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Yep, I’m going to give away an ARC for THE RUNAWAY KING. Maybe two, if I’m really feeling nice…

Details in a minute. But first, let me give some brief updates of news.

First, is that the paperback for THE FALSE PRINCE is now available to purchase. It’s got a pretty, redesigned cover, which I think is very cool. If you’ve been waiting for the paperback, you can buy it at your local indie, or order online from your favorite website.


Second, is announcing that the series is coming to Taiwan in Chinese Simplified from Commonwealth Magazine Co., to Hungary from Könyvmoly Publishers, and to Turkey from Nemesis Publishers.

And third, details are beginning to come together for tour dates and places for THE RUNAWAY KING. A final schedule will be listed here, but this is what I do know so far (some dates could be subject to change, but this is fairly firm):

Sat, Mar 9:  Tucson Festival of Books, ASU, Tucson Arizona

Sat, Apr 20: TeenBookCon, Houston, TX

Mon/Tue Apr 22, 23: Vancouver, Canada

Apr 24-26: Toronto, Canada


Okay, let’s do a giveaway or two! The rules are simple. One entry for each.

1. Leave a comment below for a favorite line or scene. (But BEWARE: SPOILERS MAY BE PRESENT. DO NOT READ COMMENTS IF YOU HAVEN’T READ BOOK 1)

2. Tweet about the contest (if you’re on Twitter). Here’s an easy Tweet: Giveaway of THE RUNAWAY KING, sequel to THE FALSE PRINCE by @nielsenwriter. Leave a favorite line to enter: 

3. Post about the contest on Facebook or mention it on your blog (if you do either). But let me know in the comments if you do so I can add it as a contest entry.

All right, have at it! This contest will end on January 31st at midnight.



  1. I loved, loved, loved The False Prince. So hard to pick a favorite scene but I think I would have to go with: After King Jaron has appointed Conner to prime regent, Jaron shouts that he wants “prime regent, Lord Bevin Conner, arrested for the attempted murder of Prince Jaron four years ago.” I loved this part! All I could think was, You go, Jaron!!

    • Yes!! Me too! I mean jaron is so cool when he said that to conner! I was like, oh my Gawd sage you rock!!!

    • I love this book and you are so right! This book is amazing! I can’t wait to read the next book! When he stood up to Conner i was so surprised! Its so surprising that Sage is The real Prince!!!!!!!!

  2. SPOILER!!!

    I so loved the scene between Sage and his father at the church. It was so sad and powerful The line that stays with me is when the king says, “You will always be a royal in your heart.” The False Prince is a FAVORITE with my sixth graders and I would be their HERO if I got the ARC for The Runaway King! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  3. I am routing for The False Prince to win the Newbery. There are so many moments when I just sighed because the book was so good, but my favorite part was Sage’s voice. He is so witty and intelligent and self-confident that any comment he makes is a fun adventure.

    • I am reading The False Prince with my Fourth Grade book Club. They love the book so far. They were shocked and refuse to stop reading. They would love me to be able to get an ARC of book 2.

  4. I will try to contain my excitement at the thought of winning THE RUNAWAY KING!

    I have many favorite lines and scenes in THE FALSE PRINCE, but one of my top picks has to be in the castle near the end.

    He was the first to see what had caused the entire crowd in the great hall to fall silent.
    For Prince Jaron was standing at the head of the room.

    SO fantastic!I also tweeted about the contest from @RebeccaLSutton and shared on Facebook at

    Thank you so much for hosting this contest. Can’t wait to see how the story continues!

  5. False Prince was such an unexpectedly amazing book, and ARC or not, I will be the first one in line to buy Runaway King when it’s out. 🙂 Also, I’ll be in Tucson for the Festival of Books, whoot whoot!

    My favorite line (I forget the chapter precisely, and I don’t have the book here!!! D:) is “I’m never careful.”

    • Haha . I smiled when i read that part.

  6. Just finished The False Prince, and now I know what the rage is all about! My favorite scene is when Conner suddenly is pleading with Sage to BE the prince. My, how the tables turned on him, eh?! Thanks for the giveaway! I hope my 7th grade classes win!

