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Ever Had This Happen?

Posted by on May 26, 2010 in Orphan Prince, Sage | 0 comments

I tend to have a pretty firm visual concept for my main characters. A lot of times I use pictures that I find online or in magazines to help me. I did that with Sage, the character from my Orphan Prince series with Scholastic. Not always though. Elliot, in the Underworld series, was only ever in my head until the illustrator brought him to life. It doesn’t matter though. Because either way, the visual is so strong I feel like I would actually recognize them if I saw them on the street. Well, it happened. I saw Sage. Granted, it probably wasn’t him. I’m willing to concede that based on the...

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Erin Murphy Agency Retreat, Pt 3

Posted by on May 13, 2010 in Erin Murphy Agency, Orphan Prince, Revision | 2 comments

Day 3, Saturday Our morning group session began with a focus on revision tips. Here are some of the highlights: * Take risks in revision. * Hang on to the vision for the whole story, even if it means sacrificing individual elements. * Trust is a big part of the revision process. If you trust the person giving suggestions, trust their opinion. * The author has final say in a revision. Consider the suggestion but don’t feel the it’s mandatory. * Remember that kids are very savvy readers. They will notice flaws. * If you won’t fix the flawed parts, the whole won’t be good. * If you want to...

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Erin Murphy Agency Retreat, Pt 2B

Posted by on May 11, 2010 in Millennium Park, Paul Samuelson | 1 comment

Day 2, Friday afternoon After morning meetings, the group divvied out into smaller groups according to interest. I trailed behind (a.k.a. stalked) a group heading south along the Millennium Mile until one of the agency writers and locals, Penny Blubaugh, took pity on me and helped me get to an afternoon meeting with my Sourcebooks publicist, Paul Samuelson. Paul and I met for lunch at a Corner Bakery where I had an Asian salad (calorie count unknown but it was yummy so who cares?). I asked to sit outside since it was quieter but totally forgot the “less windy” aspect. Paul was very nice...

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Erin Murphy Retreat, Pt 2A

Posted by on May 8, 2010 in Erin Murphy Agency, Publicity | 0 comments

Day 2, Friday morning First off, I just have to say that the beds at the Whitehall Hotel are the most comfortable in any hotel where I’ve ever stayed. So it’s completely unfair to require a person ever to get out of one, even for a worthy cause. Sarah and I had stayed up rather late just talking, so the wake up call came far too soon. Erin graciously provided breakfast on the 19th floor. I did a quick survey of all the high calories foods, then loaded them onto a plate and proceeded to gain 28 pounds. I figure I’m going to have to eat literally hundreds of those delicious under 400 calories...

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Erin Murphy Retreat, Pt 1

Posted by on May 7, 2010 in Erin Murphy Agency, Sarah DeFord Williams | 3 comments

I’m a few days late in posting this, but it turns out the world doesn’t stop just because I’m out of town. So I came home to a To Do list the length of my living room (Don’t panic. It’s not a very big room). Anyway, here is the wrap up. Day 1: Thursday I got in early to the Whitehall Hotel, which had these strange brown fuzzy blankets on them. But they folded up cute and the bed looked comfortable so that was fine. Also, I had a blinking light on my phone, which meant I already had a message waiting for Erin. The message was in my hand, but the light was still blinking. I picked up the phone...

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