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The first four winners of the Massive Summer Giveaway are:

Bryce Christiansen


Katie C

Areeba F


Check your emails! Requests for what you want to win are handled on a first come first served basis. If you didn’t win, your entries from this past week are still in the running.

This week, we’re taking a break from THE SCOURGE (which you should totally just pre-order or ask your library to pre-order) to discuss a big announcement that dropped this week. And I mean, big!

Beginning in January 2017, Scholastic will release a brand new multi-platform series called HORIZON. Book 1 will be written by Scott Westerfeld, internationally bestselling author of books such as The Uglies, Leviathan, and Zeroes (one of my favorite reads this year!).

I will be writing book 2, which will release in September 2017. I expect to begin writing my book this very week, and I can’t wait to start!

I think the cover and title for book 1 are going to be announced soon, and trust me, they are awesome!!!

From the Publisher’s Weekly article, HORIZON “opens as a diverse group of kids step from the wreckage of a plane crash to find themselves stranded, at odds with one another, and threatened by curious and terrifying creatures.”


So to enter the contest in comments below, the question of the week is:

If you were part of a small group of plane crash survivors, what is the very first thing you would do after exiting the plane?



  1. Congrats to the winners! Also, congrats to you Jennifer! That is so amazing
    that you will be a part of a series! I can’t wait to read it next year… Which is a while away sadly 😛

    The very first thing I would do is… Panic, cry, scream… I would next proceed to make sure it is real life and not a dream.

  2. If I were in a plane wreck, I would make sure everyone else had also safely exited the plane. Then, I would get as far away from the burning wreckage as possible. If I was far from civilization, I would immediately begin searching for a water source.

  3. Find and open the luggage and airline service carts looking for supplies.

  4. How exciting about the Horizon! I am looking forward to reading it. Congrats to all winners and thanks for the awesome giveaway Mrs. Nielsen!

  5. Congrats everyone! Can’t lose on this giveaway!

  6. The first thing I would do pray and see if there is a danger of explosion or fire. Second would be to check for those who need help and then if we have cell signal.

  7. Locate the food carts!

  8. I would first check the people who were on the plane with me if they are hurt or gone. It’s important to care for others and not always think about yourself. Then I would try call for help even though I don’t know where I am. ALso, trying to get service on my phone or any device that survived and call for help.

    Congrats on this week’s winners!!

  9. Logically: find my friends and family to make sure they are okay and search for food water and shelter.
    Realistically: find my friends and family and probably freak out and look for their reassurance.

    Thank you for holding this contest! But I was wondering, is this for the same prizes as last week? I got confused since you started talking about the partnership series. Thank you once again!
    P.s. You are one of my favorite authors and I’m so excited for the release of The Scourge!

    • Hi Marissa – this is for the same prizes as last week, minus the four that will be claimed by this week’s winners. There is still a lot remaining though!

  10. Look to see if anyone else was hurt or needed help. Always serve others.

  11. Go back and scavenge the plane for supplies!

  12. I would look, listen and assess my surroundings. Try to figure out how I survived and what I need to do to continue to survive. At least that is what I hope I would do. I would probably go into some kind of crazy screaming fit that would completely disarm the rest of my group and make them think of the ’90s movie Alive.

  13. If I were part of a small group of plane crash survivors, the very first thing I would do after exiting the plane is assess my surroundings and investigate whether or not the plane holds any surviving supplies that could get us through the predicament. By getting a good clue of where we were, it might make it easier to find necessities for survival(fresh water, food, materials to create shelter), if the plane held no more.

  14. After exiting, I would first evaluate the other passengers for injuries, then my surroundings, to identify the area we crashed in.

  15. I would try to figure out where we crashed.

  16. I would look for my family, friends and other survivors. I would work to help those injured and in need of attention.

  17. (This is fantastic! I’m so excited for a new book!)

    I’d climb out, check for any other survivors and try to contact help. Depending on our destination, we may actually be close to help. Then I’d organize teams to search for supplies, and decide of the plane is a safe shelter.

