Where Am I? Stop #6!

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Okay, I know this is a hard one, but I’m not giving location details since the city part of this beautiful canyon was on my public signing schedule (Sept 16 at 2 pm). However, if you need a clue to get started, this is a “wedding-themed” waterfall. Good luck!

The next update will come sometime in the next few days and there will be a total of three this week (Crazy, I know!)

There are several players still with the total number of possible points, and remember, at the end of ten stops, I will give away a galley copy of THE TRAITOR’S GAME to the person with the highest total! So this is an important week to play.

If you’re just discovering this blog, it’s not too late to start. Just go back to Stop #1 and get started!


  1. I think those are the __ in __. Hope you’re having fun!

  2. Are you in the ___?

  3. ___! Looks beautiful!

  4. ___? Also I have really enjoyed this game regardless of how I’m doing. I love hunting for clues and all the research :{D

    • Thank you, GEM – I love games like this too and it’s fun to see the guesses.

  5. Got it!

  6. Got it!

  7. ___. Thanks for doing this! I have a question though. What will happen if there is a tie?

    • In the case of a tie, I will either extend the contest, draw from the winners, or send copies to every high point winner, depending on the numbers.

  8. I recognized that one right away! ____!

  9. Your’e in ___!

  10. Preeetty sure this is ___.

  11. Got it!

  12. You are in ___! I happened to get on the Scholastic/Horizon website and I found a post about your signings:) Unfortunately, I can’t go to any I know of; I live in Kentucky.

  13. I think that you are at ____.

  14. Got it!!

  15. I am pretty sure that you are at ____. Incidentally, you passed another ___ Falls Park on your way to my school last year. Its not really visible from the road though unless you really know where to look. Thanks for the fun game!

    • Actually, I think I might’ve found it! I explored quite q bit while I was there – very beautiful (as is everything there)!

      • Glad to hear you managed to find time to take some side trips! My students are curious if you were writing The Traitor’s Game while you were in my province.

        • I was, actually! I was finishing up the last of my edits before I sent it off to my editor – then the real work began!

      • Hey, Mrs. Nielsen!

        Thanks for this giveaway. Since you stated that most of the players have full points, what happens in case of a tie? Just got a bit curious…

        • Well, not “most of” the players, but still a good number do. In case of a tie, I may extend it to a couple more stops and see if that thins out the numbers, then I may have to draw from among the top point earners, or if not many are left, I’ll just send every winner a galley.

          • Thanks for replying!

          • 👍🏼

  16. Got it!

  17. Sorry for all the delays, Traci. I think I’m caught up (mostly) now!

    • Hi!!!!

      No need to apologize Ma’am. I apologize too for keeping you pressured haha. I am just super energetic joining the contest. Please do rest well while you work and enjoy as well.

      Take care.

  18. Are you in ___ ???

  19. That’s ___ in __! 😀

  20. You were at the____. This picture is of __. 🙂

  21. This is a picture of ___.
    Thanks for doing the contest!

  22. This is the ___ Miss Jen as you said that it was a “wedding themed” falls hehehe…

  23. Got it!

  24. My guess is ___! 🙂

  25. I think you were at ____. It’s beautiful!!

  26. Got it!

  27. My guess is ___!

  28. You were in ___. This is the picture of the ____, right?

  29. Is this located at ____?

  30. Got it!

  31. Is that the ___ in ____?

  32. My guess is ___!

  33. I think you’re in ___

  34. Got it!

  35. My guess is ___.

  36. Got it!

  37. Are you at ___? I watch Studio C sometimes so I’ve heard about it in passing reference. It’s so beautiful (Whether or not I’m thinking of the right falls XD )

  38. Got it!

  39. This is ___!

  40. You were by the ___.

  41. You are in ___,

  42. I guess you are in ___.

  43. My guess is ___.

  44. Got it!

  45. I think you’re at ___.

  46. Got it!

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