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Sorry for the delay in posting this news, but with the busy time of year, I’m just getting to blogging about this. Last week, the Hollywood Reporter posted this article titled, “‘Game of Thrones” Editor to Adapt Paramount’s ‘The False Prince.'”

The editor they speak of is Bryan Cogman, an executive story editor for HBO’s Game of Thrones series. Bryan is a Juilliard-trained actor and very talented writer who has written two of the show’s episodes and works on set throughout the filming. I could not be happier to have him working on the screenplay.

It’s also thrilling just because Bryan has worked on Game of Thrones. The False Prince has often been called “A Game of Thrones for kids.” Although the stories certainly have their differences, both series’ are interwoven with court intrigue, spies, wars and rumors of war, lies, betrayal, and witty characters. Bryan Cogman is a perfect choice to bring that wonderful flavor into The False Prince screenplay.

Finally, it is the greatest of honors to have The False Prince associated with Paramount Pictures. My many thanks to producer Deborah Forte of Scholastic Media who has done so much for this book’s journey to film.

But I do need to answer a few questions…

1. Is a movie for certain?

Until the popcorn is in your hand and you have your seat in the theater, nothing is certain. So this is a great step forward, but only one step. Keep your fingers crossed that it moves to the next!

2. Has the movie been cast?

No, but I would love to hear your suggestions for any cast members, if you have them. I do have a few of my own ideas, but I’m not revealing them yet!

3. Will you let me know when they’re casting, so I can audition?

Sure! How cool would it be if that worked out? Would you still talk to me if you became famous?

4. What can I do to help?

Um, at this point, unless you are very good friends with any higher ups at Paramount, you can wait along with me, hoping for more news to come soon! But be patient – this is a long process and it takes time!

I will keep you updated when I know more!


  1. That is exciting news! “The False Prince” would make a terrific movie – I hope the next steps keep lining up until it’s official! 🙂

    • Thank you Mara! I hope so too!

      • Jennifer, I would also love to know when they are having auditions. It would be so fun just to try! When you know when and where, could you tell me?

        • Nicole – if they do make a movie, then I’ll announce audition information when it’s posted. Keep your fingers crossed!

          • How long do you think it will take? Sorry if I sound impatient – I’m just super excited! XD

          • I’m excited too, though it could be another year for the final drafts of the screenplay to be written and approved. Patience just isn’t cool, right?

          • I would love to be in your movie, it would be awesome. I love the False Prince! It is one of the best books that I will ever read!

          • Thank you, Colin! If a movie is made, I hope you get a chance to audition!

          • Jennifer i fell in love with Jaron and imogen and all of the characters as i got deeper into the book i loved it even more and i thought about my personality and jarons we are a lot alike!

          • You and Jaron are a lot alike, huh? Your poor, poor mother! 😉

            Seriously, that is awesome.

          • Jennifer i was wondering if you could write the false prince series from Imogens point of view that would be truly awesome beacouse more girls read it that boys at my school!

          • I think if I ever wrote from Imogen’s point of view, I’d add to the story rather than repeat the story you already know. But it would be interesting!

          • I’m very stoked to audition for Sage so please let me know when auditions will be held Jennifer. Thank you!!!

          • There probably won’t be any movie news until February. I hope for good news then!

        • Yeah I think I would be a good jaron!!

          • i think i would be a good jaron but im a girl :[

          • Ah, then you should watch for my book next fall, The Scourge. Perhaps you will like the main character in that one, a girl who cannot stay out of trouble to save her life. And I mean that literally.

          • Jennifer i think if i cut my hair like jarons and get my voice deeper i would probably get the part. although i would make a good imogen if i do say so myself! thank you for replying to my comment Jennifer! and when are the aditions for the false prince?

          • The movie is not a “for sure” thing yet, but if it is approved, then I hope you will get the chance to audition!

          • Jennifer in the runaway king when roden locked sage up my heart pounded and i knew that if that happened to me i would do that same thing and i was writing a script for the false prince and i want it on Broadway!

          • That would be an awesome thing, Jordan! Keep working on it!

          • i would make a good jaron too i bet

          • That would be awesome!

          • Jennifer i was wondering if you could make a book about Imogen’s that would be awesome to and my face lit up when you replied back to my first comment!

          • 🙂

          • Imogen’s point of veiw

      • I think you should have Freddie Higmore play Tobias.

        • Jennifer when o got the runaway king i read it in 1 day!

          • i

          • Wowzers – that’s awesome! I’m sure Jaron appreciated you hurrying through it, seeing how he was in such bad trouble of the whole book!

      • I loved the book so much!!!!! Im reading it again cause I cant stop thinking about it!i would love to know when the auditions is to.

        • I think I would be a good Imogen!! not talking is my thing> lol if it comes out in a year I would be a great age couse then I would be 14. and im a great actor well that’s what I and a lot of people think.please let me knoe if theres any auditions!!!!

          • I probably won’t know for sure if the movie will be made until at least February. If they make the movie, I definitely hope you get the chance to audition, Elahanna, and that you continue working on your acting skills, no matter what!

        • Jennifer i sent you 2 emails for fa mail and did u get them?

          • Yep! Just haven’t had a chance to respond yet. Hopefully this week!

        • im guessing he probably will because he is awesome the way he does things its remarkable and awesome and mark of the thief book is amazing Jennifer!

        • hi Jennifer its me Jordan and i started to read mark of the thief and it is one of the best books i read besides the false prince of course!

          • Thanks very much, Jordan! I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far!

      • Tom Hiddleston would make an excellent Connor or Mott!

        • I read all the books in a matter 2 weeks

          • That’s awesome, Taren – you cruised through the books!

          • thank you
            For writing the best book ever Mrs.Nielson

          • Thank you, Dane!

        • Jennifer i was wondering if you are going to be writing another
          trilogy because i love your writing style! and i hope that the false prince becomes a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Hi Jordan! The trilogy I’m currently working on is Mark of the Thief, that takes place in Ancient Rome with an escaped slave, some stolen magic, and a battle to control the fall of an empire. Within a few months, I’ll begin talking about what is coming next!

      • When is audition will you email me?!??! Love this book haven’t read second or third.

        • I won’t be able to email out audition info, but if a movie is made, and if they do open auditions, I will post the information here on my blog. Thank you!

          • I love the False Prince series! It is the best series that I have ever read! I really hope that a movie comes out!

          • Thank you, Amber!

          • Hi Jennifer its me again and i just wanted to ask you if i could use your dialog for some of my lines in my play. Its o k if you say no i was just wondering.

          • Yes, you can. Good luck!

        • Jennifer that is awesome and i have been pushing my mom and sister to read it and my mom has so much to do the cant read the trilogy but i truly like about your writing is that you write adventure books because that’s my style and its like who i am and i really can connect to sage or king jaron because he does whats right and has a lot of mischief. And your series has gotten me into alot of other books, i cant name any of the top of my head but i read the false prince maybe about 9 times about to be my tenth! I just love your series and what you do and please never stop writing because i love your style and its hard to find adventure books and my type of people in the books but all your books i read so far has all of those things and im so happy you became a writer and you write in a first person perspective. Sorry if i am typing to much i just love your books and the play for Broadway is going good and for the script can i use some of your dialog for my script? Thanks for replying to all of my comments!

      • hi Jennifer,
        you know in your book it says Imogen has long red/auburn curly hair would you want someone in your cast to have long brown curly hair with red and blond highlights? and mixed. would you consider that? or do you want her to look perfect as in the book because those types dont come often and are verry limited. what i am trying to say is would you give any girl the opportunity? would you cast her in all your movies?

        • Hi Gabby. If they decide to make a movie, I won’t have any say in how the movie is cast. But of all things the director might look for, the least of his concerns would be the actresses’ natural hair color, which can easily be changed with dyes or wigs. So that won’t be an issue at all.

          • Jennifer i think you should get a say who the cast is how the movie is made because you are the author of the book.

          • I would love to have a say in any part of the production, but movies and books are different types of art, even when working with the same story.

    • Hey I just wanted to know if they’re were to be a movie how long from now will it come out and thank u for writing the best books ever I’m kinda obsessive about this trilogy 😳💯

      • No news, I’m afraid. I hope to have an update soon though! Thanks for asking!

    • i am really excited!! the false prince would make a great movie!!!!

  2. Very cool

    • NOOOOOOOOOOO 🙁 I can’t wait a yearrrrrrr I’m already dying because I read the prologue and first chapter of the Shadow Throne on Amazon… 😉

    • Oh, and is the movie going to be just the False Prince or all three books combined? Or do you not know yet?

