A NIGHT DIVIDED is released!

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In early May 2013, I was finishing on Infinity Ring: Behind Enemy Lines, which takes place in Germany, and became curious about what happened to Germany after the war ended.

That curiosity led me to the rise of the Berlin Wall, and as soon as Gerta’s voice appeared in my head with her opening line (“There was no warning the night the wall went up.”), I knew IΒ had to write this book.

Why does this matter to me?

I think it’s because this wasn’t an event from hundreds of years ago, or some fantasy/dystopia story. This was in my lifetime, where real people made the decision that they would not live out the remainder of their lives trapped behind a concrete wall. I hope if I had been born into the same situation, that I would have made similar courageous choices. This book honors those great people, and I am SO EXCITED for you to read it!

You can get a copy at your favorite local bookstore or library, or click any of these links to order now:



Barnes & Noble

Books a Million



To celebrate the release, I am giving away five signed hardcovers of your choice for either A NIGHT DIVIDED or MARK OF THE THIEF, for you or donated to a school or person of your choice.

To enter, do any of the following. One entry per mention, post, or review:

A) PostΒ about this book release on your fave social media (Twitter, FB, Instagram, etc). Either tag me in (nielsenwriter, or Jennifer A. Nielsen) or let me know about your post below.

B) If you’ve already read one of the above books, leave a review of A NIGHT DIVIDED or MARK OF THE THIEF, either on your own blog, or wherever you leave reviews (Amazon, B&N, Goodreads).

This contest will end on Tues, Sep 1 at 8 am EST. International entries are okay.



    • Thank you, Larisa! I hope you’ll like it!

      • I really enjoyed A Night Divided!!! I was wondering if you are planning on a part 2?

        • There won’t be a sequel, Alicia. However, I am beginning research into another historical that will have a similar weight to it, so if you enjoyed this book, I am sure you will love this next one! Thanks very much!

          • That’s cool! When will that book be released? I LOVED ‘A Night Divided’
            and even got my sister to read it. She also loved it. I am sad that there won’t be a sequel, but it as still a great book. You are definitely my favorite author. The Acendance Trilogy is the best.

          • That will be released in about a year and a half – I’m doing research on it right now (literally – I’m just taking a break to approve these messages), and I should start writing it by the end of the month.

    • Ok so I forgot about the contest so I already posted something on my FB (https://www.facebook.com/larisa.cao.7) and I’m off to doing the next thing.
      So is it okay if I leave a review here? Because I’m doing it here so yeah.

      Mark of the Thief: Nic has found a magical item that once belonged to Caesor (Don’t know if I spelled that right) and he is overthrowing the entire empire. Radulf, also has the power of magic but he needs Nic’s magic to become more powerful. Now, Nic is trapped with his sister and needs to find a way out of Radulf’s reach. Can he do it?

      Okay so I’m ready. I love your books Jennifer!!! And I’m hoping to get a Mark of the Thief book because it is my favourite!!!

      • Thanks much for the FB post, Larisa! And I appreciate the review here, though for the contest’s purposes it needs to be on a site like Amazon, Goodreads, B&N, or a personal blog. However, my fingers are crossed for you to win a book through your FB post entry!

        • Hey Jennifer so I posted a review in Goodreads with a different email which is jelauthors@gmail.com and I’m excited!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed too! So my Goodreads name is JEL Girls

  2. Jennifer,

    You are one talented, prolific visionary. Hooray to you and your growing horde of ravenous readers for your continued canon of work.

    • Thanks so much, Charlie. That means a lot to me. I hope you are doing well!

  3. Hey! I posted on Facebook about your book- I tagged your author page, but wanted to let you know here as well. πŸ™‚ I’m so excited to read this!

  4. Joyous day! Can’t wait to read this one.

  5. I want to read it now! Also I post about it on twitter and I wrote a review about it on good reads! A Night Divided sounds so interesting!!!!

  6. Shared about the book release on Facebook, but my silly phone wouldn’t let me tag you for some reason! Would love to win πŸ˜‰

    My Oma was in the Dutch resistance and smuggled airmen to safety. She would flirt with the German sentries to keep them from noticing all the extra food she had to collect around the villages to feed the airmen πŸ™‚ This era is so interesting!

    Best of luck with the release Jennifer πŸ™‚

    • Thanks very much, Aimee! That’s crazy cool about your Oma – what a true hero!