    • Sigh, I meant location…

  18. If the situation allows for it, I would search for the people I know and try to pick up anything useful along the way.

  19. After I exited the plane, I would try to locate any survivors. Then I would try to find out where we were, and if we were safe for a while. Afterwards, I’d try to see where the nearest inhabited area was so we could walk there for help. But honestly, I’d probably be really frightened.

    Thanks for doing the giveaway? And when does the giveaway end?

    • This giveaway ends on Sunday. But a new round will begin that day as well.

  20. Woah, Horizon sounds interesting! To be honest, the first thing I’d do after getting out a crashed plane is probably throw up, I don’t really have a weak stomach, but I’m almost positive that’s what I’d do! Congrats to the winners!

  21. Let’s be honest. If probably cry for a bit before I pulled it together and checked for other survivors and then assessed where we were and what provisions we had.

  22. Make sure everyone is OK, the figure out what to do and how to get help.

  23. Make sure everyone is okay, then make a plan on how to survive the situation.

  24. I would take account of all the survivors, find shelter and food. If need be, I would make a hunting group to find food and water, giving the weaker people shelter and the stronger ones weapons to protect the camp.
    It would be dangerous, exploring new lands with unknown creatures that scared me out of my wits, but it would be for the welfare of all the survivors and therefore necessary.
    My first priority would be to keep everyone alive, then worry about exactly where we were, and what had been lost. In situations such as this, there is no room or time for error, mourning or drama.

  25. Congrats to all the winners and congrats to you Miss Jen for that blessing :). It will be just like the infinity ring series where other authors write a different chapter for the series. Nice one!!!

    If you were part of a small group of plane crash survivors, what is the very first thing you would do after exiting the plane?

    I will breathe heavily and shout that “Today is my lucky day death God” (with matching a smirk);)

    After that I will look for other survivors, send a signal by burning fire to the rescue team or any other people out there that will help us and look for some supplies that will help us survive until the rescue team or the needed help is there.

  26. I would check for wounded first and help bandage them, then find shelter.

  27. I would check to make sure the other passengers were okay. I would also search the area that we landed in. Then after that I would look on the plane to see if there was any useful supplies in the plane.

    • In the plane.

  28. (assuming I wasn’t immediately with the group) Sit shaking in a corner for a little while, then go look for other survivors. (if I was in a group) Try and find shelter and water, and probably supplies from the plane (assuming it isn’t burning).

  29. I would probably cry hysterically, then find the other survivors and try to make a plan.

    Thank you so much for having this giveaway!

  30. I would kiss the ground.

  31. I would look for other survivors and see who I could help.

  32. The plane crash would have been frightening to experience, so for a long time I would probably be too freaked out to do anything other than stand there trembling with fear and shock.

  33. I’d really like to think that the first thing I’d do after a plane crash would be to tend to any wounded survivors. however, in reality, it might be more likely that I would go into shock.

  34. I would look for other survivors and then see if my phone has service. After that I would look through luggage and try to find tools and other things that will help me survive. Then I would look for wood to make a fire.

  35. Will definitely have to read that series haha
    Id probably try to calm down after crashing, I know Id be extremely panicked and scared already so that wouldnt help me, so Id want to rationalize the thoughts in my head nd try to make myself believe that it was okay.

  36. Thank God I was alive and pray the survivors and I would be rescued!

  37. I am best at taking care of people, so I would do so to the extent of my ability with the limited resources on hand. This would include helping with injuries, providing food and water as adequately as possible, and generally trying to keep everyone in good health and good spirits as much as I could in order for everyone to survive.

  38. Congrats to this week’s winners!

    I know this is more like the first 10 things rather than the very first thing 🙂 but here goes:

    I would make sure my friends and family are safe, then I would check the plane for supplies. After finding the supplies, I would organize a search party to scout the area for any signs of human life. If we find others, we would all go our separate ways from there to get help for the remains people back at the plane. If we don’t, we’ll try finding some flares or something.