      • The chance for the second two movies would depend on the box office success of the first movie. So if it gets made, my next hope will be that enough people come out to see it. Eek!

        • I’m sure that the movie will be a huge hit! 😀 Thanks for answering all my questions… I got a little too excited LOL

        • I have used up all my money to see the same movie twice. Don’t worry. I’ll be there AT LEAST twice. Maybe three times. Or four.

      • Don’t think so 3 is better than 1…

  3. I hope it becomes a movie and they stick close to the book! I really enjoyed reading it; I love stories with a twists at the end!

    • Thank you Grace! Keep your fingers crossed for both those wishes – I feel the very same way!

      • Hi I am here with my BFF Ella we really hope that your book will get transformed into a movie.

  4. I cannot imagine how truly excited you have to be over something so big. It is a huge compliment to your writing! I have to admit I do love the Game of Thrones Series on HBO, and the books of course. I have my lucky vibes, fingers crossed and prayers going out that The False Prince get the attention it deserves! Every child should be driving their parents insane over reading the books and seeing the movie. That’s because I said so. Even if I am just a crazy blogging mom. 😀

    • Thanks Traci – maybe we need more crazy blogging moms in the world, right?

      • Hey! 🙂 my entire family has read your books multiple times. I love your style of writing! My sister loved your books so much she was inspired to write a series. She’s working on getting it published as we speak. Thanks Mrs. Aimee Anderson for getting me into the series! 🙂 thanks for writing this truly amazing books! My cousin was wondering about ding fan art. Check out his work! he’s amazing and so r u! I hope they make these movies and Ya! I’m thinking about taking to my second cousin about it cuz he’s pretty high up… “Andrew Garfie” that would be him! Ahhh I’m so excited! Hope to hear news soon! 🙂

        • Thanks for the update, Aubrey. I hope your sister is successful in becoming published! Your cousin does do amazing art work. And I should have movie news, one way or the other, by the end of February. Fingers crossed!

  5. I love your book. Sage is amazing!
    A hug from a fan from Brazil.

  6. While listening to the audiobook (Charlie McWade did a fantastic job performing it), I couldn’t get away from the thought that this would make a great movie. I go to your website only to find that I am completely correct. Ha! Thank you for writing for a younger audience. I can actually share this with my kids! I can’t express how much that is appreciated.

    • Shel, yes I thought Charlie did a great job too! He’ll be narrating book 2’s audio as well. And I’m glad you like the idea of this becoming a movie. Me too, so keep your fingers crossed!

      • Do you think you will be able to find someone who can perform Sage/ Prince Jaron to everyone’s expectations? I hope you can find someone who can do his coin knuckle role. I love Sage!

        • Great question, Courtney! If a movie is made, I won’t get much of a choice in who they cast, but like you, I would hope they find just the right actor to play him.

  7. OH MY GOODNESS I SO HOPE FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY SOUL THAT A MOVIE IS MADE OUT OF THE FALSE PRINCE! I absolutely loved the book, and believe it would make a blockbuster movie. PLEASE KEEP WRITING, Ms. Nielsen! I’m rooting for you!

    • Thank you Ashton! From the bottom of my soul, I hope it’ll happen too! Time will tell…

  8. wow! thats soo cool, it seems like that was quick i felt like it was just yesterday i found the book at barnes and noble now it may be a movie! congrats!!!

    • Thank you Ty. It’ll still be some time before a decision is made any way on this movie. I’m learning to be more patient!

  9. can you tell me when the adutions are being held i would like to try for the part of imogen the only problem is that i live in fairbanks alaska

    • Katrina – If a movie is made, it’s still a long ways until they’ll do auditions. But when it happens, I will post any information I get. I think that would be awesome if you ever got that chance!

  10. This would be the best movie ever, How Much Stuff Do I Need To Buy To Make This Work xD <—- Jk I'm Broke. But I Would Love To Be An Actress For The Movie, Unless I Could Destroy It, I Would Run Away xD

  11. Wow! This is really exciting! I really hope to see it in theaters. I finished The False Prince in a day and I am truly in love with it. I hope to see the second book in the stores in March! Honestly, being an actress for the movie would be fun but I do not live anywhere near California. I want to meet you some day to tell you how much I liked your books (and get them signed possibly)!

    • Thank you Allison. I hope I’ll get a chance to meet you one day as well! I’ll soon be posting a copy of my travel schedule for this March and April. With any luck, I’ll be in a city near you at some point!

      • hi Jennifer i was wondering if you could come to Texas one day and sign books at the haslet public library because that would be amazing to see you in person! and you are my biggest idol and i hope you will always write mischief in your books!i hope you never stop writing!

        • Hi Jordan! I had to smile at your post – I’m actually headed to Texas in about an hour, though I’ll be in Houston for Tweens Read, a little too far from Haslet. (I do have a layover in Dallas though!). The best way to get me to Haslet is to let your school and community librarians know you want me to visit. You never know what kind of doors that request might open! Thanks very much though – there will always be mischief aplenty in my books!

  12. ,!!!!!!! They need to make this a movie! And game of thrones that’s awesome i luv game of thrones! If they make a movie i hope they don’t change the ages! Cuz thats thing i find they always do lol 🙂 know whos a good actor that could be one of the boys is actually the guy who plays Joff in game of thrones he’s an amazing actor even tho i hate his character in game of thrones but either way they’d have to get an amazing actor to play sage ! Hes such an epic character this is the first book that ive read 3 times in a row and a few times after that! I was so excited when I heard they might be making a movie out of it! Ps can’t wait for ur next book!

  13. Oh my gosh, this is amazing, It just hit me while reading The Runaway King (which does not in any way, shape, or form disappoint) earlier today how much The Ascendace Trilogy is like Games of Thrones lite (I wouldn’t exactly use “for kids” sice, even though it’s classified as a “Middle Grade/Reader” this series could be enjoyed any anyone). Anyway, congratulations on such an amazing editor, can’t wait to see this series come to life.

  14. This is such a great book!!! I really hope it’ll be made in to a movie. 🙂 I’m getting The Runaway King from my school’s book orders. I’m really excited! Thanks for writing these books!

    • Thanks, Kyla! I hope you enjoyed Runaway King!

      • The false price was the best book i have read so far. I really hope there will be a movie ( my favorite character was Imogen)


        • Thanks, Dunya! I hope so too!

          • Jennifer you should be really proud of yourself and do not say you hope so say you know so!!! Every one loves this book and the director will too!! Just keep calm and carry on! 😀

          • Excellent advice – thank you much!

  15. The False Prince has been my favorite book ever since I got it. I was very excited for the sequel and it didn’t disappoint me. Meeting you would be awesome and acting in the movie would be the best. I have been an actor ever since I was a kid and I think I would make a great Sage. If you already have the cast in mind, that’s cool. But if there’s a chance let me know what I can do. Thanks!

    • Awesome Thomas – I’m so glad you’ve loved the book. If a movie is made, I won’t be the one choosing the cast, but I would love to see fans cast in the big roles. If it gets to that point, then I will post audition information here on my blog. Good luck!

  16. AHHHHHHHH!!!! I’m so excited!!!!!!

  17. I love this book. Iv’e been waiting to get a hold of the runaway king. It’s in the way you tell the story and the twist behind it. I would love to have romance in the story though—like undying and untouchable. such as that.. hehe!

    • Thank you Reen! I hope you’ll enjoy Runaway King when you do get a chance to read it.

  18. OMG
    I’m serious! He’s so perfect aghhhhhh
    This is Ashlyn’s friend by the way.(: I love these books so much and I really hope there’s a movie. Me and Ashlyn really want to audition.

    • Colin Ford does have a great look. I hope there’s a movie too – good luck to you and Ashlyn if you get to audition!

  19. I would absolutely love to audition for this movie!!! I can’t wait until the next book comes out! Please please please post audition info on your website! Thanks.

  20. I think if you came across someone like Leo Howard or Logan Lerman, someone inbetween them would make a great Sage/Jaron.

  21. Please, Matthew knight as sage/jaron, he would be perfect for telling jarons clever come backs. Those other actors that were recommended just can’t do it. This is my only proposal for the makers of this film.

    • Hmm, I don’t know anything about him, but he does have a great look. Good suggestion – maybe if a film is made the casting directors will look at him.

  22. Hi jennifer! i love your false prince series! it made me fall back in love with books again when i lost hope that there was nothing interesting to me anymore 🙂 when i found your book was gaven to me for an assignment, i was interested to read what lies in the novel and i trueeeeellllyy LOVED it!!! thanks for making it and i would love to meet you one day.

