Where Am I? Stop #1!

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Contest time! I’m on tour for DEADZONE and will post my ten mystery stops. Some are easier than others (including today’s post). If you correctly guess the state, it’s worth a point. The correct city is worth another four points! At the end of ten posts, the person with the most points wins a galley copy of THE TRAITOR’S GAME!

I will edit your answer out of comments so that no one copies your answer, but that will let you know that I’ve seen it.

The next picture will be posted early next week.

So, let the guessing begin. Where am I? There are clues in the picture, if you can find them!


  1. Got it!

  2. Got it!

  3. I think you are in ____!
    Thank you SO much for this giveaway – I can’t wait to read this book! You are coming to my hometown on this tour – I am so excited to finally meet you! 🙂

  4. Is it ____?

  5. Got it!

  6. Got it!

  7. I didn’t know if we could look up the clues we found or not, but, I did anyway. And, I believe that it’s ___? And if researching disqualifies me, that’s okay. Just wanna know for next time. Thank you!

    • Nope, I will love it if you research the clues!

    • Oh, and I forgot to put the city… I think it’s __?

  8. Got it!

  9. Hi, Mrs Nielsen. You are in front of ____.😊

  10. Got it!

  11. My guess is ___! 🙂

  12. Hmm… Looks like, ___?

  13. You are in ____!

  14. Is it ______?

  15. I am going to say that you are in __.

  16. I think you’re in ___

  17. I had a question…where am I supposed to post the answer??

    • Post it here. I’ll edit it and then post it so that you know I saw it.

  18. Hello! My guess is ___.

  19. My guess is ___.

  20. You’re in ___ right now!

  21. Got it!

  22. Got it!

  23. I think your in ___.

  24. I think ___. Thanks for the fun giveaway! Can’t wait!

  25. Hi, Mrs. Nielsen!

    Just finished reading the Ascendance Trilogy and really loved it and enjoyed it. Can’t wait to read the Traitor’s Game…
    A quick question though, will the winner receive a print version of the book or an ebook version? If it’s gonna be a print version then will it be posted to international addresses?

    Thanks very much for this contest — and yeah, for writing great and exciting books!

    • Hello! Yes it will be a printed version and yes it’s okay to an international address.

      • Hi,thanks for replying. I posted a comment here guessing the city and state but I don’t see it published… if you didn’t receive my previous guess, then here it is again: I think you’re in ___.

        I mistakenly entered a username in the name field, guess I should continue using it so that you could keep track of my points.
        Thanks for your time!

  26. Stop #1 is ___….??

    Debby James

  27. I think you’re in ___!

  28. Although I am not from the U.S. Miss Jen but still I think its in ___ part of the ___ area as based on the clues given hehehe…

  29. Got it!

  30. Got it!

  31. I believe you are in ___.

  32. Oooh my goodness!! You’re here in ____!!
    Are you going to have any meet and greets/book signings around here?

  33. Are you in ___? Hope you’re doing well!

  34. I think state is __ and the city is __.

  35. Hi Mrs. Nielsen! I have to say that I absolutely love your books and I cannot wait for The Traitor’s Game. It sounds like it might be in the same sort of style as The Ascendance Trilogy, which makes me even more excited.

    My guess is that you were in ____. 🙂

  36. Got it!

  37. My guess, from the clues in the picture, is that you are at ___. Thanks for your time!

  38. You were at ___.

    While I’m posting– I’m a die-hard Ascendance Trilogy fan, and constantly refer my friends to it as one of my favorite series. The slowly revealed depth of your characters are a rare gift. Thank you so much for persevering in the art of writing; it inspires me to do my own writing and sketching. Please keep it up!

  39. In ____

  40. I’d guess ___.

    • Sorry, forgot the city – I’d say ___

  41. I hope I am not too late to guess. This place is ___?

    • Nope, you’re not too late! The contest is only halfway over.

      • Yaaay thanks!!!! 😀

  42. You are in the ___

  43. Definitely ___! That is, if googling it is okay. If we’re not allowed to google, then I would have had no idea.

  44. Is it too late? My guess is you were in ____.

    • Sorry it’s actually ___.

    • Not too late!

      • Sweet Thanks!

  45. I forgot to put the state! You are in ___.

  46. ___! When does this competition end?

  47. I guess you are in ___. I hope i’m not late to enter this

  48. This is in __.

  49. Got it!

  50. ___ right?

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