A NIGHT DIVIDED Cover Reveal (and a giveaway)!

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MarkOfTheThief1The MARK OF THE THIEF release is only four weeks away (Feb 24th)! I am so excited to share this book with you. I know lots of you found copies through Scholastic Book Fair, or you begged, borrowed, or otherwise got an ARC (Advanced Review Copy), but I still have 3 ARCs left to give away. Right here. I’ll tell you how to enter below.

This book is getting great reviews so far. It’s on Junior Library Guild’s Spring 2015 list.

Kirkus gave it a starred review, saying, “The fast-paced, ingenious plot, charismatic hero, and highly diverse cast of characters – including the ancient, eternal city itself – make this series opener a captivating joy ride.”

VOYA says, “The action moves the story well, often in surprising ways, and the background of Ancient Rome provides a peek into history that may surprise readers…”

VOYA’s teen review says, “This is a captivating novel that will grab readers’ attention through its fast-paced plot and historical insight. Nic is a believable character with his constant determination, plus he guides readers through the marvels and horrors of a Roman empire laced with magic.”

Booklist says, “Fans of Jaron, Percy, Harry, and Eugenides may be excited by this offering.”

So how to enter for a final chance to win an ARC? Leave a comment below telling me what you think about the cover for my next book, A NIGHT DIVIDED (8/25/15). This is the story of a girl whose family is split when the Berlin Wall goes up, and what it might cost her to reunite them again. It is a stand alone historical, completely separate from anything else I’ve written.

I cannot wait to share this story with you, to talk about how it came to be, and to hear what you think. Until then, I hope you are as excited as I am for MARK OF THE THIEF. Whether you buy a copy or ask your library to get a copy you can borrow, I hope you will get a chance to read it!

If you link to this post on Twitter, FB, Pinterest, or Instagram, let me know and I’ll give you a bonus entry for each post! The contest ends on Friday, Jan 30 at 10 pm EST.

A NIght Divided FI#9F6F8253



  1. The cover looks a little haunting. The red definitely stands out! I’m sure the cover will match the suspenseful book quite well.

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. That is incredible! I love it and can’t wait to read it!

  3. Very appealing! I love the red scarf. 🙂

  4. Leaving a comment because I’m a BIG fan and I’m dying to read A NIGHT DIVIDED. Fantastic cover-haunting. No need to enter me in the giveaway–I’m often known for my patience when it comes to waiting for great books. *family falls to floor laughing*

    • Back atcha, Lynda! I tried to be patient once, but it was taking too long so I gave up. 😉

  5. Oh what a gripping use of red. I’m eager to look inside for more plot.

  6. Thst looks amazing, can’t wait to read yet another book from a fantastic author! Waiting patiently for all of them to be released.

  7. I am so excited to read another book you have written. My daughter and I love your books.

  8. I like the barbed wire and the red scarf. Truthfully, I’m excited to read anything you read. Our class is excited for February 24th and would love earlier.

  9. I absolutely love the cover! It really shows the mood of the story and what it’s about. I linked the post to Pinterest.
    P. S. I gave my best friends copies of The False Prince for Christmas and they loved it just as much as I did 🙂

  10. Oh.my.word. That cover is fantastic! I love the time period, love the plot idea, and have I ever mentioned…LOVE your writing! 😉 Looking forward to this stand alone.

    No need to enter me in the giveaway. I’ve been lending out my much loved ARC and have already ordered copies of Mark of the Thief to give away.

    Big hugs and congratulations from Maine! xoxo

  11. I love the cover! It make me want to open the cover to find out more!

  12. It looks amazing! If it is anything like your other books I can’t wait to read it.

  13. Very excited for another book Jennifer! I know we are not meant to judge a book by its cover, but if we did I would definitely pick this one up off the shelf! Love the pop of red!

  14. Oh my goodness, Jennifer!! It is BEAUTIFUL!! My dad lived on the west side of the Berlin Wall in Weinstadt, Stuttgart. Also, my mom, and father worked in Europe when the wall was broken down, so this idea means a lot!! On top of it, my dad designs book covers (ironic). The idea of making the font be a part of the barbed wire was genius!!! Also, making it gray shows the heavy topic. Overall, I LOVE it, and am DYING to read it! Besides, it is one of your books, so OF COURSE it will be AMAZING!!!

  15. Very intriguing cover. The barbed wire is very effective. I look forward to reading it.

  16. The red really stands out, is it a warning? It matches your name as a standout feature. Coincidence? The barbed wire is striking and daunting. The shades of gray on the wall, walkway, sky and soldiers are so lifeless or detached. It’s got me pulled in. Wow, so different from your other books, I can’t wait to get my hands on this one, too!!

