Movie News…

Posted by on Mar 29, 2017 in Ascendance Trilogy, movie | 221 comments

Hi all. I know this won’t be the post you wanted to read, but I promised to put everything here first. Paramount Studios will not be renewing the contract for the False Prince movie. There have been some significant changes at the studio over the last month, and those changes have affected their plans for this project. That said, the book still lives and might otherwise get picked up elsewhere. The best thing you can do to encourage another studio’s interest is to recommend the Ascendance Trilogy to other readers and show potential producers that there is continuing and growing...

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A Little Bit o’ Everything

Posted by on Aug 17, 2014 in Ascendance Trilogy, movie | 213 comments

Scroll down until you find some news that interests you… 1. Movie News Well, there is none. There probably won’t be any until the end of February 2015, and the news could be yes, that Paramount wants to make the movie, or no, that Paramount doesn’t want to make the movie, or the news could be that no decision has been made (crazy business, right?). And like you, I hope if they do make the movie that they will do a great job with it. When I hear anything, I will announce it here first, so put a note on your calendar to check this blog then!   2. Public Event News My...

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Voting News…and Voting News!

Posted by on Aug 15, 2013 in movie, The False Prince | 202 comments

All right, based on your casting votes over the summer, I’ve narrowed down the results. These are unofficial, of course. If a movie is made, the studio will cast whomever they want. But it’s fun to play, right? First, there’s an announcement. THE FALSE PRINCE is a nominee for YALSA’s Teen Top Ten List. There are so many amazing books nominated this year, but the great thing is you can vote for three of your favorites. The voting dates are NOW to September 15. If you want to vote, go HERE. I’d appreciate your vote for THE FALSE PRINCE. In response to some questions, yes, I think you can vote...

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Dream Cast: Pt 1, The Orphans

Posted by on Jul 8, 2013 in movie, Uncategorized | 244 comments

I’ve had a lot of questions/comments/opinions lately on who should be cast in a False Prince movie. So whaddya say? Let’s have some fun. The last I’ve heard, the screenplay is in revision mode, which means it hasn’t been considered yet for a greenlight on a movie. That’s still some time away. I’ll announce here if I hear anything. Next, let me say that I would love it if a fan of the books were cast. To that end, if a movie is made, I will post audition info here on this blog. That said, please know that I will have approximately 0% influence as to who is...

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Big Announcement 2!

Posted by on Sep 30, 2011 in movie, The False Prince | 69 comments

The general rule in publishing is that when someone makes a really cool public announcement, they’ve probably been sitting on that news for weeks and sometimes longer. I’ve been sitting on this news for about six months. Based on that, it should be pretty exciting, right? And I will admit, I’m very excited to finally be typing this. So here it is: THE FALSE PRINCE has been optioned for movie rights by Scholastic Media. Gotham Group made the sale in conjunction with my always amazing agent, Ammi-Joan Paquette of Erin Murphy Literary Agency. Does this mean it’s going to be a movie now? Um, I...

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