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Congratulations to the following winners of an ARC of my next release, A NIGHT DIVIDED: Megan Fuller (@maggalini) Luke (commenting on June 8) Lily Moon (@RashidaxSaimax) Anna O’Connor Bernadette (commenting on June 4) Chloe W Sophia Gutbrod Mohammed A.   To all winners, I have sent you either an email or contacted you via Twitter. Please reply! I’ll assume you want the book signed to you unless you let me know otherwise. If you didn’t win, no worries – the book will be out on August 25th. You can pre-order now from your favorite bookstore, online, or ask your...

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Editing THE SCOURGE, pt 3

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Before I get into the edit, have you entered yet for an ARC of A NIGHT DIVIDED? The contest ends on Friday. Read more here!   So it’s taken me a week, but here’s what I’ve done on THE SCOURGE. * Added in all of the descriptions of people and places. *Tons of world building: setting, time period, history of the Scourge, and why a particular group of people are so hated. There’s still more to do on this. * Went through the manuscript looking for plot holes or mistakes. Found only about half of what I’ll eventually notice before I’m finished. Which is...

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Here it is! The long promised giveaway of an ARC of A NIGHT DIVIDED!!! Seriously, I cannot wait for you all to read this book. Instructions to enter the contest are below. But first, here’s a little about the time in which this book takes place…   Following the end of World War 2, the world wanted a way to prevent Germany from ever starting a war again. So the country was divided into four parts, with each part given to a different victor in the war: the United States, Britain, France, and Russia.       The U.S., Britain, and Russia all united together, making...

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