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On August 30th, I will release THE SCOURGE – a book I am so excited to share with you! YA Books Central is hosting a giveaway of three galley copies right now, so go check them out! This is the earliest giveaway of this book and there won’t be another for a few months. Seriously, click their blog name right now!


Art credit goes to Tim O’Brien, the same artist who did my cover for A NIGHT DIVIDED.


Don’t let the title fool you – THE SCOURGE is a high energy adventure with a lot of humor and heart.

The Scourge


The story centers on Ani Mells, who lives in a land beset by a terrible disease called the Scourge. There is no known cure, and it’s believed to be contagious. So when she is diagnosed with it, she is immediately sent to a quarantine island to live out the rest of her life. Her best friend, Weevil (the best, best friend anyone could ever have), fakes his symptoms so that he can come along and make sure she is okay. They meet new friends, make new enemies, and uncover a secret on the island far more dangerous than the disease itself.


Ani is a courageous, outspoken girl who cannot stay out of trouble even if her life depends upon it. And this time, it does.


If you enjoyed Sage’s sarcasm, Nic’s loyalty, or Gerta’s bravery, then I know you will love Ani and Weevil as much as I do!

Remember, go see the full post at YA Books Central and enter their giveaway to get a copy of this book now!

But if you don’t win, then you can preorder the book by clicking on your favorite vendor below, or tell your local librarian all about it!




Barnes & Noble



Also, get to know these two songs. During the writing of this book, these were on a near constant loop on my playlist. More explanations to come about these songs…


I’m Gonna Be by the Proclaimers

Breaking the Habit by Linkin Park


  1. The cover is beautiful! So bright and colorful! It’s amazing to see what they did with the title, like the title of A Night Divided. And I’m so excited about the giveaway! I’m going to listen to the songs too!
    – Loreley

    • Thank you, Loreley! The songs will make sense…eventually.

      • When is the nex tbook of the mark of theh thief and rise of the wolf triology out

        • Hi Landon! The third book of the Mark of the Thief trilogy will be out next winter – a long time to wait, I know, but it has my favorite ending I’ve ever written for a book, so I hope it’ll be worth the wait!

  2. Love the cover! I loved Sage, so can’t wait to read this too!

    • Thanks, Natalie! Ani has a lot of his attitude, though she’s much cheerier about it (sometimes)!

  3. Oh my god, I think my heart actually stopped a moment when saw the cover. It is so gorgeous. I’ve been looking at it for a few minutes now and I can’t get over how beautiful it is. I’m pretty sure you already thanked the artist, but on behalf of your readers you should thank him/her again. So excited for it to come out!

    • Actually, Rashida, that brings up a great point. I need to verify the artist’s name and give him credit here. I did send my thanks, but he needs public credit. Thanks much!

  4. This sounds amazing! I’m always surprised when I hear you have another (great) book coming out so quickly. My kids and I love your fast pace!

  5. The cover looks amazing? I’m really excited because I loved the Ascendance trilogy, the Mark of the thief series and A Night Divided. So I’m really looking forward for another amazing protagonist! I’m curious, is the giveaway only for people who live in USA because on the website, it says US only.

    • *amazing!

    • Thanks Ellen – I hope you’ll like it! I think it is a US only contest because of the high postage involved in sending ARCs to other countries. However, future giveaways will be international.

  6. How exciting! This book looks awesome! I’m sure it will be another amazing story! (Just like all of your other ones!) I am so excited!

  7. So excited for this book! I love Jennifer’s writing and characters; they’re always so unique and interesting!

  8. Wow!!!! Just like your other books Miss Jen, the book cover for “The Scourge” is very nice. The short quote found within the book cover left me an intrigued feel about it. I wonder whether this book is set during medieval times.

    • Thank you, Lemuel! It’s set a little later than medieval times, but pre-modern for sure.

  9. Wow! That’s such a nice cover! Coolios! My sister and I really loved your Ascendance trilogy, as well as the Mark of the Thief books. This next one sounds really cool, especially since Nic and Sage were awesome characters!
    As Rashida said above, the artist should definitely be given credit publicly! If you ever see a crazed kid running down the street, holding one of your books and crying/laughing, that would be me!

    • Thank you, Red! And I’m getting the artist’s name to add to this website, definitely. I’ll keep an eye out for crazed kids!

  10. thank you mr. obrien for your art work. thanks for writing jennifer! your my favorite authro!

  11. Thanks for the information! The plot sounds good.
    – Vi

  12. i cant wait for the release

  13. Wow! It seems so interesting~ The cover is just so amazing!
    P.S. I know this has nothing to do with you, but I’m thinking of being an author when I grow up~ Ooh, if that happens maybe we could work on a book together! 😀

    • I love that you’re thinking about being an author! Get as good as you can at it, and pretty soon you’ll have plenty of authors like me asking to write with you!

  14. The new book looks interesting…though the plot doesn’t sound as tense as the Princes, it still seems good. I like the cover page also. Looking forward to reading it,thanks for always coming out w/ great books!

    • Thanks, Gobi! I’ll post quotes in a few months and then you can decide whether it’s got the right kind of tension for you!

  15. Awesome! Can’t wait! 😀 I love the Proclaimers, so I’m quite curious what connection the song has… 😉

    • I’ll give you a hint – it has to do with the friendship between Ani and Weevil.

      Well, that wasn’t a hint. That was pretty much just telling you. But how it combines with the other song is where it gets interesting…

  16. Congrats on the cover! It’s so pretty! 🙂

  17. Oh my gosh I’m so excited!!!! It looks amazing, I can’t wait to read it!!! That cover is awesome <3 <3 <3 Keep writing, Mrs. Neilsen, I absolutely adore your work ;D I'm gonna go look up those songs now xD

  18. Do you have any updates on the False Prince movie yet?

    • Sorry Cora, nothing to report right now. However, everything continues to move forward…

      • Is there a new book in the “False Prince” series coming out soon?

        • Hi Allie! There are no current plans for me to write another book in this trilogy. I might add to the series one day, perhaps if Sage ever whispers that he is ready to get into more trouble, but until then, my attention is focused on other projects. i hope you’ll check them out!

  19. This is takes place in the Middle Ages, right…? Don’t really like modern books so much unless there about spy’s and stuff but I like how u put your books in the Olden days

    • This is a little later than middle ages, but not modern times. Thanks much!

  20. Just checked on the giveaway and they are no longer accepting entries. Oh well. I’m really really excited for this book!!

    • Watch this blog in the summertime, Sabrina. I’ll have several ARCs to give away then!

  21. We miss Sage so much! We want more news for our fan page in Brazil, so what do you suggest to post? This trilogy is unforgettable.. We look forward to new books, congratulations!

    • I hope movie news will be coming soon, Isys. Until then, thank you for your support!

  22. The cover is amazing!! I really like it :). Well, the character seems a bit like me so I am interested. When the name Scourge came to my mind, I thought of dark and scary!! So excited

    • Yes, it does have a scary title, but this is actually one of the more fun adventures I’ve written. I hope you’ll enjoy it, Minjal, and if Ani is like you, then that’s a great thing!

  23. I am really excited for this book to come out! I’ve loved the Ascendance trilogy and Mark of the Thief. I have one question thought, when you write your novels, do you usually type them or write them? Which do you think works better?

    • Thanks, Rebekah! To me, writing by hand and on the computer are just different processes. Writing by hand is slower, so it’s effective if I really need to work through my thoughts. Computer writing works better for me when everything is really flowing and I need to get it on paper as quickly as possible. So I use both methods, depending on my needs.

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