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If you haven’t yet read MARK OF THE THIEF, click here for a trailer that should give you a quick update. Also, read to the end for a giveaway!

RISEOFWOLF_XLGRISE OF THE WOLF will be released on January 26, 2015. It will pick up shortly after the end of Mark of the Thief, answering your questions about Nic’s magic, his relationship with Radulf, Crispus, and Aurelia, and especially, what is the amulet pictured on the front cover and is Nic going to find that one too? RISE OF THE WOLF also brings Nic to the chariot races for this dangerous and exciting adventure story, set in Ancient Rome.


For this first quote, readers of Book 1 will already know where Nic ends up by the last page, and how he feels about it. Near the beginning of Book 2, he says this:


“My life no longer made sense. At least, not according to the usual rules of logic. But the absence of logic didn’t bother me. A strange feeling of peace had come over me once I accepted that the only person I could trust in this world was also trying to kill me.”


Okay, giveaway time! Today it’s for all readers! To celebrate the releaseMarkOfTheThiefLG of MARK OF THE THIEF in paperback (see here), I am either giving that away, or giving away a galley of RISE OF THE WOLF. To enter, do any of the following:

A) Leave a comment below about your favorite scene from Mark of the Thief, OR why you want to read it.

B) Tweet the giveaway with this: MARK OF THE THIEF by  is releasing in paperback! To celebrate, she’s giving away a signed copy. 

C) Talk about either book on your favorite social media. Just tag me in or let me know you’ve done it!

So you can earn as many as three entries! The contest winner will be announced next Tuesday when I put up a new RISE OF THE WOLF quote. Good luck!


  1. Easy! My favorite scene was when Aurelia had Nic chained in her hideout, torn between wanting to help him and her suspicion of him, and then the water started rising, adding a tangible, climatic pressure to that indecision, until we’re screaming at the page: “just help that poor boy already!” lol! So good. 😀

  2. My favorite part is when Nic stays in Senator Valerius’s house – when the tree ‘falls’ over him and he laughs so hard. Plus, I wrote on my blog about this.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    – Loreley

  3. My favorite part is when Nic realized what he could do in the Amphitheater. He literally destroyed the whole coliseum just by bringing his hands down and I enjoyed that part so much!! I could picture it in my mind and it gives me the thrills! That’s my favorite part of the book.

    I tagged you in a post on Facebook by the way. The tagging doesn’t work though but I hope you see it!!

    Good luck to all the contestants!! 🙂

  4. I have yet to read this series! Added to my Must-read-in-2016 list! So, this comment is why I want to read it. Lots of reasons including:
    I loved The Ascendance Trilogy
    A Night Divided was a great read.
    I am reading The False Prince to my class in January and I went to have all of Jennifer Nielsen’s books on hand for my students to read on their own once I have finished.

  5. My favourite scene in Mark of the Thief was when they were all in the sewers and the soldiers were coming to get Nic. Then, Nic created a hole, mostly to get the children out so they wouldn’t drown because Nic felt that they shouldn’t die because of him. I loved that scene because it shows that Nic was selfless and seemed to care more about the children than his own life and I love to read characters that care so much about others.

    Also, I tweeted about it and talked about it on Facebook. Merry Christmas to all you readers!

  6. Another giveaway! I’m so excited!
    Anyways, my favorite part in the book was when Nic and Aurelia are trying to get the kids out of the sewers because Radulf is chasing them. There’s just so much intensity and anticipation for the reader.
    I know you said pick one part but I also really loved that part when we find out Radulf is Nic’s grandfather. It was a really cool twist.

    I tweeted about the giveaway:

    And I talked about it: https://twitter.com/RashidaxSaimax/status/679433084996067328

  7. Another giveaway!This is very enthusiastic!

    My favorite part in the book was Nic found Julius Caesar’s secret cave and his treasure, especially the bulla.Moreover, he also met the legendary griffin, the guardian of Caesar’s treasury and it inherited magic power for Nic by giving a mark on his back.Then, he also fly with griffin out of the secret cave.

    There was so much creativity,myths facts and the story line and the plot was amazing to be read by a reader.

    I know you said pick one part but I also really loved that part when Nic cast a strong earthquake by shaking the whole coliseum to protect the griffin from the gladiator and escape with it.I loved this part because the protagonist care for animal and it was heart-touching.


  8. My favorite scene in Mark of the Thief was when Nic discovered his powers came from the goddess Diana. Crispus’s dogs were about to attack him and Aurelia and he stopped the dogs and even made them laugh. His ability to communicate with animals reflected his kind and playful personality and made me love him as a character even more.

  9. Thank you again Ms. Jen for loving your readers and for adding another excitement to my Christmas vacation. As what you can see I am sorry for always joining hahaha as I am enjoying and really having a good time joining your book contest.
    It was pretty hard to choose my favorite part but I will be sharing two of the most remarkable for me.

    First is when Nic was taken captive inside the amphitheater and that the emperor wanted the bestiarius to end his life and get the bulla. Nic fought the bestiarius and with the power of the bulla, he was able to command the animals and make the ground shake, he was able to defeat bestiarius and free Caela, himself and the other animals.

    Second which is the turning point is when Nic understood that despite of him losing the bulla, he was intelligent enough to switch the synthetic jewels of the bulla with the authentic one and he still had the Divine Star to defeat Radulf, Valerius and get back again the bulla.

    My post about Mark of The Thief in facebook

    My post about your giveaway in twitter:


  10. There are so many scenes in Mark of the Thief that I love, but my favorite is on page 309, when Nic conjures the thunderstorm in the arena while fighting Radulf. (When this happened, Radulf forgot about the battle and said, “Nic, how are you doing this?”)
    This scene literally gives me chills every time I read it.
    Thank you so much Mrs. Nielsen for this giveaway and creating this scene in the incredible depth you did! You are by far my favorite author of all time!

