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Code Name: Mincemeat Man

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  In 1943, the world was embroiled in a fierce world war. On one side were the allies, led by the US, Great Britain, Russia, and France. The axis powers were led by Germany, Italy, and Japan. Both sides had their victories, and their losses, and the balance toward who might ultimately claim victory was constantly shifting. To take control of the war, the allies needed the Italian island of Sicily. Knowing this, Germany heavily fortified the island. Britain knew that if they were going to take the island, they would need more than manpower. They would need to trick Germany. So they went...

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The UK Cover of Book 3

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News first – If you are on Goodreads and wish to give one last vote for THE RUNAWAY KING, thanks to you it’s made it to the finals. That vote closes on Monday, Nov 25th. The other finalists are completely awesome, and it’s an honor to be among them. You can vote here. Next, here is the cover for the UK version of THE SHADOW THRONE, which I think is absolutely fantastic! I will put all three covers below so you can compare them. One final note. If they purchased copies of these books, readers in the Philippines would get these versions. So in their honor, would you consider...

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Fans and Votes!

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There are so many things to cover in this post. Where to start? Probably with an apology to an awesome young fan, Rilee, who contacted me months ago about a song she wrote and performed on guitar. I loved it so much, I asked to put it up here on the blog, but then life took over and I forgot. This is the song. Please click over to watch it here. I know you will enjoy it as much as I did.     Next – I know I’ve asked for a lot of votes lately, but it looks like I’m asking again. If you’re on Goodreads, THE RUNAWAY KING has made it to the semi-final round for...

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Next week I’ll go into more detail about the book I’m releasing soon, but for those who need to get caught up on the series, here’s what you’ve missed… I happen to have a few extra copies of a couple of books laying around, and I will send them, one per person, to anyone who asks for one in comments. When they’re gone, they’re gone! Summaries provided by Scholastic. BOOK ONE: A MUTINY IN TIME When best friends Dak Smyth and Sera Froste stumble upon the secret of time travel — a hand-held device known as the Infinity Ring — they’re...

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Let’s Talk About The Infinity Ring

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For the next few weeks, I’m going to turn this blog to another series I’m super excited about: THE INFINITY RING. This story takes place in a reality where history has gone wrong. Each time history goes off course,  the world comes closer to a cataclysm (which would be, y’know, bad). In this world, Dak is a history genius with a love of stinky cheese and interesting facts. If it happened in history – everything from the fall of the Great Wall of China to the Amancio Brothers’ discovery of America in 1492 – then Dak knows it. The problem is that everything Dak knows is wrong. His...

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