Dream Cast: Pt 1, The Orphans

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I’ve had a lot of questions/comments/opinions lately on who should be cast in a False Prince movie. So whaddya say? Let’s have some fun.

The last I’ve heard, the screenplay is in revision mode, which means it hasn’t been considered yet for a greenlight on a movie. That’s still some time away. I’ll announce here if I hear anything.

Next, let me say that I would love it if a fan of the books were cast. To that end, if a movie is made, I will post audition info here on this blog. That said, please know that I will have approximately 0% influence as to who is cast, maybe less. So you can suggest your own name – it just won’t help you in any way to get into the movie.

All right, let’s play. These are names that have been suggested for one of the orphan boys (along with their date of birth and a movie for which they are known). Feel free to leave a comment about which ones you like and for which boy (Sage – Roden – Tobias), or suggest your own names. If I like your suggestion, I’ll add it to this post!

Joel Courtney (1996) (Ender’s Game)                                                   Charlie Rowe (1996) (Neverland)

                images charlie-rowe-headshotLiam James (1996) (2012)


Braeden Lemasters (1996) (Easy A)                                   Garrett Backstrom (1995) (The Motel Life)        


Graham Phillips (1993) (The Good Wife)



Dylan Everett (1995) (Degrassi: The Next Generation)       Connor Jessup (1994) (Falling Skies)




 Thomas Brodie-Sangster (1990)                     (Game of Thrones)


Colin Ford (1996) (Supernatural)                                                         And, just added due to numerous                mentions…Logan Lerman (1992)!





Dylan Sprayberry (1998) (Man of Steel)


Okay, so who do you like for Sage? Roden? Tobias? One of the names listed here, or did you have someone else in mind?



  1. charles rowe tobias nun for sage ….sage has longer hair as for features…idk looks great though

    • Dylan Everett (Sage), Colin Ford (Roden), and Braeden Lemasters (Tobias) …. I’m ready to audition for Imogen! …or any small part! They have to make this movie!!!!

      • i so agree with you!!!!!!!!!! that we would be the perfect cast!!!!!!!!!

        • 😉

          • I think that Thomas Brodie-sangster would be good for tobias or roden

          • okay, i really think that logan lerman would be a great sage. i mean really, HE HAS THE SMILE !!!!!!! XDXDXDXDXXDXDXDXDDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD

          • Can’t really find anyone for sage….
            For Roden:Dylan Everett?
            And for Tobias:Charlie Rowe
            I mean I cant really see any of them in these actors but if we had too do someone from here… It would be them

        • I think Joel Courtney would play well as Sage. From what I know Sage has green eyes, and brown hair. The hair is longer though.

      • logan lerman is perfect for sage!!!!

    • Logan Lerman is perfect for the role of sage/jaron

    • I think Demons by Imagine dragons is a perfect song for the movie. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo exited ಠ▃ಠ

    • demons by imagine dragons is a perfect song for the movie

      • Good call – I can totally see that.

        • i think Dylan Everett would be good for sage:)

        • demons dy dragon is awesome!

        • Hi Jen! I am your biggest fan! LIKE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will admit it, I am not the greatest actor, not the greatest singer , but I would love a small female role in the movie….. I hope auditions would be held somewhere around in my area. I would be okay for the role of Nila I belive. I hope I have the chance to talk to you soon. Bye for now!

      • hey, jen, it’s me, the person who suggested the septimus heap cross-over. uh, I think these are all great people for the cast( I especially like logan lerman) you should have the girl who plays prim in the hunger games to play Imogen 9by the way, how do you pronounce Imogen?) also, to Nicole, who said demons by imagine dragons, well I love that song, but a better one would be warriors by imagine dragons, but probably for the shadow throne. 🙂

        • Thanks, Cameron. The way I pronounce Imogen is IM (like “him) O (uh) GEN (gin). And personally, I think both DEMONS and WARRIORS have a place in this series. Good calls!

          • Hey, me again! I actually started re-reading The False Prince, and I think I would LOVE to audition for Tobias! 🙂

          • I hope you get the chance to do that, Cameron!

          • Ya i have just read the whole series for a second time through and i really think i would really like to audition for Sage. i am a little like him in real life and i think that i would be a good fit.Anyways i really hope this movie gets the green light i would love to see it come out or better yet be in it!

          • I hope you will get a chance for an audition, Magnus! Good luck!

    • None of them have the mischievous look you would see in Sage. I think the closest would be… Braeden Lemasters for Sage, Dylan for Roden, and for Tobias…no one so far. I suggest looking for someone closer to age. I sure hope a movie of The False Prince developes soon!!!

    • Logan Lerman (Sage/Jaron) Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Tobias) and Dylan Sprayberry (Roden)

    • Idk I think that Thomas Brodie-sangster should be Tobias,Graham Phillips should be roden for sage Josh hunters and for imogène (I know it’s not ask but I wanted to give my opinion) Jennifer Lawrence!

    • logan lerman s perfect for sage!!!

    • Jack Griffon for Roden!!

      • Josh hutcherson as Sagggggeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him!!!!! Pleeeaaassseeee😍

        • Or Colin ford for sage

      • For Bevin Connor: Woody Harrelson! Perfect match! Right?

        • Or Keanu Reeves for Connor

      • Emma Watson for imogen

    • Tom Holland ( I know the movie won’t be happening, but let’s keep our hopes up that another studio will look into it!)

  2. Graham Phillips for Sage, Conner Jessup for Tobias and Garrett Backstrom for Roden. They all look pretty much exactly how I pictured the characters 🙂

  3. How awesome that the screenplay is being revised. Hope you have more news on the movie soon.

  4. Graham Phillips or Charlie Row for Sage, Thomas Brodie-Sangster for Roden, and Conner Jessup for Tobias. Hope this helped!

