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There are so many things to cover in this post. Where to start?


Probably with an apology to an awesome young fan, Rilee, who contacted me months ago about a song she wrote and performed on guitar. I loved it so much, I asked to put it up here on the blog, but then life took over and I forgot.

This is the song. Please click over to watch it here. I know you will enjoy it as much as I did.




Next – I know I’ve asked for a lot of votes lately, but it looks like I’m asking again.

If you’re on Goodreads, THE RUNAWAY KING has made it to the semi-final round for “Best Middle Grade & Children’s Book of 2013.” Woo-hoo. It’s up there with many other amazing books, so it’s an honor to be included. The voting ends on the 16th. If it makes it to the final round, that will open on the 18th.

You can vote here.




Only scroll to the next pictures if you’ve already finished THE FALSE PRINCE.

No, really.

And here we are!

Finally…this was a drawing given to me by a high school student with exceptional skills in ambigrams. One piece of art. Right side up, it says Sage. Upside down, it says Jaron. Brilliant! My thanks to Emily, the artist.






  1. Ahh! cool!!

  2. Wow… cool picture! Will vote. Cool song!

  3. Cool video and picture, it’s nice you support your fans. I voted, here’s hoping ya win!

  4. That picture is amazingly brilliant! And alright. Time to check out the song and vote.

  5. thats soooo cool amazing art awsome art i love it ^_^

  6. I voted for you!! Hope your book wins and I can’t wait for the third book:)

  7. That is a really cool picture! Also, I just voted (again).

  8. Great picture and song! We at Nampa Public Library will be voting on November 18th!

  9. That is so awesome. I wonder…. If I turned Jaron upside down, would he look like Sage again? -turns The Runaway King upside down-….. Nope- WAIT! -turns it backwards and starts in the middle- :O I Turned Jaron into Sage again! <3

  10. OMGOODNESS! She’s so cute and talented. After watching that video I got all pumped to write a song based on The False Prince and maybe send it to you (if that’s okay). I have a part of it. It’s from Imogen’s POV (she’s “singing” it). It’s really fun to do.

  11. That’s a really cool picture! WOW!!!!!
    PS I forgot to ask this, but could I get lyrics to that “Is It Enough” song by Rilee?

    • Sorry, Brinley, I don’t have them. There’s only what was on that video.

      • No problem, just curious. 🙂

  12. It’s in the finals now!! Yay!!

  13. Wow! Didn’t think my picture would generate so many comments! Thanks for putting it up!
    P.S. That song was AWESOME!!!

    • I showed it to some other teens who knew of the art style, but said they couldn’t replicate anything nearly as cool. It’s been a hit around my house! Thanks for sharing it with me.

      • Thanks for sharing it with everybody else!!!

  14. Oh my gosh!!! I have to show this to my teacher (She loves the series too)! She’ll be soo excited!!!!! (Me too of course) 🙂

  15. I just went on goodreads, and The Runaway King is in 3rd place!!!

    • I think the screen just randomly generates where the cover goes, so unfortunately, I don’t think it’s in order. But thank you for voting!

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