Where Am I? Stop #9!

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I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a new photo, but there’s been a lot happening this week, including an awesome meeting with my publisher to discuss the marketing plans for THE TRAITOR’S GAME. They have some amazing ideas and I think you’re going to love being able to tell your friends that you were one of the first to hear about this book. Maybe even to win a galley copy!

Which leads us to the 9th post on where I am. No clues because this image is pretty iconic so if you don’t already know it, you shouldn’t have much trouble tracking it down!

The next (and probably final) post will be sometime next week, and it may be a difficult one. If, when it’s over, there are still more than ten people with full points, I may do a super tough tie-breaker. But I’ll let you know next week.

Until then, here’s picture #9. Do you know where I am?


  1. Got it!

  2. I think you’re in ___!

  3. You are in ___.

    P.S. We share a birthday!

  4. Got it!

  5. my guess is ___

  6. ___?

  7. Got it!

  8. Good luck with the marketing plans! Well, to be honest I had to do a lot of research for this one. This is the picture of ___. I can’t imagine what the super tough tie-breaker post will be like…

    Thank you very much for doing this contest/giveaway.

    • Thank you. You’re welcome. And I haven’t taken the picture yet but the location itself is difficult. But it’ll make for a good tie-breaker!

  9. I think you are in ____. I find it diffult, need to search it over the internet 🙂

  10. That’s ___!

  11. I think that you are at the ___.

  12. That is the ___ in ___ Miss Jen!

  13. At the ___!

  14. That is the ___.

  15. The __. Or something like that. I cant remember the spelling

  16. That’s the ___. I’m so jealous of all this travelling you’re doing!

    • The traveling is fun, though sometimes it’s nice to be home too!

      • Oh, I know the feeling! I’m at college in Scotland right now–I love it, but I’m also looking forward to going home for Christmas.

  17. Are you at __? It reminds me of the Arc de Triomphe.

  18. Got it!

  19. i loved the false prince i thought they made a movie i already started reading the runaway king

    • Thank you, Maya. There was talk of a movie for a while, but not right now. I hope you’ll enjoy The Runaway King too!

  20. Got it!

  21. Another place that I have never been, so that makes it harder, but fun. Thanks again for the great contest. I always tell people that your giveaways are the best. My guess this time is ___.

  22. Got it!

  23. That’s the ___.

  24. Got it!

  25. Are you at ___? Yaaaay God bless on the marketing plans and have an awesome adventures ahead.

  26. ___. 🙂

  27. Is it in ___?

  28. Is it the arch in ___?

  29. I think it’s ___!

  30. Got it!

  31. I think you are in ___! 🙂

  32. Got it!

  33. My guess is ___! 🙂

  34. You are in ___!

  35. Got it!

  36. __

  37. Looks like you’re having fun in ___!

  38. Got it!

  39. You’re at the ___.

  40. Got it!

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