  7. I think my favorite part is in the beginning when they are traveling to Farthenwood and Conner makes the boys answer questions about Carthya for food. It is that scene that makes me believe that this so-called game is real and that people will lose their lives in order to win. Furthermore, that scene also has this gritty tone that I love.

  8. Tweeted and posted to Facebook. My students are psyched about both books!

    I read “The False Prince” aloud to my 9 year old. Our favorite part was the “Wait! What? Yes!” moment we had when we realized Sage was the real prince. I cannot tell you which chapter exactly because we loaned out our copy of the book. “The False Prince” is a must share book! I have shared the link to the giveaway on facebook and will do the same on twitter. We really want to win! If not, we will patiently wait and count down the next 5 weeks and 4 days, if we must. 🙂

  10. I love when we start getting information about Sage’s past and can piece together that he is the lost prince! I literally yelled outloud and had to immediately find our school librarian to talk about it! I love being able to introduce my 6th graders to this story with the help of our amazing librarian who introduces me to great books too! Thanks Nitza, I can’t wait to share the next part of the story with you. To Jennifer, thanks for writing such a great story- I’m excited to see where you take us next!

  11. My Twitter and Facebook now both display lovely links to this contest.

  12. First, I got to say that I am extremely excited for “The Runaway King” to come out. I read the first book the day it came out because I kept seeing an advertisement for it. I wanted to buy it the first day I saw the ad, but the book wasn’t due for a few more days! Needless to say, I went to my local bookstore bright and early when it came out and it did not disappoint!

    As for my favorite line, I have one that has stuck with me every time I read the book. It is when Sage says “Valuable lessons were code words for pain that no one apologized for.” It was sooo powerful and intense and it is something that I could never seem to get out of my head.

  13. The best scene was when Sage throw the fake sword and revealed his true identity to Mott. Reread that part for a hundred times and it still gives me a goosebumps every time I do!

  14. My 9 year old, Luke, wants you to know that his favorite scene is the when Sage and Roden fight by the river under castle and Sage wins but lets Roden run away. Then Tobias offers to be his servant but Sage says be my friend instead. Luke and I both loved the book and we are so looking forward toThe Runaway King! Thank you for writing such a great story that for the first time my son just couldn’t put it down til he finished! 🙂
    I will post on Facebook about this great series as well’

  15. Ugh why do I have to chose one! Okay well my favorite would have to be where Mott figures out that Sage is really prince Jaron: “After a deep breath, Mott lowered himself to one knee and bowed his head. ‘What I think, if you forgive me for my blindness before, is that I never was looking at Sage the orphan. I kneel before the living prince of Carthya. You are Prince Jaron.'” That paragraph just gives me chills everyte I read it. Which has been like over 20 times.

    • *everytime

  16. I’m so excited for the paperback. I have it on kindle, but have been waiting for a paperback copy to read to my fifth graders. They are going to love it. I can’t pick a favorite part, but enjoyed the rather intense scene trying to get into the castle. I agree with Jo on the Newberry. My daughter and I called it the year “When you Reach Me” won. Can’t wait for the next one.

  17. Ummmmmm. My favorite scene, was the one between Sage and his father. It was just so intense and meaningful. I could feel Sage’s pain… The False Prince was such an amazing book. 8l

  18. Also it’s posted on facebook

  19. I’m so excited for but two! I absolutely loved The False Prince, it was so cool. I think my favorite part would be the whole realization, the ‘oh, holy crap he is the prince!’. And then the part afterwards when he takes care of Conner. But I also really like the beginning too, when Sage is running away with the chicken(was it a chicken or some other meat?), now that part I found to be rather hilarious. I can’t really remember my favorite line except for in the acknowledgments about how you heard that song and Sage was born, ‘I knew all the rules but the rules did not know me’.

    I’ve been trying to get my brother to read it, it is after all right up his all, but he wouldn’t simply because I want him too. Brothers. And I also left a comment on Facebook.