  5. Conner Jessup for Roden Colin ford for sage and Charlie Rowe for Tobias.
    Please put Conner Jessup in that movie! He is off of one of my favorite tv shows!

  6. I also think Logan Lerman would be even better for the part of sage tho

    • He is my second favorite actor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • He’s to old

      • Hmmm we don’t know about Logan lerman… Don’t think he fits. but personally I’d like to see graham as one of the orphans I’m so weird

  7. I Think Charlie rowe looks most like the sage I picture n my Mind He looks like he could be up to someting…. kinda like Liam James for Tobias and Roden’s hard mabey Graham Philips?

  8. I’d say Charles Rowe for Roden and Graham Phillips for Tobias. For some reason, I always pictured a young Jeremy Sumpter for Sage, but that wouldn’t work as he’s grown up now. Probably Dylan Everett, then.

  9. Logen Lerman for Sage/Roden and Emma Thompson for Mrs. Turbeldy.

  10. Well, I never would have thought of these people… considering how I’ve never heard of them before. He-he. But looking right now, I think Colin Ford or Thomas Sangster could be Sage. And I can’t decide who’s best for Roden and Tobias. All really good suggestions here!
    So now I’m looking forward to seeing the list for the girls.
    And I’m wondering about a few things now. How’s “The Shadow Throne” going at the current moment? Is it possible to share a few bits of information about The Praetor War series?

    • The Shadow Throne is finished; it’s just in post-production and printing. I’m beginning research now for The Praetor War – gathering a lot of the details on Ancient Rome and building the world with its rules of magic. Fun stuff! Thanks for asking!

      • Awesome! So excited

  11. NO ONE CAN BE SAGE!!!! 🙂 sorry, Sage is just like the best character ever, and I don’t some Edward Colin to end up portraying him – scratch it, I don’t want anyone to destroy Sage’s image 🙁 Ooo, Jennifer, if you ever get all tired from searching up information for your new series, look up “Crashcourse” on YouTube, it’s a fun way to learn history, teacher showed me. Maybe you could find a cute little animation in your book’s time zone 😀 also try a strawberry banana smoothie, it has nothing to do with the conversation, just throwing that in there.

    • Thanks Cayla. I actually do love strawberry banana smoothies! 😉

      • Do you plan on having a girl cast for the role of imagine.

    • Cayla A. OMG! That is what I have been trying to tell the world forever!!!! Noone ever understands the importance of this movie. You can’t just go in there and throw in any old actor…NO

  12. 😀 Strawberry bananas are pretty good….. 😮 Jennifer it has been decided for the 100th time now, YOU ARE THE BEST PERSON AUTHOR EVER!!!!! I advertise you more then Lindsey Stirling.

  13. Jennifer, your books really inspired me and i loved them please dont stop writting becase any book you write ill buy and read over and overI already have read all of your books encludinf the acendance trilogy besides the third book. Ive read the two books 6times each and I am only 12 also because of your books im a a higher reading level than I shold be. Im at a 11th grade reading level and im only in 7th grade

    • That’s awesome, Gabby! I love that you’re brilliant – keep on reading!

      • I WILL

    • Ok so am I but I’m in 5th 🙂

  14. Joel Courtney fo Sage/Jaron

  15. Liam James for Roden and Charlie Rowe for Tobias

  16. I don’t know his name but the boy who played the kid in “Gran Torino” Would be great for one of them

  17. Logan Lerman or Graham Phillips as Sage
    Thomas- Brodie Sangster or Liam James as Tobias
    Connor Jessup or Colin Ford as Roden

    • Wouldn’t Logan Lerman be busy with his Percy Jackson Movies? He is my second favorite actor my first is Joseph Gordan Levit. I heard that the next Percy Jackson movie is coming out soon. OMG!!!! It is called Percy Jackson & The Olympians and the Sea of Monsters. I am waiting for Rick Riordan’s “House of Hades” to come out. I have read all his books for chchildren that are out.

  18. Sage= Logan Lerman

    Roden= Thomas Brodie-Sangster

    Tobias= Liam James

    For Sage, Logan Lerman wasn’t exactly how I imagined him, but Thomas and Liam seem perfect for the job 🙂

  19. Tobias – Connor Jessup
    Sage – Logan Lerman or Colin Ford
    Roden – Liam James Graham Phillips

  20. SAGE-Joel Courteney or Braedon Lamasters
    RODEN-Dyllan Everett or Connor Jussup
    TOBIAS-Logan Lerman (WOW,that would be great, BTW)or Charlie Rowe

  21. Logan Lerman!!!! I don’t care who he is I just want him to be in the movie!!!!


  23. Braeden Lemasters for Sage/ Jaron
    Liam James for Roden
    Logan Lerman for Tobias

    • Conner jessup for Latimer!

  24. i csnt find anyone that fits for sage. but… i like Thomas Brodie-Sangster for tobias and Connor Jessup for Roden. When Reading the books i pictured Max Thieriot, but sadly when he was younger. like in 2004.

  25. So if you are going to have a movie who do you think will direct it and who do you think will do a great job.

    • I’m not sure who will direct, and don’t really have any thoughts for who ought to direct. Just someone who has a great vision for the series!

  26. So you live in Utah right, well we have a house up in southern Utah and we are here for the summer we are about 3to five hours away from where you live. We orriganally live in California but my parents are going to retire out here. Were in a small town called parowan where everyone knows each other. Its very pleasent, especially with a family of 13 pluss 6 ammanceapated youth. my parents adopted 10 and i happen tobe one of them. Thats just a little bi about me!!

