Where Am I? Stop #10!

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Okay, no clues. Just my wishes of good luck!

This will be the final “Where Am I” post and the contest will close in one week, on Oct 11. If there is more than one point winner, I will randomly draw a name.

But no matter who wins, there will be more giveaways for THE TRAITOR’S GAME over the next couple of months, I promise!




  1. ___. How will we know if we won or not?

    • I will email the winner and post their name on next week’s blog!

  2. This was more difficult, well done. I don’t feel as sure as usual. I am going with ___.

  3. Got it!

  4. I accidentally commented on the picture isntead of the post. Is it okay if I just put my guess here?

  5. Is that the ___? It’s a ___, right???

  6. No just kidding! I actually think it’s ___

  7. __? And are you going to post a list of the locations so we can see for ourselves how many we got?

  8. Are we supposed to say the city it’s nearest to or just what it is?

    • If you say what it is, I know you’ve got it. This one has a county but not really a city.

      • Thanks! this is ___, I believe.

        • Also the county is ___.

  9. I’ve actually been here. This is ___ in __!

  10. Is that the ___?
    Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  11. This is ___. One of the nearest towns is Hulett, Wyoming.

    Thank you so much for the contest! Figuring out where you are from the pictures has been a lot of fun, and I hope you do it again sometime!

  12. ___. When I looked up the address that is what it said the mailing address is… it’s in ___.

  13. __

  14. Thats the ___ Miss Jen!

  15. My best guess is ___.

  16. My guess is the ___! 🙂

  17. My guess is __

  18. Got it!

  19. I think you are in ___.

  20. Got it!

  21. That’s the picture of __. This was kinda easy to what I had been anticipating…phew!

  22. ___. This is a cool one!

    • Also the nearest city is __, sorry for missing that!

  23. Hurrah for the last picture. Are you at ___?

  24. I’m a little unsure of this one, but my guess is that you are in ___. I think that is the ___(or at least, my dad told me it was a ___ and the ___ was the closest matching).

  25. Whew! This one too quite a bit of digging but I finally found it (I wound up having to look at ___, though!). It’s ___. That’s one impressive rock!

    Thank you so much for going through the work of putting on this fun scavenger hunt giveaway. I’ve had so much fun “playing detective” to track down each of these locations! It would be amazing to win a copy of THE TRAITOR’S GAME, of course, but honestly this has been worth it just in itself regardless of a prize.

  26. ___. And that landmark is ___.

  27. I don’t know if my guess went through last time…Sorry! I think this is ___.

  28. Oooh is that ___? (Does the name of the structure count for the town points since that’s not in a town? If not, then it’s ___.)

  29. I am going to go with __. Although I know I guessed one of the places wrong after the fact, I still had a lot of fun playing and brushing up on my geography skills. Thanks and I look forward to reading The Traitor’s Game!

  30. Got it!

  31. You are at ___.

  32. Got it!

  33. You’re at ___. We went there on a family trip seven years ago and I will never forget it. My husband was waiting for a heart transplant and couldn’t walk so he went up on a little scooter. Such fun! (He has since gotten a new heart and could run up that little trail. So thankful for his donor and the new life given to him!!)

  34. This one’s more tricky – natural features are harder to positively identify than man-made ones! But I think it’s ___.

  35. Is that ___? It looks so cool!

  36. Ooh nice view! Looks like the ___.
    So excited for the results!!

  37. That’s ____! So beautiful, I hope I get to see that one day!

  38. wow, that took a lot of searching! I think you’re at ___!!

  39. Are you near ___? This reminds me of ___ (the movie).

  40. This is ___

  41. Got it!

  42. ___. It’s in ___.

  43. It’s Devil’s tower!

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