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My Biggest Goal

Posted by on Feb 22, 2013 in Uncategorized | 55 comments

Since becoming published, I’ve kept one big goal close to my heart. It was risky – I’ve always known that it might forever stay out of my reach. And a sort of crazy goal too because I knew I’d always keep reaching. My editor called me the other day, but I missed her call. She doesn’t often call out of the blue, so I was a bit nervous. And her message was something to the effect of, “I have big news. And it’s so good I don’t want to leave a message. Call me back.” Any guesses on how fast a person can dial a number after a message like that? Let’s just say, world speed-dial records were...

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THE FALSE PRINCE wins a Cybil!

Posted by on Feb 15, 2013 in Uncategorized | 12 comments

Last year, THE FALSE PRINCE was nominated for a Cybils Award by blogger Natalie Aguirre. Just to be nominated was a great honor. When the book made the finals, I thought it was terrific. But the announcement this morning topped it all: IT WON!!!! The other nominated books were wonderful, and all were deserving of the award, so despite my reckless use of the bold function above, I am humbled, grateful, and warmed by the honor. My thanks to Natalie for the nomination, to those bloggers who read the book, reviewed it, and voted for it, and to the fans on Twitter, Facebook and their personal...

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A Valentine for Captain Amazing

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Whether it’s a spouse, BFF, or significant other, the luckiest of writers have someone who stands by them through the ups and downs of their career. Let’s face it, writers get plenty of both, made worse by the fact that we’re just a little bit crazy (If you’re a writer, don’t even try denying it!). One day might bring some good news and we’re singing sunshine. Or just the opposite and we are the human equivalent of an acid rain cloud. Whichever comes, some poor soul has to live with us. In my case, it’s my husband, hereafter referred to as Captain Amazing. And on...

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Wow! Thank you everyone for your compliments, your enthusiasm, and for those who shared word about this contest via Twitter and Facebook. I had expected a few of your favorite lines or scenes, but some of them really surprised me. In total, 98 comments were listed (though a few are not entries themselves, but rather, link to FB or Twitter entries). There also were 52 Tweets and another 42 Facebook or blog mentions. So I’ve decided to choose one winner from comments and one from social media. It was a random draw, which was entirely necessary because it would be impossible to choose a...

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