    • Parowan is an awesome town, close to so many wonderful places. All of Southern Utah is beautiful and so that must be a ton of fun! Congrats on getting to be part of such a great family! What a special group!

  27. I think Jessup or Backstrom would be a great Roden, Rowe would be the perfect Tobias, and is Lemasters grew out his hair, I think he would be the perfect Sage

  28. Charlie Rowe for Tobias.
    Joel Courtney for Roden.
    Logan Lerman for sage.

  29. OK, so here is my say:

    Thomas Brodie-Sangster–Tobias
    Charlie Rowe–Roden
    Conner Jessup or Dylan Everett–Sage

    And an ideas for Bevin Conner:

    Zac Efron
    Max Theriot

  30. Whew, I’ve been all over the place, but I must say, this IS fun! Never done this before, sooo… But ANYWAY, I ‘m really stumped here. Sage has that particular look(everyone who read this splendid thriller would know) and so does Roden I suppose. I picture Tobias a bit boring and compliant, and well, I’m not so good at picking the boys as the girls. The girls I knew immediatly who was perfect! OK, fine, maybe Dylan Everett or Logan Lerman for Sage,maybe Conner Jessup for Tobias, and Dylan Sprayberry for Roden.

  31. Garrett Backstrom for Roden, Graham Phillips for Tobias, and Dylan Everett for Sage.

  32. sage/prince jaron Dylan Sprayberry
    tobias Charlie Rowe
    Roden Conner Jessup

    Have You Considered Anyone For The Roll Of Imogen,Amirinda,Connor,Mott,or Cregan?

    Also I think Liam James would do well as Latamer
    I LOVE the Ascendance Trilogy !!!!!!!!!!!!! can’t wait for book three!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It’s all just for fun of course, but here’s some girls who you could vote for with Imogen and Amarinda.

      Connor, Mott, and Cregan would also be fun. I might put them up. Feel free to suggest names if you have any in mind!

  33. Joel Courtney for Sage/Jaron

    Logan Lerman for Rodan

    Dylan Everett for Tobias

    Those are the people who should be whoever i picked

    • What I mean is that these people, I think, would be the only people who I would want as the boys! thanks!!!!!


  34. Obviously, no one can ever fit Sage perfectly, because he is so amazing!! But as I was looking through the pictures, I noticed Thomas Brodie-Sangster and thought at first that he would be a good fit for Tobias.
    Then I looked again, and noticed that he has that mischievous glint in his eyes. The more I looked, I realized he’d be really great for Sage!!

  35. Connor Jessup

  36. hi i love your books and i hope they do them justice in a movie. i think that Dylan Everett would make a good sage, Connor Jessup would make a good Tobias and Joel Courtney a good Roden. I can’t wait for the shadow throne book to come out. Do you know why there is a delay? jazz ^_^

    • Thanks Jazzy. It’s not a delay. It’s just how long it takes for books to be printed, marketed, sent to stores, and all of that. I know it is hard to wait though – I’m excited for the release too!

  37. I thought Grahm Phillips (or whoever is the 4th from the top) kinda looked the part of sage but I sont know his acting. Asa Butterfield, not up there, I thought might be good in this movie! I don’t know if he’s right for it but he’s a really good actor in my oppinion. I would love to see him as Sage in this movie!

  38. I’ve seen Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson, and I just can’t see him as right for Sage, like Imogen, he has to have a mysterious look. So if you have ever seen the Percy Jackson movies, you know what I mean.

    • I agree, Addy. Plus, Logan is 19 right now and will be playing the role of 13 year old Percy Jackson in the Sea of Monsters. How wrong is that? If they decide to make a movie for all of the books, he will be an old man with a beard by the time they finish! LAME!

      • Actually, the movies are made to be as if they’re sixteen, not thirteen. However, i agree. I don’t really see Logan Lerman being in this cast, he’s too… Percy.

  39. I think Dylan would make the best Sage out of them all, but I don’t really like any of them. I’ll try to find more candidates.

  40. I just came home from watching Percy Jackson & the Sea of Monsters! It was better than the first, a lot better. Anyway at first I thought that Logan would be perfect for Rodan. Then I watched the movie and I thought, never mind he should be Sage.
    I know he might be busy with Percy Jackson, but they could wait until he’s finished. Just a thought. 🙂

  41. Logan Lerman as Sage,
    Charie Rowe as Tobias,
    and I have no idea for Roden.

    I imagine Ewan McGregor as Connor for some reason…

    I love your books! They’re super super awesome!

  42. So, this guy isn’t an actor, he’s a youtuber, but I really like Connor Franta for Sage. He has that same look of trouble in his eyes that not many people have naturally.

  43. I think they should cast an unknown actor for Sage. Like Daniel Radcliffe for Harry Potter, before this role no one knew him now every one associates him with the character.None of these actors have that kind of mischievous look that Sage has.

  44. William Moseley who played Peter Pevensie in the Chronicles of Narnia, would seem right to play Conner as well.

  45. Sage would be very difficult to cast, as he is just so awesome. 😉 If I had to pick out of these boys, Braedon Lemasters looks like a good Sage. Actually, I think Skandar Keynes (who played Edmund in the Narnia movies) would be a PERFECT Tobias. As for Roden….maybe that Liam James guy? Or someone else? I’m not sure, I haven’t seen the perfect guy for Roden yet. Also, I love your books, Jennifer Nielsen! 🙂

  46. I don’t think Joel Courtney is in Ender’s Game…he was in Super 8 though and he will be in Dear Eleanor (they filmed it here in Colorado at the beginning of the summer). As for who I like for the roles? … I think Joel Courtney, Connor Jessup, and Liam James are phenomenal actors (especially Joel in Super 8 and Connor in Falling Skies). I don’t know who I would want them to be but they should definitely be in the movie somewhere. I like Logan too but I think the other three are just such amazing young actors that they would do the script and the characters justice. 🙂

  47. Liam James- Roden
    Dylan Everett- Sage
    Dylan Sprayberry- Tobias

  48. Sage Logan Lerman for sure!

  49. I agree with Charlie Rowe for Tobias. Dylan Everett for Sage, perhaps? As for Roden, none of them really look the way I imagined him, but Thomas Brodie-Sangster would be fine. I just want to see this movie!

