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FIX THE PAST…SAVE THE FUTURE In the fall of 2011, I got a phone call from Scholastic, asking if I was interested in a book series they were putting together. “History is broken,” they said, “and these breaks are leading to a coming Cataclysm in which the world will be destroyed. Three kids travel through time to fix the breaks and save the world.” I was sold, just like that. I gushed out semi-incoherent sentences about how I minored in history in college – for no other reason than a love of history, by the way – and they answered that I could choose...

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Fan Features!

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First up, there’s a bit of news..or forthcoming news anyway. Tomorrow I will finally be able to reveal the cover and title to my INFINITY RING book. Woo-hoo! I’ll warn you now, it’s pretty cool. Please check in again and let me know what you think! Okay, so one of my favorite things about being an author is hearing from readers who enjoyed something I’ve written enough to create their own art from it. I wanted to share some of what has been sent to me, shared with me, or that I’ve just stumbled upon. There are some seriously talented young people out there....

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