    • It was a roast beef, I think

  20. So many favorite parts… I love the scene where Sage finally admits that he really is Jaron. I love the scenes with the princess. I love the flashback scenes — Sage’s memories of his father, particularly when they are sitting in the church. I love the moments when Sage could be cruel and chooses not to be.

    Remembering favorite scenes is kindling an urge to read the book again. This time, I want my own copy instead of borrowing it from the library.

  21. I loved the whole book, especially re-reading it for the second time knowing Sage’s true identity. However, my favorite scene has got to be when he presents the fool’s gold near the end. I very nearly cried there, it was so touching.

    Or, can I say I liked all of Sage’s witty, sarcastic lines?

    I have shared the link on facebook.

  22. I loved any part where Sage was being a brat or telling the truth but no one believed him or it came true a different way later. One of my favorites was:
    “Kneel, please,” Connor said. “I wish to study you better.”
    Come as close to me as you’d like,” I answered. “Study me here, on my feet.”
    “You won’t kneel?”
    “Would a prince?”
    Conner raised his voice. “You’re not a prince until I say so.”
    “I don’t need you to say so, sir. As you see me standing here, I am the prince of Carthya.”

  23. First, Jennifer, I am thrilled at even the thought of winning an arc of The Runaway King. The False Prince was one of my reading highlights last year. As evidenced by my review you know I could not put it down once I started. The voice of Sage is outstanding in every way, filled with a variety of emotions. One of my favorite lines is: “Great. Let me know what the children’s reader has to say about impersonating a prince.” He is so good at presenting a perceived persona.

    Thanks again.

  24. Have not read book one yet, but it’s in the queue! Heard nothing but awesomeness about it, so hoping to do a book 1/book 2 double up soon!

  25. Spoiler

    I love the scene where Sage aka Prince Jaron meets up with his father at the church but Jaron didn’t know the real reason why his father pushed him away so that he can protect him from whats going to happen to the future.

    i don’t have a twitter account and i don’t plan on making one so i just repost the link that i found on facebook so that my friends will know about this contents. i really love reading this book over and over again 😀

  26. Love “The False Prince”! Favorite moment would have to be when the readers learn that Sage really is Prince Jaron. Blew my mind! Fanstatic writing:) I was on the edge of my seat the whole way through. I also posted about the contest on Facebook.

  27. I loved the build up just before it is revealed that Sage is the lost prince (the story of his background and how his brother found him then the scene between him and his father)…basically the part when my theory about him was proved correct ha ha ha. 🙂

    • I also posted about the contest on facebook and I plan on posting a quick entry about it on my website too. 🙂


    My favorite part was that Sage, though being the 1st person narrator was able to hide his true heritage from the reader. I talked about the giveaway on my Facebook page, here: and I also tweeted about it.

  29. “A person can be educated and still be stupid, and a wise man can have no education at all.”

    What a fabulous quote! Can’t wait for THE RUNAWAY KING. So excited that I tweeted, posted on Facebook (both personal and class page), and blogged about it.

    🙂 Go, Sage! Go! 🙂

  30. I loved The False Prince. I loved so many scenes. It’s hard to pick one. I did love the scene with Sage and his father where so much is revealed.

    I posted on Facebook.

    Congrats on all your good news, including that The False Prince will be a movie. I can’t wait.

  31. Hey, it’s E.j. I am one of the people who loved the Scene of Sage’s revelation. I kinda forgot about it, so I looked through the book and I found it on Chapter 43. “And from that moment on, I became Sage Of Avenia. That will probably be my favorite line and scene.

    God Bless You, and more blessings to come and congrats for the upcoming movie. Looking forward to watch it first.
    My twitter is @enriquep_ej

  32. Favorite part, favorite part… One element I seriously liked was that Tobias and Roden totally switched personalities! Did not expect that. I agree with Deb Tyo that the line about the connection (or lack thereof) between wisdom and education rocks. And I adored Mott!

    Also tweeted and shared on FB 🙂

  33. It’s tough having to choose which line/s or scene/s are my favorite, but I’d have to go with:

    p. 80

    Instead of feeling admonished, Sage manages to successfully turn the whole thing around. Of course, it was also the part where I burst out laughing.