    • Thank you, Alexia. That is a huge compliment, and I am glad you’re back into reading again! It would be great to meet you too – I’ll be traveling a lot over the next year. As I know my schedule for public events, I’ll post it and hopefully will be coming to a city near you soon!

  23. Any ideas on where you want it to be filmed?

    • Hmm, I don’t know. I was in Northern California’s lush green hill country a few months ago and thought parts of it looked very much like Carthya. But I haven’t thought much about it. Do you have any ideas?

      • Your movie, not mine.

  24. But I do think napa valley looks like farthenwood would.

  25. Mrs. Nielsen, I’m a critic, I criticize book, movies, food etc.
    And I Would Like To Talk To You About This Movie.

    Please Contact Me: at

    Thank You!!!

  26. Mrs. Nielsen, I am like soooo in love with the ascendence trilogy!!
    I would love to audition for Imogen, but it’s hard for me to memorize lines, so I’ll leave it to someone else. I remember that I got the book of the library bookshelf , and the summary looked so interesting, so I thought i would give it a shot. I think that was one of my best ideas ever! I am so glad I decided to take that book. I was so hooked I could not put it down!You write so great, it is like I could see it all, know what Sage was thinking and feeling at that exact moment. I was so happy when the runaway king came out. When will the last book come out? I love the twist at the end. I did not expect that ending! I loved it so much that my friends and I were even planning to make a movie out of it if no one did before us. I am soooo excited for the movie. I do have a friend who might be a perfect Sage, he has dark blond hair, but color eyes…sooo. Ohh, keep writing Mrs. Nielsen!!
    Thank you for allowing us to enter your world of imagination!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Jubilee. Book 3, The Shadow Throne, will be released on February 25, 2014. War is coming…

  27. I just finished The Runaway King, and it was amazing! Can’t wait for The Shadow Throne and/or The False Prince movie!

  28. Hey Jennifer! I love your books! A little sad about Imogen in book 2, but whatever happens, book three will be Amazing. About the movie, for the auditions if theres gonna be any, what would the age range have to be for the characters? Thank you!

    • Thanks, Jake! They’ll probably cast the characters a little older than they’d be in the movie, sort of like what was done in the Percy Jackson and Eragon movies. But that’s only my guess, and I don’t really get a say in any of this. There’s also no way to be sure of when this will get green lit, whether it’s in a month or in years from now. Movies are a crazy sort of business.

  29. I just turned 14 and the series is just the best and if the movie goes through ok then I would love to audition for Roden because I act basically like him. Also thanks for writing the books your my idol!


    • If a movie is approved, I’ll post audition info here. I hope you’ll get the chance to try out for Roden’s part!

  30. Also where would the auditions take place most likely. and I hope this movie doesn’t turn out to be as bad as the movie Eragon because that movie was a bust!


    • It’s still too early to know any audition details. And yeah, if it gets made, I’m sure they’ll do a much better job with it!

  31. I’m absolutely certain there’s going to be a movie, since Bryan is writing the screenplay. A great book must have a great movie to accompany it, so I’m very confident in Bryan. 🙂
    I can’t wait!

    • I definitely think he’s the right screenwriter for this book. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

  32. (The false prince)

    This book just like calling me to buy it, when i first saw it in the bookstore. And i know that was the best decision i ever made when i read the false prince… its really AMAZING, its rare to find a sly heroine like sage/jaron, and i have high expectasion for the cast and the movie. Unfortunately the runaway king not avalaible yet in my country, Indonesia :'( …… but i really hope the movie came out soon.

    • Thanks Evelyn! I’m glad you enjoyed The False Prince, and I hope The Runaway King will come out in Indonesia soon!

  33. Hey Jennifer! I know I’m commenting a little late… but I just read the False Prince and the Runaway King! I loved it!!! Thank you for making a book that is fun, good writing, but nothing inappropriate. We need that in this world! I saw this post of yours about making the False Prince a movie and I would love it! If it is a movie, I want you to be involved! It would be great for you to help with casting and the screenplay because it’s more of your mind and we as an audience can see how YOU pictured it. I have some ideas for casting if you are interested! I just looked at pictures and how they looked not how they acted. So these are going off of how I imagined the characters’ appearance.
    SAGE: Billy Unger. I thought he had the cutest smile! That’s a characteristic I found in the books with Sage: his smile! He always was doing his sly smile and it was big and adorable! So choose an actor where the first thing you notice is his big smile please! He better be cute too!!
    Roden: Josh Hutcherson. I pictured Roden with big muscles but not as tall. I thought he had dark hair and a rounder face but I could be wrong. I thought Josh and his facial expressions were perfect for the part!

    Tobias: Freddie Highmore. This one was a little difficult for me to find the right person but it’s just an idea! I imagined Tobias tall, thin, and scrawny. I thought he had curly hair too but I’m not sure about that sorry! I thought Freddie’s long thin face would be great for Tobias! Just make the character scrawny and I’ll be happy!

    Latimer: Robert Capron. Someone who is a little pudgy and baby face is what I thought of.

    Mott: Isaac C. Singleton Jr. is who I thought would be perfect! Pick someone who is tall, dark, and muscly!

    Imogen: Isabelle Fuhrman. I pictured Imogen with long dark hair and simple. Nothing extravagant. She is just a cute simple girl. I was POSITIVE Isabelle fit the part!

    Conner: David Whalen. I thought he looked perfect because of his beady eyes and strict face. Choose an actor that can act calm and stiff. That’s how I imagined him.

    Cregan: Honestly I pictured Cregan a short version of the Stabbington brothers from Tangled. I couldn’t think of anyone to fit the part so the closest I got was Michael Jibson. Pick someone who is short but fierce and scary! I imagined red hair but again, I could be wrong.

    Sorry I take the basics of a character’s appearance how the author describes them but I then I just add my own twist to it! So if those people aren’t how you imagined your characters at all then sorry! I thought they would be great for a movie! But please be involved if you are making a movie. I hate when people make movies from the books but the author isn’t involved at all. It will make the movie a billion times better if you are a part of its making! Love your books! Thank you!

    • I think these are some great suggestions, Alexa! I particularly loved the suggestion for Isaac Singleton for Mott. I would eagerly be involved in any aspect of the production, but the studio will have their experts and their vision.

  34. If you could tell me anything on auditions as well, that would be great!

    • Okay! It’ll get announced on my blog, but probably not for at least several months.

  35. This was the best book I’ve ever read, and hope to see it as a movie!

  36. Aaahhh! I cant wait until the movie is out. My book club book read the false prince and we are counting down the days until the shadow throne comes out. You must be so excited!

    • Thanks Elisabeth – I am getting excited! I can’t wait to talk about it more openly!

  37. Oh my goshhh! I got ‘The False Prince’ a few days or a week ago and I was totally hooked. I couldn’t even put it down the entire day! I had hoped that there would be a movie and looking at this, it’s just terrific news 😀 Would you mind if I did some fanarts for Sage and even the Prince? XD

    • Are you kidding, Poppy? I would geek out if you did fan art, and I’d love to see it when you’re finished! Thanks for reading!

  38. Wow! I’m super excited! I loved the book. Read it last month. Fingers crossed it gets it’s own movie. Your an amazing writing. I’m hoping to become a writer and your an inspiration!

    • Thanks, Katie!

      • I’m so excited even though I’ve only read the first two books it does give me great joy to find out that there would be a movie on the book it might give kids who don’t read books a moment to experience it although I love your books Mrs.Neilson I’m impressed and I would love Freddie Highmore to play Jaron, he’d be cool as a prince. Fingers crossed hoping that the movie is close to the storyline.

  39. I want you to know that I read your book in one night. I could NOT put it down.
    It was brilliant. I kept gasping and slapping my boyfriend’s arm.
    Now HE wants to read it too.
    I’ve got to THANK YOU for writing a book so marvelous. Usually author’s don’t ever see or reply back to the readers, and you do, and that’s awesome too.
    I would also like to know when auditions are. If ONLY I could play Imogen.
    I would die, I think. Lol.
    However, I live in Texas, so I doubt I’ll have any real chance.

    • Thanks so much, Raynie! If you enjoyed it, I hope you’ll check out The Runaway King too, and the final book of the trilogy will release on Feb 25th. And I hope your boyfriend will decide to read it too!

  40. When will the auditions be? I really want to try out!

    • The movie hasn’t been approved yet. Hopefully soon, and then we’ll know more about auditions!

