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Book Launch Day!

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Wow! Let me start with my thanks to all of you! To those who commented in various places online, those who came out to the book launch party, and those who have bought copies or asked for them to be at your local library. I’ve seen many blogs and reviews about THE SHADOW THRONE, and loved them all. For as much as the online rankings can be measured, it got as low as #269 on Amazon and #58 on Barnes and Noble. And the turnout at last night’s launch party at King’s English Bookshop was extraordinary. Truly overwhelming. Here are some photos from that launch. So many people...

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The Shadow Throne, Quote 5

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Today is the final quote from THE SHADOW THRONE. Why the final one? Because the book releases tomorrow! If you’re in regions served by the UK, then it releases on March 1. Foreign language copies will release at various times. I’m warning you now…unless you are getting a copy very soon, you won’t want to read this quote. Seriously. So stop here….unless…well, you know. From Jaron:   “The blame for the destruction of my country lay solely               at my feet. And I had no will to make any of it better.” If you’re in Utah, the...

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The Shadow Throne, Quote 4

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Today’s quote is part of a conversation between Roden and Jaron:   Roden frowned. “Jaron, are you in love with Imogen?” I stared through empty air until I lost focus of the world. “I cannot love her.” “Of course you can. I know she already –” “No, Roden, I can not love her. That choice was never given to me.”     Tuesday, February 25, 2014 War is...

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The Shadow Throne, Quote 3

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  Ahh, Jaron will you never learn? To which he would undoubtedly reply, “No. Never.” This moment occurs in the midst of some tough scenes for Jaron.   “I told you to humble him,” Vargan said to his men. “Does he look humble?” In all fairness to his soldiers, until the moment I spit on their king, I probably had looked pretty humble. But this also meant I had more punishment coming my way. The spitting was still worth it.   Some places have already begun selling or shipping this book. But it’ll be available everywhere US/Canada of February 25, and through the...

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The Shadow Throne, Quote 2

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  Just a short quote today, with Jaron doing the speaking (of course – when does he ever let anyone else get a word in?)   “Your recruit didn’t get the description of your odor quite right. He said it was similar to a skunk’s, but I think that’s unkind to the skunk.”     THE SHADOW THRONE, releasing on Feb 25! War is...

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