reveal a cover fairly soon. Thanks for asking, Ana!

      • Are you allowed to tell us the protagonist’s age? Or anyone else? Oh yeah, and how’s the story going (like in what stage of publishing)?

        • The protagonist of MARK OF THE THIEF? That’s Nic, and he’d be about the same age as Sage in THE FALSE PRINCE (nearly 15). The story has just gone to copyediting. Copy edits are the smaller edits in a story – looking at things like word choice or for minor word errors like two uses of the same unique word too close together. In between copy edits, I’m beginning to outline the second book in that series (which will be released in spring 2016).

  14. Hi, me again. I checked out The False Prince and I’m going to be reading it tonight (probably at 2am… but for the third time today, don’t worry 🙂 ) and over Spring Break. I’m going to have to go down to my fourth grade teacher’s room and ask if I can borrow The Runaway king for vacation also.

    That’s a really cool display, I wish my parents would let me go to Canada just to see it… they won’t. I think I’ll ask right now.
    Me:” Mom, can I go to Canada to see a display in a bookstore?”

    Is Maine really that far away from Toronto? It’s only 650 miles… 10 1/2 hours….
    Oh, I get it. I have 3 siblings… one of whom is 2 years old…

    If I ever get the chance I’m going, though 🙂
    Her:” No….. Just saying, it’s kind of far away…”

    • Ha! Good luck getting that trip to Canada, Tori. In the meantime, happy reading!

  15. Jennifer I just finished reading your series and I LOVED it so much. Jaron is probably my new favorite character because he’s so strong, stubborn in a good way and a true hero. You did such a fantastic job with the story that you had me hooked the whole way. Thank you for writing such a great series!

    And I hear you’re coming to Houston?! When in May? You should come to the Woodlands!!! My book club read The False Prince and we’d love to see you!!!

    • Thanks very much, Michelle! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed this series. I was in Houston earlier this year, but when I go to Texas in May, I’ll be in Corpus Christi and San Antonio. I hope to get back to Houston soon, though. I always enjoy my visits there. Well, honestly, I always enjoy my visits anywhere in Texas.

      Thanks again!

      • r u coming to Canada anytime soon? if u do can u pls come to Vancouver?!!

        • Small chance I may be coming there next school year. It’s too early to know that for sure, though. I’d love to come back to Vancouver – that’s a wonderful city!

  16. Do you think you are going to post anything soon? Ive been at the edge of my seat!

    • Hmm, next Sunday perhaps? I hope to have three pieces of news to report (not movie news though).

  17. can u pls pls pls tell us what mark of a thief is about btw your a great author

    • Thanks RC! It takes place in Ancient Rome with an escaped Roman slave, some stolen magic, and a battle to control the fall of an empire. There will be more details to come soon!

  18. hi everyone! here’s my dream cast for the False Prince movie.

    Jaron: Logan Lerman because he looks like how i imagined Jaron and he played Percy Jackson; i think Percy and Jaron have similar personalities. plus he’s cute.

    Imogen: Isabelle Fuhrman. i don’t know, she just came to mind.

    Tobias: Skander Keynes

    Mott: Dwayne Johnson

    Conner: Eion Bailey

    Roden: Josh Hutcherson

    Amarinda: India Eisley

    i seriously hope they choose these people, it would be awesome!!!!

  19. The display is totally awesome. All the covers are really impressive though I prefer the darker blue hardcover with the other crown fro the False Prince. What does the key symbolise on the cover of Shadow Throne?

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