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THE SCOURGE is released!

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It’s today, today, TODAY! Wondering what to do today? Well, you could… Buy, borrow, or check out your copy of THE SCOURGE! Open the copy of THE SCOURGE that you have bought, borrowed, or checked out! Tell a friend about THE SCOURGE! If you’ve already read THE SCOURGE, you could review it online! Take a nap. Because yay – sleep! But when you wake up, choose steps 1-4! Thank you readers, for your support of me and my books. As long as you are out there, I will always keep writing more, but I could create these stories without you. Quick links: Indiebound Amazon Barnes...

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SCOURGE Week (+ Winners)!

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It’s here – release week for THE SCOURGE! The winners for this – the last week of the Massive Summer Giveaway – are: *** Quinn *** Stephanie *** Reyhana *** Janet Johnson *** If you did not win, there are still many ways for you to get a chance to read this, or any of my books. You can: Request a copy at your library. Go to your local bookstore. If they don’t have a copy, ask them to order it in. Borrow from a friend who has a copy. Find me at a public signing. I’ll post that schedule soon. Order online. Also, if you have read THE SCOURGE, I’d...

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Your anti-talent (+ winners)

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The winners from last week’s entries are: *** Lacey *** Debbie *** Barbara Rehmeyer *** Josh M *** Emails have been sent to the winners. But next Sunday (Aug 28) is the last week I’ll be announcing winners so be sure to enter this week!   THE SCOURGE will be released on August 30th – only about a week away now. I am so excited for this release! (Have you pre-ordered your copy yet? Or asked your library to order one in?) In the book, Ani doesn’t want to brag, but she does have one really unique talent: super terrible singing! For example, here she is singing to a...

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Movie Update (+ Winners)

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The winners from last week’s drawing are: *** Patience *** Mia Clement *** Jamin B *** Ambri Miller *** If you didn’t win, there are still two more chances to enter until THE SCOURGE is released, so be sure to put your comments below!     So another six months have passed, and I know many of you are curious about any developments on the movie! Well… As I’ve warned, it won’t be much of an update. The news is…there isn’t much news. Another screenwriter has been brought on for continuing script revisions, so although everything continues to...

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Can’t Avoid Trouble? (+ Winners)

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The winners from last week’s giveaway are: *** Sasia *** Natalie Burlew *** Olivia G *** If you didn’t win this week, no worries – your past entries still accumulate to help your odds of winning next week! For this week, I was thinking about one of my favorite scenes from THE SCOURGE. Ani has gotten herself into trouble again, and the punishment is loss of a meal. Weevil is asking her about it, but she doesn’t want him to know what she plans to do while he’s eating.   I turned to him, using as much anger as possible to make him go away. “Maybe I’m not...

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