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Nightdivided_XLGA NIGHT DIVIDED will be released on August 25th – I am SO excited to share this book with all of you!

The East German secret police, the Stasi, had files on millions of their citizens, collected for suspicious activity, to use for blackmail, or even in expectation that sometime in the future, that citizen might do something wrong – a future dissident.







In this story, Gerta’s older brother, Fritz, has caught the attention of the Stasi. This is a conversation between Gerta and Fritz shortly after he has an interaction with them:


Fritz shook his head and lowered his voice to almost a whisper. “They have a file
on me. I’ve been branded a potential enemy of the state. It doesn’t matter to them if I’ve done anything wrong. They just figure I will, one day. With that file, I won’t be allowed to go to a university, or to get a good job. By the end of June, I’ll be old enough for the military, and before they put a gun in my hand, that file means I’ll get special training until they’re sure I believe the way they do. After I wear their uniform, I’ll get the most dangerous assignments, the ones few people survive. That file means I have no chance in life, none. They’ve already determined that I will fail.”


“Well, I won’t let you fail,” I said stubbornly. “If you can’t get a job, then you’ll live with me. If they brainwash you, then I’ll talk you out of it when you come home. Whatever they do to you, Mama and I will be there to help.”

Fritz rubbed the top of my head with his hand. Usually, I hated that, but not this time. It was his way of showing affection, and I wanted that comfort from him now. Then he sighed and said, “You don’t understand how bad it is, Gerta. They have a file on you too.”


If this sounds like a book you want to read, you can find it at your local indie store, at your library, or order it online. Links for online orders are below:


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  1. Wow, that quote is really long. Someone having files on you is scary. I feel really bad for all the people who had to live there. Also, on the third sentence, when Fritz says ‘go TO university’, there isn’t a T.
    I’m so excited for A Night Divided!
    – Loreley

  2. Chilling sentence! I can’t wait to read this book. I’ll probably look for it when the scolastic book fair comes to my school. I’ll be waiting in anticipation!

    • It’ll definitely be at the Scholastic book fair. Watch for it then!

  3. I love this quote! Sounds scary…

  4. Can’t wait to read it. The more quotes I read the more I want to read it!!!

    • Thank you! There’ll be another one next Tuesday! (August 4th) 😉

  5. When I first read that quote it gave me goosebumps. I really shows the scary reality of their lives.

    • I agree, Rashida! And as the story goes on, the danger just gets more real.

  6. Still August 25 is far enough. I cannot wait to read this book arghh… I hope that it will be soon available in our country when it is being release. By the way Miss Jen I sometimes do the gesture that Fritz done to Gerta (the rubbing of the top of the head) especially to my loved ones or people who are close to my heart. It is also my way of showing affection to them for being thankful to be with them. But just like Gerta they do not like it maybe because they do not want their hair to be untidy hehe…

    • That’s all very true, Lemuel! Gerta comments a few times about Fritz rubbing her hair and how she really doesn’t like it. But she does know it’s a sign of his love for her.

  7. Yeah you are totally right about that Miss Jen. Gerta knows that… By the way Miss Jen, is there any update for the movie? I am still praying that it is a sweet yes from the producers of the project. And also praying that the time will come you will have a book signing event here in the Philippines hehe…

    • I would definitely like to come to the Philippines for a signing one day! The movie news is that they’ve asked for another six-month delay. So we’ll check back on this next February!

      • Another 6 months seriously? Again that is a very long time to wait.But I think the producers really want the script to be polish. I think they are working hard to give the script a best shot for this movie project. (Still finger crossing hehe…)

        • Well, I like your optimism! 🙂

          • 🙂

  8. A Night Divided is a story that has you rooting for Greta and her family . I also have to admit that I feel this has more to do with the closeness of their family than the circumstances that they are in. Is this a book I would recommend?

  9. What’s the page number to this ,thanks

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