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News first – If you are on Goodreads and wish to give one last vote for THE RUNAWAY KING, thanks to you it’s made it to the finals. That vote closes on Monday, Nov 25th. The other finalists are completely awesome, and it’s an honor to be among them. You can vote here.

Next, here is the cover for the UK version of THE SHADOW THRONE, which I think is absolutely fantastic! I will put all three covers below so you can compare them.


Slide1One final note. If they purchased copies of these books, readers in the Philippines would get these versions. So in their honor, would you consider taking the opportunity to donate to the Red Cross (or another aid organization of your choice) to help with the immense need in that great country.


  1. Those are soooo cool!!! Is that supposed to be Sage/Jaron, ’cause that would be so cool if it was!!!! (to be honest I think those covers might be a little cooler than then American ones, just a little bit) πŸ˜‰

    • Yep, that’d be Jaron. And I like the covers a lot too!

      • i know is’s my profile

    • Nice! I cant wait until The Shadow Throne is released!

    • looking at these covers make me want to cry. i can not live without reading the shadow throne. i totally forgot about the third book but then i remebered one day and now i’m looking everyehere for previews and i’m hoping and praing that i will go to barnes and nobles on feburary 25 and buy the book no matter how much it costs. if they won’t take me ill cry and shut myself into my room and not eat the rest of the day. i hope that won’t happen cause i am always hungry.

      • Thank you, Maya! One option you have is to pre-order the book from your B&N, and then you will know it’s available when you’re ready.

    • The U.K. covers are very nice(I hope the guy on the cover is Jaron/Sage).
      But i like the fact that the U.S covers are a little different for each book, unlike the U.K. ones.

      • Yes, Rashida, I do think that’s supposed to be Jaron. And I like the covers too!

  2. I really like the uk covers. Personally I like the uk ones better. Can you purchase the shadow throne ahead of time? and where would you buy the uk versions in america?

    • I think you can find the UK covers on Amazon, though I’m not sure about that. And no, unfortunately, Shadow Throne can’t be ordered early, either here or overseas!

  3. I really like the covers! Both the US and UK covers are great! It’s a good thing thing that The False Prince and Allegiant are in different categories because I don’t think I would be able to choose! Good luck with the awards, and I hope you are doing well so far with The Shadow Throne!

    • Thanks Kaya!

      • these books are the absolute best books ever please please please infinity please make a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • I REALY hope that Jaron dose not die in book three:|

          • Yeah, Jaron hopes for the same thing… πŸ˜‰

            War is Coming…

        • Thanks, Nicole! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that!

    • People should really start thinking about making a movie for this series…… its good written and amazing. Please I NEED A MOVIE INVENTED FOR THIS!

  4. Cool!!!!! My friend just finish “The Runnaway King”, and was totally psyched when I told her when the third book was coming out. We love your books! Thanks for writing amazing, awesome, and awesome books! πŸ˜‰

  5. OHMYGOSH I just looked at the top ten finalists on goodreads and the runaway king is 1ST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh yes, and those covers are so awesome! I’m jealous…

    • The order of the covers on Goodreads is just randomly generated, so I’m afraid it’s no sign of how the book is doing. But I do appreciate you going to the site. And yes, they are awesome covers!

  6. Congrats on making it to the finals! Also, the UK covers look so cool. I actually think they look better than the US version, not that I don’t like both versions.
    I’m in the Red Cross club for my school, and we mentioned about the typhoon last week. Hope things get better there.

  7. I zoomed in on the cover image and stared at it, mouth gaping, for at least five minutes before I came back to the real world. I love the cover!!!!! JARON LOOKS SO AWESOME! The UK have amazing covers. Luckies, they get JARON on their covers! (Grrrr). Just kidding…. ish. I LOVE JARON AND YOUR BOOKS! The world, characters, and everything are so well done, likable, real, and believable. I think about it 24-7. Seriously, sometimes I wonder what Jaron would think of me. Or us book nerd drooling over him/this cover. Or even what he’d think about you. What do you think he’d do if he came to this world and found out you wrote down his experiences from his point of view? And, what do you think CONNER would do if he came to our world? (I’m really interested in that one). You know them both better than I do.

