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MARK OF THE THIEF release day!

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Guys, it’s today! MARK OF THE THIEF launches into the world and I can’t wait to hear what you think of it! Let me share two final quotes from this book, which show how Nic begins to change his perception of himself. The first is shortly after he gets magic and something he is told by his master, Felix:   I’m nobody. Just a slave—” “A slave who happens to be holding the most powerful magic the empire has seen since the days of Julius Caesar! And you’re right, Nic. You are nobody to this land. No one will fight a war to save you. No one will care if you fall. And if the...

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Just a short quote today. This comes right after Nic accidentally destroys a bunch of stuff, including, er, significant parts of the amphitheater (the Colosseum). Whoops.   “Felix had warned me what might happen if even one person found out I had Caesar’s bulla. After what I’d just done, I figured it was safe to assume that I had been found out—by everyone.” MARK OF THE THIEF comes out in only one week. I so hope you’ll all enjoy reading...

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YA/MG Authors LOVE Teachers!

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Back in ancient days when I was in school, the students were intended to learn their ABC’s during kindergarten. Only their ABCs, nothing more. Which was fine, except that thanks to my older brother, I entered kindergarten already reading. My teacher wasn’t super comfortable with that. She was from the old school and wasn’t sure exactly what to do with me. So she did the logical thing, and asked me to only look at the pictures. Being the 5-year-old rebel that I was, I started “sneak reading” – making it look as if my eyes were on the pictures when in fact,...

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Events for You!

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I don’t have a complete tour schedule yet, but there are some really cool things you can sign up for right now – places I’ll be too!   On Feb 28, I will be hosting a launch party for MARK OF THE THIEF (Woot!). It will be at Provo (Utah) City Library at 4 pm. There will be food (because why would I pass up a chance for food) and fun (maybe. No guarantees.) If you cannot be there, but still want a signed hardcover, you can order it (or any of my other books) from The King’s English Bookstore in SLC here. You put the book in checkout and just before you complete the...

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MARK OF THE THIEF will be released in only two weeks (Feb 24)! I am so excited to share Nic’s story with you, and I hope you will like it. This quote comes from a scene where Nic has just met a girl named Aurelia. She is street savvy and has had to be tough – that’s all that keeps her from falling into slavery herself. She is also very suspicious of Nic at first. Something about him seems different, and that bothers her. What neither of them know at this point is that Nic has magic.   “You promised me water!” I yelled. And when he didn’t respond, I drove my elbow into...

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