  50. Matthew knight as jaron!!!!!!! Ryan Newman as Imogen!!!!

  51. Colin Ford as Tobias,Logan Lerman as Sage,Dylan Everett as Roden 🙂 but I’m thinking that all of their hair should be a little bit longer than in their pictures 😮

  52. I’d love to audition for this movie, though I doubt they would come anywhere near where I live. I personally imagined Tobias as Skandar Keynes, though. I think he’s too old, but that’s how I imagined him.

  53. I think that the boys need a little more blondish hair. I really hope I can audition for this movie a love acting and the book so it would be really cool if I could get to be Imogen.

  54. Liam James (Tobias), Garrett Backstorm (Roden), Logan Lerman (Sage)

  55. Logan Lerman as Roden, definately. Maybe Brodie-Sangster as Tobias, but I don’t know much about these boys.

  56. But I am HOPING for a movie, and the third bok

  57. Hmmm…. Ppl actually have more potential in appearance then i thought. But still no one is good enough for Sage. (Btw, i love his ‘name’ “Sage”)There is just something missing… The ATTITUDE. None look like they can have the attitude, sorry if this sounds weird but i get the vibes/feels that they dont have the attitude.i think the False Prince series would be killer as an animation, like anime NOT cartoon. Animes can just portray what real ppl and cartoons cant. (If u like anime, plz comment about it) overall, the physical appearance isnt terrible but they are missing attitude,

    • Annie, I definitely agree about the attitude, which really could only come out in an audition. Maybe that boy is here, maybe he’s some ordinary kid somewhere just waiting to be discovered. An anime version of this story would be really interesting, though I hadn’t thought much about it until now. Hmmm…

      • O.o you actually responded! AND you know about anime!!! This means a lot, my sister and considers False Prince as our fav book and are trying to a place that sells Runaway King, we read it already but want to keep the whole series not just book one. Anyways, thanks for replying!

        • I definitely know anime, and in fact, my niece is a very good artist of anime. Thanks for reading!

  58. Yes!YES! I see it now, Logan Lerman for sage! YES!

  59. Though how’s it going to look if they dye his hair blonde? Food for thought I guess 🙂

  60. Charlie Rowe would be a perfect Sage. I had imagine Sage just like him. 🙂

    And let me just say, I’m a HUGE fan of these books. I just finished the second one and I can’t wait for the third one. 🙂

  61. Grsham Philiips for Sage

  62. Sprayberry, definitely! TOTALLY looks the most like Sage. And, Jennefer, you’ll either be happy to know, weirded out, or both about this: I NAMED MY GOAT SAGE AFTER I READ YOUR BOOKS!!!!!!! Wait wut?!?!?!?! Yeah, that’s what I said. My goat.

    \m/ ( ^ _ ^ ) \m/

    Peace! ( • 3 • )__M

    • Wait it cut this off ( • 3 • )__M

    • Your goat? Sage would be honored! 😉


  64. Tom Lyne as Tobias (my brother and well loved has long hair is fourteen and is perfect for sage/jaron)
    Colin Ford as Sage
    Dylan Everett as roden

  65. I would LOVE to see Graham Phillips or Garrett Backstrom as Sage (if they can pull off a cheeky grin of course), Connor Jessup as Roden, and I could see Charlie Rowe as Tobias. 🙂

  66. Dear Mrs. Nielsen,(As well as The False Prince book fans, and folks interested in the making of The False Price movie.) 12/7/13

    From what numerous sources tell me, the most common way to be cast in a movie is knowing people. Of course the next one was luck, and the THIRD one talent. All of these people have talent, but they also age.
    Let me give you movie examples to show you more clearly what I mean:

    PERCY JACKSON (the movies):
    This movie was calk full of flaws. The majority of them were because of the casting. They had teenagers play the roles of twelve-year-olds. It was a terrible mistake that could have never happened. See, because the leads (Logan, a contestant for Sage/Roden/Jaron, being one of them)were too old, it was a greater task for them to seem…right. They didn’t fit the characters at all. (Part of the problem was the make-up people: Percy’s eyes and Annabeth’s hair being the wrong color.) But besides that, even if they are…OKAY actors/actresses, the movies didn’t leave me saying, “I want to talk about the Percy Jackson books all day now!!! I’m so obsessed!!!”
    It instead left me saying, “Well…THAT was a major disappointment. I can’t believe I WANTED to see that.” I am totally serious. That’s what I was thinking (except a bit–A LOT–more harsh.)

    HARRY POTTER (the movies):
    They casted the “Harry Potter” cast as REAL PEOPLE. You could tell that as they got older. I was so happy! I’d seen so many movies were the cast had “perfect” bodies (girls usually anorexic–or dangerously close to being that way, boys like giant Ken dolls), “perfect” faces (that are usually plastic and a half inch deep in makeup), and these people were REAL. My mom says that its a miracle. I think that it gave the pressure on the characters more depth and a more terrifying effect when the characters could grow with their histories, discoveries, friendships, loves, memories, powers, pains, and pressures at an accurate age. I felt more connected to the movies. America should learn this from England, because it is an incredibly important factor.

