Code Name: Mincemeat Man

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In 1943, the world was embroiled in a fierce world war. On one side were the allies, led by the US, Great Britain, Russia, and France. The axis powers were led by Germany, Italy, and Japan. Both sides had their victories, and their losses, and the balance toward who might ultimately claim victory was constantly shifting.

To take control of the war, the allies needed the Italian island of Sicily. Knowing this, Germany heavily fortified the island. Britain knew that if they were going to take the island, they would need more than manpower. They would need to trick Germany.

So they went to an idea suggested a couple of years earlier by a man you may have heard of: Ian Fleming.


Before Fleming wrote James Bond spy books, he was himself a spy. His idea was exactly what you might expect from a novelist’s mind: Get a dead body, make him appear to be a British officer, plant fake war plans on him, and then get him into German hands. This idea got the code name of Mincemeat Man.

And it’s a great idea, until you begin to think of how one might actually do that. Namely:

4ace1e9bd6e0_sf_1* Where do you find a dead body? It must be a recent death, can’t be of someone with friends or family to claim him, can’t have an obvious cause of death, and must be of the right age for a British officer. The problem is, thirty to forty year old men don’t spontaneously die.

* What goes in to creating a history for someone who never existed? There is far more to a person than what’s found in a file.

* How do you get a body into the hands of the enemy, all the while making it look to the entire world that you’re doing everything you can to keep it away from the enemy?

* If the enemy figures out it’s a trick, will you have just given away your actual battle plans?This amazing truestory became the foundation for INFINITY RING 6: BEHIND ENEMY LINES. In the book, Dak, Sera, and Riq are sent to 1943 Europe. In their history – the incorrect history – Mincemeat Man failed. Because of that, the war eventually destroyed both sides, leaving a vacuum of power that was filled by the SQ. To fix history, our time travelers must go behind enemy lines.



But that’s only the beginning of their problems:

What did Sera learn about her parents that may forever change how she thinks about them?

What is Riq’s secret, so terrible he almost doesn’t dare admit it to himself?

What did Dak experience in the time warp that may undo all the work they’ve done so far?

And who is following them?



Find out in Book 6 of the Infinity Ring series, BEHIND ENEMY LINES. Available everywhere you buy books on Tuesday, November 26th. Please support your indie bookstores first!



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    I can’t wait to read it!

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  4. EEEK! I am going to read the WHOLE series just because you wrote a book in the series 😀

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