  39. Congrats to winners! You lucky dogs you! 😀

    I most likely breathe. Definitely on the top of my to-do list.

    Haha, my family would say that I would pull out a book and read, which is actually very likely. 😉

  40. After exiting the plane, the very first thing I would do is to see who else has survived and making sure none of them are seriously injured (if they were, I’d try and help as best I could) before proceeding to scavenge what we could from the plane (hopefully including food and perhaps some working tech) and scout out a place for fresh water. Oh, and probably make sure that nothing was leaking from the plane that could come into contact with something that would end up causing a major explosion.

  41. That is awesome!! I always look forward to any of your new works!! Is it going to be kind of like 39 clues where each book is by a different author?

    What is the very first thing you would do after exiting the plane?
    Figure out why the plane has crashed and see if there was a way that communications are still working or can be fixed. Depending on the skills from the other passengers on the plane. From there start designating different tasks for people to do.

    • Yep, Kayla – it’ll be like 39 Clues – each book by a different author. I think you’ll love the story!

      • I look forward to it!! 🙂

  42. I would get together with the rest of survivors and try to see what we’re dealing with. Whoever is injured try to see if there’s anyone who can help. In what type of environment are we. And what are our options food and medicine wise are. Inspecting our surroundings, we would have to all find a way of contacting outside help to get back safely home.

    Congrats to the winners!

  43. The sounds of screaming and pain fill my disoriented mind. I look around to find the screams but the sound of my heart pounding, the dizziness caused by my twirling head seems to be taking over my body. I look to my hands for they feel sticky, they are filled with blood. I notice my shirt is already soaked with blood and my shorts are too. As I grab my nose, my eyes become heavy and watery, I see light as I hit the ground in front of me.

  44. I would look and see if anyone was hurt, and then I would find water

  45. The first thing would be take a deep breath of air and make sure anybody that where with me was okay.

  46. The first thing I would do after exiting the crashed plane is to look for my family and make sure they are alright, then I would try to help organize a search party to find food and water.
    Congrats to all winners!
    Sooo excited about the Horizon Series!!

  47. Assuming we’ve already taken all the useful supplies and food from the plane and the cargo hold, we would assess our surroundings and agree on a next course of action (hoping the rest of the survivors don’t run away before we even start discussing anything) especially whether or not the curious and more importantly terrifying creatures are an immediate threat to our group. Even with these precautions we need to know that we can trust one-another, so that if we do run into any trouble we would be ready to get each other out.

  48. Honestly, I would check for radio or cell service. The best way to get found is to try and be heard.

  49. Since I love making lists, I’d bet that the first thing I’d do would be to just stand and think to either:
    a. get myself and the others away from the wreck if there’s any danger of the plane exploding or something, or
    b. try and help tend to the wounded in the group (if there are any), or
    c. ask for the survivors’ names and whether they may have any suggestions as to what they want to do next, or
    d. wonder if any of them have read Lord of the Flies, or
    e. see if anything can be salvaged from the wreck, or
    f. allow a moment of silence and be sad for those who may have died, and help allow the reality of what has happened to sink in.

  50. I’d probably be freaked our for a bit but after calming down I’d look for other survivors or people that might need help. It could be dangerous to stay close to wreckage after the crashing so look for cover would be the best thing to do afterwards, try to find out where we are and then try to acquire some supplies, water specially. And look for help of course.

  51. I would shield my eyes and wait for them to adjust to the varying light exposure. I survived one crash. I’m not going to stumble around blind and test my luck with a second one. 😉

  52. I’m pretty sure I would first be looking for any injuries in the group and figuring out who is good at what so that we can function well as a team. Like, who actually has survival skills, or might know where we are, or can at least start a fire. Just organizing people, because that would keep me moving, busy enough not to freak out too much

  53. After I crashed on a plane, I would establish a secure place to live and sleep. I would salvage the glass and reflective parts from the plane and use them to reflect beams of sunlight into the sky, so rescuers could see us.