    In the long run, what I mean to say is: all of the people above are clearly either adults, or SUPER close to being one. I really don’t mean to criticize them, but I STRONGLY STRONGLY STRONGLY believe that they couldn’t pull it off because of their ages. (Also, a few of them could be…better actors.) In the end, by the time the movie came around, you’d have a twenty-two-year-old playing a fourteen-year-old. I’m sorry, but a movie like that won’t turn out like the awesome movie with the strong, developed characters it should have.

    • Kiaha, you definitely make some very good points. I hope that if a FALSE PRINCE movie is made, that the producers will take into account opinions just like these.

  67. Dear Mrs. Nielsen,
    I saw the remake of “The Sound of Music” the other day, and it could have been better, and most of it was great. The part that could have been improved was the cast.

    In short, I mean that age isn’t the only problem with these candidates. Maybe hiring someone less famous with more talent is the best way to go.

    I go to an academy that specializes in the arts and sciences, and theater is a BIG deal. When the best actors took a trip to Shakespeare festival, we saw that a ton of middle/high schoolers there weren’t as good as the judges made them out to be. Yet I saw that some of the best kids hadn’t won anything. The kid who had gotten first place–our school saw his monologue, and we all agreed that the other kids there we’d seen deserved that placing.

    What I mean to say is the best actors/actress are often overlooked.

    I don’t mean to say that these ideas aren’t cutting it, but maybe there’s someone better out there.

    Thanks for understanding,


    • Kiaha, As you well know because of the school you attend, one of the great challenges with anything in the arts is that there is no right and wrong – art is highly subjective. So I’m sure you sometimes wonder what exactly the judges were looking at compared to the performances you saw. In the same way, two people might read a particular scene I’ve written and one will love it and the other will say “meh.” It’s just the arts!

  68. wait a sec…. isn’t Joel Courtney from Super Eight, rather than Ender’s Game? Still, Asa Butterfield, who is from Ender’s Game, would be PERFECT for Sage, I think!

  69. Logan Lerman is a great actor for the part of Sage but I don’t think his look fits Sage. I think Billy Unger has the cutest smile for Sage! Please please choose someone who can act cocky, smart, and has a bright smile. That’s all I notice with Sage is his smile!!
    Josh Hutcherson would be a good Roden I think because he’s quiet, strong, and sturdy. I think he would be a good Roden.
    Freddie Highmore I was thinking would be a great Tobias because he’s kind of scrawny. Choose someone who is tall and thin I think.

  70. Sage/Jaron: Dylan Everett
    Tobias: Joel Courtney
    Roden:Garrett Backstrom or Connor Jessup


  72. Joel Courtney for Sage, Colin ford Roden, and Logan Lerman for Tobias

  73. Liam James for Tobias
    Dylan Everett for Roden
    Aaaand Logan Lerman for sage

  74. I think Colin ford would be a good Sage because you know he can act very rebellious.
    I think Charlie Rowe would be a good Tobias because he is just liked how i imagined him to be.
    I think Connor Jessup or Josh Hutcherson would be a good Roden because they both look sturdy, buff, and strong.

  75. Colin Ford for Sage b/c he kind of has a mischievous look to him, Liam James for Tobias b/c he can play the awkward nerdy type that Tobias is made out to be, and finally Charlie Rowe for the role of Roden because he is what I imagined roden to look like

    • Sage ; Chanler Riggs
      Tobias ; Robbie Kay
      Roaden Joel Courtney
      Imagean’ ME

  76. CREAGN : Norman Reedus

  77. Aramis Knight= Rodan

  78. Max Thieriot would make an amazing Sage. He has that same look of trouble in his eyes.

  79. what r u talking About guys!!! LOGAN LERMAN is sage!!!!!!!!!!! dye his hair blonde he will look like sage and keep his hair brown he will look like jaron!!! he is perfect!!

  80. 1. The fact that they’re considering the movie. The day I found out I could NOT stop talking about it.

    2. I think Charlie Rowe would be an amazing sage. Freddie highmore would be good for this movie… I have no idea who’d he’d be but I know he’d be awesome.

    3. If the movie IS made I’d love to be in it… I’m not an actor but i could be an extra! The fact of being in it would be heart stopping

    4. I’m a big fan and a hope-to-be writer myself. Hope one day I could do something this awesome.

    • All good points, Kevin! I hope you get the chance to audition, and I definitely hope you continue writing! Keep working at it and one day you’ll hold your own book in your hands!




  82. I think:
    Sage/Jaron: Dylan Everett
    Tobias: Braeden Lemasters
    Colin Ford: Roden

  83. Logan lerman is perfect for sage/jaron and and I also think demons by image dragons is perfect for the movie

  84. And pleeeeeese email me the audition paper for the movie when you get 🙂 thx soooooo much

    • If an announcement is made, Deepa, I won’t be able to email any specific person, but I will post any information I have here on the blog!

  85. Sage: Thomas Broodie Sangster. He was in my favorite T.V. show doctor who and he is an amazing actor.
    Tobias: Charlie Rowe
    Roden: Conner Jessup
    Mott: Samuel L jackson
    Kerwin: Rob lowe/john hurt/Georgee Clooney
    Latermer: colin ford
    Bevin Conner: Harrison Ford/Bob buckingham

  86. Please don’t do Logan Lerman for anybody, to me he ruined the Percy Jackson movies don’t let him do the same for this. Also see if you can fit Chris Pratt in there some where. Your books are amazing I hope you come out with a spin off and that the producers just hurry up and get this movie done.have a good day.


    • Hogger…You are a true kindred spirit 🙂

  87. I read the first book a couple months after its release and I loved the series ever since! I hope that your novel does eventually get the green light to become a movie because you totally deserve it!

