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School Visit Tips

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I’m fresh off of a great trip to Arizona, where between Monday at noon and Wednesday at noon I visited six schools with a total of eight presentations. My thanks to the great city of Gilbert for giving Elliot his own street! I LOVE doing school visits. I love the kids, their enthusiasm, their questions, and the unpredictability that always comes when working with children. I love bringing them a message I believe in, one that matters. There’s a lot of advice out there about getting visits to schools, and I’ll probably blog about that eventually. But for those of you who have already booked a...

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Funny Thank You’s From Kids

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Every so often when I go on school visits I get some thank you notes, or else a student will send me an email to tell me about their own writing. Here are some excerpts of my favorites: * “You should get paid for your book because of how cool it is.” – J.T. – Thanks, J.T. I agree! * “I enjoyed when you taught us about characters. Now I am probably going to go home and write. You have inspired me.” – M.K. – I hope you will write, M.K. * “I love, love, love, LOVE your books. Or I probably will when I read them.” – S.S. – Hopefully you’ll still love them after you...

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