  54. If I were stuck on an island with others, I would find out how much food and water we would have because I would want to know which resources we need the most at the moment. I would also look in the plane to see if there is an emergency kit in the plane like there was in Hatchet, that way we could possibly signal for help immediately.
    Thank you for doing this massive giveaway!

  55. Congrats to the winners! I’m super jealous, but I’m also happy for them. I’m also really excited for “Horizon,” which looks pretty awesome. I’ve been a long-time consumer of Scholastic’s multi-platform series (I started reading the 39 Clues books back when the original series was still coming out!), but I’ve fallen out of the habit of keeping up with the newer books in the current series. This sounds like a great opportunity to jump back in.
    As for what I’d do after a plane crash, realistically I’d stumble out of the wreck . . . and then fall on my knees and start sobbing. Then I’d probably try to make sure that there aren’t any other wounded people still alive in the wreckage, and focus on finding a way to get fresh water.

  56. Offer a prayer of thanks and then start try try and make friends with the other survivors.

  57. I would probably freak out, but I would make sure everyone got out of the plane safely and stay together so that we could try to figure something out together

  58. If I were in a plane crash, My first priority would be to find or create shelter to protect myself from
    Nature, wildlife, and of course, from curious creatures lurking nearby. My next priority would be to build a fire.

  59. Oh my goodness! That will be super exciting! Scott Westerfeld is amazing and I’m happy that you get the opportunity to work with him. 😀

    If I was in a plane crash, I would first and foremost get others out. Then, if there’s time, I’d scavenged for any remaining supplies. Then I would set out to telling other survivors to scout the island for water/food/help while the rest start to work on a shelter and fire, just in case. 😀

    I’m a survival nut.

  60. Make sure everyone is okay, and talk to them to figure out what to do next. I would also pray.

  61. If it were safe, I would look for any supplies that I could use on the plane and see if there were parts that could be used for shelter. Then I would gather everyone together and figure out a leader so that everyone can work together as well as possible

  62. The very first thing I would do is check my surroundings. See who else made it. See what supplies are there, and if any of the communication devices worked.

  63. I would pray and then I would search for the other crew members to see if they were all okay. If someone was injured, I would attempt to help him or her. Hopefully. Knowing me (and my weak stomach when it comes to injuries) I’d actually spend my time having an unproductive panic attack.

  64. In my dreams I would probably think I would do something really daring or adventurous, but in reality I would probably be in the midst of a panic attack. Once I’m aware and awake of reality, and have the mental ability to stay calm, I’d probably check my belongings. If there are blankets, first-aid kits, food, water, or anything that can help us. Assuming that we crashed in an unknown area, I would have then, once everyone is safe, go searching for food, water and shelter.

  65. If it happened to be a long flight I would run about for a bit stretching my legs that would have felt constricted due to having barely any leg space. Then I would find a little spot behind some bushes and relieve myself.

  66. I would probably first check to see it there were any survivors still on the plane, and if the plane had crashed on land, I would wait for the smoke to clear out, then go raid it to see if there was a first aid kit on board, or any other useful things, like food, water, clothing, etc.

  67. Hello Jen!

    I’d like to say that I’ve read all of your books so far, and I’m looking forward to The Scourge.
    On this note, I’d like to join the book giveaway, hoping for a copy of The Scourge, if it’s not too late.

    Besides the giveaway, I was wondering if you’d do a questions and answers video, where we’d ask you questions and you answered, if you’re not too busy, of course.

    Anyways, I hope you have an amazing day.
    Keep writing 😉

    Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best,
    Palwasha K.

    • Ok, I just read about the themes. I probably should have read about them sooner. This week, let’s see…

      If you were part of a small group of plane crash survivors, what is the very first thing you would do after exiting the plane?

      The first thing I’d probably do after getting off a crashed plane would be checking how many survivors there were, who they are, and if they’re injured. Then, I would do a thorough investigation of the plane, looking for supplies (food, clothes, etc.) and try to keep everyone safe from there.

      • No, first I’d let the fire die down, and then proceed with everything listed above.

    • I love the idea of a questions and answers video, though time is very short for me right now. Perhaps down the road a bit!