  17. Hi Jen! This is a stunning cover! Would definitely draw me in, even if I didn’t know it was your book.
    My son Seth says he likes the title font, and the way the bit of red stands out.

  18. The cover is beautiful, and I’m so excited to read these! I shared your post on Facebook.

  19. Looks awesome! Really looking forward to Mark of the Thief!

  20. Also, I love the scarf. It is such a sign of hope, like a blood-red sun on a smoke stained sky. (I posted about this on Facebook) =)

  21. The cover is really powerful! Looking forward to reading this book too.

  22. Love the look of her family on the other side. One of the parts of the Berlin Wall that struck me the most was the amazing and often, touching, graffiti. I wonder if that could somehow be incorporated. There’s a part of the wall painted with a hand coming through a faux crack offering a flower that I’ll never forget. Not sure if this idea would fit the location or time of the book, but wanted to throw it out there.

    • You’re right, Beth, all of the graffiti did create a sort of beauty on the wall, but that was only on the western side, which this girl would not be able to see. On the eastern side, they never would’ve dared put up graffiti. I know the image you’re describing though. Very beautiful.

  23. It looks great. I love the haunting feel to it and the way the red stands out against the greys.

  24. I was insanely excited to see this on my newsfeed!
    The cover is absolutely gorgeous. The use of typography in this design is both functional and so symbolic it adds so much to the design. The composition is amazing. I love how they grayed out the the background it adds to the depth of field as well as the mood. So glad to see well designed covers <3

    Even though my TBR list is never ending I'm super excited to add both of these to the list! 🙂
    Congratulations on all of the wonderful reviews I'm sure they are well earned!! 🙂

  25. OMG, I’m in love! SOOO excited for both books! The new cover looks amazing and I’m positively dying to read Mark of the Thief!

  26. Great title Jennifer. Can’t wait to read both

  27. Looks amazing–and a total surprise!

  28. I am in no way qualified to drugs l critique this, but I think the cover is amazing! I love how on the opposite side of the wall, you can see her family, but you have to look harder. You can’t just glace at it and see them. I also love how everything is faded, except for the scarf. I think it’s sort of like the hope she has to see her family again. Even when everything is dark, her hope is still bright.
    (Since I’ve obviously never read the book, I’m just guessing about her feelings and such)
    It’s a beautiful cover!

  29. I really like the cover, it’s pretty of course but I think it’s powerful too, it send a message and I find it very intriguing. I really believe it’s a cover that attracts the eyes of readers who want to know what this is about, I for sure want to read it.

  30. As a teacher, I’d love to have a copy of this to read to my students. I am trying to get them into books, get them to be readers. I know what I’ve seen of Jennifer’s stuff, and it’s incredible. I have a family friend that read her trilogy that had not picked up a physical book, much less a young adult/children’s book in years and could not put them down when she was reading them.

    • Oops, forgot to say that I love the cover, makes me think back to the concentration camps and the jewish parts of towns when Hitler was cordoning off the Jews before they were moved to the concentration camps.

  31. Ignore the part where it says, “drugs.” I don’t even know what happened there!

  32. The cover looks very intriguing! I am so excited for the release of this book and even more excited for Mark of the Thief! I am generally a patient person…until it comes to waiting for a favorite author’s new book release!! 🙂

  33. I LOVE the cover. It has kind of a hopeless feeling to it, which I imagine would have been exactly what split families would have felt. I can’t wait to read it!


  34. Omg.. IM SO EXCITED. I love your books SO much! When I finished The False Prince I cried!xD I always make my friends read it, but never let them use my copy I bought, it’s like my treasure. LOL. The cover makes me want to grab it out of the screen and read it RIGHT NOW!!! IT LOOKS SO AMAZININGINGINGINGIGNIGNGINGING. (sorry i’m just really excited!!!) I seriously Can’t wait for it to come out!

    Jennifer, thank you so much for writing these books. I love to daydream i’m in one of them! xD

  35. Jen,
    It’s GORGEOUS!!! So excited for you! I love hearing about your crazy busy life!

  36. The book cover look very intriguing and it gives a unique persona. For me, I think using the barbed wire to show the title is very thoughtful and interesting. The red really make the character stand out in the gray cover. I can’t wait to try reading it!