  41. I believe everything happens for a reason and acting has always been a dream of mine. So when I found these books and then found out they were turning the first one into a movie (maybe) I thought, “This is fate!” I’m getting all of my friends into the books. I now have eight of my friends either reading the books or about to read them. Both my friend and I are begging our parents to let us audition for either Amarinda or Imogen. We don’t care if we don’t get cast as those parts just as long as we can be a part of these movies in some way. It would be a dream come true. Please keep us updated on audition information

    • Lilly, thanks so much for your interest! It may be another year or more before there’s any word on if the movie will happen, but you will see it announced here on the blog with any news on auditions.

  42. fingers crossed that it gets a movie! but i hope it’s like the book

  43. Is the plot going to be the same in the movie? The book is awesome the way it is and I wouldn’t like it changed,

    • Same plot! Some details may have to change, but it’ll be the same story.

  44. Thank you for answering, Mrs. Nielsen. I am glad to hear that the plot won’t change! My school library just got The Shadow Throne. Someone had it out for two weeks! My librarian assured me that the book would be in by tomorrow. I hope so! I can’t wait to read it. I read The False Prince and The Runaway King and they were both AWESOME! I am glad that I am reading this trilogy. You write great books, Mrs. Nielsen. By the way, who do you have in mind for Sage? Can’t wait for the movie.

  45. I just want to ask where auditions would be because I am a 14-year old boy and I think it would be fun to try because I love these books so much

  46. Me again… I forgot to say, I have wanted to act for a while now and I really want to do this now that I have a chance, I think I might be only be able to be Tobias though because of my appearance but that’s still soooo cool, I’m shaking I’m getting excited already!

    • The movie hasn’t yet been approved, though I hope to hear something in the next several months. IF it’s approved, I’ll post audition info here on the blog, and I hope you’ll have the chance to audition. And who knows what part the producers would see for you? Anything is always possible! Good luck!

  47. Hi, I just finished the whole trilogy and I just wanted to say it was so amazing! When I found out there might be a movie, I got so excited and I’m really looking forward to it!! All the books were so well thought out and I enjoyed reading them so so much! Jaron is by far my new favorite character, ever!

  48. I found a YouTube video with some great acting suggestions, these are some of my favs
    Bevin Conner- Eion Bailey
    Mott- Dwayne Johnson
    Roden- Taylor Lautner
    Tobias- Skyandar Keynes
    Imogen- India Eisley
    Amarinda- Emma Watson
    Ok, so almost all of the video’s suggestions were my favs. Hope this matches with what you think the characters should be, too!

  49. Thank you so much for replying! I had the biggest fangirl moment when I read your reply and it made my day! (:

  50. I’ve finished the trilogy 2 times and its amazing. Me and my friends are all fans and when we heard there might be a movie we were so excited. I love these books!

  51. My name is Haley Smith I’m 13 years old and I have a big fan of your Trilogy for a long time and I want to ask a few questions even though I know that the movie has not been finalized but ; What color does Imeagen have, Green or Brown ,Jaron Should be played by Walking Dead Chandler Riggs because in the book Jarons 14 and hes 14, What Age Range are you expecting to play the roles, and I know that this is going to be a big movie so maybe I have a chance,
    Even though I might not be in your range of age I’m going to tell you a little about myself
    >Strawberry Blonde Hair Green EyesMedium High<

    Ps. Thank you and the games of thrones director will do a good job I sure of It want to act scene 3 believe or not your book got out of a hard time THANK YOU

  52. My name is Haley Smith I’m 13 years old and I have a big fan of your Trilogy for a long time and I want to ask a few questions even though I know that the movie has not been finalized but ; What color does Imeagen have, Green or Brown ,Jaron Should be played by Walking Dead Chandler Riggs because in the book Jarons 14 and hes 14, What Age Range are you expecting to play the roles, and I know that this is going to be a big movie so maybe I have a chance,
    Even though I might not be in your range of age I’m going to tell you a little about myself
    >Strawberry Blonde Hair (willing to dye it )
    >Green Eyes
    >Medium High
    <Hair Length: chest length
    <Good Memory
    <Good Memory
    <Not Afraid Of Public Speaking

    Ps. Thank you and the games of thrones director will do a good job I sure of It want to act scene 3 believe or not your book got out of a hard time THANK YOU

    • Haley – I actually don’t remember what color of eyes Imogen has…hmmm. If a movie is approved, I don’t know who the casting directors will end up having in mind, but you sound like a very cute girl, and it would be awesome if you had the chance to audition.

      • Jennifer you are the best writer in the world i am so happy that the false prince will be a movie!!!!!!!! With gods will it will be an absolutely hit movie!!!!!! I love your books and i am possibly your biggest fan!!!!!!!! I think your an excellent writer and i fell in love with the false prince! I am so excited of how sage will look like!!! i can’t wait!!! When will the movie come out! Anywayz keep up the fantabulous work with your books and please reply to my comment I hope you really do thank you!!!!!!!!

        • Thank you, fajjar! The decision to make a movie is not yet final, so keep your fingers crossed! I’m hoping for it too!

          • Hi Jennifer do you come around to toronto to autograph books because i wish i could get you to autograph my version of the false prince!! Well as i can see your probably very busy and you do not have time to autograph books but i wish the best of luck for the movie and I will keep my fingers crossed!

          • Hi, Annabeth – there’s a chance I’ll be coming to Toronto this fall. It’s only an idea at this stage, but I definitely hope to be able to come. I’ll post it on my blog if that works out. Thanks for the kind wishes about the movie – I hope so too!

          • I will keep my fingers crossed oh yeah and do you sign peoples books!! I would love to get my book signed but sadly im here all the way in Toronto and your in Utah! Nut it is still a privilege talking to!!!!!! hank you for everything your books changed my life!!

          • Thank you!

          • sorry for the spelling errors nut is but and hank is thank. Just so you understood what i was trying to say!!! Oh i had one question where do u get the idea of sage and do you imagine him as a cute guy!?

          • Sage is just the character who came together in my mind. Quite a punk, eh? And yeah, of course he would have to be a good looking guy! There’s even a comment by a character in Runaway King who says how handsome she thinks he is. 😉

      • Hi Jennifer you are a awesome writer and i love Ur books! I am 250% sure that this movie will be a hit and you will get a award for writing the best book of all times!!!! I hope you write on excellent books knowing that kids like me will enjoy them!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME KEEP UP WITH THE GOOD WORK! and with god’s will the movie will be a hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • oh yeah i think jaron should be played by Logan lerman the actor who plays percy jackson he probably fits the part!!!! If he is not in the movie i dont mind the director thinks better than me!!!!

  53. Your books are literally my favorite books in the whole world! Sage and Imogent are such amazing characters! I am so excited that the False Prince might be made into a movie. I think Hailee Steinfeld would make a really good Imogen. I can’t wait!!!

    • Thanks, Chandi! And I agree – Hailee Steinfeld is a great actress!

  54. Dear Jennifer,

    I can’t wait for the movie. If there is an audition for the movie I’d like to try out. I’m 16 and have green eyes. I always imagined Jaron as tan, and as a Pakistani that would make me perfect. Please pist any auditition information. Thanks!

    • I hope you get a chance to audition, Subur! Hopefully within another year, I’ll have more solid information on whether the movie will happen.

  55. wait…..has this been somewhat established?!?!?!?!? OMG!!!!

  56. I absolutely cant wait for the movie to come out! I just finished the third book and it was so good! I would love to audition for this movie because it seems like it would be so fun and exciting! I hope they make the movie fast!!

    • Thanks Katy. I hope you get a chance to audition!

      • Thank you! Do you know if they are officially going to make the movie?

        • I don’t know yet. I may not hear any decision for several months yet. Fingers crossed, though!

  57. Hi .. the ascendance trilogy is my favorite of all, i swear jenniferr. I really love it that i suggested it to my friend, she loves it too. Every book is thrilling and the last is just so perfect. But we’re wondering if you’d make a booo about jaron and imogen love story? They’re so cute and good together. I hope you write about it. 🙂

    • Thank you, Nerissa – I’m glad you and your friend have enjoyed it so much! It would be a cool thing to write a story focused more heavily on their romance. Maybe one day!

  58. I just read the first book and it would be an amazing movie or show.I can’t wait to read The Runaway King

  59. I am obsessed with all three books. I am basically in love with Jaron. I love all his witty comments and his loyalty to all his friends. You are such a talented writer that I have fallen in love with these books. Thank you so much for writing these masterpieces!!

  60. I hope the movie comes out soon! I finished the series for the second time and would absolutely love to audition for this movie since it sounds like so much fun!!!