  88. Sage- Dylan Everett
    Tobias- Charlie Rowe
    Roden- Dylan Sprayberry

  89. Thomas Brodie Sangster would be perfect for Sage in my opinion. Or unknown.

  90. Joels Courtney would make a good Sage because his hair is long and light which is how you had described it before he started dying it, so yeah.

    Charles Rowe would make a good Tobias, but he just needs to grow out his hair a bit longer because you had described it as even longer than Sage’s.

    Dylan Sprayberry would make a great Roden because he seems to have a strong build and I can totally imagine him as a sword fighter, so he seems like a good match.

    Thank you!

  91. The False Prince cast:
    Sage/Jared: dylan matzke 1999
    Josh feldman 1999
    Tobias: will shadley 1999
    Roden: skyler gisondo 1996
    Spencer list 1998
    Lamanter: chase ellison 1993
    Colin ford 1996
    Jared’s brother : nathan kress 1992
    Cody linsey 1989
    Imogen: georgie henley 1995
    Jadin gould 1998
    Cassidy hinckle 1997
    Aremanda: Sierra McCormick 1997
    Ryan Newman 1998
    Sarah highland 1990
    Paris smith 1998y dream cast for the movie are these people

  92. Ms. Jennifer,
    I honestly think Thomas Brodie Sangster is PERFECT for Sage. I’d like cry with joy if he was casted for Sage/Jaron.
    Also, I love all the cast ideas on the account sassmaster_sage on instagram. (Includes Thomas as Sage/Jaron) Those are all my dream casts. And Benedict Cumberbatch would be amazing as Conner.

  93. Charlie Rowe for Tobias, and Garrett backstrom for roden.
    I can’t pissibly think of any character for sage because the way I Imagine sage is very different than the actors.
    I’m afraid for the movie to come out because I don’t want the actors to look different than what I expected but I really want the movie and I’m crossing me fingers that at least Tobias and roden are those two anf lets just hope conner is a handsome noble 😉

  94. Percy Jackson for Sage please.. he has a lot of fans so I think he will be fit for sage although he old but i want to see Logan as Sage and Percy… and also Emma Watson for Imogen or me 🙂

  95. will poulter has to be roden
    Freddie highmore is Tobias
    nicholas hoult has to be sage, it goes perfect.
    plz make this true

  96. and i think imogen shoudl be willa holand and for conner to be jonny dep and for cregan to be kevin bacon

  97. I love love love this book

  98. Hi! I absolutely love your books! I think sage/jaron always has a very mischievous look, so I would go with Logan Lerman or Dylan Everette, leaning to Logan though. For Roden I can’t really say, but the actor should come across as well built but not intelligent looking… For Tobias, I would say quite the opposite ;). Thanks for being an awesome author! Super excited if there will be a movie or not!

  99. I think Sage shoud be logan lerman

  100. garrett blackstorm would be a great sage/jaron

  101. I would love to play Imogen or possibly even princess amarinda

  102. I think Dylan Everett would make a good sage/Jaron

    Tobias- garret backstorm

    Roden- connor jessup

  103. i like Roden he is like me

  104. thanks i love the last book

  105. Braeden Jemasterst as Sage

    Liam James as Roden

    Logan Lerman as Tobias

    Colin Ford as Latimer
    plz use these people

    • A cult use Liam James as sage and Braeden Jemasterst as Roden

      Sorry I messed up on the first comment I made

  106. Colton Haynes and Daniel Sharman. Francisco Lachowski(a model) Tyler Posey. Ian Bohen as Conner.

  107. Thomas Sangster as Sage. Colton Haynes as Roden. Daniel Sharman as Tobias. Ian Bohen as Conner.

  108. i would really like to be cast as a role (if there are going to be open auditions)! i think i could play Imogen as i have the same looks as her and the same character… if i am not too young when the roles are being cast.
    btw: the false prince and the books after it are my favourite books ever! (as well as a few others 😉
    i like the clever pot twists! 😀

    • Hi Ani – I hope you get the chance to audition! If they are open auditions, I’ll post the information for auditions on my website. Good luck!

  109. *plot twists 😉

  110. i am a huge fan and i cant wait for the movie… literally!!! i am so exited about it… but… please, if you are making a movie, make it good…
    some films hardly stick to the plot and story line and those really disappoint me! for example, take Percy Jackson… wrong plot, and also as someone has mentioned earlier, the characters are the wrong age completely (one of the reasons they cant make a third film). also, Eragon is nothing like the book and it really takes away from the whole film. so if you are making a film, make it a good one, and find the right actors! 🙂 maybe instead of just going for the famous ones, maybe as people have discussed before, have open auditions to find the PERFECT person for the role. just a thought…
    sage will be quite hard to find…

    • Ani,

      I agree that Sage will be a hard actor to cast. He’ll have to play that balance between insolent brat and lovable hero. And like you, I hope they’ll do a good job with the movie and stay loyal to the plot.

  111. Hi! Hello! And holá! I’m Montgomery and I’m and in love with the book the false prince and I’m also in love with acting! I’m twelve and I was introduced to the false prince book in 5th grade (2 years ago) soooo when I heard it was being turned into a movie I completely FREAKED out!!!!!!! I’m currently reading “mark of the theif” and I’m so excited there is going to be a movie I really need to know the audition information because I would really really really enjoy playing the park of imogiene!!

    • Hi Montgomery, thanks for reading The False Prince. I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you’re enjoying Mark of the Thief too! The movie isn’t a definite thing yet – I’ll know more in August. But if the movie gets the green light, I’ll ask about auditions and post them here on my website. Good luck!

      • i have read al the books we have at home, what books do you recommend reading? i like things like the false prince, and fantesy, adventure, historical and si-fi sort of thing.

