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The Scourge

All right, for giveaway #1, here’s all you have to do: Finish this final sentence from THE SCOURGE! How would you end it?

In this scene, those with the Scourge are being forced to swim out to boats to take them to the quarantine island. Ani (the narrator) and her friend Weevil are disappointed to find the only remaining spaces are on a boat with Della, a girl they both strongly dislike.



Della stood as we swam closer. “Look how sick that woman is! She’ll make me worse!”

“The other boats are full,” Weevil said.

I gripped the side of the boat, but the woman we were helping was too weak to lift herself into it. Della made it even harder by shifting her weight to the opposite end of the boat, preventing us from tilting it down for the woman.

“I refuse to ride with grubs, or with people too sick to swim!”

I’d had enough. “Have it your way,” I said. Then I ______________.




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THE SCOURGE will be released on August 30th. You can pre-order your copy now!


  1. Reached up with all my strength and pulled her into the water. ‘There! Now you won’t have to be in the same boat as us.’

    • Walked away

    • Used the last of my already withering strength to push her overboard, she made a grab for the boat but hit the water and came back up with an anguished look on her face.

    • pulled her towards me by the arm,shifting the weight of the boat as we went and grabbing the woman with my free hand.

      Sorry I don’t know much about the character and saw that most other comments entailed Della being pushed over and decided to try this instead. of course this much less descriptive than all of the other possibilities when it comes to pushing her off. point being I had no idea wether she is the a no nonsense kind of person or a tolerating one.

  2. Will dump you into the water! You can swim back to the island!

  3. Rocked the boat hard with my free hand causing Della to fall overboard. I thought this rude awakening would help her to find compassion or the bottom of the lake, whichever happened to come first.

  4. Then I pushed back hard enough that she lost her balance and plunged in.

  5. Then I grabbed her hand and yanked her into the water.

    Thanks for the contest! So many great prizes. I wish my spring cleaning was this interesting!

  6. I’d had enough. “Have it your way,” I said. Then I pushed her out of the boat and continued helping the woman.

    Idk I think I’m being a bit too harsh LOL
    Thank you for doing such a huge giveaway!!

  7. “Then I put my hands on the underside of the rickety boat and shoved with all of my might, toppling the boat and Della into the fridgid water.”

  8. pushed up on the side of the boat, causing Della to fall out the other side. Weevil laughed.

  9. started pushing and pulling, rocking the boat from side to side.

  10. shoved her in, so that she could get away from the grubs and sick ones she so detested!

  11. pushed Della over the edge.

  12. Grabbed a stick floating nearby and tripped Della. I got on the boat along with Weevil and the woman and I realized that Della hadn’t come up from under the water. I instantly felt guilty and dived in after her. She wasn’t anywhere in sight so I swam to air. The boat was gone.

  13. Then I used all my strength to push the side of the boat and it made Della lose her balance and fell into the water.

  14. Then I pushed myself up into the boat, using my head as a battering ram and sent Della screaming into the water. “You certainly don’t have to ride with us,” I said.

  15. Then I started to feel very sweaty, my heart pounding out of my chest. My legs ached with severe pain while my arms became very weak. People on the boat started screaming. I turned to look at what the screaming was all about. Blood filled the water around me. I turned to Weevil for help but he was no where to be found.

  16. Then I proceeded to give the boat a quick little bounce with my foot and into the water Della went. “Maybe a ride with the fishes is better suited to your liking!” I said to her as she began to paddle water.

  17. I pushed down with all of my might, causing Della to lose her balance. Weevil & I were able to hoist the woman in the water as Della tried to recover. Once inside, I said, “Your choice, stay on and ride with us grubs or start swimming!”

  18. Pushed her over board. We hoisted the weak woman into the boat and helped each other aboard. As Della screamed and flailed about we gave her a choice, ride with us or remain in the water…

  19. let the woman go and said, “Next time we do it my way and we help others.”

  20. Pushed her overboard!

  21. plunged into the ink black sea with a noisy splash.

  22. Then I picked up the woman, with the help of Weevil, and together we lowered her into the boat together, ignoring the darts being shot at us from Della’s eyes.

  23. Tipped the boat, throwing her in the water.

  24. Then I shifted my weight so Della fell overboard. Then she could swim to the island.

  25. Painstakenly reached for the oar inside the boat while Weevil took more of the woman’s weight than he should and knocked Della in her boney, high and mighty knees. She instantly crumbled, howling in pain.
    As I hauled myself in, I said, “We don’t ride with snobs.” Della looked at me with hate filled eyes but her scorn was wasted as I turned to help the others into the boat.

  26. Is this my first entree? I’m confused, if it isn’t Im sorry. But

    Then I quickly grabbed the small knife in the boat and pointed it to her while the sickly woman stood on still. Then I said in a stern voice, “If you don’t want to be on a boat with some poor, helpless woman, then you can jump off and swim the way there. She needs help and unless you’re a good swimmer I suggest that you shut your mouth and cooperate.” After what I had said she opened her mouth with a blank stare only to be shut again and sat back down on the boat while the sick women was helped into the boat.

  27. Then I nodded toward Weevil, who understood what I wanted him to do. While Della and I continued our glaring contest, Weevil swam toward the other end of the boat. With one quick shove, he shifted the weight of the boat backwards, and Della flopped into the water. “There,” I said to Della. “Now you don’t have to ride with us.” Weevil climbed into the now empty boat, and then grabbed me and pulled me in. Together we heaved the too weak woman into the boat to join us.

