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Remember Pixie Sticks?  You just dumped them in a pile and the whole goal was to pick one up without moving the other. Yeah, I was never very good at that. So now I’m doing the writer’s version of pixie sticks, which is to say that in the process of trying to get published, and trying to do it the best way possible, I’ve got a whole lot of “sticks” laying on the ground.  Which to pick up first? Query agents, right?  Well, maybe first I should have a website to show how professional I am.  Hmm, maybe I should have a blog so there can actually be some website...

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Breakfast with Stacy Whitman

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Many thanks to those who invited me to sit in on a breakfast with Stacy Whitman, an editor at Mirrorstone Publishing.  She is as nice as she sounds on her blog and yet has a clear vision of her job as editor and the direction Mirrorstone is heading.   I’m in the revision process regarding a few changes she suggested, changes I am certain will strengthen the total package.  But I did go ahead and send her the initial query package, since that wasn’t really affected by her suggestions. She said she’s a slow editor and that’s fine by me.  I always wait a long time at my...

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