  61. Since the books are written in first person I think the director may have trouble portraying Sage’s thoughts. However they MUST NOT miss them out because they really define his character and give hints to his true identity.
    Plus, how would the film explain that Sage is the prince when the recollection ( meeting with his father in the church etc) is all in his thoughts?!
    I would be thrilled to see this book made into a movie. I don’t know any other people who have read this awesome series (so disappointing) so I’m really amazed how many people are commenting on the blog!
    Who would write the music for the movie?

    • All good questions, Salvia! If they decide to make the movie, I’m sure they’ll do a great job!

      • I would LOVE to try out for the little girl that the Avenian Bandits killed her parents. Could you please send me an email to tell me when the auditions will begin and where? Thanks! (I know she comes in the second book, but if there are any more rolls for a 10 year old girl, please tell me! Really excited for the movie!

        • Lan-Anh – I’m afraid I won’t be able to email you individually if auditions are held, BUT I will announce any news I get here on my blog. It will probably be at least February 2015 before I get any news. Good luck!

  62. Hey Jennifer I think for “Sage” Logan Lerman from the Percy Jackson series should play him (I hope you get why I put the quotation marks around Sage ;))


    Wonderful series of books! In describing them to my 19 year old daughter, I said “they’re like GoT for kids. I had originally purchased them for my 10 year old, but wanted to read them as well because an employee at our local book store was so excited in summarizing the plot! I could immediately see them as movies, and so glad to see that as reality.

  64. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t wait I love this series.!!
    I want to be an extra in the movie if anything goes well!!!

  65. I personally loved the whole series! I just finished the third one and I cried at the ending from joy. But onto The False Prince movie, I seriously cannot wait. The False Prince is one of the best books I have ever read like ever. I am a fangirl and I’m considerably sad that hardly any other fangirls have even read it.I bet the movie would spark some interest into reading the book.
    I have a quick question, how did you develop the characters and the plot so well? I am writing a book of my own and I just need help on character and plot development.

    • Thanks Allie. And congratulations on writing your own book. If you’re struggling with character and plot development, you might consider spending a little more time with your characters and outline before digging back into the writing. I tend to think about my characters as if they’re real people, so I carry them around in my head and try to get a sense of who they are, what they think about different things, and where they struggle. I spend even more time on the outline, trying to visualize different scenes like they’d appear in a movie. Good luck!

  66. There’s going to be a false prince movie?!?!?! *Is so fangirling right now* let me just say that I kind of love you and k kind of hate you!

    *Stop reading if you don’t want a spoiler*

    How could you kill Mott?! Actually, I couldn’t even finish the book!!! I stopped when Mott got hurt ;^;

  67. I think Andre Braugher would be perfect as Mott. He can look very serious when he doesn’t have that great smile on his face, and has that kind gravitas I imagined Mott would have.

  68. I’m so excited! I’m from Brasil, and here the third book didn’t came out 🙁
    I bought the book as a gift for my best friend, and he also loved it.
    Sorry for my bad english, really sorry 😡

    • Thank you, Bea! And your English is better than my Portuguese! 😉

  69. I really loved your book!
    My friends and I read it for the school book club.

  70. I LOVED all three books! I’ve read them each, six times! In the middle of reading the False Prince for the seventh time. I was so upset to see that it’s called the ascendance TRILOGY, as in, only three books. 🙁 But seeing it as a movie would be AWESOMESAUCE! I will die if i have to wait another second to see it! *one second later* *dies mid-type*

    • Hee-hee. Sorry you died mid-type, Katelyn. I hope you get better. And thank you very much (for your nice words, not for dying mid-type!) 😉

  71. I love love love all the books in the trilogy! I had a heart attack in the middle of the shadow throne, because of imogen. But I had another heart attack to find out she was alive! I read the part where jargon finds imogen locked up in connects prison, where they make out. It really warmed my heart! I hope you write another chapter in the trilogy, like a follow up trilogy. And I really hope they make the trilogy into a movie so I can see how bad it blows compared to the book

    • Thank you, Caden! I”m glad you enjoyed those scenes. I loved writing them!

      • Honestly they are the best books I’ve read in my life. Will you write a follow up trilogy, kinda like the 39 clues?

        • Caden – I may at some point continue the series, though it’s not in my current plans. But who knows what the future will bring, right?

          • Right. Ever since imogen was intoduced to the story, I shipped imogen and sage/jaron so hard! I was so happy with the ending in the shadow throne. You should add a new enemy country and a new character in the future. And I honestly pictured imogen with bright green eyes, long straight blonde hair and a narrow face for some reason, idk. And I pictures amarinda the way imogen was supposed to look. Idk why. But I just want to compliment your writing. You really are a blessed and amazing author. The movie will be terrible, but best of luck to you and your writing! Hope to see more ascendence books! God bless <3

          • 😉

    • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah you just spoiled the third book for me wHYYYYY

  72. My Sister: This is the best book ever!
    Me: Which book?
    Sister: The False Prince!
    Me: Lemme see.
    -Reads for the rest of the day until the next day-
    -Feels amazed, bewildered, shocked, happy,-
    Me: This is the best book ever!
    My friend: Which book?
    Me: The False Prince!
    Them: Lemme see.
    This is my honest opinion! Your a genius Jennifer, I love you and your novels.

    • Hee-hee – very funny, and cool! I’m glad you enjoyed it, and if the movie gets a green light, then I definitely hope you have the chance to audition!

    • Same

  73. Most authors I try to connect with usually don’t respond to their fans, I don’t expect it from hem though. Anyway, the fact that you take your time to write a few meaningful or words put a smiley on these comments and on my comment really means a lot to me and surely everyone else feels the same.
    I’ll be reading The Runaway King as soon as he order arrives!

    • Thank you, Ria Ibra – though you gotta know that I almost didn’t respond to this post. I thought the irony would be pretty funny!

  74. I am obsessed with your books and I love all the characters I really hope this will become a movie and I will love to be one of the actresses I hope I can be Imogen or amarinda 😀 keep writing

  75. I am obsessed with your books and I love all the characters I really hope this will become a movie and I will love to be one of the actresses I hope I can be Imogen or amarinda 😀 keep writing awesome books

    • Deepa, I hope you do get a chance to audition. Thank you very much!

  76. D.B. Woodside for Mott, perhaps?

  77. You’re books are sooooo wonderful!!!!! Except, now all my friends think I’m crazy ’cause I’m so obsessed. I am so excited about the possibility of a movie. Don’t worry about the amount of people who see it though. I’ll be sure to drag everyone I know out to see it, whether force is needed or not. I also wanted to tell you just how great Jaron (I still think of him as Sage. Arghhh!) is. Out of all the types of characters written in a similar manner, he is the best! Don’t tell anyone, but he is totally my book crush. Again, love you books. Be sure to post audition info! I would DIE if I could be Imogen
    (Jarogen for life!). By the way, do you think she has an english accent? That’s my interpretation and I would prefer if it was correct. Thank you for giving me something to fangirl about!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks, Savannah – Jaron would be honored to know you’re crushing on him. 😉

      And yeah, I imagine Imogen with a British accent. I hope you get a chance to audition!

      • Thank you for replying. Actually, this is my my birthday, so thanks again for this gift. I only have one recommendation concerning casting. Please, please, please, please have the actors be the right age. Don’t pull a The Giver on us. I don’t want to see 14 year old characters become 27.

        • Well, happy birthday, Savannah! And I agree on not aging the characters too much, though they will get a little older for the movie. Hopefully not 27 though!

  78. plzzzzz make the movie

  79. Wow are you really coming to Toronto? And if so when because I would LOVE to get my books signed I’m almost done reading the third book and I have to say it is absolutely AMAZING

    • I came to Toronto last year, but don’t yet know my tour schedule for the upcoming year. Thank you for reading, though!

      • Will you come to Roanoke Virginia??? PS I would be perfect for jaron, no salary,I’m 15

        • If I’m ever invited, I would love to come to Roanoke! And I definitely hope you get a chance to audition for the movie!

  80. I think that Teo Halm would play Jaron really well.

  81. Any news about the movie? The Ascendance Trilogy were the best books I ever read so far! I hope the movie will stick close to the book! I’m so excited! 🙂

  82. I was only just thinking, after finally getting hold of the Shadow Throne and finishing it, that The False Prince would make a fantastic movie. I’ve read the trilogy three times through and absolutely love the characters, especially Mott, and would love to see them in a movie. This is amazing news. Speaking of how The Ascendance trilogy is like Game of Thrones, I think that Nikolaj Coster-Waldau would make a great Bevin Conner. I am very interested in the field of film-making and one of my favourite things to do when I write a story or screen-play is think of actors to play the characters. Here are some actors I think would do well:

    Idris Elba: Mott
    Paul Bettany: Cregan
    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: Bevin Conner

    Of course, that’s just my opinion.
    Thank you for writing such a wonderful novel,

  83. Hey Jennifer! I really love the entire series. I’m really hoping that there are open auditions for the roles because I would love to try for the part of Jaron. I really can’t wait for the movie to come out and hope that it doesn’t come out in like 10-20 years like some movies based on books do.

