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The first is for A NIGHT DIVIDED, created by the Whitney Academy of LDS Storymakers, who have nominated this for a possible award next month. They did an amazing job!

jennifer nielsen

The second is for THE SCOURGE, which will be released on August 30th. It’s available for pre-order now or you can ask your library to get their copy ordered. I thought you all might enjoy this little tease!




  1. Can’t wait for the new book! Really excited!!! I’m definitely asking my library to pre order it!! Thank you for writing good books for us fans and for being the best author!!

  2. Cool quotes!

  3. Definitely going to go to the library and ask them to order a copy of THE SCOURGE.
    Cool memes by the way. I especially love the quote from A NIGHT DIVIDED. The picture and words go so well together.

  4. Just curios how s the second one a quote?Its just really a part from the book, like “And he ate pizza for dinner without cheese,” But the first one looks good , and the picture for it

  5. Great quotes! I’m anxiously awaiting The Scourge… that quote made me wish August was here!

  6. I can’t wait for The Scourge!

    • Thank you, M.A. – it’s a story I love and I hope it’s one you enjoy too!

  7. When were you born!!!
    I need it for a research paper

  8. I am a firm believer that books do not have to have profanity to appeal to kids or adults. I have not read any profanity in your books. I love The Ascendance Trilogy and just finished A Night Divided. I am about to download Mark of the Thief from our library’s app. I cannot wait!

    • Thank you, April, and I feel the same way. I appreciate you reading my books!

  9. I really like The False Prince book. I’m almost done with it and can’t wait to read The Runaway King!

    • Thank you! Just know that whatever I do to Sage in the first book, I am even meaner to him in The Runaway King! #EvilAuthor 😉

  10. I Think that Prince Jaron stole the sword.

  11. Cant wait for the new book!

  12. I was reading through your quick facts and saw that you’re favorite author was JK Rowling. I legitimately can’t decide who writes better books. I’m really excited for The Scrooge to come out. It sounds really good. Love the memes too. (The top one is my background to my phone)

    PS. Mtn Dew is better then diet coke 🙂

  13. I absolutely loved The Ascendance Trilogy! I’m so excited for your next book!

  14. The first quote gives me the impression that there is one prior problem and it will take a great adventure to solve it.Who can resist a book like that after reading such a intimidating quote.When reading that second quote I can feel the tension in every word.The scourge will be a priceless story of courage and bravery.I can count on it being just as remarkable as your other master pieces.

  15. need to know what happens after the third book in the ascendance trilogy please write more!!!!!

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