    P.S. Thank you very much for signing my copy of The False Prince and The Shadow Throne! I got so excited about it and showed it to my friends and my school librarian. I loved the Ascendance Trilogy and I can’t wait to read your new books!

  37. The cover depicts a haunting image of pain and hurt being separated by the mercilous barbed wire and the red sash shows a glimmer of hope.

  38. I love the book cover first off it makes me want to know who that is in the distance and why they are separate. This cover makes me want to read the book

  39. The cover makes me….. Frustrated. Because I WANT! I WANT! I WANT! But Amazon doesn’t have Kindle pre-orders for my region yet 🙁
    Looks like an awesome book – a pairing of one of my favourite authors with one of my favourite genres – how could it not be a winner?!! 🙂

  40. Love the barbed wire and little color except for the red. Reminds me of concentration camp fences. There is a little space to crawl through though if you’re brave enough. Hmm?

  41. The cover looks amazing, the red in the scarf and barbed wire draw your eye instantly. No need to enter me, I’ve already preordered Mark of the Thief, can’t wait to read it. Looking forward to hear more about A Night Divided too. Are you able to say the age of the girl? I think the cover makes her look to be about thirteen.

  42. It is so intriguing. Looks gloomy yet carry a hope for a happy ending in the morning.

  43. Oh Jen. It’s beautiful. I love the font for the name. Really adds to it.

  44. I love your books!!! Can’t wait for Mark of the Thief. And now another new book!!! Win Win!!!

  45. Reminds me starkly of visiting Sachsenhausen concentration camp when I lived in Berlin a few years ago. I’ll never forget seeing “Arbeit macht frei” (“Work makes you free”) worked into the iron bars of the front gate. Beautiful and powerful cover!

    I linked to the post on FB and Twitter–I’d love to get my hands on an ARC of Mark of the Thief! Looking forward to both of these books!

  46. This book would be a perfect addition to the 8th grade novels used for cross-curricular studies! This is very different from your past several books, but the cover looks extremely appealing, especially since DeKalb (my school’s town) is home to the invention of barbed wire 🙂

  47. Love the new cover! So excited for you! Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. Woo hoo! Love it! Can’t wait!

  49. Love the cover of your new book! Looks like another one of your books that you can’t put down! My daughter would love a signed copy of your Mark of the Thief! Keeping my fingers crossed for her! 🙂

  50. The cover totally caught my eye! Rushing through my news feed and this stopped me! I had to read what it was about. I love it! Can’t wait to read it!

  51. I love reading historical fiction. The font alone on your new book makes me want to read it. Having your name on it, too, is a bonus!

  52. Without reading a word of A Night Divided, I can already tell this is going to be a powerful story. The grayness gives it a still, overcast feeling that certainly sets a tone. The red scarf reminds me of one of the most powerful scenes in the film, Schindler’s List. I cannot wait to experience this book!

  53. I think the cover is stunning. I also think the concept and story of this book sounds very original, unlike anything I have read before. What age range is this book for? My Sixth grade students enjoy your False Prince series. Would this be an appropriate book for that age?

    • It’s definitely appropriate for a 6th grade class, Julie. The protagonist is 12 years old.

  54. The cover is very thought-provoking, and definitely haunting, though not creepy; the words spelled in barbed wire and the stark red scarf make me wonder if the title is referring to a night divided by something else than just the wall. Times when you have no idea what is going on, when you have no idea what will happen the next moment…the time doesn’t feel like it’s divided into seconds or minutes, hours or days, but by whatever happens next. Also, the fact that you can see who I assume are her father and brother…something so close and yet so far away, since the wall, barbed wire, and soldiers won’t let her get anywhere closer to them. I certainly look forward to reading it!

  55. Not only does the red scarf stand out among the characters, but the people on the other side of the wall make it look all the more thrilling. It looks gorgeous!! I can’t wait to read anything else from you!

  56. I love how most of the colors are drained. it gives off cold, unwelcome and eerie emotions, matching the description of the book fairly well. The fact that the only vibrant color is red makes me feel anxious, as it reminds me off blood. The barbed wire holding the title gives it an edge of danger. It’s a very well done cover! I don’t usually care much for historical stories, but I might have to give this one a try

  57. I love the colors and the fog. There’s quite a lot of emotion even without a single face. Looks like a heart wrenching story with a lot of power. Will repost on Twitter.

  58. It is a cover that would definitely catch my eye and get my interest!

  59. every book you write is amazing, I wouldn’t be surprised how amazing this book would be! love the cover, I can feel its radiance and warmth just by looking haha, and I will certainly love its content when the time I finally have the book,(maybe 3 months after its release, cause books like this is sold late here in the Philippines) Mahal ka namin, Mabuhay ka!!