    • I hope you get that chance too, Subur! Paramount will probably make a decision on whether to make the movie at the end of February. I’ll post their decision here on my blog once it’s made!

  84. Hi Jennifer, is there a way you can find out when the script will be finished? I really want to audition and I am practicing every aspact of his character. I can do the knuckle roll with either hand. I am right handed but also left handed so I can write with either. I’m a girl but look boyish and I’m thirteen. My mother often compares me to Sage because of my deficiency. My hair is brown so if we cut it into a boys style I’ll look just like Sage. All I would need then is color contacts. Please tell me when auditions are avalible. Thanks!

    • Hey there, Shadow. The studio will probably make their decision at the end of February, and if they want to make the movie, it will be their decision for how they want to handle auditions. But I hope you’ll get a chance to audition!

      • Me too! Thanks for writing such a great book! I’m a bit of a picky reader. 😉

  85. Hi Jennifer Neilsen,

    I just wanted to let you know that I reckon that Logan Lerman would make a great Tobias. When I read The False Prince, that’s how I imagined him.

    I’m really looking forward to when the film comes out (fingers crossed, hopefully it will!)!

    I also really enjoyed The Runaway King. My favourite character in that book is Fink. I hope a good film will be made out of that book too!

    Thanks for being such a wonderful writer,


  86. I cannot tell you how much i love the books. Jaron is the perfect blend of kind-and-caring and snarky as heck. I really look up to him because i understand the ‘duty to’ thing. And imogen bringing out the best in him, i was devestated when she said she didn’t love him in the runnaway king. I cried when imogen ‘died’ and cheered so hard when it turned out she wasn’t and he kissed her. I think if anyone was going to play either of them… I would say jennifer lawernece, but that’s just because i love her. I dont know a lot of actors so not much help there. but if this was a movie i would see it. hands down i would watch it the second it came out.

    • Thank you, Jensen!

      • Thank you. You will never understand how much your books have helped me. I want to be a writer too and when I doubt my writing, or my sister makes a rude comment to me, or I just have a bad day, I am happy that I can get the support I need from your characters

        • That’s fantastic, Jensen! Here’s the thing – writing is art, and every writer I know doubts themselves now and then. But writers who become successful continue moving forward, even when they feel unsure. So I hope you’ll keep going!

  87. I’ve always been confused on how the coin knuckle roll was done. Do you think you could explain it to me? Thanks! 🙂

  88. I have been rushing to get all the books read just in case the movie comes out. You, Jennifer A. Nielson, are an amazing author so it wasn’t hard to read those books fast. You really have a gift. 🙂

    • Thank you, Sophie. Paramount still hasn’t decided for sure whether they’ll make the movie, but I hope they will, and I hope you’ll enjoy it if they do. Thanks for reading!

    • And I was just wondering where did you get Armindia and Imogen’s names from? I love them!

      • Imogen’s name came from a baby name book. I made up Amarinda’s name. In both cases, when I had the name, I knew it was perfect for each girl!

  89. I enjoyed reading the False Prince series. It is such an amazing book, and makes you want to keep reading. I reaallllllly hope that a movie will come out!!!! I would be interested to try out for a part. This is my dream to act!!!!!! I just don’t know how to start in the acting career. 🙂

    • Selina, if the movie is approved and if the studio has open auditions, I’ll post on this website how to get an audition. Good luck!

  90. Thank you very much.

    • 🙂

  91. Thank you very much. You are such an amazing author 🙂

  92. I would love to try out for. Any role mostly Imogene cause I have dark hair normally in a braid and hazel eyes and I am obsessed with this series so please tell me if u do a try outs for a role I would love to tryout but i know it probably won’t happen so good luck

    • If a movie is made, then I hope you get a chance to audition, Arianna!

  93. Ohh and I told my band teacher that jaron was my inspiration cause I’m just like him hahah and I pray every night to live an exciting life like him

    • Exciting, yes. But super dangerous also. Maybe you should try to have an exciting life…that’s not exactly like his! 😉

  94. What are basic things about Imogene like practically what makes her her her Hight what else and when do u think the would host auditions if it does happen

    • Arianna, I won’t know anything about auditions until we know if Paramount intends to make the movie. But I’ll post it here on the blog when I do know. For things that make Imogen her, it wouldn’t be anything in her appearance. It’s her heart and her courage, which one would see in her eyes and in her actions.

  95. Thank you so much I love bragging to my friends that I have talked to u hahah

  96. what would like the age and hight stuff be for the role of imogen

    • Sorry, but I don’t know, Arianna. The target age will be the director’s decision and height will be relative to the actor cast as Sage. Best of luck to you!

      • Thank you I’m probably ganna start and finish the shadow throne today haha cause I’m not at school since my mom was practically the reason I would have been tardy and my home work went missing so I said I was sick

  97. If I ever got to be Imogen I would probably thank god and would just flip and prob pass out haha

  98. I would love to see a movie for the searies of the flase prince. I was hooked on the books by a teacher at my school and i’ve been wanting the book series o be turned into a movie.

    • Thank you, Darian! I should know sometime in February whether or not this will be made into a movie! Watch my blog then for any announcements!

  99. I have a perf theme song for the movie and a great place for shooting

  100. Or u know the song at the end! I JUST HAVE TO TELL U UR BOOK IS THE ONLY BOOK I HAVE EVER LIKED CAUSE I FEL A CONNECTION WITH IT I HATE ALL BOOKS EXCEPT FOR YOURS TRILOGY ALL MY FAV SONGS HAVE CONNECTED TO THIS BOOK LIKE MY FAV SON IS MOUNTAIN SOUNDS OF MONSTERS AND MEN tell me what you think of it like we had to read the book for gate and I have never finished one of my books for summer reading and right when I saw the cover I told my mom this book was special and I think it might change my life a it definitely did so now I’m on the third one

    • Thanks so much for the song recommendations! I’ll definitely check them out!

  101. AND JENIFER YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON WHO HAS EVER MADE ME FEEL SOMETHING INSIDE B4 I have never cared bout no one bout myself until I red this AMZING book

  102. Can’t wait for the movie, only a few more years!

  103. I’m really want that movie, the false prince is one of the best book that is already read

  104. Mrs. Nielsen, if the rumors are true (the movie ones of course), then please, oh please, tell me when castings will be done or if there will be auditions. It’d be my dream to play the role of Sage/Jaron or any one else! I can do the coin role and would say I have similar characteristics and traits. If there will not be auditions, oh well. I will still certainly watch & enjoy the movie a dozen times over. Thank you for everything. Best of luck!

    • And I apologize if I used the wrong title; Mrs. vs. Miss or Ms.

    • Aidan – If the movie goes forward, then I will post any audition information I receive here on my website. I hope you will get the chance to audition! Good luck to you! (And it’s Mrs., but I don’t care whichever way people say it.)

      • Thanks for all the Info! Keep up all the good work.

        • when you do the auditions are they going to have them in kansas i am so exited for the movie your book was great i know you will win the WAW award good luck/ 🙂

          • I don’t know how they’ll do auditions (or if the movie is even happening, for that matter!), and I won’t have any control on what they decide. I would personally love it if they allowed kids to upload audition tapes. But what they decide to do is entirely up to them. If you can audition, then good luck!

  105. I just finished The Shadow Throne. Maybe started reading these books a little late but wow just wow. Tobias and Arimanda? Jaron And Imogen isnt a suprise but Tobias and Arimanda. This book was worth reading. The first half was crazy cause it sounded like Jaron was losing everyone. I cant believe what happened to Connor it felt so weird just putting that image in my mind… You have a gifted mind Jennifer please tell me this isnt the last book your making is it. I mean maybe in these series but will you make a different series. Or a different series with the same characters just something different happening like maybe a bigger war with countries faraway from carthya? That sounds cool. Please think about it and reply when you have an answer thanks!

    • Hi Seth! Thanks for reading – I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed these books! I don’t currently have any plans to add to this series, but that could change at any time, and I do know what I’d write if I did a fourth book. Can’t tell about the plot though!

  106. I loved the series. It would be amazing if a movie came out.

  107. I really hope they make a movie!!! I had to read this book for a club at school and I LOVED it!!! I would definitaly go to the movies to watch it!!!!

    • Readers like you improve the odds of it getting made, so thank you, Natalie!


