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I have a lot to announce tomorrow afternoon (Tues April 29), so please come by for that.

No, it’s not movie news. But the biggest announcement has to do with this picture below. So stay tuned…



  1. YES!!! I kept hoping you’d have some news. I just started visiting the blog and saw that you hadn’t posted since March. YIPPEE! <3

  2. Just finished The Shadow Throne!! The suspense at times had me literally squealing in anticipation and the ending left me sighing with happiness and one hundred percent satisfied. Bless you again and again for that ending. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am so in love with those characters – and Jaron especially. He cracks me up and makes me marvel at his wit (and your wit as well). What a thoroughly enjoyable read! I can’t wait to blog about it! Thank you for writing a fabulous trilogy and taking Toni Morrison’s advice to heart. I’ll be forever grateful.

  3. So can’t wait to hear the good news.

  4. wow…..what a mystery!!!

  5. Ok, that was a total cliffhanger! It’s not apart of a book but–what–why–
    *Takes deep breath and puts on thinking cap*:
    What does that picture mean?
    What is the news?
    What is happening tomorrow afternoon?

  6. Yeah! I have been checking everyday, so when i saw this i was like Finally!

  7. When can you release a movie? Me and my mother just finished your books and we REALLY liked them. We were sad when we finished them. Please come out with a movie soon! I’m dying to see this story on the big screen!

    • I would love to see a movie made as well, Lewie, but unfortunately, that’s not my decision to make. Like you, I’m keeping my fingers crossed, though!

  8. Okay, what is the news? I can’t stand it!

  9. I just finished the Shadow Throne! It was the best in the series, I could read them again and again. They were all so great! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. About the movie newsโ€ฆ I know there’s not going to be any for a while, but I was wondering how someone could audition for a movie. Would the movie people have to find you, or could you just show up at auditions? Thanks!

    • Sorry Tori, I don’t know. It won’t be my decision, so we’ll have to see what the director wants to do once a decision is made. We should know more, one way or another, by the end of February!

      • Hi I am izaiah and am 13 years old and read the false prince, the runaway king and just finished the shadow throne today and I want know if you are going to make another book with Jaron and imogen and maybe if they have a kid getting into
        mischief like jaron

        • Hi Izaiah – thanks for reading! There are no current plans to make any more books in this series, though I already know what I’d write if those plans change! I’ll announce on my blog if I do add a fourth book.

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