  28. Then I …dove underwater in he dark shadows of the boat we were just denied entry of. I held my breath for a moment longer, legs kicking to keep me balanced, and then with all of my remaining energy and anger, arms extended and locked in position, I pushed the boat up and over onto its side. We would not be denied entry today.

  29. I’d had enough. “Have it your way,” I said. Then I flipped the boat.


  30. I gave the burden of the woman wholly to Weevil then I placed my hands under the water and very slowly lifted my side of the boat.

  31. Then I gave the boat a shake causing Della to stagger and fall gracelessly onto her rear- end.

  32. Then I stepped across the boat and with a shove, pushed her off the boat and into the rocking waters.

  33. Then I grabbed Della and pulled her close to the boat’s edge and said to her, “Do you rather swim to the island or will you help us and stop complaining?”

  34. Then I heard Weevil screaming, “Where did she go?” The woman we were just trying to help must have used every ounce of strength she had left and drown. She was no where to be found. I dove under, over and over trying to find her. Della didn’t know but that woman held the key to our survival.

  35. Thought long and hard about my attitude.

  36. pulled her into the water.

  37. Then I shoved Della off the boat, who was obviously too close to the edge to help herself as she toppled over the edge and into the water. “Then don’t ride with grubs.”

  38. used all my strength to tilt the boat and pulled the sick woman in. We are desperate but that doesn’t mean we are heartless. How can I live with myself knowing that I left someone to die?

  39. Then I grabbed Della’s hair dragging her out of the boat. Weevil and the old lady were already in the boat so I followed them in. I turned to Della. “You can always swim there.”

  40. Then I grabbed Della’s hair and dragged her out if the boat. Weevil and the old lady were already on the boat so I followed them there. I turned to Della. ”You can always swim there.”

  41. Then I flipped the boat upside down. Della plunged into the water. I turned the boat the right way up, and Weevil helped the woman get in. Della emerged, gasping, her hair plastered to her face. She spat water out. I couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction. “Would you rather swim to the island?” I asked. “You can either swim or sit in the boat.”

  42. “I refuse to ride with grubs, or with people too sick to swim!”
    I’d had enough. “Have it your way,” I said. Then I _____________

    Made my way across the boat the causing the boat to rock dangerously back and forth. Grabbing Della by her by the scruff of her neck despite her protests and forcing her closer to the waters edge.

    “I believe you are the one who is a little too sick in the head to ride in OUR boat.”

    (I can’t believe how awesome this giveaway is?! Thanks for the opportunity!!)

  43. I pulled hard on the side of the boat causing her to lose her balance and topple into the boat next to us. She ended up landing on the lap of someone who looked twice bad as the woman we were helping.

  44. Then I glanced at Weevil and could tell we were thinking the same thing. We reached up together and pulled the boat down, the sudden motion knocking Della off balance and with a satisfying groan, she fell onto the planks of the boat. And shot both of us death glares. As she slowly got up, walking off balance. I looked at Weevil, ” That wasn’t the outcome I was hoping for. Weevil reached up one more time and pushed the boat up, Della, with a satisfying splash, had fell overboard.

  45. reached up, acting as though I was attempting to get into the boat. Instead, I grasped Della by the back of her clothes, and pulled her into the water. Weevil and I took this moment to push the woman into the boat, heaving ourselves in after her. When our bodies crashed into it, it tilted slightly, but soon steadied. I looked over the edge at Della, who was now multitasking by screaming curses at us and treading water.
    “Either you sit in this bow with us, or you stay in the water.” I told her, firmly. Moments later, we hauled her shivering body up next to us. With four people in the boat, balance returned, and it didn’t matter how close to the edge Della got to avoid the rest of us. We would just reposition, and row onward.

  46. Then I forcefully tipped the boat the other way, making Della fly back into the water. “Then you can swim to Quarantine Island by yourself!”

  47. I’d had enough. “Have it your way,” I said. Then I tipped over the boat.

  48. …gave Weevil a quick, knowing look. He nodded once as he braced himself, keeping his eyes on the hapless woman in the water. Abruptly we matched Della’s weight shift, gripping the sides of the boat as it dipped dangerously closer to the water. As I hoped, her automatic reaction was to lunge back to avoid tumbling overboard and we mirrored her shift, seizing the woman by the arms and hauling her in before Della could try her stunt again.

    “Thank you,” the grateful woman murmured as she huddled in the bottom the boat. Della opened her mouth, but I leaned threatening close to the water again, glaring at her, daring her to send me over the edge. My long day must have shown in my eyes, for she promptly shut her mouth and looked away.

  49. I used my free hand to grasp the woman’s shoulder. After a quick glance at Weevil, we dunked her under and used her buoyancy as she came back up to shove her into the boat. She made it halfway, resting on her mid section across the gunnal. I gave a strong kick and hauled myself beside her. Weevil and I wrestled her over the edge before I hauled him up behind us. I took pleasure in how much water cascaded over Della’s face as she clung to the side of the boat while we maneuvered, but the look on her face became more desolate as she noticed she was the only one left in the water. She gave us a look of disgust, but allowed Weevil and I to each grab her at the armpits and, with our remaining strength, tug her into the boat. As she resigned herself to her seat, the woman, weakened and sick, vomited a belly full of sea water into her lap and we set sail for the quarantine.