    Other scenes I enjoyed:
    – When Nic and Caela crossed Lake Nemi on page 32. (“Either Caela had become mine, or I had become hers.”)
    – When Nic created an earthquake for the first time in the amphitheater. 😉 pg. 123-124
    – When Nic gets chased by Valerius’s dogs into the atrium, communicates with the dogs, and discovers that the bulla glows in the moonlight (“Tell me if Aurelia thinks I’m the handsomest boy in all of Rome.”) pg. 207-208
    – When Nic asked Aurelia to shoot him on Valerius’s grounds, and laughed when he toppled a tree on himself pg. 236-238 (I laugh so hard every time I read this part)
    – When Nic healed his arm for the first time pg. 239-240
    – When Nic talks to Sal in Horatio’s house. pg. 283-288
    – When Nic uses magic to fire Aurelia’s arrow at Valerius and stops it at his nose, letting it fall. pg. 316 (This is my second favorite scene by the way)

  11. My favourite scene in the Mark Of The Theif was when Nic was in the sewers hiding while he was injured and was found by Aurelia and how he used his powers to escape the children in the sewers. I also love love love AND hate hate hate the ending how it turned out to be his grandad and everything was falling apart however it made the story so much more interesting!! ❤️😁😁

  12. Oh my goodness I almost forgot about the part when Nic was in the Amphitheater and used his powers with everything that was the BEST PART and there are actually too many parts that are really REALLY good in this book that I can’t pick a favourite ! D=
    Bye thanks for making a weekly giveaway!
    Countdown : 34 more days until RISE OF THE WOLF !!!

  13. If I would win this I would want to give the book to my daughter as a surprise but when I ask her what’s her favourite part she tells me “Everything mom!” She talked a lot about something when the boy named Nic used powers in this big arena and fought off everyone. I believe that’s her favourite part! Hope we win 🙂

  14. In the quote it’s Nic talking right? Does he mean that himself might end up killing him from the risks he puts himself in with the Bulla even thought he’s the only one to trust? By the way my favourite parts are mostly expressions in the book and how the people against him react when he uses his powers like in the arena – that was my favorite part! 😊 -Haily

    • It is Nic speaking in the quote, and he’s referring to Radulf, who is really the only person he trusts at the start of RISE OF THE WOLF, despite the fact that he knows Radulf wants to kill him.

      • Oh my god!! This makes it so confusing but I just can’t wait to read it!! XD
        Thank you!

  15. This isn’t related to the giveaway, but how old is Nic in the book?

  16. My favourite part from the book is when Nic was in the amphitheater and he made an arrow shoot right in front of Valerius’s face and then let it fall because it was hilarious and that was just when things were getting started before more chaos happened.
    I tweeted the giveaway and I talked about it on twitter. I can’t wait to read Rise of the Wolf!

  17. I liked how Nic had to dress up as a lady to get out of Caesars temple past the soldiers. It was really funny.
    Also, just a side note, I love Nic’s witty comebacks and comments 🙂

  18. I really want to read it, because it has an awesome cover and a promising synopsis. (Also, the favorite scenes here sound awesome!)
    Here is the link to my tweet: https://twitter.com/cindyk33159/status/680620749669834752

    Just curious, do you have a newsletter here?

    • Thanks, Cindy. I should have a newsletter, but instead I’m using that time for sleep! 😉 Seriously, I should. I just don’t.

  19. I tagged you in a photo that I entered for the contest on my Instagram account @mtt.rtw
    Your main account is @nielsenwriter am I correct?
    Thanks 🙂
    – Hend

  20. My favorite scene from Mark of the Theif is after Nic gets chased by the soilders into the sewer and Nic meets Aurelia in a state of hunger and needs help from her. I like this scene because Aurelia feels concerned (and maybe even sorry for him for the first time)also for Nic he is dependent on someone else which leaves the reader (in this case me) in suspense. I like how dependent Nic had to be om her when ever he likes it or not because if that never happened they probably would not of became friends.

  21. I like character revelations, answers to plot twists and learning how the protagonist figured things out.

    My favorite part was when Sage found out Radulf was his grandpa. I liked how you could tell it was leading to that. Radulf was a barbarian that was captured 13 years ago. How old is Nic? About 14. Radulf would have known Nic as his grandson. If you were paying close attention to that you would have figured it out, which I didn’t. Woe is me.

    I also liked the part where the dogs chase Nic into the Atrium and he asks if Aurelia thinks he is the handsomest boy in all of Rome.

    Mark of the Thief is pretty much taking Sage and putting him in a Roman setting. It is great.

    • Good catch on Radulf should’ve known Nic as his grandson, Luke, although here’s the thing: He had been estranged from Nic’s family so even if they had both been in Gaul, they never would’ve met. But I like that you’re thinking in such detail!

  22. I want to read this book because I have been so busy lately. I want to take some time to read this amazing book, because I know I will love it!

  23. I was worried about Caela forever! Reading her wing needing fixed was so sad! I was so happy when Nic pushed aside his nerves, used his magic and strength to heal her. Great book! Love that you share your talent with the world!

  24. Ahhh!! Super excited t read it!

  25. I just found this website like a week or two ago, but my favorite part in Mark of the Thief was when Nic fought “Radulf”, I put that, because it wasn’t technically him, but before that he had to heal Caela’s wing and I loved that part! It showed how much Nic cares for other things than himself. I almost cried reading that part, it was so sweet!

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