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A NIGHT DIVIDED is released!

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IT’S RELEASE DAY!!! In early May 2013, I was finishing on Infinity Ring: Behind Enemy Lines, which takes place in Germany, and became curious about what happened to Germany after the war ended. That curiosity led me to the rise of the Berlin Wall, and as soon as Gerta’s voice appeared in my head with her opening line (“There was no warning the night the wall went up.”), I knew I had to write this book. Why does this matter to me? I think it’s because this wasn’t an event from hundreds of years ago, or some fantasy/dystopia story. This was in my lifetime,...

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Fun Ascendance News!

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I have a few fun things to share in relation to the Ascendance Trilogy! First, if you’re interested, please go HERE to vote for THE SHADOW THRONE for YALSA’s Teen Top Ten Books of 2015 list. YALSA is the Young Adult branch of the Library Services Association. Of course, there are several other excellent books also worth voting for, if you prefer. Second, if you’re a fan of Kellogg’s products (Woot! Frosted Flakes! Pop Tarts! Cheez-its!), watch for specially marked packages found at either Walmart or Sam’s Club. Buy it, then the box will contain a code that you...

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A NIGHT DIVIDED will be released in only one week. ONE WEEK!!!!! I just got my own hard copies, which makes me even more excited to share this story. In this scene, I won’t say too much about what it is that Gerta wanted, or how she got it, only that she felt it was completely worth the risk.     It was an easy walk home, but as soon as I rounded the last corner I saw Fritz waiting for me on the street. His face was nearly purple and his breaths were harsh and shallow. He grabbed my shirt collar and yanked me inside the apartment building, then twisted me around. “What were...

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Today, 54 Years Ago

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Today, 54 years ago, the people of East Berlin awoke to find the western half of their city surrounded in barbed wire. For that reason, August 13, 1961 is remembered as “Barbed Wire Sunday.”   It was a day that divided a city, divided its people, and divided family, friends, and loved ones.     Over the next several years, the barbed wire fence became a 103-mile concrete wall designed to keep East Germans from crossing into the free half of their country. No government in history had ever walled in its own people. Hundreds of people lost their lives in attempting...

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I’m posting this quote a little early this week because it’s going to be a crazy few days ahead! In this scene, Gerta has mysteriously received a drawn picture of a building and becomes convinced it is from her father, who is surely sending her a message to find the building and use it to escape the east. However, when she shows it to her brother, Fritz, he is less certain. Anna, mentioned below, is a friend of Gerta’s.     “How do you know the picture is from Papa?” In frustration, Fritz turned from me and ran a hand through his hair. “How do you know it’s not...

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