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A NIGHT DIVIDED will release in about one month, so it’s time to begin sharing some of my favorite quotes from the book!

This one takes place early in the story, when Gerta wakes up, having heard sounds out on the street.



“I pulled my curtains apart, expecting the worst. But when I looked out, my heart slammed into my throat. Not even the darkest part of my imagination could have prepared me for this.

It was Sunday, August 13, 1961, a day I would remember for the rest of my life. When a prison had been built around us as we slept.”

Blocus à Berlin-Ouest : en une nuit, les 45 Km séparant les deux Berlin se sont hérissés de cordons de vopos, dressés pour stopper la fuite des Allemands de l'Est vers l'Ouest.Du samedi midi 12 août 1961 au dimanche 13 au matin, ils furent 3 400 à s'échapper. Les vopos ont mis baïonnette au canon.

There are several ways you can get this story! It will be available in your local bookstore, or wherever you buy books online. You can get a digital version, or an audio book. You can ask your city or school library to get a copy in. And if your school hosts Scholastic book fairs (and possibly other book fairs), it will be there this fall!


  1. Only three weeks to go… After The Mark of a Thief I am clamouring for more. This will be a breath of fresh air from the trilogies (finally a standalone, or is not?)…. and a heroine for the main character! But then, again that three weeks will become another 2 months in our country. I would still patiently wait for it, because I am sure the “goods” in it are satisfying.

    • Oh no! Still one month to go. I fell for August 13… and that means I would be travelling back to 1961. LOL. My mistake. August 25 it is, then.

      • I did think August 13th would make an ideal release date, but alas, I’ll have to release the book as close to it as I can! 😉

    • Yes, A Night Divided is a standalone, and I’ll have another standalone to release next fall as well, which is a kind of nice break. But I hope a copy reaches you soon!

      • What’s a “standalone?” And by the meaning of next fall, is it 2015 fall or 2016 fall?

        • Hi Larisa! A standalone means a book that is not part of a series or trilogy. There is only one book with these characters. And when I say books will be available in your school book fair this fall, that’ll be fall of 2015. Next fall will be 2016. Does that help?

  2. Wow. Gerta must have felt hopeless. Barbed Wire Sunday must have been frightening.
    I’m so excited for A Night Divided! (For some reason, I keep on thinking, I’m so excited for Mark of the Thief, but soon it’s Rise of the Wolf, then Scourge… yay!)

  3. Exactly one month from now is the releasing! So excited!!!

  4. Yay so excited to read the new series!!

  5. Hi, I started reading this book 2 days ago and am on the 6th chapter. I’ve been reading it throughout my school free time. The more I read into the book the more interesting it’s been for me. I can’t wait to finish and then read it again. I have been a fan of war history since I was little and this book is getting me to become even more interested. One of my favourite parts are the quotes at the beginning of each chapter.

    • Thanks very much, Haley! As things become even more dangerous for Gerta, I hope you’ll continue to enjoy it!

  6. I love this book

  7. I really love this book. I am also using the book as the main book for my second quarter book project, I loved it so much! Thank you for all the books that you write, and I hope you make more!

    • Thanks very much, Ally. I hope your project goes well. And yes, I am researching now for my next historical – I hope you’ll love it too!

  8. This was an amazing story, and I could not put it down! I am also using this story for my second quarter book project. Definitely something to recommend to friends and family!

  9. I love this book! I have already written 4 essays about it for school in the month I have been reading it. I am on chapter 39, it’s very interesting.

    • My goodness! That’s amazing, Jordan, but I’m very honored and pleased that you’ve enjoyed it.

  10. I read this book over Christmas break this year and KNEW I was going to read it to my fifth grade class before the school year was over! I did, and they loved it! My only regret is not having a classroom set, but I will work on getting one, because this story is so important for kids to hear! It was rich with vocabulary and history and human drama! I LOVE THIS BOOK!

    I am lucky to know a woman from West Germany who grew up in Nuremberg. She was our guest speaker in our classroom after we finished the book. That was an amazing experience. She was able to add stories about her own (distant) family being split up by the wall, a second or third cousin who lived well within East German borders. Her family ended up paying the government for him to be released to the West, but he had to go through some pretty challenging living before he was released. (He was required to live in abject poverty for the time the family was raising money to get him out of East Germany. And it wasn’t cheap!)

    Thank you for bringing history alive with this gripping story!

    • Wow, Deb that is an amazing story. I’m so glad you were able to enrich your students’ experience by having someone come who had really lived during that time. I cannot imagine what it must have been like to hear her speak. Thank you for your kind words.

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