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Graphic Credit: Beau Chevassus Since it was formed in 1979, the Pixar Company changed hands a couple of times, nearly failed more often than that, and on the verge of being sold by Steve Jobs when Disney agreed to distribute a children’s film, Toy Story. That film went on to earn over $350 million worldwide. As of February 2012, Pixar films have earned twenty-six Academy Awards, seven Golden Globes, and three Grammies. They have made over $7 billion worldwide, with an average gross of $602 million. No other film company comes even close to that average. So, can we agree that Pixar may...

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My apologies for any delay in posting the results of the contest – this was also a moving weekend for my family. We’re in the new place now, so now I can concentrate again on contest results! Many thanks for everyone who left comments, guesses, Tweeted and FB’d about Book 2 of the series, titled THE RUNAWAY KING. It should be out sometime next spring, and I hope will be a read worth waiting for. Winners are: KARA GRANT, LEMUEL HERNANDEZ, and JPETROROY. I wish all of you could be winners, but unfortunately, there can be only three. If you want to purchase a signed book of...

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