  60. I’m so excited to get into a mind of a female protagonist that you’ve created. Also, that cover strangely gives me the same feeling as the cover of TFP.

  61. I love how the wall is a part of the title. You really can feel the divide in the cover. So excited to read this!

  62. Mark of a Thirf was incredible…can’t wait for book 2! Your new book looks and sounds amazing…can’t wait to read!

  63. I love the cover and blurb for your new book. So can’t wait to read it. Please enter me in the contest because I’m so sad I must give away my ARC next week on my blog. Loved your book. It was a fantastic story and a great study guide for those of us who write on how to do it right.

  64. I am back after such along time… since last year (December). Blogged this as well on Kernel’s Corner.

  65. That cover is so eye catching! The girl looking at her family as they appear almost invisible but seeing what seperates them has me wanting to dig right in to find out the ending! Stunning cover!

  66. I shared it with my friends, as well! Thank you for the chance!

  67. Mrs Nielsen – The cover looks fantastic! Everything seems sad and and a bit old-fashioned because of the grayish color of the faces of the soldiers. I see a boy and a man on the other side of the wall – maybe her brother and father. The scarf on her neck is read – a bit diverse from the gray, so maybe it’s important. Perhaps a gift from her family that’s on the other side of the wall? Your name is also red, to let everyone know your wrote it (of course), and I think that the title A Night Divided entwined into the barbed wire is very creative.
    I’m submitting this because I’d really like a Mark of the Thief ARC, and also because the cover is so amazing! It’s really different from all the other covers – the Ascendance Trilogy has broken things, and Mark of the Thief has a necklace. I think that the girl (Gerta, I think) seems older than I thought because I used to think the name Gerta suited little girls with curly auburn hair, and in my opinion it suits her really well. I think her white blond hair goes really well with the picture. I saved this picture, and I cannot wait for Mark of the Thief and A Night Divided!
    Submitted respectfully and excitedly,

  68. WOOOW! That is a Beautiful cover! Like something that would look great hanging on the wall. Almost hauntingly beautiful. It shows the whole summary wrapped up in it. The designer really did a great job! 😀
    Thanks for the giveaway, can’t WAIT to read Mark of the Thief!
    ((elliemoreton at gmail.com))

  69. The cover is AMAZING! Probably one of your best yet. I love how the barbed wire is curved to make the title, very clever. And the faded family behind it, oh, it makes me want to cry. I’m really excited about this one.

  70. Mrs Nielsen – When will the giveaway end?


    • Friday, at noon EST (about 6 pm your time, I think). By the way, I got your sweet gift in the mail – I cannot tell you how much I love the scarf and your artwork is excellent. Thank you!

  71. OK – and you’re welcome. I’m super glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

  72. Ohhhh! Sounds intriguing. The cover is awesome!

  73. Love the cover- especially the touches of red against the grays- very evocative of the setting!

  74. Wow! That cover is amazing! I love the typography- how the barbed wire of the fence is used to spell out the title. So beautiful! Can’t wait for a chance to read it!
    Crossing my fingers about the Mark of the Thief arc giveaway! 🙂

  75. Oh my god! Wow. This cover is defiantly really perfect! When I saw it it sent chills up my spine. It looks as if it would really match the story. I love the fact that the title is made out of the barbed wire….. The fact that it’s all greyish colours and then one red scarf makes it truly haunting. I know for sure that if I saw it in a bookshop/library I’d pick it up straight away (even though “don’t judge a book by its cover” :D) I also think that the plot is amazing, I myself love the Berlin wall. I always watch documentaries in it. I so hope I win this ARC! I’ve been checking your blog at least once every week to check if any more ARCS were up. I’m so excitedly to read Mark of the Theif! I don’t think I can wait even four weeks. At the moment I’m rereading the runaway king for like the 3rd time! I love your style of writing and that’s exactly the way I try to write. I especially love historical novels and such so your next two books seem to be made for ,e! I just can’t wait 🙂 im going to be doing everything in my power to win a copy 🙂

  76. Oh, I would love this! So looking forward to reading your new series, Jennifer. I also tweeted about it! And A NIGHT DIVIDED looks so intriguing and unlike anything you’ve written before. Can’t wait for that too!

