Massive (No, I’m not Kidding) Summer Giveaway!

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 Okay, I confess – I’m partially motivated by the desire to clean out my piles of books. But it’s also time to begin giving away ARCs of THE SCOURGE!

If you win, you will get to choose from any of these (while supplies last):


Signed Books

ARCs of THE SCOURGE (12 copies)

Paperback of MARK OF THE THIEF (12 copies)

Hardback of RISE OF THE WOLF (12 copies)

Gift box with an ARC from the Ascendance Trilogy (7 boxes)

Foreign editions of an Ascendance Trilogy book in the following languages (Catalan, Chinese, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Thai, and Turkish). Numbers available and the specific title varies with each language.


Audio Books

CD set for A NIGHT DIVIDED (8 copies)

CD set for RISE OF THE WOLF (8 copies)

CD set for THE SHADOW THRONE (4 copies)

CD set for THE RUNAWAY KING (1 copy)



So, you ask HOW CAN I WIN?

Each week will have a different challenge or theme. Some are simple and some are more involved, but I will choose four (or more) winners each week.



  1. You can only enter once per week, but entries will accumulate. (So if you enter for the first three weeks, by week four, you will still have those three entries)
  2. Once you win, your previous entries will be discarded and you are no longer eligible to enter.
  3. If your name is drawn as a winner, I will post the winner names on the blog and email you for a mailing address. If you do not respond by the end of the contest, I will assume you are not going to respond.
  4. International entries are okay.
  5. (Added 6/6) Only one copy of THE SCOURGE can be claimed per week, to the first winner who responds. All other items will be sent out in the order they are claimed, while supplies last.
  6. (Added 6/12) Winners will be chosen each Sunday, pretty much whenever I get the chance to do it. If you enter after I’ve already announced the winners for that week, it will still count for the following week.





  1. Omgomgomg This giveaway though I’m so excited!

  2. I love this idea!! I also love your writing!❤️❤️

  3. Would love to win some books for my classroom!!!

  4. I went to BookCon this year to look for The Scourge but none was there. The Ascendance trilogy has been recommended to all my friends and relatives. Even my sister-in-law read it and she doesn’t read anything :). My daughters are reading the Mark of the Thief series this summer and will be blogging about them…I hope to win The Scourge so they can blog about the book too! Thank you so much.

  5. This is such an AWESOME contest!! It is so kind of you to do these contests every year! I remember you doing them for: A Night Divided, Mark of a Thief and Rise of the Wolf. Im really looking for the sequel of Rise of the Wolf and of course The Scourge!

    Im looking forward to what next weeks contest will be. 🙂

  6. AGHH!!! By the way, those boxsets are beautiful, and I am super excited for “The Scourge”!!

  7. Huge fan! And slowly convincing all my students to be big fans too! Hope I filed out the entry correctly 🙂

  8. My son loves your books! So fun!

  9. I love ARCS, but I really want Rise of the Wolf. But I also want the French version of the False Prince. Maybe I will ask for a set of the Underworld Chronicles. 😛

    For the audio books, are they you reading it or is it a different voice?

  10. Hello! I was wondering, for the first chance to win in the giveaway, are you supposed to finish the sentence, meaning one sentence, or are you supposed to build on more? I already entered, but got a tad confused while reading the other entries. Thank you!

  11. Hello, it’s me again. Is this first giveaway a drawing or are you actually picking from the entries? Thank you!

  12. Yes another huge giveaway from you Miss Jen!!! I am looting for an arc of The Scourge or the writing journal with engraved pen 😉 hehe…

  13. Thank you for doing it international. Wonderful giveaway!

  14. I so want that Ascendance Trilogy gift box… or really, just anything from you, Jen. You’re a fantastic author and I love your works! 😀

  15. Your writing is so creative! It sometimes your books makes me zone out and believe the stories are real. I can’t get enough of your books. My all time favorite is the Ascendance trilogy. It makes me feel tears of joy and of sadness. OH, and the give away….BRILIANT!! Just an amazing idea.;)

  16. it’s great to win books for the boring summer that I go through. When I read one of your books I get lost in entertainment.And they are ALWAYS worth reading ten more times!

  17. I love the Ascendance Trilogy and The Mark of the Thief series. Huge fan. I support you all the way.

  18. pulled her towards me,allowing weevil to pull the old woman into the boat.

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