    I have already about it, and have also posted about it on my Facebook. I also reviewed it at the blog (<a href="; title ="MICHELLE'S REVIEW: The False Prince")

    Thank you for creating such wonderful characters.

    • Well, that was embarrassing. Let’s try that again.

      It’s tough having to choose which line/s or scene/s are my favorite, but I’d have to go with:

      Mott sighed and left the room. He returned several minutes later with a larger chair in each hand. Master Graves was incensed and said, as punishment for my disruption, I would have to write my letters an extra ten times that day.
      “Ten times the better I’ll know them, then,” I said. “How strange that you should punish me by ensuring I come out more educated than Roden, who has tried to obey you.” p. 80

      Instead of feeling admonished, Sage manages to successfully turn the whole thing around. Of course, it was also the part where I burst out laughing.

      I have already Tweeted about it(, and have also posted about it on my Facebook. I also reviewed it at the blog (

      Thank you for creating such wonderful characters.

  34. My favorite scene has to be the one where Sage goads Cregan into letting him ride Windstorm, and appears to have fallen off some distance away. Little did they know! Sage’s big mouth is fine as long as he can back up his claims. I used this scene to cajole a friend into reading the book, and now she loves it just as much as I do!


  35. I had the opportunity to get the audio version and I love it. My favorite part was when Sage was in the dungeons and they were beating him to say it was just a rock. Best part of the book!

  36. Favorite scene from The False Prince is when he throws the fake sword in the river right before he is chosen to go the castle. I <3 this book!

    Thank you!

    Shared on Twitter:

    Shared on Facebook:


    Konstanz Silverbow

  37. I loved every page and everything about this book. Jaron is up there on my list of all time favorite characters. Mott was a favorite of mine. One of my favorite lines was from him, “You have my life, Prince Jaron.”

    I also posted on twitter and Facebook about the giveaway. I also reviewed this book on my blog and (I emailed you the links when I posted it:)

  38. I posted about your books and giveaway on Facebook. My son Hayden owns and loves all of your books. (It is on my to-do list to read them!) Hayden’s favorite part of the book is when the main character reveals to the reader that he is actually the lost prince.

  39. My students agree on “I’m never careful.” They also want you to know that the waiting list for The Runaway King is at 18! So ease please pick us. Tweeted about giveaway at HuchHouse.

  40. Soooo hard! I could choose any of the last scenes where things are starting to fall together. Particularly, when they’re sneaking into the castle through the tunnel, and there’s that lovely fight over the crown.

  41. Yay I love this book so much it was so well written and that’s coming from a book worm! Fav line ugh that’s hard I love everything sage says his lines are so well thought out but it’d have to be “Can you manage a sword?” “Sure if my opponent doesn’t have one”
    I don’ have twitter but I shared on facebook the link to the contest! I really want to read the next book but if I don’t I’ll make sure to go buy it as soon as it’s out! Also I really hope this gets turned into a movie! But they’d have to cast someone pretty epic for sage lol your book should be made into a graphic novel! I’ love to try to make an animation to go with ur trailer you have for the 1st book would that be okay?

    Heres my fb profile if u wanna see proof lolz

  42. I really enjoyed this book. It really drew me in. My son and I kept taking it from each other to read it. I liked so many parts of this book, but I was intrigued by Sage’s interest in Imogene. I feel like there is more to her story and hope the other books will share it.

  43. I think my favorite scenes were near the end, as Sage was sneaking around trying to get things into place… and the scene where Sage/Jaron killed the soldier to save himself and Imogen.