    • He’s a great character, I agree. But though you can’t be him, you could certainly choose the traits of his that you like most and try to imitate them!

  109. i read all the books i was so sad when i finished it i thought nothing would compare to it but noting ever did so its the best trilogy in the world

  110. So what’s new about this will there be a movie

    • Sorry, Arianna – no news yet. Probably not until the end of February!

  111. Hi,Its Jake from Spring Lake a school you visited a few weeks ago I ate with you and I want to know when auditions are because I want to be Tobias.

    • Hi Jake! I won’t know for sure until February whether Paramount is going to make the movie – if they do, then things will move forward for auditions. I’ll announce any audition information I get on my blog, and I’m hoping as many young people as possible get the chance for it! Fingers crossed!


  113. Johnney Depp = Conner

  114. I really think Logan Lerman should play Sage because he was great to be cast in the Percy Jackson series and for some reason I imagined Sage to look like him.

  115. dear jennifer,
    you are one of my favorite authors!! i love the book the false prince!! i just wanted to know if you where going to make a movie on it plz respond asap.
    yours truly,
    Rylie Caldwell

    ps if you came to springville jr high utah i would SO come to the windows of the work to see you!!! <3

    • Hi Rylie, I should know about a movie in another three or four weeks. Whatever Paramount’s decision is, I’ll post it on my blog as soon as I have something to report! And if you want me to come to your school, ask your librarian to invite me!

    • I will be at Provo Library on Feb 28th at 4 pm to launch MARK OF THE THIEF, though! Maybe I can meet you then.

  116. OMG!!!!!!!!! If this is made into a movie it will be the next thing I’m completely obsessed with. I read the books last year or maybe the year before (4th or 5th grade) and they are now my favourite book. I would love to play a character but I’d be terrible and I wouldn’t really even want to. I think my friends already think I read too much of it out loud to them. I only managed to convince 1 friend to read it! I’m going to continue trying to get the word around where I live because it’s not very big around here because many kids don’t read outside of school 🙁 It is literally my dream to write something as amazing as the masterpiece of this trilogy. You are probably my favourite author and I’d love to meet you. Thank you for listening to my rant. 🙂

    • Thanks for reading and at least trying to spread the word, Erin! With a little luck, hopefully you’ll get your own signed copy one day! And p.s. I love it that you’re writing too! Keep it up!

      • I showed my friend the comment that you replied and now she’s reading it!!!!!!!

    SHE WON’T………………. 🙁

  118. I think thomas brodie-sangsyer would make the best Sage/Jaron ever! Love your books so much jennifer! What advice Do you have for me as a young writer?

    • Hi Sadie! I’m so glad you’re a writer too! My advice would be to start reading like a writer does. As you read, pay close attention to what you love about that book, or what you don’t. What choices did the author make that work, and how could it have been stronger? What would you change if you could? Why did an editor publish this book – what appealed to them? The better you can answer those questions, the more you will learn about your own writing. Good luck!

  119. Have things moved forward for auditions? Because I just read “The Runaway King.” I like Sage or as called King Jaron he would be a cool guy to play in the movie! 🙂 :0

    • Hi Jacob! I probably won’t hear any movie news at all for about three more weeks. Then Paramount will make their decision. If they decide to go forward with the movie, I will definitely ask the about auditions. I hope you get a chance to try out for the part!

  120. You posted the thing about them starting the movie 3 years ago. Did they start, is it being cancelled, is it going to be made soon, what is going on?

    • Thanks for asking! I should find out what’s going to happen with the movie sometime this month. Fingers crossed!

  121. I’m so excited the false prince would make a great movie and I have a few actors I would like to RECOMEND for a few parts

  122. I know that movie news probably isn’t supposed to be here
    Until the end of February, but since it’s mid February, is there any news?

  123. I really want to know when the auditions are. I’d love to be Imogen!

    • Hi Kasey! Once I find out whether Paramount intends to make the movie, then I’ll learn more about auditions. I hope you get a chance to try out for the part!

  124. Hello Jennifer I’m Amanda and I’m so stoked about The False Prince becoming a movie (hopefully) I was wondering if you have anybody in mind for the part of Imogene.. I would like to try out for the part and if anything pops up from paramount about auditions please contact me at I wish you luck on your wonderful book becomeing a movie!

    • No movie news yet, which means I also don’t have audition news. But if they green light the movie, then I hope you’ll get a chance to audition! When I do get movie news, I’ll post it here on my blog – unfortunately, I can’t notify everyone individually.

  125. Hi Jennifer I think the actor chandler Riggs would be a really good actor for sage in the movie false prince. O think ur books are the bomb and I loved all of them. It is so funny because me and my best friend Brooke schlomer were just thinking of people who would be good for the movie the false prince if it ever came out. But the director would have to follow the book. Chandler Riggs would be a good actor to play sage because he has the long thick brown hair that covers his face just like sage does. #jennifernelsonisbest authorever

    • Ha! That’s funny – I’m watching The Walking Dead right now! He’s a great actor, yes.

  126. Rated PG-13 or even R for Blood and Gore, Greasy Images, Strong Violence, Horror, and Strong Action

  127. Hey Jennifer! I would like to actually know what your impression of imogen would be like, and what age you would want to have the actress to be. Thx By the way I don’t think I would Audition since I live in Australia

    • Well Natasha, I think the characters will have to be aged up a little, just to appeal to the widest possible audience. But for the actress’ actual age? I don’t think that matters nearly as much as whether she can look in her upper teens.

  128. Is there a Runaway King movie. I could be Fink, maybe.

    • Well, let’s see first if The False Prince gets made into a movie. If it is, and then if it’s successful enough to warrant a second movie, then The Runaway King will get made. I hope you’ll get a chance to audition!

  129. This book is one of my favorites ever. I love writing, and your book is a great inspiration. I read them all at least three times, and I’m reading them again. My favorite is probably the Runaway King, but the Shadow Throne is amazing too! And don’t get me started on The False Prince. A movie would be amazing!

  130. Hi Jennifer! The Ascendance series is my favorite ever! If you’re going to make a movie, I would suggest Thomas Brodie-Sangster for Sage or Tobias. Keep writing! 😀

    • He’s a great actor, no doubt! I won’t have any control over the casting, but he is definitely someone I’d trust to pull off those challenging parts.

  131. Hey, I really love these books. False prince is my favorite book of all time. If auditioning is open to amateur actresses, I would love to audition. Are there requirements to meet? Like age, hair, eyes, etc. I don’t care who I would be, but I think Imogen would be best because I have brown hair and she is not described as “beautiful” according to people (can’t remember) and I would really fit that. I look older then I am, and am not scared of crowds etc. Please get back to me, and when the time comes around I would like to know where auditions are. I live in a state with a huge city (a couple huge cities) and they might be one of those places.
    Thank you for your time, and thank you for the amazing book.

    • I’m not sure how much my parents would let me travel, online auditions would be awesome but I might be able to pry them for Chicago or st. Louis. Thank you so much for these books, 1 billion stars, and better than harry potter.

    • Hi Ari, if the studio decides to make the movie, one of my first questions will be about auditions. I won’t have any control over how they choose to audition and who they are looking for, but I hope they will allow open auditions. Once I have that answer, I will post it on my blog. I’ll cross my fingers that you get a chance!

  132. Hey, I would be part of the first crowd to see this movie! I absolutely loved the plot twist at the end, and it was very well written! I’m so excited!

    • Thank you, Anna!

      • I hope it comes out here in Australia/in the cinema so I can watch it coz I didn’t know there would be a movie! Eek I’m so excited

  133. I think that jaron should be played by either an actor that matches his description or by Brenton Thwaites. I think Imogen should be played by Liana Liberato or Madison McLaughlin. The two girls about match the description of Imogen.

  134. I love The Ascendance Trilogy and have read it a million times. It will become a great movie, with all the action!

    • Thank you, Lauren!

      • Wow! I really hope this works out! Just read the series for the second time… Most likely planning to read them again! Please please please keep us updated and goodluck!

  135. I’d love to audition for any character, it would be an awesome experience to be in a movie!

    • If a movie is made, and if they hold open auditions, then I will definitely post audition info!

  136. Your books are so amazing and the shadow throne really made me exited especially at the ending. Thank you for all your effort in these books and I can’t wait to read the mark of the theif!!

  137. Is there any news on the movie?

    • No news, Carrah. Probably won’t be any until February, but be sure to check the blog then!

  138. Any news about the movie yet?

    • Give me a couple more weeks and then I hope to have something to report – don’t know what it’ll be, but…something!