  7. I have been waiting for this to come out!! I can’t wait to read it!!
    I posted adout it on my Tumblr account and my Twitter account, I tagged you but I wanted to let you know.

  8. I posted, but it wouldn’t let me tag. I can’t wait. We LOVE the False Prince series. I’m looking forward to this one too!

  9. I posted a review on goodreads!! https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1373871920
    My fingers are crossed that I’ll win! I have been so excited to read A Night Divided ever since I went to a signing where you talked about it in July 2014! Thanks!

  10. I am so happy for you! Congrats on your newest release! I can’t wait to get a copy. I shared the contest on Facebook and posted a review on Goodreads a few weeks back: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1340316619

  11. I announced the book release on my Twitter account and linked your account there, but I’m letting you know here just in case. I love your books and can’t wait to read this one!

  12. I just posted on Facebook. Love your writing and have already handed out 3 Of your books to students this year.

    • Wow! Thanks very much, Noel! That is the finest compliment of all!

  13. I’m so excited for the giveaway!
    I wrote a review on my blog for A Night Divided (because the book, which I read, is totally awesome).
    Please enter me in the giveaway for Mark of the Thief, because I already have A Night Divided. Both of them are so awesome, so thank you for doing the giveaway!
    Happy Yesterday-Release-Day!
    – Loreley

  14. I loved your Ascendance Trilogy series so much! But ANOTHER BOOK? OMG I’m so excited!

    I posted on FB but I can’t seem to tag you so here’s my FB timeline. https://www.facebook.com/jaeeun.kwak.716?fref=nf&pnref=story


  15. Congrats! So happy that its finally released for the rest of the world to read!! πŸ˜€

  16. Woo oh!!! The long wait is over hehe… You are really the best Miss Jen. You really love your fans and book readers like me by being generous for having this giveaway. Best wishes for the success of this new book and also for your career.

    Here is the link for the post Miss Jen:





    Hoping that I will win another book from you hehe… But if not, still once it is available in our country. I will buy and read it immediately πŸ˜‰

  17. Although I have an ARC of A Night Divided I will enter for a copy of A Night Divided.

    I reviewed AND on Goodreads a couple weeks ago. And I tagged you in a twitter post.

  18. I love your books so much! I got my brother to read the False Prince (he hates having to read anything) and he actually enjoyed it! He wants to read the Runaway King next. πŸ™‚ I tagged you on instagram and reviewed Mark of a Thief too. Fingers crossed!

  19. I wrote a review of Mark of the Thief on my blog.http://aprincessleah.blogspot.com/2015/08/mark-of-thief.html
    Thank you for doing this.


    • Thanks very much for the review, Leah! I’m glad you enjoyed Mark of the Thief!

  20. I am SO excited to read this!!!!! I haven’t managed to get my hands on a copy yet but hopefully I’ll have read it by next week. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  21. EEEEK πŸ˜€ This giveaway is aaamazing. <3 Thank you so much for the chance Jennifer πŸ™‚ I want to win very badly. I think A Night Divided seems amazing πŸ˜€ Congrats on the release. <3 I would like the books or myself, hih. Would it be possible to get both books if I win? πŸ™‚ (If possible, really, really want to win one of all your books personalized to me. <3) But if not possible, 5 of A Night Divided would be perfect too πŸ™‚ Anyway. You are awesome πŸ˜€ My tweet here: https://twitter.com/CarinaOlsen/status/637382587846127616

    • Thanks very much, Carina! If you win, you’ll have to choose from one book or the other, but my fingers are crossed for you!

  22. I’m so excited for A NIGHT DIVIDED to finally be out in the world. It’s such an amazing book, and I just know everyone will love it as much as I did! I do have an ARC, but I’d love to get a shiny hardback to put on my bookshelf instead. Looking back through my tweets, I tweeted about its release here. I’ve also review Mark of the Thief here, and A Night Divided here.

  23. Wow, I missed quite a lot! It took me a long time to finish Mark Of The Thief. I’ve been pretty busy with special fx makeup and reading other books as well. I hopefully will be heading to barnes & noble to pick up A Night Divided! I just need to hurry up and finish the other books I’ve been working on! As always keep up the good work and stay creative!!!!! πŸ™‚ Thank you!!

    • Thanks so much, Dakota Rose! Sounds like you’ve definitely been busy!