    For extra entries to the contest, I’ve tweeted and posted on facebook! Will post on my blog too:

  44. my favorite line would have to be this

    “Hail His Majesty, the scourge of my life,” Conner said to Roden and Tobias as he stomped up the stairs. “I fear the devils no longer, because I have the worst of them right here in my home!”

    i love this line for the pure anger and power in his voice that you hear in your mind as you read it.
    this book is one of the most well written books i have read in a long time. every time i think about this book and the the one to come i think about how amazing this could be acted since this book has so much emotion and personality. I cannot wait for the next one

    • Ha, I Agree. I Was Giggling Because Conner Was So Mad! I Bet Sage Was Grinning, Because He Won. Even If Jenn Didn’t Say He Was, I Think He Would xD

  45. I don’t know if I could pick a favorite moment! The whole book was spectacular! Hmmm… well, I really liked Imogen, and how as the story progresses we see how strong she really is.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    (Ooh, and I tweeted!)

  46. I loved the entire book! I don’t think it would be possible to pick just one, but I loved the interaction between Imogen and Sage after she realizes who he really is.

  47. I have not read the first book, but I’m excited to. Good luck on the sequel!

  48. I haven’t read The False Price yet 🙁 so I didn’t dare look at the comments! Would Love to win this one, I’ve heard lots and lots of great things about it.
    I tweeted:

    Posted on Facebook too:

  49. There’s just no way I could pick a favorite part, simply one of the best books I’ve ever read! Sage is one of the greatest literary characters, and I am absolutely dying of impatience to read The Runaway King!
    I posted on my Facebook, my Twitter (@Damoismyhero), and also going to mention it in my blog (!

  50. Oh gosh, I can’t even pick a favorite scene. The first one that comes to mind is at the very end when Connor reminds Jaron that he promised to obey him as his prince, and Sage/Jaron turns it back on him and has him arrested. Boo-yah!

    Also, I tweeted. 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  51. Whoop! Runaway King ARC! Super excited. Anyway, it’s been a while since I read False Prince but the scene that stands up in my mind is that one where he goes and gets the gold rock thing from the riverbed cause that’s when everything fell together and I didn’t realise how genius everything was. I loved the “it’s real gold.” line. There is a 65% chance I got all teary eyed.
    I also tweeted at you, Jennifer and shared the contest on my fb page:

  52. I loved the False Prince, and thoroughly enjoy recommending it to my students. My favorite part was the slow coming together of all of the details. I thought he might be the prince early on, but then I had no idea how it would get worked out. The mastery of the plot lured me in. I can’t wait to read the Runaway King!

  53. The False Prince is one of my favorite books and Jaron is my favorite character! I’d have to say my favorite line from the book is when he says “If I had to do it all over again, I would not have chosen this life. Then again, I’m not sure I ever had a choice.” That was the BEST first sentence of a book I have EVER read. It got me reeled in SO quickly. Your book is amazing and I can’t wait for The Runaway King!!

  54. I tweeted @bellabuttercup

  55. Love False Prince! It’s quickly rose to among my all-time favorite books (which previously contained no books written before 1972). Hard to choose one scene or line. I love Sage internal conflict on who he is and his hurts. Love watching him develop and eventually decide whether he’s Sage or Jaron.

  56. The False Prince is my all-time favorite book and I can’t wait for The Runaway
    King! My favorite line in FP is when Sage is in the dungeon and he says to Imogen “He wants to own me. If I give in to him on this, then there’s nothing left of me.” I like that Sage wants to be strong and won’t conform to Conner’s plan.

    I’m going to post this on my Facebook page and we will tweet about the book on twitter, too.

  57. I haven’t read Book 1, The False Prince yet but It’s been at the top of my to be read pile for awhile. I love fantasy and grew up with Mercedes Lackey and David Eddings. Both of these authors have had a similar story where someone thought ordinary is unveiled to be extraordinary in some way. I love this story of growth and change. I look forward to introducing these authors to my son.

    Kelly Ethan

  58. I haven’t read either, but would like to. Thanks for running the giveaway. I tweeted ( and will mention it on my blog post tomorrow.