  50. Pushed myself up onto the boat, tilting it our way and catapulting Della over our heads.

  51. Then I said: Do you want my help or not?

  52. I shifted the boat her direction and she tumbled off the back. While she was flailing and sputtering, we helped the old woman into the boat, then climbed aboard ourselves.

  53. Kicked hard and shoved up the front of the boat, catapulting Della off the end. Then I pushed the boat back down and helped the lady in.

  54. …moved, and the boat began to heave under Della’s feet. She let out a squawk as she wobbled inside the confines of the boat. But before my rattling could cause Della more than a brief shock, the woman’s cold hand on my arm stopped me.

    “Wait,” her raspy voice implored. “Maybe you should go.”

  55. ” slapped my hand into the water and splashed a big wave towards Della, who shrieked in rage. She shifted, allowing the boat to tilt back down. Weevil and I took this moment to help the woman into the boat. Once we were all in, Della glared at me. I shrugged. “This grub doesn’t care what you think.
    We’re getting to that island, no matter what.”

    Thanks! 🙂

  56. [then I] pushed against the side of the boat with all my strength, rocking it just enough for Della to fall over the side with a shriek. She spluttered, coming to the surface, and glared at me. Water streamed down her face. I smiled sweetly, “Now we won’t be in the same boat as you. Go find another one.” I turned my back on her, and with Weevil’s help got the old woman into the boat.

  57. I’d had enough. “Have it your way,” I said. Then I walked away knowing this might be the biggest mistake of my life.

  58. Then I jumped in the water and told Weevil to follow. We went to another boat and asked if we could switch. They went over to the boat we were in before and got in. Weevil, the woman, and I were in a different boat with nobody that we didn’t like.

  59. (Then I) took the arm of the woman next to me and swam off to find another place for her to sit. Although I was infuriated I knew better than to cause trouble at a time like this. We asked each boat in turn if there was any room left but we received the same negatory answer each time. Finally, just as I was about suggested to Weevil that we take the woman back to Della’s boat a voice rang out over the top of the chatter.
    “Excuse me, Miss, I couldn’t help but notice you and your friends seem to be having some trouble finding a place to sit. Would you like to ride on my boat?” a middle-aged man, wearing a well-kept sergeant’s uniform, said.
    Before I could reply Weevil hurriedly accepted the man’s offer and we climbed onto the boat. The boat was much larger and nicer than any of the other ones we had been turned away from. It has beautifully embroidered cushions on all of the seats and there was even a butler taking drink orders! Just then I noticed Della glaring at us from her perch on one of the edge of her now crowded boat. I grinned and turned around, happy to know that she would be furious for a good long time.

  60. Then I stared at her knowing that if she were human ( which i doubted ) she would gladly offer to share the boat. Della turned her head away and refused to acknowledge our existence. With a sigh I glanced at Weevil and we locked eyes, her opportunity to prove her self had passed. Weevil gave me a single nod which i returned. Slowly we proceeded to rock the boat. Della’s stature became off-balanced and she screeched. “Ok! Ok! Get in already.”
    Della crossed the boat and assisted us in heaving the elderly woman into the rickety old thing before we had the chance to push her out of it.

  61. “Then I capsized the boat.”

  62. I posted this on Goodreads but I think I was supposed to post it here.

    …pushed up on the boat’s gunwale with all my might causing Della to spill over the other side of the boat. Fortunately her scream was cut short when her head went under the murky water.

    I pulled myself up into the boat and stood to see Della still flailing and splashing where I dumped her in. Through the several strands of wet hair matted to her face she gave me a look as if to say, “I can’t believe you just did that.” But, before she could gather any more of her stinging words, I gave her a piece of my mind.

    “There, now you won’t have to ride with us grubs.”

    I turned back to help Weevil and the woman board our boat. Weevil was…

  63. Then I… Was about to push her into the grim water, when suddenly I experienced something quite odd, had a change of heart, decided to help the poor woman, but put on a face of disgust to cover my sudden lightheartedness.

  64. Then I shoved hard on the side of the boat knocking Della off the end.

  65. Then I tilted the boat forward just enough where Della fell over into the water, giving me time to mutter, “Don’t wanna ride with us ‘grubs,’ then have a good time swimming,” before I help the woman in and paddle away, leaving the disgusted and horrified face of Della in our wake.

  66. Oops, I meant “warm hearted” in the end!

  67. …furiously jabbed my hand into the water, searching. My fingers brushed against something cold and slimy, causing me to shiver, but I snatched it from the water and threw it at Della. She screamed and, already unbalanced, toppled backwards into the water, her shrieks now gurgles.
    “What was that?” Weevil laughed, helping the woman in first.
    I grunted, straining. “I think it was a frog.”
    A disgruntled CROAK confirmed my answer, and we laughed.

  68. (I may have already posted, but WordPress said something happened so I’m doing it again, just in case)

    …furiously thrust my hand in the water, searching. My questing fingers brushed against something cold and slimy. Without a second thought, I snatched it from the murk and flung whatever it was at Della. She screamed, hands desperately swiping at her face, and toppled backwards out of the boat and into the water. Her shrieks turned to gurgles as Weevil guffawed.
    “What was that?” He asked, steadying the boat while I helped the woman inside.
    “Not sure,” I grunted, straining. “But it might’ve been a frog.”
    A disgruntled CROAK confirmed my answer.

  69. Then I pushed down hard on my end of the boat, and Della tumbled into the murky water. “Now you can get in another boat,” I said as I helped the woman into this one. “You’re welcome.”