  139. yes

  140. Hello!
    I am taking a study abroad trip to Paris and Berlin in 22 days with my university! The whole trip is over WWII and the Holocaust. We were assigned to do an authentication of A Night Divided. It was PHENOMENAL!! We are all education majors, and I am very excited to have my future class (I graduate in December!!) read this one day. Hopefully I will be able to meet you in person and you can sign my personal copy!
    Thank you for writing such an amazing book! I cannot wait to read your other pieces.

    • Kaycee – that is incredibly cool! I’m glad you enjoyed the book and I hope reading it will enhance your travel experience. I met a woman who grew up in East Berlin in the 70’s and who read this book. She told me her growing up years were very similar to Gerta’s. That really impressed me.

  141. Are there any movies for the false prince, the runaway king, or the shadow throne.

    • Paramount has optioned The False Prince for a movie, but it’s still too early to know whether it will be made. Fingers crossed!

  142. Is there any news about the movie. I just can’t wait! Love your books.

  143. Jennifer Nielsen, you are by far THE best author I have ever seen, to be honest. I literally cannot put into words how amazing the ascendance trilogy is. The books were so addicting that I would actually take it with me and read it in the bathroom, no lie. Me and my friends have been spreading the book around the school and every student comes back to us and they’re like “bruh sage- I mean jaron is my future husband, Okey, I call dibs”. And when I heard that theres going to be a movie, I choked on my saliva, because the false prince would make an AWESOME movie.I honestly fell in love with the your books and just your sense of writing, it really draws me in, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!! For such an amazing series, you deserve it!

    • Thank you very much, Munira. I’ll make a note that you called “dibs.”

  144. Hi. My name is Brody and I am probably the biggest fan of these books EVER!!!!!! I absolutely love it. I’m 11 so this book was perfect for my age, (most likely I’m like many others, I read this because my mom said no to “Game of Thrones” but I am so glad I did!!!!!) I am super pumped for this movie, it’s going to be great. (I wish you would wright more in the series! maybe a prequel?) I think a TV show would suit this well, but that’s getting quite a bit like “GoT”. If this movie happens I will definitely be the first person to buy a ticket!!! Thanks Mrs. Nielsen for writing this amazing trilogy.

    • Thanks very much, Brody! If the movie happens, then I hope you’ll end up loving it!

  145. Heyy Jennifer!! I’m just so excited about this movie, but I have one question. When casting auditions for movies, casting directors usually find people who are already signed up with acting agencies and have experience. I tried really hard to get into one and I did, but since I wasn’t able to hold up financially I couldn’t continue it. So here’s my question: Will the casting be a private thing or will it be open to the public, including newbies? And if it’s not open to newbies, is their a way you can use your powers as the author of the book to make that happen so that your fans could have that chance? I know people ask you a lot about the auditions but it’s something I just had to ask. I know the movie hasn’t even received the greenlight yet, but I wanted to know before. It would be a dream come true if I could be in this movie. But I’m fine with you not having that answer since I’m pestering you with all these questions. I love your work and I hope you won’t stop writing for a VERY long time!

    • Hi Ann-Therese! When the movie was first proposed, the tentative plan was to cast “newbies,” which would give you the opportunity to audition, even without an agency. The final decision will be made after the green light and will be made based on the director and studio’s vision for the project. At that point, they won’t care about my opinion on what they do. The best I can do is promise to report their decision to fans as soon as possible. Fingers crossed!

  146. Hi, i’m reading your book in my class and my teacher loves your books and we were talking today and she said that there was not going to be a movie. I just wanted to know if that was true

    • The screenplay is still being revised, which can be a very slow process in Hollywood. I’ll have an official update next week, but that pretty much sums it up.

  147. I really hope this becomes a movie. If it did, I would watch it the day it came out. The False Prince is my favorite book and series, and I would love to see it grow! But if it does become a movie, I will pray that they don’t mess it up like countless other good books that have become movies. Also, I am an actor (in plays, not movies:)) so I understand how this casting will work. If you feel like you are a lot like one character, then you have a good chance of being them (and if you’re the right age, too). I’m keeping my fingers crossed and my ears open for news!
    I’m praying for you, Jennifer!

  148. Mrs. Nielsen, first of all I would like to say that your books are AMAZING! I was so sad that when the series ended. You are a great writer, and I would be overjoyed to know that the False Prince was becoming a movie! Can’t wait to hear more news! Well, I’ll get right to the point: I have a few questions for you… see, I’m a writer too, not a super confident one, but I would like to attempt to publish once I’m finished writing my book. But no hurry, eh? I’m only twelve. I’ve always wondered what authors use to write on. Google Docs? Microsoft Word? Notes? A pen and a pad of paper? It’s a strange question, I know, but I would really like to know. Also, how long does the publishing process take? What companies do you recommend? I write fantasy. Do you have any words of wisdom for pushing past writer’s block? It stumps me all the time. Well, thank you for creating this blog so I can ask you, one of my favorite authors, a few questions. Also, when will the last Mark of the Thief book come out? You left The Rise of the Wolf on such a cliff-hanger! I’m writing my pen name in the slot for name down here, so if(and that’s a big if) my book gets published, you’ll see it me. Thanks for your time.

    • Hi J.M. – wow, that’s a lot of questions, so I won’t be able to answer them as thoroughly as I’d like, but I’ll get you started. First, congratulations on writing – that’s awesome! Remember that success in writing goes to those who never give up, so decide right now that you are going to stick with this, even when it gets tough. I write in Word and with pen and paper, but a lot of authors use Scrivener. I figure whatever works is the right program for you. From the time you sell your book, it’s usually 9 months to 2 years to publication, depending on the press. Overall, publishing is a slow process but that’s how they get a book just right before it’s released. To find a publisher, go to a bookstore and look for books that are similar to yours, like in the same genre and for the same kind of reader, then find out who published it. I think writers block often happens when the author is pushing the story in a direction the characters don’t want to go. So go back to where everything was writing smoothly and consider whether there are stronger choices you could make in that scene. Writing is like a maze. Weak choices will take you to dead ends. Strong choices keep you flowing. The last Mark of the Thief book comes out in January 2017. It’s my favorite ending ever for a book so I hope it’s one you’ll enjoy! Good luck on your pursuit of publication – it can be difficult, but if you are willing to keep trying and learning, eventually you will see your own name on a book. Good luck!

      • Thank you so much for responding. It helps a lot!

  149. I love this series. I think I would be a good Imogen, but that most likely is impossible. Keep writing!

    • Olivia, is the movie gets a green light, I will post any audition info I have here on my blog. I hope you will get the chance to audition – then you never know, right? 😉

  150. Jennifer, I loved your book. I have just finished reading it, and about to move to the others. I have been told you are actually coming to my school this Tuesday. I cant wait to meet you and get you autograph! I feel the movie will be great if made right, and i would love to audition for it. 😘

    • I’m excited to meet you too, America! If a movie is made, I will try to find out about auditions and post it on my blog.

  151. Yay! Thanks for the update!

  152. Is the actually going to be a movie it’s been years of saying there could be ?

    • I KNOW! I have no more control over whether it gets made than you do, so all I can do is pass on news when I get it.

  153. hey I am a young actress and I was wondering if I could star in your movie!

    • Hi Kathryn! If Paramount green lights the movie, then I’ll ask them about their plans for auditions and post that information here on my blog. I hope you’ll get the chance to try out!

      • Thank you, thank you so much! I really appreciate it! Thank you

  154. I love how you completely throw your readers off and make them about to cry at the end of Wrath of the Storm. I almost did. And then voila! (Spoiler) Nic is alive!!!!! I almost screamed. You had me there for a second. If he really died, I’m not sure what I would’ve done… Jk. That’s what I absolutely love about your books. Especially in the False Prince, you go into a fancy backstory and the readers don’t know what you’re talking about and then bam. He says “From that moment on I became Sage of Avenia.” I was like woah woah woah what just happened…wait really?!?! Anyway sorry I’m ranting I just love your books so much. I really hope you put a huge twist in The Traitor’s Game. Thank you, Sir Master Jennifer.

    • Thank you, Rachael, and I hope you’ll love The Traitor’s Game too – I’m very excited about it!

  155. Dear Jennifer Nielsen,

    Thank so much for responding to question. I am SO happy that could get a movie. The False Prince has to be my favorite books in the whole world. In the Runaway King I legit started to cry! Your writing style is amazing. The way you go into to detail with their surroundings makes me feel as if I am really with “Sage” through out his journey throughout the books. (Spoiler) Jaron and Imogen relationship development is a story that the best things in life are the most unexpected, again, Thank you for your stories they really mean the world to me!

    One of your biggest supporters,


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