  24. I’ve already read both books so I’m not entering, but I wrote a review. The books were amazing! I can’t for Rise of The Wolf!! πŸ˜€

  25. I finally got the chance to read a night divided! I love this book just like I loved all of your books! (Now I have another book to suggest to everyone that I talk to haha) I just want to let you know how much I love your stories once I start reading can never put them down
    You amaze and inspire me

    • Thank you very much, Rebecca! I’m honored you would read the book and am so glad that you enjoyed it!

  26. Hey mrs Nielsen I don’t know how but I seem to have lost one of your autographed bookmark so I was wondering if you could send me 2 more please. I only need 1 but my new librarian in 6th grade is a big fan of yours so I want to surprise her with a signed bookmark. I can’t wait to get your new book I already ordered it. If you forgot my adress its China palace in lockhart Texas

    Sincerely Tim

    • I should be able to do that, Tim, though it’ll have to be later next week because I’m out of town until then.

      • No problem take your time and sorry if I don’t reply I really don’t have time to do anything I’ve been caught up with 6th grade and working at a restaurant

  27. Dear Jennifer Nielsen,

    I am a middle school ELA teacher, and I learned about A Night Divided when my school’s librarian gave a book talk on it before our school’s Scholastic Book Fair. Immediately after hearing about your book, I checked it out from the local library. I just finished reading it, and it was amazing. Every day, I talked to my students about what I read the night before, and my students have been so eager for me to tell them how it ends so they can read the book for themselves. At my school’s Scholastic Book Fair, A Night Divided was sold out within the first day, and we had to order more copies of it because of the demand from the students. So many students cannot wait to get their hands on a copy of your book! I was wondering if there is any way that you could send me a copy (or a few) of A Night Divided, so I can add them to my classroom library. Simply responding to this email will make my students’ day. You are a wonderful writer, and I cannot wait to read more of your books.

    • Amy, thanks so much for this kind email, and I’m thrilled to hear the book has had such a warm reception at your school. I sincerely wish I could send you some book copies, but unfortunately, I don’t have any copies in my possession. I do wish you and your students all the best though and hope they will continue to enjoy a school year full of great books!

      • Thank you for taking the time to respond. Your response is just as valuable as a copy of your book. When I tell my students that you responded to my message, they will see that it is worth reaching out to authors and sharing the impact that the author’s book had on them. Maybe you’ll have a few messages from my students waiting for you the next time you check πŸ™‚

        • Thanks much, Amy!

          • Hi Jennifer,

            I just finished reading The False Prince, and I am absolutely obsessed with it. The book was on my school’s book battle reading list, and I was lucky enough to get chosen to read it. I knew it would be good, since I enjoyed reading A Night Divided a few months ago, but I had no idea that The False Prince would be that good! I told my students that it is my new favorite book, and now they are anxious to read it as well. Needless to say, I put The Runaway King on hold at several different local libraries, so I could read it ASAP. You are a very talented author, Jennifer!

          • Thanks very much, Amy. The False Prince is definitely a different kind of book from A Night Divided, but is the start of a series I’m very proud of. I hope you’ll enjoy every page of it! (And thanks for the recommendation to your students!)

  28. Hi Mrs. Nielsen just wondering have you sent the book marks yet?

  29. Thank you Mrs. Nielsen ive ordered and preordered night divided rise of the wolf and another book called platypus police squad last panda standing. My teacher was asking who are our favorite authors and she picked me i said you. She asked why i said her books are action packed and it feels like your in the story. Also another teacher recommended a book to us and she asked if anyone had any recomendations for her and i told her about The False Prince Series. Whens Rise of the wolf coming out actully?

    • Wow, thank you, Tim. Thanks also for recommending my books to others – that is always the highest compliment. Rise of the Wolf will be released on January 26, 2016.

  30. Finally got A night Divided from the library the other day, and just finished it. I don’t know what I like better, this or The False Prince! Great Book! Is there going to be a sequel, about her life in the west, or was it a one book series? Can’t wait to tell people about A Night Divided!

    • Thanks, Devin – I’m glad you enjoyed it! There are no sequels planned for this book, but I’ll always be writing more books, ones I hope you will check out!

  31. I just finished reading your book,( literally like five minutes ago) I am currently in a battle of books team and your book was on the list. Thank you for writing such a good book! At first I wasn’t interested in history but you made me go into it more and enjoy it.!

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