  77. Oh my gosh! This new cover for the new book you are writing is STUNNING! Ack! I now want this book so badly, lol 🙂 Cannot wait to read it, when it comes out. <3 So excited 😀 And YAY for giving away ARCs of Mark of the Thief. <3 I would love to win one 🙂 Excited about this book too. <3 Thank you for sharing sweetie 🙂 You are amazing.

  78. The book cover is amazing! The red scarf sticks out like a sore thumb, and I love how her (parents?) are covered in mist.

  79. I really like the title in the barbed wire! I am excited to read it!!

  80. Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks so much for holding another give – away. I really like the cover – the red reminds me of Schindler’s List, and the line is intriguing. Best wishes!

  81. The cover looks amazing, and I’m sure the plot will reflect its haunting appeal. I love how the background is so dark and forboding, and how the girl’s scarf really pops out. This shows, to me, that even though the girl is surrounded by dark, fearsome times, she still has hope. I also love how you can see the girl on one side of the wall and who I assume is her family on the other side…Separated by the barbed wires and the soldiers. And the barbed wire! I think it’s extremely clever that the wire was used to spell out the title. Neato!
    Can’t wait to read this and for my Nielsen book collection to grow!

  82. I’ve just bought a copy through the book fair, and I can’t wait to finish it and read it again! The book cover for ‘A Night Divided’ is really amazing. I’m excited for this book because it seems more modern than ‘The False Prince’ and ‘Mark of the Thief’, and it would be interesting to see your style of writing in a closer time period, if I can judge by the cover. Also I can’t wait to see how you write from a girl’s point of view, as the other series that I’ve read have boys as the main character. Anyway, the cover pops and I feel it has the symbolism of hope in a desolate place.

  83. WOW!!! The book cover is really awesome Miss Jen, I salute to the one who created it. My first impression about the book cover is that it emanates an aura of sadness because of the lifeless color. I think the red scarf will play a role or will have a great symbolism in the story because its the first thing that you will recognized most besides your name Miss Jen in red font hehe… I also loved how the title itself appeared in a barbed wire look. Overall it is great,it really justified the plot of the story. Just like your other fans,I cannot wait to see and read this book (although I haven’t started reading yet the Shadow Throne).I think this novel is a tearjerker. I hoped that it will be release soon enough and Scholastic will publish it in a paperback copy Miss Jen. 🙂

  84. The cover for “A Night Divided” is amazing!It really stands out, I especially like the use of red against the overall grey background.
    I’m looking forward to reading your next novels when they come out, your books have always been very entertaining!

  85. I can’t wait to read this! I read your Ascendance trilogy and I absolutely loved it!! I introduced it to all my friends and I always mention it when people ask what my favorite book is. I think that the cover is very poignant. I love it.

  86. I love the color of the scarf and the bent barbed wire it makes the book stand out. This book is so different from your other books, the cover is amazing!

  87. I obviously love your fantasy novels and I am intrigued to step into the world created in your historical fiction. I like the cover with the gray and pop of red. Interested to see if the color will be incorporated as symbolism similar to the haunting image of the little girl’s red jacket in Spielberg’s Schindler’s List. Impatiently waiting to add your newest book to my classroom library!

  88. I really like how the gate separates the girl from her family! I can’t wait to read this!

  89. I love the cover! I like how the red scarf stands out and how the barbed wire is made into text. The cover does make me wonder, is the girl’s mother alive?

  90. The cover is absolutely fantastic! I would straight away pick it up and read the blurb. The way the title is made part of the picture is really innovative, and the title itself is sooo catching!
    I would read any book by you but I’d read this one anyway! I adore historic fiction!
    The red scarf catches my eye immediately.
    Can’t wait for Mark of the Thief to come out, if I don’t get an ARC (fingers crossed)

  91. Usually i don’t like historic fiction, but this one I HAVE to read. It’s the way your title pops out. Also the blurry figures that seem so distant make me curious.
    What is the girl’s name?

  92. Seven words: This cover belongs in an art gallery.

    Jennifer, whoever designed the title page is an absolute genius. It’s a work of art! The sombre grey and the fuzzy people behind the wire really touched my heart. The scarf stands out and it makes me think of pain and anguish.
    I think it’s really important that such historical events as these are written about, because the younger generations don’t know anything about it. Who better to introduce it than the world’s best author?!
    There is magic in your books. Please keep writing!
    Thank you so much for this book.

  93. I love the gray cover I like gray

  94. I really like this cover. It is so beautiful and amazing. It makes me want to read the book, and have it on display on my shelves so everyone can bask in the beauty!

