HORIZON Giveaway 7

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What a week, with lots of news and giveaways. Let’s start with the winners!

For the Week 6 HORIZON/DEADZONE giveaway:

***Scott ***

False Prince Facebook fans who “liked” my author page instead:

*** Jeff Messerman ***

Social Media friends who shared or retweeted the cover to my new series releasing in February, THE TRAITOR’S GAME (More on that below)

*** Laura Anne Spears ***

The most mentioned place I should visit on an upcoming tour?

*** Illinois ***

(See me at Anderson’s on September 22nd at 7:00 pm)

That might be confusing, so I’ll keep this week’s giveaway simple. Step by Step.

  1. On September 12, I will release DEADZONE, book 2 of the HORIZON series started by Scott Westerfeld. If you have not read book 1 yet, now is the time! Look for it at your library, your favorite local bookstore, or get your copy of book 1 online at any of these sites:



  1. Next week, I want to sponsor fan art or poetry for any of my books, so please send me anything you have (to jen@jennielsen.com). Sending it to me is your agreement to let me post it here on the blog.


  1. To win this week, please check out the cover for THE TRAITOR’S GAME, my new series that will release in February 2018. You can see it here and read more about it, and even read the first chapter. Then just leave me a comment below telling me what you think!


  1. Very excited for another series from you since my students love them. The cover is regal with an underlying tension.

  2. First of all I AM SO EXCITED TO HAVE MY OWN COPY OF THIS BOOK. Second is that the book cover reminded me of your Ascendance Trilogy series which makes me believe that it is also an exciting and interesting read.

  3. Yaaay i do not know if my comment was submitted but the cover reminded me of the ascendance trilogy series that is why I deeply believe that it will be a book filled with excitement, adventure, life lessons (wonderful lines from the characters) and an interesting read.

  4. O_o Cover looks fantastic and I just can’t wait for another release 😍 This is going to be fantastic y’all.

  5. I am glad that the new series has a feisty female heroine. Looking forward to the series. I think “The False Prince” is one of my most recommended books at the library. The new cover is spectacular! The gold leaves are elegant and the sword is edgy and intriguing. Great job!

  6. Very eye catching!! Love the gold vines of leaves and the dark background.

  7. The cover looks fantastic. It reminded me of the Ascendance Trilogy which I loved and was really good. This book looks like I am going to enjoy it and it is going to be exciting. Makes me so happy to see the cover of this book. I just can’t wait for it to come out.

  8. Really excited! I love hearing about your new books! All your books are amazing!! 🙂

    • For the fan art do we send an email?

      • Yes, just send it in email to jen@jennielsen.com

        • Okay, thanks!!:) Also The Traitors Game sounds and looks super awesome!! Can’t wait until you come to MO!!!

  9. The cover is AMAZING, I love the vines and awesome sword. I love the voice of the protagonist, her personality is quite evident from the start. Kestra is a wonderful name, as is Celia. Celia seems very strong and patient to put up with one of your wily protagonists for an entire year, I hope she plays a part in the book. 😉

  10. I read the first chapter of The Traitor’s Game and can’t wait to see what Kestra will get herself into, and out of! I love it already. Perfect first chapter. It’ll be hard to wait till February, but I guess I have no other choice. Are there pre-sales?

  11. I just finished reading the first chapter and it was GREAT!!! As far as I’ve read, I really like Kestra’s character(And I LOVE that name!!!). I can’t wait to read the rest of the book!! February is just too far away!😊

  12. Excited!

  13. I love that cover! The vines are so pretty, and I wonder how they’re related to the book. I read a few pages of the first chapter too and they were GREAT. I already love Kestra!!!

  14. Wow. Where do I start? The sword promises great action, though the pommel intrigues me. (A crowned skull?) The gold in the vines maybe signifies some aspect of royalty. Oh man, I’m so excited. Better go read that first chapter now.

  15. How long will you be in Missouri in September?

    • A couple of days, both of them in the St. Louis area. The only public event will be at Main Street Books on the evening of September 18th.

      • Okay, thanks!! 😀

  16. I think the cover looks really awesome with all the intricate details! And the premise is very intriguing- I’ll definitely be checking it out!

  17. Wow that was a nice cover. It reminds me of the Ascendance trilogy. I am hoping that this too will be full of adventure and unexpected twists… and I like that the main protagonist here is a girl! 🙂 counterpart of sage hehehe

  18. I know people always say don’t judge a book by its cover, but if I did, this would automatically be one of my favorites. I also really love Kestra’s sass.

  19. So cool! I love the graphic arts design and the golds/black. Great mix. Very awesome!

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