  70. Then I slapping her in the face. There was a flicker of a shock. “Do you know what situation we are in right now? I don’t have time for your stupid remarks! Just help us get this woman on and we’ll go.”

  71. Then I used every last ounce of energy I possessed to push at the hull of the boat and tilt it away from us. It wasn’t much, but it was enough. Della’s weight combined with her not-so-inconspicuous leaning away from our direction sent her toppling overboard. The boat rocked back towards us, and I gripped the side, keeping it down long enough to pull myself in. Weevil followed close behind, and together we helped the woman to climb safely in. For a moment, we just sat there, catching our breath and dripping wet. An enraged screech behind me reminded me of Della’s presence, and I turned around to face her. “The choice is up to you now. You can climb in with us, or grab on to the side of a boat and be dragged there. None of the other boats have room.”
    She seethed at me, treading water. “As if I’d let myself be dragged by a boat like a net of fish!”
    “Then swim. We’re all going to end up in the same place, anyways. I really don’t care how to choose to get there.”
    With that, I turned back around to face the woman. “Are you alright?”
    She nodded. “Thank you.” Though her words were soft and weak, I saw the depth of her gratitude in her eyes. My own stung slightly at the image of her being left behind to drown.
    I reached for her hand and squeezed it, unable to speak, conveying what comfort I could without words.

  72. Then I reached down and picked up the end of the boat, pulling it high into the air so Della fell out.
    “Hey!” she squealed, treading water in the cold water. “You rat, Ani. I’ll get you for this!”
    “You’ll have to catch me first. Good luck finding a boat up to your high standards – or, actually, any boat!” I helped the woman into the boat while Della floundered her way to the dock. Then Weevil and I jumped in and pushed off, leaving her still sputtering in our wake.

  73. swiftly pushed down on the edge of small boat, leaning my weight onto it for maximum effect. As Della struggled to balance herself, I immediately jerked my edge of the boat violently, causing her to topple over her side of the boat and into the sea.

  74. [then I] pulled on the rope holding the boat into place. It came undone quickly, and the boat started to drift away, with Della still on it.
    “Wait,” she called. “Are you just going to leave me like this? I don’t know how to work this thing!” She started frantically pulling ropes and running around. “Why are you doing this?”
    “You didn’t want to ride with sick people or grubs,” I said with grim satisfaction. “I just gave you what you wanted.”
    She started running around, making the situation worse.

  75. I have posted this on Goodreads, but I’m not sure if I have to post it here.

    turned and swam away. She called out after us.
    “Are you just going to leave me here? I can’t work this thing alone!” She was frantic. The boat started drifting away. “Help!” she screamed.
    What was I to do? As mean as she was to us, I couldn’t let another person die. I lunged and swam as fast as I could, trying to catch the boat before it drifted away…

  76. pried Della’s fingers off the edge of the boat, sending her back into the water. By the time she recovered, the sick woman had already climbed on and was drying off.

    “You’ll just have to find another boat.” I said.

  77. I’d had enough. “Have it your way,” I said. Then I handed the woman over to Weevil and tilted the boat over, throwing Della overboard. Weevil and I quickly got in with the sick woman and we were about to sail away but I told Weevil to wait. No matter how terrible Della was to us, We would be just as terrible, if not more if we left her there to die. I leaned over while Weevil shifted his weight to keep the boat from tipping as I dragged a soaking wet Della back on our boat.
    No matter how hard she tried to to look like she hated me, I saw a hint of gratitude in her eyes.
    “We’re all grubs Della, and if you refuse to ride with us, you’ll be riding with no one,” I said to her and Weevil started paddling us out.

  78. … used what was left of my strength to lift the woman inside while Weevil did her best to steady it. Though try as she might, the boat still wavered, and Della, who was off balance, clung tightly to the sides of the boat. After we successfully helped the woman onto the boat, my strength was all but depleted. I was breathing really heavy and freezing at this point but I still had to get on the boat. After a few attempts, I finally pulled myself into it and helped Weevil get in as well. We were dripping water all over the floorboards but it was better than being in the water. As we wrung water from our clothes, I glared at Della.

    “Now, you have two options. One, you can jump off the boat and try to swim your way to the island so you don’t have to be with us ‘grubs’, or two, you can stay on the boat but be quiet like a good girl for the rest of the trip.”

    The look she sent my way was so cold, she could have froze the entire ocean. Then she plopped down on the floorboard and scooted as far as she can from us (which wasn’t far) all the while shooting me death glares. At least she’ll (hopefully) stay quiet for the remainder of the journey.

  79. Propelled myself to the other side of,the boat…the side with Della. Since she had shifted her weight to,that side already, it was easy for me to topple her into water. Wevill and I then helped,our weak friend onto the boat.

  80. [Then I] used my remaining strength to capsize the boat, causing the wicked girl to fall into the water…

  81. rocked the boat suddenly, making Della fall into the water with a grand splash. “You can either ride with this woman and us or forget riding at all!” I said as she resurfaced.

    Weevil, standing, resumed helping the woman into the boat, who provided us with a grateful smile. While Weevil was getting the woman situated into the boat, I looked back at Della, whose eyebrows were drawn in indignation.

    “How about a third option: I just capsize you all.” Before I could register the meaning of her words, she clung onto one side of the boat, hanging with all of her weight.

    It was only seconds later when my vision turned fuzzy, replaced with that of vague images of some swaying, unidentifiable plants.

