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Winter Institute and ALA Midwinter

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Last weekend, I was honored to attend both the Winter Institute in New Orleans, an intimate conference for independent booksellers, and the ALA Midwinter Conference in Dallas. These events, to promote the upcoming release of THE FALSE PRINCE were so much fun, not only because of the spectacular booksellers, librarians, and book people I was able to meet, but because hanging out with Scholastic peeps is nonstop fun! This is a photo of the lovely Nikki Mutch, a Scholastic District Sales Manager (who is also responsible for the cute packet in the picture below) At Winter Institute, I did a...

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Elliot and the Last Underworld War

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I’ve been negligent on blog posts lately (well, let’s be honest, I’m always negligent on that). But this time it’s a bit of a problem because there actually is lots of news to report. The final book in the ELLIOT series will be out on April 1 (the same day as THE FALSE PRINCE, so if you’re pre-ordering the one, you may as well get the other…just sayin’) and is called ELLIOT AND THE LAST UNDERWORLD WAR. I always support Indies first, so please try to buy it from your local bookstore. But if you want to learn more about the book, here’s a link....

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Book Trailer for THE FALSE PRINCE!

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Scholastic created a most wonderful trailer for THE FALSE PRINCE. I only wish it were longer so that I could just keep watching it forever. Granted, that might get tiring at some point for everyone else, but I think they did a great job! I’ll get it up on my website soon, but until then, you can view it here or if that doesn’t work, then go here. p.s. If you know anyone really high in the movie industry (Steven Spielberg’s coming over for dinner tonight, for example), maybe you should show them this trailer and say, “Gosh, don’t you think this would make a...

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