    • Thanks Brinley. I figure there are already Conners in our world – people whose terrible means justify their ends, people who work to manipulate and control others, people whose ambitions trump their sense of right and wrong. Luckily, there are heroes as well, to stop them.

  8. I agree full-heartedly, there’s certainly people in the world like Conner (“con” men) but what I’m wondering about is if CONNER, like, THE CONNER, came to the USA from Carthya (somehow) and found out that Sage is being praised and everyone here loves him, and that there’s a book from Sage’s POV. Do you think he’d be angry? Confused? What is something you’d think he’d say? I’ve been trying to devise his reaction in my head because I’m curious and like to play around with things like that, but just can’t get it right.

    • I think Conner would be furious. Conner believes he should be the hero of the story, because he did what was necessary to save Carthya. So he would be angry that Sage has stolen people’s hearts.

      • Yeah, I can see that happening alright πŸ™‚ You don’t have to answer this, but what do you think he’d do to the person who showed him the reviews and this website, and such?

  9. Can’t wait anymore… February 25, 2013 seems like a very distant reality. Hopefully Christmas would come early for me with the Book 3 giveaway!

  10. That is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cool!
    I love the cover.

  11. Wow, the UK covers are cool! I think I prefer the American ones, but these are still pretty great πŸ™‚
    I bet it was awesome for the model to pose for the cover. I know I’d love to dress in an awesome costume like that!

    • I agree, Katherine – it would be fun to pose for book covers, especially when the costumes are so cool and dramatic.

  12. I really like it, but I agree with Katherine, I like the American ones better. It’s just so cool! A broken crown, sword and key!!! I think it’s better so that I can imagine Sage/Jaron. By the way, Jennifer, which name do you like better: Sage or Jaron?

    • Hmm, I dunno. I think each name represents a different part of who he is. Which name do you prefer?

      • I like Sage a lot, because to me, Jaron sounds really royal and my picture of Sage/Jaron was of a thief and a runaway, but it makes a lot of sense with his two names.So, yeah, I prefer Sage. By the way: I loved how Jaron became Sage in the Runaway King. I liked the False Prince A LOT, but, I think I loved the Runaway King more!!!! I can’t wait for the Shadow Throne to come out!!!!!!

    • me too I have an image and is hard for me to change it(β€’β€Ώβ€’) soooooooooooooooo excited for the book three

  13. Hey, this is totally off topic, but… So I’m writing a book, and at first I was going to follow your advice, but then I got a brilliant idea that I would change off characters every few chapters. Each of the main characters has a different personality

    Diana= Mostly serious

    Lyo (LEE-oh)= Goofing off a lot

    So do you think I should do it? Thanks! πŸ™‚

    • Of course you should try it. Maybe it works, maybe not, but the only way you’ll know is to give it a try!

  14. Thanks! I’ll try it πŸ™‚

  15. Who poses as Jaron in these 3 covers? I’ve never seen him before… O.o

    • Dunno. A model in the UK. Wouldn’t that be a fun job – posing for book covers?

      • Oh yes, very, I’d love to one day.

  16. I love the covers. I’m so excited for the third book. Sage is amazing and I can’t wait to read more into his world.

  17. I never really liked book covers with a person from the book on it, but this is just insanely awesome!
    Are they still going on with the movie idea? Lately the media has been running out of ideas so they are just turning books into movies, and if they are still planning it I wouldn’t be surprised if it came to a The False Prince Movie.
    (I hope not, the media can never get the books right D:)

  18. Whoa, that’s amazing! I really don’t know why but I always liked the book covers with the person on it, as long as the person’s face isn’t shown, because that’s not so good sometimes. Wait, wait, wait. Please, please, please (since I have nowhere else to reply to) don’t tell me there will be a betrayal going on in the Shadow Throne! Please.

  19. Cool! That cover art is so cool! The U.S version is good too. Can’t wait till the book comes out!

  20. ERMAGURD I wish I was British. That looks sooo cool!!!

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