  82. It’s amazing how many people are against Della here. It’s nice to know that some people in society actually care. 😀

    1. I don’t know the whole scenario but if Ani’s having a good day and is feeling okay (I don’t think you can’t feel good if you have a disease like this):

    I then said “Della, be reasonable. Everyone has to go to the island. There is no choice. We are all sick.”

    2. If Ani is feeling particularly wise:

    I then said “Della, we are all contaminated, but you are the one who is sick at heart.”

    I could add other one but I don’t think Ani is the type of person that is easily angered or would be able to kick a boat over. Depends what type of boat it is, but you can’t just flip it over that simple.

  83. swam under the boat, giving it a huge shove. Della made a loud splash as I came up for air.

  84. Pushed her into the middle of the boat, holding her so she couldn’t tip the boat to let Weevil quickly hoist the woman up into the boat; weak thanks coming from her cracked lips.

  85. prepared to try and flip the boat over, even though it probably wouldn’t have worked, but the woman placed a hand on my arm to stop me and said, “We might be able to find room somewhere else after all.”

  86. [Then I] dove underneath the murky water and grabbed Della’s ankles, pulling her down into the water. I could hear her scream even from beneath the water, and soon, she had a mouthful of ocean in her lungs.
    I resurfaced and looked at Weevil, who stared back in shock, “Why did you do that?”
    I shrugged and assisted the woman into the boat, without any ‘Della Distractions’, “She deserved it.”
    Once we were both in the boat, Della finally appeared, choking and screaming, “Help! Help! Water-snakes! Sharks! Sea-serpents!”
    Groaning at the pain her screeches brought, Weevil and I grabbed her wet hands and pulled her into the boat.
    Once her hysterics had stopped, I stared her in the eye and said, “I hope that taught you a lesson; maybe next time you should consider that we are all here for the same thing, the Scourge, and that you are no better off than she is.”

  87. Then I used all of my remaining strength to pull my upper body into the boat, right beside where Della was crouched. I yanked her arm as hard as I could, gripping her trembling bicep with my cold, damp hands. I felt her weight shift in the boat, and the boat slowly started to list forward. Della’s screams were soon muffled by the water as I watched her slip under.

  88. “…took hold of her arms and pulled her over the side of the boat. She landed in the water with a splash and came up sputtering furiously.”

  89. I grabbed the edge of the boat, rocking it as hard as I could. Della sat down hard. “Help me pull her into the boat, or you can swim to another boat.”

  90. Then I whistled through my teeth, the shrill piercing through Della, Weevil, and the frail woman. Della stumbled, clutchig the side of the boat.

    The water began churning about five feet away from us. Della’s and Weevil’s eyes grew wide as three dolphin heads popped up, squeaking and chattering away as they swam close to me.

    “Wha–what are those doing here?” Della asked. Her face was looking more green than usual.

    “Well,” I grunted, adjusting my grip on the woman, “Turns out that by boat isn’t the only option to the island.”

    Then with the help of Weevil, we hoisted the old woman onto the back on the first dolphin, the calmer of the three. The woman coughed, a stream of blood splashing on my soaked clothes, the water, and the dolphin.

    But the dolphin didn’t mind.

    “She’s extremely weak. Get her to the island without any problems. I’ll meet you there.”

    The dolphin squeaked and one of the other two slid next to the first, treading water side by side. Then with a nod, they took off, the second dolphin keeping a careful eye on the old woman.

    I hoped she would at least make it.

    Then I turned to Weevil. “Ride this last one to the island. She’ll take good care of you?”

    Weevil cocked an eyebrow. “Are you sure?”

    “Positive. I just–” I paused as I hauled myself quickly onto Della’s
    boat. Her eyes widened and she took a step back. I smirked.

    “I just need to have a little talk with Della before we get to the island.”

  91. …Then I summoned the ghost of Abraham Lincoln, who politely asked Della to be a bit more reasonable. And who could refuse old honest Abe?

  92. Pushed her in with all the strength I possessed. It felt good to finally strike back at her.

  93. Heaved myself into the boat, and with all my strength, pulled the sick woman up along with me. I turned to face Della.
    “You can ride with us, or you can swim. Which do you prefer?”
    She gaped at me, apparently astonished.
    “I can’t-she-this is!”
    “Fine,” I said, reaching out a hand. Before she could stop me, I placed my hand firmly over her heart, and pushed her backwards into the water.

  94. “I refuse to ride with grubs, or with people too sick to swim!”

    I’d had enough. “Have it your way,” I said. Then I turned to Weevil, one look was enough to know we were thinking the same thing. Gripping our side of the boat tighter, we managed to lift it enough for Della to lose her balance and fall squealing into the water, some of which got into our boat but not enough to make me regret it.

    “There.” I said as she surfaced. “You get your wish, you can swim on your own. OR, if you want to dry, you sit with the rest of us and we all go. TOGETHER. What will it be?”

  95. Gave the boat a push, so Della fell over into the water. “There, now you don’t have to”

  96. “I will drown you to death if you do not let this woman ride into the boat.”

  97. swam to her side and put all my weight on the rim of the boat so she fell off.

  98. …told Weevil to help me hold down the side of the boat, and thrust the woman up into it. Della leaped away from her in disgust and tried to kick our hands off the side, but missed. The momentum made her tilt back and forth. She screeched like a chicken, much to Weevil’s and my amusement, then fell into the water with an enormous splash. Another boat happened to be going past, and Della clambered in. “Sorry!” I said to the people already there as it drifted farther and farther away from us. They weren’t looking very happy with me. “Sorry you have to deal with her now. But I was only trying to help her. She really didn’t feel like riding in our boat.”