        • Ani, some of my other favorite books include Michael Vey by Richard Paul Evans, One for the Murphys by Lynda Mullaly Hunt, Rump by Liesl Shurtliff, and Loot by Jude Watson.

          • Thanks!

    • Me too/ I read the books in fifth grade and LOVE It!!!! I also love to act, and I would love to play Imogen!!

  112. I think Prim from the Hunger Games(Willow Shields) would be perfect for the role of Imogen. She seems to be just the right age…. though probably a little young.

  113. *old

  114. I think Logan Lerman should be sage/Jaron

  115. I would love to play the part of Imogen, how do I audition?

    • Afton, the movie has not yet been green lighted, but once it is (if it is), one of my first questions to them will be how to audition. Once I have that answer, I’ll post it here on my blog. Good luck!

  116. I think Joel Courtney would be a great tobias.

  117. I think Dylan Sprayberry would be a PERFECT Sage/Jaron

  118. I think the person who should play sage/jaron should be robbie kay cause my sister and I think he fits the description of sage. Oh and I would like to suggest centuries by fall out boy or new years day by black veil brides as one of thr songs. Also for the roles of tobias and roden I think parker croft would play an excellent tobias and thomas sangster ( I think that’s how you spell his last name) would be wonderful for the role of roden. Oh and btw I really and absolutely love the false prince trilogy truley one of the best books ive read and I dont read a lot so thats quite a lot coming from me.

  119. Hey I am a HUGE fan of your series! It’s seriously one of my favorites. It will make a great movie if they chooses to do so. I would LOVE to play the part of Imogene.

    • Thank you, Alisa! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get a chance to audition!

  120. I loved reading the book, it was really good to read when I was in the 6th grade. When they get the movie I hope they make it a faithful adaptation and that we’ll love the movie as much as we loved the story and the quirky and unique characters that create a visual and really good story.
    For a few of the characters I pictured Thomas Robbinson from the movie The Switch and Tomorrowland.
    Barney Clarke will be an excellent choice for 1 of the characters. He played Oliver in Roman Polanski’s Oliver Twist.
    I pictured Raffey Cassidy as Imogene or me for some reason. Raffey was in Snow White and The Huntsman back in 2012, she played the younger version of Snow White, and Athena from Disney’s Tomorrowland. I pictured myself as Imogene when I read the book.
    For Mrs.Turbeldy
    I pictured the girl who was in Pitch Perfect 1 and 2 and Night at the Meseum Secret of The Tomb. Also Helena Bonham Carter.
    I really think they need to have a cast that gets along really well. I hope they hire some one really good to play the villain.
    I think they should make the script like the book!!!
    The book reminded me of Disney’s Adaptation of The Sword in the Stone and Oliver Twist. The False Prince is definitely a great book and Jennifer A Nielson did a great job with the story. It was so good and such a great story!!! I think you definitely did a great job with writing a fantastic story. It was my favorite book that I read in the 6th Grade!!!
    It felt like a fairytale mixed with elements from The Sword in the Stone and Oliver Twist. The story wants us to root for Sage and the rest of the characters from start to finish and we still think of the characters even after we read it!! The book was worded with unique words and giving us visual aspects of each of the different characters from start to finish.
    You did a great job writing this fantastic series, I hope you wrote more fantastic and unique books like the False Prince. Keep writing fantastic books and keep up the good work!!!!

    • Thank you very much, Chelsea! We should know about a movie sometimes the next month.

  121. Ok so for sage I would think josh hutcherson for Tobias Thomas Brodie-Sangster, for roden Graham Phillips, for imogène Jennifer Lawrence or Willow Shields and finally for Bevin Conner Woody Harrelson!

  122. I love these ideas! Who would you dreamcast for Imogen, Amarinda, and Conner? I think Benedict Cumberbatch would be a perfect Conner.

  123. Levi Miller would be a good choice for 1 of the characters ( don’t know which 1 though, Sage would be a good fit though) . He was in the new Peter Pan movie that came out this year in October and I thought he did really well as Peter Pan.
    Mackenzie Foy- She played the younger version of my favorite character in Interstellar, she’s a great actress!! I picture her as Amarinda or Imogene, hard to decide!!
    Raffey Cassidy- Both Mackenzie, Raffey, and Levi are still young. But once when it gets close to casting I think they’ll be the right age!!!
    I read the first book with my mom and she really liked it, it’s one of my favorite series besides Narnia!!!
    I hope the movie won’t ruin the book but be an AMAZING and worthy adaptation of the novel!!! I didn’t like the way they did the movie Noah.
    The False Prince is such an amazing book and series!!
    I also read One For The Murphys it’s a great read!!!
    I’m trying to write a 3 part series right now, it’s called The Dreamcatchers and are there any publishing companies in Texas that I could send the books to?
    Sage reminded me of Arthur in the movie Arthur and the Invisibles. They’re both very clever, adventurous, wise, and care deeply about those around them!! I think Arthur and Sage would be great friends!!
    My favorite part in The False Prince was when Imogene gave him food and water and cleaned his scars!!
    I’d’ve always wanted one of my favorite books to become a movie!!! I think The Music of Dolphins is an amazing novel and I hope Karen Hesse sells the film rights to it, I want to play Mila!!
    I think that once when my series is published I want to sell the film rights to it!!
    How would you picture the story into a movie, and will they hire a cast that’ll work great with each other?
    Keep up the great work with your novels!!!
    P.S There should be a spin off series but only with Jaron’s kid!!