  59. Hey. 😀 I Love Your Book SOOO Much! It’s So Hard To Choose, So I’ll Just List Tops 😛
    1. “If I had to do it all over again, i would not have choosen this life. Then again, I’m not sure I ever had a choice”
    2.”It’s Gold”
    3.”And tell me, Sage, which person have you worked so hard to be? The orpahn, or the prince?”
    1.When Sage Attacked Cregen After Cregen Killed Latamer.
    2.Sage In The Dungeon (don’t ask why)
    3.Sage Owning Roden >:D
    So I Just Mention It On Facebook? Will Do So, This is So Awesome 😀

  60. Confession: I have bought The False Prince ages ago from Audible, and have it on my iPod, but I haven’t listened to it yet, even though I’m dying to after hearing so many people rave about it on Twitter and Facebook and YARWA and TeenLitAuthors. However, I’ve heard it’s so suspenseful, that I’m going to want to wait until the next one comes out before I start the first one, so I can read them together. So that’s why I’d love to win a copy of The Runaway King: so I can finally listen to the first one! Oh, and if it helps, I plan to review both for the popular school librarian/teacher blog I belong to (since I know that’s one of the purposes of ARCs).

  61. I absolutely LOVED this book. I listen to the book in the car and almost missed my exit (several different times!)

    I couldn’t wait to share it with my students and we start today.

    Best of all, we have just organized a Skype visit with you for next week. My class can hardly believe our good fortune!

    An advance copy would be the frosting on this “Prince-ly Cake!” Talk about hooking your readers.

    Looking forward to sharing your book with as many as we can!

    • Needed to add my favorite scene…

      It was when you finally learned about the stone Sage had been carrying around with him. I kept inferring and predicting what it really was, but I never thought of the twist you created.

      I wonder what my students will infer?

  62. I absolutely love The False Prince! It is my fav book. I would be sooooooooooo excited if I coild win an ARC copy of The Runaway King.My favorite part of The False Prince was when Mott said
    “What I think if you forgive me of my blindness before, is that I never was looking before Sage the Orphan.I kneel before the living prince of Carthya. You are Prince Jaron.” I love that part of the book because I was so suprised I never expected Sage to be the Prince!

  63. I also find it difficult to pick a favorite scene (and my copy is in a different state, so I can’t browse!). I do, however, love watching Sage scheme, and I love how the reader really odes have no idea what he is up to , until the big reveal. Some of the lines other commenters have posted, where Sage turns everything around on his opponents, are great! He’s very witty!


  64. My favorite part in the False Prince is toward the end when Mott finally realizes what he has been seeing all along. I love Sage throwing away the sword, Mott’s reaction, and then his declaration. Just love the way the scene plays out.

  65. Haha… My favorite line in the first book of the ascendance trilogy (The False Prince) is “Patience is the mark of a ruler” I think Sage is a clever boy who is patient. Patient enough to reveal his true identity and to reveal Conner as the one who killed his parents and his brother. My favorite scene in the book is when Sage as Jaron was presented in the court and Jaron reveals what Conner did. By the way Miss Jen thanks for the giveaway. God Bless!!!

  66. One of my favorite parts is when Coner learns the truth about Sage.

  67. Best line of all time, and an opener, “if I had to do it all over again, I would not have chosen a this life, but I am not sure i ever had a choice.” My fave part is when Sage is finally recognized for who he is. I’m not done yet, though, so I cannot read what anyone else says!

  68. I loved the book so much I shared it with friends and have not seen it since. I have been waiting for book 2 ever since. I loved how Jaron was able to stay true to himself and yet overcome all odds. I think I figured out he was the prince almost from the beginning. I get that way sometimes. But It did not spoil the book for me. I really loved the last part where he was in the throne room and was able to find out he was truly the Prince.

  69. My very favorite part is near the beginning, when Latimer was killed. It was deceitful, swift, and final. I was hooked at that point, knowing that the author would be telling a story a little (ok, a lot) differntly than another author might. SHe doesn’t mess around!

    I loved the book so much that I have extra copies that I give away to some of my homeschool friends’ kids when they ask about good reads.

  70. It’s so hard to just pick one part! However, I think my most favorite part of the False Prince is the scene where Sage finally admits to everyone that he is in fact Prince Jaron. So riveting!

  71. I just posted to facebook. I tagged you in the post…

    Who’d’ve thought a kids book would be so enthralling!