  99. (Then I) gently pushed the woman into Weevil’s arms, and swiftly heaved myself on board. I angrily crossed the boat toward Della in four long strides. By the suddenly terrified look on her face, I must have looked as furious as I felt.

    I marched up until I was directly in front of her. The heat of my glare could have boiled the water around us. “You will let her on board.”

    “I’d rather swim with sharks,” Della said bitterly, pointing to the sick woman, “than be stuck in the same boat with that grub.”

    I looked at her incredulously, but stood my ground. “Is nothing beneath you? She’s a human being, just like you. And I will not see her treated this way.”

    I moved to the other side of the boat, balancing it once more, and helped Weevil lift the woman safely out of the water.

    I looked back at Della, who had begun protesting again. She looked as if she might try flipping the boat, just to get the woman off of it.

    I took a deep breath and nodded to myself, making my decision. I strode back to her, shoving her, still in mid-curse, over the side of the boat.

    When she resurfaced, spewing water, her face turned several shades of red. I met her hostile stare, telling her cooly, “If you’d really rather swim with the sharks, as you said, then be my guest. I certainly won’t stop you.” I sighed, fighting to keep my tone even. “You’re nothing but a bully, Della. If you choose to get back in this boat, and you even look at her the wrong way, I will dump you overboard again without a second thought.”

    When I turned my back on her, the rest of the passengers stared at me with a mixture of shock and admiration. I sat down next to Weevil, who was letting the woman lean on him for support. She looked into my eyes. “Thank you,” she whispered feebly. I gave her a small smile.

    When I looked back, Della was back in the boat, sitting as far away from us as possible. Soaking wet, she refused to look at anyone, and said nothing.

    Weevil grinned mischievously at me. “That was brilliant. I’m glad I’m not on your bad side.”

  100. Then, I heaved myself up into the boat and marched towards her. The boat rocked threateningly from my stomping, but I was beyond caring. If she didn’t want to ride with us, that was perfectly okay with me. I would prefer it, actually. I reached out my hand, aiming a push at her and she shrunk backwards wincing. I held my position and said, “I’ll make you too sick to swim!” Della just stared at me in shock. This was the first time I had ever retaliated to her uncivil comments. “Apologize to the woman, or you can swim to the island.” I hissed. Her glare turned to an evil grin, and she folded her arms. “You don’t have the guts.” She didn’t understand how serious I was. I would make her understand. I reached out and gave her shoulder a firm push. She attempted to keep her balance by swinging her weight forward, but she was already falling. Weevil laughed as she toppled into the water with a big splash.

  101. Then I grabbed the side of the boat with a firm grip, pulling it down low enough for us to climb in. I hopped onto the edge of the boat, balancing on the rim as I helped the women pull herself into the safety of the small vessel. After getting comfortable, I looked back up at Della. Anger seemed to be pouring out of her, and in return, I sent her a cheery smile.

    “We’re in the same boat here, literally. But don’t worry, I don’t like sailing with grubs either,”

  102. I’d had enough. “Have it your way,” I said. Then I ignored her and keep helping the sick woman. Finally we firmly reached the boat. “If you don’t want to come with us, you could always swim.” And I stared at her with my most ferocious look. She didn’t reply.

  103. I’d had enough. “Have it your way,” I said. Then I released my hold on the woman’s arm and the boat suddenly tilted back the other direction with Weevil still clasping the other arm. (Thankfully she always had a good grip and better balance.)
    Della shrieked like like a dying crow as she toppled towards the edge. I managed to grab her dress. Yanking in a I forced to sit. Before she could rave at me like a lunatic, I grabbed her cheeks in a pucker face and forced her to meet my stern gaze.

    “If you want to swim to the island, please feel free to be a thorn in my side, I sure wouldn’t mind. It’d be quieter without you,” I hissed pleasantly. “So either help us get the nice lady in the boat or we can test your swimming skills, I hear the water is lovely this time of year.”

    Releasing her, she grumpily rubbed her jaw kneeling next to us. The assistance she gave was about as effective as a baby goat trying to fly but she wasn’t listing the boat any more. Eventually, we were all in we huffed down on the benches to catch our breath.

  104. Then I gently let Weevil take the whole weight of the weakening woman before I violently shoved upwards on the end of the boat closet to me, causing Della to let out a piercing shriek as she toppled backwards into the murky water.

    • *closest

  105. gave her a fake smile,grabbed the back of her shirt,and yanked as hard as I could.It worked!Della was more than soaked to the bone.I couldn’t have done better if I do say so myself.

  106. Then I pulled her into the water so she wouldn’t have to ride with us.

  107. Walked away

  108. Then I pulled the boat down and released it with a shove. With her balance thrown off Della plunged into the water with a shriek.

    I hauled myself into the boat and pulled the woman in. Weevil got in himself.

    “Well look who can’t swim,” Weevil taunted.

    I looked down to see Della with one hand on the side of the boat, the rest of her limbs thrashing about.

    I grinned, but it soon faded as I saw the genuine fear in her eyes.

    “Weevil, help me.”

    I shifted my weight to steady the boat and reached down and grabbed Della’s arm. Weevil gave me a look of shock, but when he saw that I was dead serious he helped.

    When we were all situated in the boat and Della had stopped coughing up water she stared at me. When I returned her look she turned in into a glare. I turned my head away and sighed.