  95. Really great! Makes you think about how it really was to live during that time. Thanks, Jennifer!

  96. Haunting. That barbed wire is pretty powerful.

  97. The cover of A Night Divided is intriguing and I think my students will want to read it! I know I do! I’m still excited to read Mark of the Thief too!

  98. message 13: by Anna 2 minutes ago
    Anna I really absolutely love the cover!
    I like how the girls scarf/ collar is red and everything else is sord of bland. It’s makes you focus in on her. she sord of reminds me of someone who is going to be a saviour. From her back side she looks sord of sad yet determined. I also like how you made the background sort of bland and grey. Not only does it enhance the girl on the cover but it makes you realize the sadness and how tough life could be there. The grey-ness kind of let’s the viewer know that the things occurring in this place are not the best and people are going through tough situations. Another thing I really like about the cover are the wires between the two walls along with the letters. It seems like they are preventing her from entering or leaving.

    I really really like this cover, and I know people say “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but in going to. Just looking at the cover is telling me so much. This cover is showing so much emotion. I am looking forward to it a lot!!! And Mark of the theif! I entered your other ARC contest on your website but did not win! I really hope I win! Thanks so much for being an amazing author!

    • Also I will post this on my Instagram and Facebook. Maybe my Twitter as well.

  99. I really like the cover. The wire lettering is especially creative and I like the symmetry. I love the family in the background and the red scarf signifying hope (I think?). I can’t wait to read Mark of the Thief, even if I have to wait four weeks! 🙂

  100. I know its closed already but I shared the link on facebook a couple of days ago.

  101. It’s SO awesome! Simple and awesome and stark and wow. Congrats, and I can’t wait to read it! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  102. I love the cover! It shows the foggy background of Gerta’s dad and sibling, which ties in with the dark, haunting tone of the colors. And the red scarf stands out from the gloomy atmosphere, showing us with its bright, vibrant color, that there may be some hope for Gerta Lowe to reunite with her family.

  103. Man, I missed it! I didn’t see the part about eastern time. Oh well. I can’t wait for the book to come out!

  104. Hi! what an asum cover I live in Italy with Three sisters and a brother I’m the second oldest my baby sister ( who is the fifth) knows how to crawl and the oldest is Jennnifer Nelson’s bigist fan she wrote to Jennifer a lot I sure she knows her and I love the I like the way the wires are shaped in to words.How old is the Girl?

  105. Comment

    • Does anyone know when we find out who the winners are? Can’t wait!!!!!

  106. I love Cold War fiction! The grey-and-red stands out as subtle and pernicious. Terribly excited for both “A Night Divided” and “Mark of the Thief.”

  107. I will definitely be checking A Night Divided out! The cover is very eye-catching, and I LOVE how the barbed wire spells out the title, but I do rather wish it wasn’t an illustrated cover.

    I linked this page to Pinterest:)

  108. i love this cover! The barbed wire title looks so cool! Can’t wait to read it!

  109. I love the cover as I love all your books! We have been to a couple of your book signings and my kids just love you!

  110. I like the book cover. The barbed wire lettering looks very cool. When is the time setting? Because 1961 was barbed wire, 1962-65 was improved barb wire, then the concrete wall, and finally the Border Wall.

    • You know your history, Luke. It’s 1965, once the wall is up in Berlin.

  111. The False Prince series was awesome (I was able to get my family to read it and we loved all three books). We will all be looking forward to both the Night Divided and the Mark of the Thief!!

  112. I really like how you can see her dad and her brother standing on the other side and how the title is in the barbed wire. It kind of reminds me of Charlotte’s Web. I can’t WAIT to read this!!! I just met you tonight at Spencer Road Library in St. Charles and you were amazing 🙂 You were so friendly and funny! I started reading Mark of the Thief as soon as I got home (it was too dark to read in the car) and it’s really good so far… (obviously) Thanks for everything!

    • Thank you very much for coming, Maria! I hope you’ll enjoy Mark of the Thief, and that you’ll enjoy A Night Divided too, once it’s released!

  113. The Cover looks scary, but interesting! I love how it fits the story so well since in has the guards, berlin wall, and we can see the other two members of Gerta’s family on the other side. I am so excited for this book especially after The Ascendance trilogy and Mark of the Thief, which are the best books I’ve ever read in my life. You’re a magnificent author Jennifer!

    • Thank you, Ellen. This is definitely a dangerous book, and I hope you’ll get a chance to read it!

  114. When is A Night Divided coming out?

    • August 25th, 2015. I should be doing ARC giveaways next week, here on my blog.

      • Ok I’ll check it out on that day.


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