  72. Oh man, my favorite scene? That is tough. I loved so many different things about the book. I would say that one of my fave parts was the scene with his father and when we realized it was all done for his protection/that he was loved.

    I tweeted about the giveaway here:

    I commented about the giveaway on my blog post here:


  73. +1 by tweeting about the giveaway
    and +1 in posting it on facebook

    I hope I could win this giveaway hehe 🙂

  74. My 12 yo daughter stole my copy and never returned it, I think I’ll go raid her room while she is at school. She loved it and is so looking forward to the new installment. I know she has read it 3-4 times, but I don’t know her favorite scene…Oh well. I better get it ordered for her birthday in March!

  75. This book was recommended to me, so I read it and then recommended it to my sister and another friend, and both loved it.

    My favorite part has to be sage uncovers tobias’ notes

  76. This was the best book i have ever read. It is like the characters are actuly living , breathing, and acting the book out in front of me in a movie . My favorit part is when sage is telling mott in the woods that he is the prince and he told the story about the princes father and the prince and the church. i love this book!!!!!

  77. I LOVED The False Prince, and I’ve been waiting, waiting, waiting for the sequel. Hmm. Not sure about a favorite line, but I especially liked how he didn’t betray the other boys.

    (I also tweeted and facebooked about the contest. : )

  78. Favorite line because it is sooooo true: “Valuable lessons were code words for pain that no one apologized for” (p.89)

  79. Another favorite because it is a good reminder: ” You should always choose on the side of hope” (p.194)

  80. My absolute favorite scene would be this one:

    “Hail His Majesty, the scourge of my life,” Conner said to Roden and Tobias as he stomped up the stairs. “I fear the devils no longer, because I have the worst of them right here in my home!”

    For me, the last line in this just seemed to capture Sage’s essence. Not to mention it made me laugh.

    I also posted on my Facebook!

  81. The most profound moment for me when listening to the audiobook of The False Prince was listening to Sage and his father talk in the church–it was such an ambivalent and heart wrenching scene.

  82. I have tweeted about the contest – we absolutely LOVED the False Prince and are anxiously awaiting THE LOST PRINCE to come out!

  83. We posted the giveaway on our blog AND on Facebook as well. We love you Jen! 🙂

  84. Ok maybe I should have included the links to the above posts. Oops. Here they are…

    We posted on Twitter here:

    And we posted on our blog here:

    And we posted on FaceBook here:!/ReviewingWonderland

  85. My favorite part was when Sage finally revealed who he really was. I know I should’ve saw it coming, but with all the twists and turns, I totally forgot! Thanks for the giveaway! 😀

    I tweeted about it:

    Daphne @ Reading Until Dawn

  86. My favorite part was when Jaron rejected the princess totally. I mean he so could have had her to himself but he went for the servant girl. My type of man. I would be PUMPED to get an ARC of the Runaway King.

  87. I LOVE this book….I got it for Christmas and read it in a day! I couldn’t put it down. I think they are all my favorite parts…Thank You for a great book!
    (Facebook post on EscapeReality)

  88. I absolutely adore The False Prince! I’ve already read it twice and plan to read it many more times.

    One of my favorite scenes had to be when Sage and Imogen were sitting on the window sill at the inn and they were talking about what it was going to be like when Sage was prince. I thought it was a really cool scene because it showed a different side of him. I liked it so much I even drew a picture of it! Scenes like this make me anxious to know what is going to happen next with Sage’s friends (and enemies… dun, dun, dun!).

    Though, the best scene had to be when the reader found out that Sage is Prince Jaron. I never saw it coming at all! When I read it, I was like “What?!?! No way!?!?” All the pieces came together at that point and made me love the book even more.

    I am extremely excited for The Runaway King and cannot wait to read it!!!

  89. I love so many scenes, but I was very pleasantly surprised when Sage threw the sword in the river. I loved the nagging suspicion of is is?/isn’t he? as it built, and I loved the reveal. Most of all, I just love the complexity of a character who has learned to deceive and scheme without losing some essential innocence and nobility.