  109. Pushed off, letting the boat drift away. Della fell off the edge. I didn’t know if that was because she lost her balance, or because of the sheer shock of my reaction. I felt justified for a moment, then realized our dilemma. “Weevil, come over here,” I said, my voice tired. We awkwardly situated the woman between us, then started after the boat.

  110. Then I gave Della my most withering scowl. “You’re already sick, idiot. There’s nothing this woman can do to make you worse than you currently are.”

  111. I’d had enough. “Have it your way”,I said.Then I walked away furiously, even though I wasn’t so mad at them.I wanted to go back, but since I acted like I was so mad.I decided not to go back.

  112. Then I looked up, and I smiled a sort of devilish grin. The kind of grin that makes people’s skin crawl with worry, loathing, and fear, the kind of grin that one wears when they know they’ve gotten away with something, or are planning something, the kind of grin I know she hates. Once we were settled in the boat and on our way, Weevil turned to me and asked “why did you just smile? Why didn’t you do anything when you obviously could of rocked her off the boat?” Then I replied with pride “Can’t you see? I did do something. Now she thinks either I did something, or I’m planning something, and it will drive her crazy trying to find out what it is.” Weevil then looked at me and said “She’s wasting her time.” “Why do you say that?” I ask with self-loving. “because”, he says, “no one ever knows what’s going on inside your head.” I then turn my head to the horizon, sticking my chin out and say “I know, and that’s just how I like it.” I see Weevil roll his eyes and chuckle, but I also see Della looking at us with suspicion, and I turn to her, and smile again.

  113. Took one last one glance at her then walked back to weevil. “Ah! I can’t stand her she moved to the side of the boat on purpose! She is the worst. We had to be with her. Out all people, her.I have to try not to push her overboard most the time.” “You just need to calm down” Weevil said. “Easy for you to say,” I mumbled.

  114. Then I tipped the boat over and pushed Della out. “If you don’t want to ride with grubs then you can swim by yourself.” I helped the woman in carefully, and Weevil and I hopped in beside her, making sure not to rock the boat.

  115. quickly reached down, and, balancing myself, grasped the sick woman’s hand, and heaved her up and into the boat.

  116. yanked down hard on the boat. Della wobbled. “Stop that!” She whimpered. “I thought you wanted off.” I grinned sweetly up at her. ” I was just trying to help.” Weevil could barely contain laughter. “I-I changed my mind,” Della said. With that she sat down, and Weevil and I were able to help the lady into the boat.

  117. Then I held on tighter to the end of the boat and pulled it down as hard as I could, knocking Della off balance. I moved to the side of the boat and yanked it down with all of my might, sending Della sprawling into the water. Weevil and I used Della’s confusion to lift the woman and ourselves into the boat. When I looked over to the side, I found Della, glaring at me in disgust, while still trying to cough out some of the water she had swallowed. I flashed her a smile. “I’d say your the one that’s looking like a grub now,” I said. I turned around to find that Weevil was holding back his chuckles, even the sick woman gave me a weak smile.

  118. “I refuse to ride with grubs, or with people too sick to swim!”
    I’d had enough. “Have it your way,” I said. Then I grabbed on to the boat and brought it down as hard as I could. Della, startled by the sudden movement, flew overboard.

  119. Then I used by ancient roman bulla’s magical powers to propel the sick woman through the water, all the way to the island.

  120. Then I glanced back at the kindly elderly woman we were helping, and winked. She nodded with the slightest hint of a smile and let go of our hands. Weevil and I hopped off of the old wooden boat onto the rocky grey shore. The boat tipped back towards the water, and Della fell backwards over the worn edge of the boat, flailing into the murky shallows. Della screamed
    “I’m drowning! Help! Please! Someone, help!”
    I continued to help the sicker woman on board. Meanwhile Weevil waded over to the other side of the boat, only to find Della covered head-to-toe in mud, lying water that was a mere inch deep.
    I glanced at Della from the hull of the boat.
    “Yeah. Totally drowning.” I said sarcastically.
    “Doesn’t that make you a grub?” Weevil said “since you’re covered in filth, and too sick to swim?”
    Della rolled her eyes, and dragged herself on board. For the rest of the journey, she sulked, silently looking out into the dense fog that had settled over the still, murky waters.


    That’s my entry! I hope you like it, and that I haven’t misread the characters’ personalities…

  121. Pushed up with all the strength I could muster and capsized the boat.
    I then mockingly shouted at Della, “Now you can find another boat. We don’t want to sit with “grubs” either”.

  122. I patted my pockets until I found what I wanted–a handkerchief. Ripping it into small peices, I took two and put one in each ear. It was just what I needed. Helping lift an old lay who was twice your size and also sick was a hard enough job. And it didn’t help to add more reasons to the already over flooding bucket of why I dislike her when I’m already planning ways to get rid of her and her attitude. Working on one job at a time would get things done. With that in mind, me and Weevil finally got the old lady onto the boat. I gave them each a pair of “ear plugs” for the long journey ahead and we were off.

  123. Pushed her off the boat.

    (That’s what came to my mind first, and I’m fairly certain that it’s wrong.)

  124. Then I glanced at Weevil to make sure that he could support the woman, took a deep breath, and dove beneath the surface of the water. I took a second to regain my bearings, before channelling what remained of my strength to topple the small boat.