    • Thanks for reading, Ramona, and for your casting suggestions. Good luck on your own writing – that is awesome, and it sounds like you have a particularly ambitious plan. I’m not aware of any publishing companies in Texas, though you can always google “Texas Publishing Houses.” But also be aware that everything is done via email anyway, so it really doesn’t matter if you choose a publisher near or far from home. Most important is that you find the right publisher for the type of story you write, and for your personal goals as an author.

      Best wishes,


    • Yea! And Tobias and Roden’s kids too! That would be awesome!

  124. I would want to see Logan lerman playing as Jaron and Sage

  125. I think either Logan Lerman, Colin Ford, or Dylan Everett should play Sage.

    Liam James should play Rodan

    and Charlie Rowe as Tobias

  126. OMG! I LOVE the Ascendance Trilogy! My friend recommended it to me, and I loved it! I recently finished reading it and it was probably one of the best books I’ve ever read!

    Anyways, I think Thomas Brodie Sangster or Joel Courtney should be Sage or Roden.
    Jennifer Lawrence should be Amarinda, and Willow Shields should be Imogen.

    But I love your work so much. And I really hope this series becomes a movie. Also it would be amazing if you wrote more series like this.

  127. Thomas Sangster or Conner Jessup as Sage. 😊

  128. I love the series, it really got me into historical fiction. I would love the movie, but it might just take away from the greatness of the books; that said, I would love to binge-watch it if they made a tv series or a movie.

  129. I think Thomas Brodie-Sangster would be a great Tobias

  130. Sage: Logan Lerman

    Roden: Charlie Rowe

    Dylan Sprayberry

    Latamer:Braeden Lemasters

  131. I think Asa Butterfield should be Tobias because he looks kind of serious but, kind of mischievous at the same time and he’s a great actor!

  132. I think that Logan Leman should be Sage!!!!

  133. Thomas Brodie-Sangster seems like the perfect Sage/Jared. The entire time I read the book, I always imagined Thomas playing as Sage, and Thomas also can be compared to Sage, both External and Internal ways, somewhat.

  134. Can you do a pt 2 of fancasting a False Prince movie? The next one can fancast Imogen and Amarinda 🙂 PS personal preference- I like Chloe Grace Moretz as Amarinda, and I’ll throw Taissa Farmiga’s name out there for a part, too.

    • Good suggestions! I did a ladies’ version that you can see here, though it probably needs some updating.

  135. Freddie Highmore (1992) for Tobias

  136. I narrowed it down to this:
    Sage/Jaron= Charlie Rowe, Braden Lemasters, Dylan Everett, and Logan Lerman
    Tobias= Liam James, Graham Phillips, and Thomas Brodie-Sangster
    Roden= Garrett Backstrom, Connor Jessup, Colin Ford, and Dylan Sprayberry
    I imagined Jaron to have gold brown wavy hair (naturally dark brown due to the fact that he died his hair the former), with lush grass green eyes. He should have a mischievous smile and still be handsome. He would be lean, but not muscular, and average to tall in height. His skin color would be pinkish white.
    Tobias would also have dark brown hair, with gray eyes. He would have a longer thinner face than the rest of the boys, and a scrawny, tall build. He would be the palest of the 3.
    Roden I Imagined with slightly lighter hair than the rest of the boys. He would also be shorter and have darker skin. He had a defined face with a square jaw and stocky build. His eyes would be amber brown.
    Once I realized what I was looking for, these were the results.
    Sage/Jaron: Logan Lerman
    Tobias: Graham Phillips
    Roden: Connor Jessup

  137. Sage: fifth picture (sorry I don’t know celebrity names). Sage has longer hair and green eyes, and that person has the hair I was looking for, and his eyes are acceptable even though their blue. He also has the orphan look I was going for, the lonely look like he has no home, no one that loved him (sorry I love Sage’ s character❤). Tobias: second picture. I can’t tell how tall he is because he’s sitting down, but if he’s tall them even better! Roden: seventh picture. He has the tough, muscular look Roden has from working in the orphanage, and I feel he’ll do a good job of being a pirate later on.

  138. Will you need a young sage?

    • I would imagine they will need to cast a young Sage for the flashback scenes, yes.

  139. based on how I’ve imagined him i think that logan lerman is the best for sage but he’d be too old now anyway

  140. Personally, I think Logan Lerman would make the perfect Sage/Jaron, Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Tobias and Garrett Backstrom as Roden. Logan Lerman is good for adventurous movies because he did Percy Jackson and that had plenty if fighting.

  141. Honestly the whole time I was reading this book, I pictured sage as Leonardo dicaprio when he was younger like in titanic, but he is too old now so that is really sad. I can’t think of anyone else who would be a great sage, but I’m sure whoever is chosen will be a good fit!

    • Hi Isobel – I think that’s a good comparison. I hope they’ll cast it well too.

  142. I want Imogene or Amerinda

  143. I think Logan Lerman would be the best Sage 🙂

  144. Logan Lerman would be the best Sage I think 🙂

  145. Brenden looks like a Roden or Latamere

  146. I know its kind of late, but if you are still thinking of making a movie, I recommend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for Mott! Emma Watson for Imogen, Logan Lerman for Sage, and Thomas Brodie Sangster for Tobias. Thank you!!

    • Those are great suggestions! If a movie ever happens, I’ll let the casting directors know about your thoughts.

  147. Workin on a school project with this book if any1 has any ideas for 2 different places hook me up. Also i wanted to say props to Ms. Nielsen for being an amazing auto and writing the best book ever.

    • Author**

  148. Joel Cortney for Sage or perhaps Tobias. Conner Jessup for Roden.Charlie Rowe for Tobias.

  149. Who would be good to play Imogen?

  150. I think Danielle Campbell, Adelaide Kane, Alexandra Daddario, or me should play the part of Imogen lol.

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