  90. Ok, I know I’m too late for the contest, but I just wanted to let you know that I stumbled upon The False Prince at my daughter’s Scholastic book fair in November, bought it for myself, and LOVED it. In fact, I just read it aloud to my two girls (age 9 and 10) and at the end of every chapter they begged, “Read MORE, read MORE!” Needless to say, we’re all DYING for March 1 to arrive to find out what happens next.

    (And, even though it won’t count for the contest, I did mention your book at my LiveJournal and my absolute favorite moment was when Mott (and I) first realized that Sage really was the prince, and the chapters that follows, tying everything all together.)

  91. Just one? I loved his tenderness towards the servants. I loved the entire bucking horse scene and poison vial. Wow Julie, I had no idea and I usually guess plots instantly. I guess I was too busy just enjoying the book and all to even think that would happen. In fact the way the book jumps to the reveal in that chapter was hilarious. A fly on the wall of my house would have laughed. I reread the first page of that chpt three times so confused on the plot jump. It mystified me so much I thought a chapter of the book was missing. Brawhahaha. I get the dork reader prize of the year. ( is the reward a free book?) I was so flabbergasted, AND let me tell you Jennifer, that never happens to me in a book.

  92. Comment

    • Whoops! My fault, my hand slipped. I read The False Prince as a library book, stained and impatiently inticipated. I had stumbled upon the title in a series of luck, and I am soooo glad I did. The book had me from the first sentence, and I followed Sage’s characteristic voice like that of a friend, being both endearing and sometimes frustrating at once. I found that the dialogue is different than most. You know when you read a scrap of dialogue and you think, “whoah! That was amazing!” and you have to read it again? Almost every word spoken was like that so that at the end of the chapter instead of reading those lines again, I had to simply close my eyes and let them soak in! But not for too long, I couldn’t wait for total submersion.
      For anyone who has not read this book, READ IT. For Jennifer, thank you, I loved it. And even though I had to return it, those wowee lines stayed in my head. Though I know that the contest is over, I will put one of my favorite parts just for fun. I liked when he was in the dungeon, how brave he was and the realization later as to why that funny little rock was important to him. “It’s gold.”

  93. I basically love the whole entire book,and have read it several times. I’m only in 8th grade and recommend this book to every person that I come across. I would have to say though, that my faveorite part would be when they are about to leave the mansion to be on their way to the palace, and all of a sudden Sage is doing the coin flipping across his fingers and then all of a sudden Conner is forgetting about the other kid and is taking Sage. 🙂

  94. Hello! I have read the False Prince, and it was very good! I could not put it down, and kept reading it until I was 100% asleep! Do you know what the third book of the trilogy will come out, because my teacher, and I are so curious!? It will be such a gift if you replied to this! Thank you!!! 🙂

    • Thank you, Paul! I’m sorry you lost sleep, but I’m really glad you’ve enjoyed the books. The third book will be available early next spring – probably March!

  95. I truly loved the false prince. My favorite scene is when “Sage” jumps out and kills the solider to save Imogen.

  96. You can read part of The Runaway King at Google Books.

    • Sure enough! Though I think it drops off at a place where readers will definitely wish they had the rest of the book in front of them.

  97. Sage is jaron. As much as I entertained this possibility, I somehow was still caught off guard, but in the best way possible.

  98. ahhhhhh!!!!i cant wait till the third book comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! may 1,2014….HERE I COME!!!

    • I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the first two, Skilyr. The good news is The Shadow Throne’s release date has been moved up – now to Feb 24, 2014. War is coming…

  99. i read the first two books of the trilogy for summer reading and you truly made my summer a blast!!!!

  100. Kinda saw the sage being jaron way before it says it, kinda obvious but still my favorite part

  101. Did I mention that I can actually roll a coin over my knuckles? 😛

    • Very cool!

    • I wish I could be like Jaron and do that

      • I actually taught myself how. However if I try to show people they grab the coin to buy lunch lol. Guess I go to school with a bunch of Jarons.

  102. One of my favorite parts is when Jaron is at the palace with the princess and then the last sentence saids…” Jaron, war has just begun.” Love the cliff hanger


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