      • Also, congrats on the Horizon 🤗. Now, I’ve got another series to look forward to, as do several other people. 😊😊😊
        And another source of adventure for you as well.

        One question before I go, however:
        Who do you like better, Jaron or Nic?

        • Thanks much! I don’t think I have a favorite between Jaron or Nic. To me, they are two separate characters I like for different reasons. Sorta like having two different friends.

  68. I’d first get away from the (burning) plane, of course helping any other survivors. Tend to the wounded, and try to find out where we are judging by the direction we were travelling etc., while waiting for the fire to die down so that we can see if there are any stores left. We’d probably build a shelter of some sort, in order to rest, and find out more about where we are and whether there are any inhabitants nearby, the next day.

  69. If I were a part of a small group of plane crash survivors, the first thing I would do would be to help care for any immediate injuries or health issues and begin to search for and collect any useable supplies from the plane. A clean water source and food plans would come next!

  70. The plane crashed just moments ago. Everyone is dead except an elite group. I am one I those people. I first look at the wreckage, blood is everywhere. I can see my mother burned to a crisp. Everything is on fire. I find a place to sit down, and begin to silently cry, I can’t let the others know I’m crying.That would make me look weak… I know that my life has changed forever. I think of what to do next. I guess it would be good to find a way home…

  71. I would first come up with a plan with the survivors, and then they would search for food while I climbed the plane, looking for signs of civilization. I would also see if we had cell phone reception, and contact people if we did.
    I would stay put, because the people who were in contact with the plane most likely knew that it crashed and knew the location to send people to.

  72. Congrats to the winners! This upcoming story sounds amazing! If I were a survivor… the first thing I’d do is collect myself. I would then try to create order. I would attempt to unite the people left. If we work together, perhaps we can find a way to survive.

  73. Hmm the first thing I would do would be go through the wreakage pulling out anything that looks remotely useful. Of course I’d pull out completely useless things in the process under the pretense of it might be useful under this very specific circumstance or it looked like a nice piece of wood. But you win some you lose some.

  74. The first thing I would do would be pull myself together. I would probably be hyperventilating. Then I would try to figure out how to get myself and any survivors out of the plane.

  75. First, I’d assess the quality of the plane to see if it can still run (doubtful though). Then, I’d look around and check out my surroundings – you can never be too cautious. I’d also separate us into groups so we can do more tasks such as explore the area a bit, go inside the plane to look for any resources that may help us (food, water, blankets, flares etc.), and try to radio for help. I’d also try to make distress signals noticeable to any passing planes.

  76. I would split the group in two. One group looking for any other survivors and supplies near the wreck, and the other looking for nearby civilization and a source of water. After the area near the wreck has been searched, taking any supplies found to the water source (If found) and begin building a shelter there.

  77. Gather all useful objects and accessories. Then figure out a way to contact anyone for help and plan a way to get home.

  78. I would pray and ask God to help us work together to find a way back home.

    • cool sorry typo

  79. I would check myself first if I had any injuries. Then I’ll look at my surroundings and see which needs my immediate attention. After that, I’ll help my fellow survivors out.

  80. I would check myself first if I had any injuries. Then I’ll look at my surroundings and see which needs my immediate attention. I’ll check the survivors out and help them if they need assistance.

  81. I would start searching my surrounding area for two things: other survivors and supplies. After finding everything we can find, I would scour the area looking for the best place to make camp to survive!

  82. If I was being practical and had my wits I would check that everyone was doing ok, as in fine other than being whiplashed and panicked. Then I would see if there was a radio on board. If not I would look for other methods of contacting help or getting to help. My guess is that those would not be found in this scenario. You said “curious and terrifying creatures” so I might go looking for dragons, I’ve always wanted to see one. 🙂

  83. If I were part of a small group of plane crash survivors, the first thing I would do would be panic, then try to collect my wits and make sure that everyone was okay, try to call on a phone for help, and finally, take account of all our supplies and estimate about how long they would last us.

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