  125. … shoved her off the edge of the boat and into piercing icy water. With a yelp, she screamed, “Wait! No! Help!” Carefully, I lifted her back into the boat. “Thought so.” I said with a smirk, and we were off.

  126. …quickly waded towards the nearest boat, which had not yet been unmoored. Two moderately healthy-looking children huddled in the stern ignoring the coarse arguments of a man and two elderly women higher in the boat. “Please,” I pleaded, “Would you mind swapping boats? That lady in the other boat won’t let us take our acquaintance onboard for fear of becoming more sick.” The siblings exchanged pensive looks, then one said, “Sure, I suppose. Our clothes are still damp anyway.” They clambered out and began walking towards Della’s boat.
    Two spaces. We needed one more. I turned towards the other three people, but they were involved in a heated discussion and I dreaded attracting their attention. Weevil and the woman had seen the siblings leave the boat and had struggled over to me. “But there’s only two spaces,” Weevil pointed out. The boatman began unmooring the boat. “Wait!” I pleaded. “Weevil, you get in with her. I’ll put up with Della.”
    As I trudged back towards Della’s boat, I glanced apprehensively back at Weevil, who was helping the sick woman onto their boat. I hated us being separated, but there was no choice.

  127. Then I trudged on to the other side of the boat, reached out, and pushed her over the edge and into the cold, unforgiving water. “The only one who’s too sick to swim here is you.”

  128. Then I splashed Della with water.

    “What the hell?!” Della exclaimed.

    I splashed her even with more water as she gets wet.

    “I demand that you stop that.” Della said.

    “I refuse to do so unless you assist us.”

    I splashed her again.

    “Okay. Just stop it.”

    She leaned in and lifted the lady into the boat.

    I grinned, and I couldn’t help but splash her one more time just for fun.

  129. Then I pulled the woman into the boat whilst trying to ignore Della.
    “Get out if you want, Della, no one will complain believe me, you’re the only one who wants you to be here” Weevils’ voice heavy with sarcasm floated to me through the mist.

  130. Push her in the water

  131. “I’ve had enough” I said ” Have it your way!” Then I shoved her off the side of the boat. I looked down to see her scrambling to keep her head above water. “Would you rather stay in this boat with this lady, or stay in the cold Icy seawater?” I asked Della.

  132. Then I climbed into the boat and reached down to help the woman in.
    “Excuse me, I said I would not ride with you!”
    “No, you said you would not ride with grubs or people too sick to swim. There’s no need to swim while in a boat and Weevil is clearly a distinguished weevil, not a grub. As for me, I’m obviously a snake so watch out.”
    Della scowled, unable to think of a good comeback and clearly frightened.

    – sorry I know its too late for the contest but I couldn’t resist. that was fun to write.

  133. Then I drenched her in the water. I asked her again if she rather drown or sit in the boat.

  134. ,with Weevil’s help, rocked the boat. Della tipped back and forth and soon lost balance, crashing into the water. I grinned and helped the woman into the boat, Weevil following close behind. I scanned the surface for Della, but she was nowhere in sight. Suddenly, she popped out of the water screaming and shouting for help. No matter how much I disliked Della, I couldn’t leave her to die, right? She flailed her arms while slowly sinking below the surface of the water. I signaled Weevil, and we both dived in searching for Della, leaving the woman in the boat. I swam quickly and after a few minutes Weevil and I both broke the surface of the water. He shook his head letting me know he hadn’t found her either. We decided to head back to the boat and cover more ground. We turned around to find the boat only a speck in the distance. The old woman still in it and another person across from her. The person’s gold necklace twinkled in the sunlight. Della!

    (I know this is way past the contest date, but I couldn’t resist myself 🙂 Thank you for your amazing writing!!)

  135. Della pass the rope let us forgive each other and move on then we can have at being neutral and in time maybe friends(And with that Della helped them up on the boat and shook hands and put there differences behind them). Slow the boat rocked and they all fell in one by one they helped each other up and rowed to the island with a decreased tension between them.

  136. Plunged over her useless body, sending her flying straight Into water as though she had been shot out of a canon.

  137. (Then I ) viciously advanced over Della, for my growing frustration with her was beyond what can explained. As I progressed towards her, Della’s face began to redden with worry. I had never before seen anybody so terrified as Della now was, which only motivated my aggression. ” Alright” Della sputtered with disgust once I had come nearly an inch away from her, ” I will help the lady get on the boat”. ” that’s the attitude I like” I added backing away from her.

  138. (Then I ) took a glance at Weevil, her face seemed to express the same frustrated look as I was feeling right now. Della had to learn a lesson on respect, But how? All of a sudden something sparked in my head. Knew exactly what I was going to do.

  139. ( then I )
    Turned to Weevil giving her a wink, luckily she nodded in approvel. ” You were right all the way along” I mentioned to Della turning in her direction, this boat isn’t big enough for the four of us, i’m afraid one of us must go”. ” i’ve changed my mind, his bout if defiantly large enough for us all ” Della shrieked with terror as if she had known what I was planning for her. I went on ignoring Della’s remark ” now who votes Della out” at this my, Weevils and the helpless lady’s hands shot into the air. ” I am afraid that the majority voted against you” in once again mentioned to Della. Della had a tight grip to the boat but Weevil and I managed to get a hold of her hands tossing Della overboard”

  140. . . . rocked the boat so Della fell in. “She’s coming with us,” I said.

  141. just became furious and said “just swim behind us, anyways you need the lose a few pounds, also i need my space so its a win, win”.

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