Where Am I? Stop #3!

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Hmm…where might a banner like this be found?

Enter your guess for city (4 pts) and state (1 pt)! At the end of ten guesses, the person with the most points wins a copy of the first book of my new series, THE TRAITOR’S GAME. If you loved The False Prince, I think you’ll love this one too! The next post will be early next week.



  1. Are you at ___?

  2. Got it!

  3. That reminds me of ___.

  4. Your are in ___.

  5. Hello Miss Jen This is a hard one but I think you are in ___…

    • Btw I don’t know if my guess was correct, but Miss Jen stay safe on your tour because of Typhoon Irma and may God bless you always!… And also to the other residents that might be affected due to the typhoon stay safe!

      • I’m back home, far from the hurricane, and safe. But I’m still praying for those who are on the east coast! Thanks, Lem.

  6. Got it!

  7. Got it!

  8. Got it!

  9. My guess is ___! 🙂

  10. __? It’s getting harder!

  11. Got it!

  12. I have no idea. Somewhere in ___?

  13. Got it!

  14. Is it possibly ____??? That ones a little questionable…

  15. This picture was harder, and I haven’t managed to find the specific mural. But ___, and that plus ___ makes me think the picture must be of somewhere in ___.

  16. ___ is my guess. Glad to hear that you are home safe, my thoughts are with people impacted by these weather events in so many regions right now.

  17. I think you’re in ___

  18. Got it!

  19. Got it!

  20. Okay, so I’m not sure about this, but I’m going to go with ___. You know, ___ 😀 ___…

    • Just realized a much more likely answer. Ugh. *facepalm*

  21. Got it!

  22. Hardest one so far…but my guess is ___!

  23. Is it ____?

  24. Hi,

    This was really tough! Here’s my guess ___.

  25. Got it!

  26. I’m guessing you’re in ___.

  27. ___???

  28. My guess is that you are in ___, home of ____! Though I couldn’t find that specific mural.

  29. This is a harder photo… My guess is ___.

  30. these keep getting harder! it took a while but i think you’re in ____.

  31. Goodness this one was difficult! My best guess is ___.

  32. wow, this one is hard! my best guess is __. 🙂

  33. I think it’s ___

  34. This one was really hard, are you in ___?

  35. Got it!

  36. No, now it think it’s ___

  37. Got it!

  38. This is hard Ms. JEN. HAHA. Is this ___ located in ___?

  39. I want to say ___ but thats probably wrong

  40. Where you in ___?

  41. I can’t find the specific mural, but judging by a tweet you retweeted around that time and some digging I did online, I’m guessing ___.

  42. My best guess would be ___! It’s so beautiful!

  43. I’m sorry if I am bothering you, but my comment is not showing up. Did you get it?

  44. This is hard but I have to say that you are in ___

  45. Maybe you are in ___. I’m not sure but i hope it the right answer.

  46. Is this in __?

  47. My guess is ___.

  48. Got it!

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