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RISE OF THE WOLF giveaway!

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Woot – book release! The second book of the Mark of the Thief series is called RISE OF THE WOLF, and it will release on January 26, 2016. If you missed Mark of the Thief, you need to read it before moving on to the second book, but good news – you can easily find a copy: * In your school or local library (if they don’t already have it, ask them to get it. Say please!); * Bookstores (hopefully there is one near your house 😀); * Online stores (if there’s not one near your house 😱); * Scholastic Book Fairs or Clubs. AND while it’s only in hardback now (except for...

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Books Make the Best Gifts!

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If you’re reading this blog, my guess is you will A) Ask for a gift this holiday; B) Give a gift this holiday; or C) BOTH (yay for both!). And of course you are planning to put books on your wish list, right? Now let’s be clear. I think it’d be great if my books were included as gifts, but there are so many amazing books out there by truly wonderful authors. The important thing is to find the right book for the right reader. If you want a signed copy of any of my books, the best way to get it is to order it from The King’s English Bookstore. When you check out, there will be a place for...

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Some Such Updates

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Hmm, I bet you think there’s…I dunno…news. There’s not. But just a few updates to share. First, are you aware of the AWESOME anniversary that just passed last week? Twenty-six years ago last week, the Berlin Wall came down. In the end, it wasn’t treaties or war or governments that brought the wall down. It was the people of East Germany, who decided they would no longer accept imprisonment behind the Iron Curtain. Julie Hembree, a Washington area librarian, created this book trailer for A NIGHT DIVIDED. To see it, click here. She did a great job! (If you create trailers for any of my books,...

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