Birth of Rome and Other News

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First of all, happy birthday to Rome, founded on this date in 753 BC (quick math: 2768 years ago). Yeah, maybe the Greeks were there first, but Rome spread that civilization throughout much of the world. Without the foundation of that empire, I’d never have been able to write a book set in Ancient Rome. Granted, I’d have just set it somewhere else, but still….happy birthday!









In other news, if you’re on Twitter, check out this link here (@Kingofcarthya) for a Twitter-based fan site of The Ascendance Trilogy. I know they’d appreciate your follow, and it’s one of the few places of which I’m aware that fans of this series can gather.

In other other news, I’ll be doing a giveaway very soon for ARCs of A NIGHT DIVIDED, which is set in 1965 East Berlin, telling the story of a girl whose family is divided on the night the Berlin Wall goes up, and what she is going to attempt in order to reunite them.


Scholastic Clubs and Fairs was kind enough to send a camera crew to film a segment about A NIGHT DIVIDED, to be shown in schools this fall. So if your school hosts Scholastic Book Fairs, you might be seeing me on your school’s big screen soon! With a little luck (and great skill from the crew’s editors), I won’t completely humiliate my kids.

A NIGHT DIVIDED will be released on August 25.

A NIght Divided FI#9F6F8253







And finally, in other other other news, I’ve recently completed copyedits for MARK OF THE THIEF 2, which will be released next February. While I’m waiting for proofreading pages to come back, I’m getting started on a new project for fall of 2016. I can’t say much about it yet, but I can give you the key to the colors on the outline below: Red is for a girl named Ani, Blue is for a boy named Weevil, Green is for the conspiracy they uncover, and Yellow is for an enemy they make along the way.



  1. Exciting news about your new project (love the various sticky note colors and names) and congrats on the upcoming release of A Night Divided!

  2. I your books, I am starting the infinity ring series now and I didn’t even know you wrote it. Thank you so much for writing you help me escape the chaos of my everyday schedule.

  3. Wow, lots of exciting news! The Twitter account sounds fun, and I’m waiting on the edge of my seat for A NIGHT DIVIDED. Historical Fiction is one of my favorite genres! It kind of sucks following your blog, though, because I’ve known about/been waiting for NIGHT DIVIDED for what feels like forever now. Oh, well. 😛

    • Thanks, Jaina – and I completely agree. I feel like I have been waiting for A NIGHT DIVIDED forever too! But only 125 days left! (Ugh, 125 days left)

  4. Do you have the cover for Mark of Thief 2 yet? Is that what it’s going to be called or do you have a name for it? Congratulations on A Night Divided! I can’t wait to read it!

    • I’ve seen the cover and know the title, but I’m not able to release it yet, Savannah. I’ll probably pair the announcement for Book 2 with giveaways for ARCs of A NIGHT DIVIDED.

  5. You’re killing us, you know that? I can’t wait for Night Divided, can’t wait for Mark of the Thief 2, and CAN’T wait for Ani/Weevil!!! Sounds busy!

  6. Yes for new ARCs and the second book! I’m also really curious about the new story. Holy, you outline like CRAZY.

  7. If I can ask, where did you get the idea for the name Ani? So excited for a giveaway of “A Night Divided”!

    • Online baby name search, I think. Except in my mind, rather than being pronounced like Annie, it’s like Ah-nee with the emphasis on nee. Not that it matters much… 😉

      • That’s my sister’s name 🙂 We pronounce it Ah-nee, too.

  8. The anticipation is killing me!! Hopefully I’ll get an ARC this time!!! *fingers crossed*

  9. Do you know when you’ll be revealing the ARC results? Thanks…

    • Hi Paige, I haven’t started the contest yet. I’ll announce that in early May.

  10. I’m so glad that Mark of the Thief 2 is done with the copyedits. I’m also very excited for A Night Divided giveaway. The new project for fall 2016 is already making my head spin (Um, Mark of the Thief 2 and 3, A Night Divided, and something new? You must work a ton.).

  11. I absolutely loved the ascendance trilogy and was wondering if mark of the thief is in any way similar.

  12. What an interesting fun fact up there 🙂 You really have a busy schedule and a lot of things to do Miss Jen.

  13. How many sticky notes do you have????????????????????????? 🙂

    I haven’t read A Night Divided yet, so I;m looking forward to that 🙂

    • Oh, I’m bottomless on sticky notes! A Night Divided will come out on August 25th – I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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