THE FALSE PRINCE wins a Cybil!

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Last year, THE FALSE PRINCE was nominated for a Cybils Award by blogger Natalie Aguirre. Just to be nominated was a great honor. When the book made the finals, I thought it was terrific. But the announcement this morning topped it all: IT WON!!!!

The other nominated books were wonderful, and all were deserving of the award, so despite my reckless use of the bold function above, I am humbled, grateful, and warmed by the honor. My thanks to Natalie for the nomination, to those bloggers who read the book, reviewed it, and voted for it, and to the fans on Twitter, Facebook and their personal blogs who sent out their congratulations. My congratulations as well to the other winners. Rather than list them all, the link is here. Please go check them out. Your TBR list is about to get a big longer (which is a good thing)!


  1. that’s amazing!!!!! i really think that the False Prince deserves it. it’a an amazing book no doubt about it.

  2. I am actually reading “The False Prince” right now, and I can’t stop! It is honestly such an amazing book, and I can’t stop reading! And now, I am so excited for the second book!!!

  3. The False Prince is by far my favorite book. It deserves this. I have loved it ever since buying in January last year at a Scholastic Book Fair at my school. I have already read the second book and it is equally as great!

  4. Jennifer, I have read both of the Ascendance Trilogy. I have to say, they were both great, I could sit here for hours talking about them BOTH. Just never give up. Now if I can get that through my thick skull :/. KEEP WRITING FOR US!!!

  5. Wow! Congratulations! I LOVE the book, it is still my favorite book.(Besides the runaway king) I could really put myself in the story and it felt so real! It was like watching a move!…But better!!! Please keep writing books like that. I’m still so exited for the next one! I don’t know if I can wait a year!!! Thank you.

    • Thank you, Dakota! And the good news is, there’s less than a year to wait now. A long time still…but at least it’s not a year!

      • XD Yeah. But still!!! I already read both books, AND I’M STILL FREAKING OUT!!! I mean just those last words it ends with.
        I would say them but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who comes across this comment. 😀

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