Where Am I? Stop #8!

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No clues here because there are other ways to find out where I am!

I thought there’d be three posts this week, but didn’t get a good photo in one, so the next post will be in another week or so. To pass the time, I hope you’ve got a fantastic book to read!

I am about 70% of the way through a first draft on TRAITOR’S GAME 2 and working on copyedits for RESISTANCE, due out in a year. More on that book to come!




  1. Congratulations. Excited for BOOK 2! Are you in ___?

  2. This is in ___.

  3. Got it!

  4. Got it!

  5. Are you in ___? Resistance? That sounds awesome! Is it a historical book? Or maybe another medieval? I am reading several good books, I just started Cinder, and I’m enjoying it. I’m also reading the Berenfell Prophecies. Hope you have time for reading good books too 🙂

    • Oh oops, You’re probably in ___. Lol probably too late

      • Not too late. I didn’t post the first one, so you’re okay.

        • Thank You ! 🙂

  6. ___? Ooh, we’re getting down to the final two pictures!! So excited!

  7. Got it!

  8. Got it!

  9. Got it!

  10. Love the pictures you have been able to take. ___ is my guess for this one. Comes from watching too many movies and sporting events set there. I hope its right.

  11. This is the picture of ___ in ___.

  12. Got it!

  13. I think you are in ___ Miss Jen… 🙂

  14. My guess is ___.

  15. You are in ____!

  16. Got it!

  17. Got it!

  18. You are in ___!

  19. I think you’re in ___.

  20. I think that you are in ___.

  21. My guess is ___! 🙂

    P.S. I had labeled my first comment as “C” and not “Cali”, so do those points still count?

    • They count, because I work off you our email address. So I’ve got all your points!

      • Okay. Thank you!

  22. My guess is the ___L.

  23. I think you are in ___. 🙂
    Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  24. That’s ____! What a lovely city!!

  25. my guess is ___

  26. You’re in ___.
    Looks like a nice view! Hope you’re having fun!

  27. Could it be ___? I’m so jealous of all the traveling you get to do! I’m also pumped to read Deadzone, I’ll be picking it up tomorrow!

    • I’m lucky to be able to travel. I hope you enjoy the reading!

  28. I think that’s ___.

  29. In this picture, you’re in ___.

  30. ___! I wish I had the opportunity to see these beautiful places in person just like you, wow.

    • Then decided to be a traveler when you grow up, because you’re right – it is a beautiful world with so much to see!

  31. That’s ___!

  32. I’m guessing you’re in ___. This game is so much fun, Thanks!

  33. I thought this one could be pretty tricky (since I’m not American and don’t know even the most basic of views), but the bridge has a street name on it. This is the ____.

  34. ___. That was a good one.

  35. I guess you’re in ___.

  36. Are you in __

  37. Got it!

  38. ___ I think.

  39. Got it!

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